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10/12/19-- Things are changing and not necessarily in a good way. Consider the word gender. For most of my life it simply meant the two sexes. After all, we would not even be here without those differences. Frankly, I'm glad to be here. You might think that there are two, male and female. That is logical. I have read where some now claim there are more than one hundred. If you figure in the gay and lesbian that that would give us four. I have no idea where the others come from. I am against prejudice of any kind, but now it seems that these others are in charge of us. Even if you are one or the other, but identify with the other, you want to be able to use that rest room in public. If you are a guy and are using the facility, you have no say if a girl walks in to use it too because she identifies more with boys than her own sex. That doesn't seem right to me. Have an operation if you must and then use the other facility. I've never run into that situation, but it could happen. It is a new, but very strange world. Enjoy it while and if you can. You can also check the update so go for that too and it is without any doubts. Check Nightwalker, and Orguss. Enjoy.

10/05/19-- I have done everything I could to bring off an update this week so there you have it. Perhaps a little small by comparison, but an update just the same. Did you hear, one of the infamous squad has admitted to marrying her brother in order to be able to guarantee him for legal status? This is true and she did admit to it, but she doesn't think she did anything wrong since she got what she wanted. The law is the law and truth is truth and what she did was illegal. I sure hope the people in her service area are paying attention. I think we can guarantee that all the jews in her service area will find someone else for their vote even if they are democrats. The liberal press pays way too much attention to anything she says. I hope they eventually grow up, but you never know. At least the update makes sense. Check Nadesico and Nazca. Enjoy.

09/28/19-- No update this week either. I'm still ticking, but not much else. My recovery is taking much longer than I would want, but patience will be required. Try again next week. Enjoy.

09/21/19-- No update this week. I spent most of it in the hospital and came out without much strength. I will do all in my power to be up and running for next week. Thank you for your patience. Enjoy.

09/14/19-- I found another article that promises much, but doesn't deliver at all. How do these people even get published? This one is rather juicy. The author claims that Jesus suffered considerable brain dammage during those days he was in the tomb. It appears that he starts with the premise that he had not died on the cross, but had apparently gone into a coma. Those days in the tomb were even more rough on him. He presents no proof that this theory is correct. Obviously the writer considers himself about such things as faith and so on. He doesn't even go into such things as curing the ill, raising the dead or walking on water. The assumption being that if he did not rise from the dead that the rest must be a sham as well. What evidence did he present? He claims that there is evidence. He says that he confused people such as Mary Magdalen for one of his apostles and that two of his apostles had to carry him abound. I read those books and I don't remember reading those things. Perhaps he was quoting from books not normally accepted as scripture. There were writings without proof of their origins that were not accepted. I read a quote from the "Book Of Judas" that Jesus used to kill his little friends when he was a child just so he could bring them back to life. I remember that he once stayed studying in the Temple and got his mother upset so he told her he must be about his father's business. Since Joseph was a carpenter, we all know who he was talking about. With that attitude as a child, he would not have killed just to bring them back to life. Oh well. If those quotes were the best he could do as evidence then why bother to write this trash in the first place? Since you are not so involved, check the update. Check: Lodoss Wars, Lupin III, Macross 7, and Moldiver. Enjoy.

09/07/19-- I have just been reminded of something and I think you should know about it too. I read something that reminded me of the fact that my Church has over 150,000 mnembers in the Central American country of Guatemala. Obviously this is not the same church as the one with the leader who declared that the US needs to build bridges rather than walls with regard to imigrants from that area of the world. Why would this fact about the numbers in that country be relevant? First of all, these people do not join the caravans that come to the United States seeking asylum. Think about it. They live in the same country so why not? Perhaps it is because things are not exactly as the asylum seekers are saying. The environment would be exactly the same and would not change from one religion to another. They held a conference in that country earlier this year amd they occupied the largest meeting arena with 30,000 in attendance while broadcasting to meeting houses all over the country. From the enthusiasm of those in attendance, it makes me think they are happy and working hard to make a good life for themselves and their families. If things are as bad as the asylum seekers say then it would be just as bad for members of my church as it is for them. I have expressed my doubts about the asylum seekers and here is another reason I do. Think about it. While so engrossed, check the update. Check: I Want To Be An Angel, Key The Metal Idol, and Little Nemo In Slumberland. Enjoy.

08/31/19-- Recently people all over the US were commemorating an event from long ago. It was not a celebration, just remembering something rather sad, but important. They were remembering the arrival of the first shipment of slaves from Africa. Back on May 18 of this year, I made some comments about the situation. Even though this was not a good thing as even when freed, their descendants have faced difficulties and prejudice. It should not have happened that way, but did. You probably know some of these stories even better than I do, but my point is that I am glad they came. Their descendants have contributed considerable to much of our world today. Think about the world of athletics. Of the talented players in many sports, they are the best. Where would professional football or basketball be without them. Look at the world of entertainment and have they not stood out there? Some stories are not well known. Did you know that many of the cowboys of the old west were descendants? They have contributed in many overt ways. They have contributed things that are not well known. How about the world of chemestry? Remember all that George Washington Carver did to save the South from disaster. Did you know that the signal lights we take for granted were the creation of one of the descendants? With all the cars on the road these days, where would we be without signal lights? Did you know that Alexandre Dumas was also a descendant of slaves in France? Think about it. These many people have done much to make this world how it is today. That is why they came, but again, it is sad that they had to suffer so much. Each day, remember all they have done. In the mean time, check the update. I'm sure you'll like what you find. Check: Go Kaiser, Hana Yori Dango, and Infinite Ryvius. Enjoy.

08/24/19-- And the beat goes on. last time out I mentioned those two women from the House Of Representatives and their efforts to invade Israel. Israel declined permission for them to go and the President agreed on all counts. As a humanitarian gesture, Israel offered to one of them permission so she could visit her aged grandmother. Not entirely surprising, she declined the offer. Ms. Tlaib declined the offer. Apparently it was not that important for her to visit her grandmother who is ninty years old. It is more inportant for her to have something to complain about. They teamed with a cartoonist and had him make a political cartoon where the two women are being forced to shut up by the leaders of the US and Israel. Current actions by these two clearly show their intent in going to that part of the world. There is nothing worthwhile about their intentions. Back in this country, I read an article that made a very broad statment and didn't bother to back it with facts. His statement was that illegal aliens contribute billions to the economy of this country because they become business owners. I wonder how many of those that were arrested in Mississippi were business owners. Recollection tells me that it takes money to start of business of any kind. I see street vendors around and they all appear to have just gotten here. I am sure that these people are barely getting by and not contributing billions to the econemy. Really, what was the basis for this writers allegation about how the illegals contribute to this country? If you believe his statements then I am sure that you want the illegals here as well. It is interesting that there could be that type of article making those kinds of statement without any kind of factual support. Really, think about it. It takes thousands of dollars to start almost any kind of business. Would it not be more difficult to do without a Social Security number or knowledge of English? Think about it. You can also check the update while so involved. Check: Fushigi Yuugi, Gall Force, and Giant Robo. Enjoy.

08/17/19-- The news has now been dominated by horrible things happening in the US. Two members of the House of Representatives decided they wanted to go to Israel. Just recently a large contingent from the House had visited Israel from both parties and they were all supporters of Israel and well received. These women did not go with that group and there were a number of reasons. There are many, but the first two to come to mind is the fact that these two women are both Muslim and secondly these two women do not support Israel and work against that country. In fact, one of these two women still has a grandmother living with other Palestinians. The president did not think it a good idea for these two to go to Israel, but it was ultimately Israel's decision. In every way possible, these women have worked against Israel. Recently the House passed an ammendment condemning the movement called BDS which is an effort to terminate Israel as a country and both these women voted against that ammendment. A really obvious thing was the fact that the application for the visit showed the destination as Palestine and not Israel. In the application they had not asked to see any part of Israel or to meet with any leader of the country. People would like to blame the President for the decision of Israel, but they already had a long standing ban on supporters of the BDS from entry to their country. They would have eventually rejected these women on that fact alone and nothing to do with the President or his opinion. If these two had been allowed to enter Israel, they would have done everything in their power to hurt that country. That is what they have done outside of the country. Keep in mind that there are other ways to visit the Palestinians without entering Israel, but that would require a long and inconvenient detour. Rather than go to visit by taking the detour, they just talk and blame the President. The names of these two women are Omar and Tlaib. One is from Minnesota and the other from Michigan. I really wonder if the voters that sent them to Washington support the words of these two. I guess we will find out when it comes time for reelection. As with many things, there is a story behind the story. Keep that in mind. In the mean time,check the update. Check: Eatman, Eden's Boy, and El Hazard. Enjoy.

08/10/19-- The news has been dominated by horrible things happening in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio. There is much we do not understand about these occurances, but obviously they were evil. No matter what your political leaning, there is no justification for taking lives. It doesn't help your point of view. In fact, it has the opposite effect. There is more to these people than simply having a view on life which is opposite from the norm. These people felt they were justified to hurt and kill others. That is simply wrong no matter what point of view you take. Then, here in Southern California we have a man that got out of prison early then had an argument then went on a murder spree. He first killed his mother they three others and was finally taken by the police. I am sure that his defense will be that his mind was a little out of order so that made it alright for him to kill. Actually that probably applies to all of these people. This guy in California did it with a knife. The others with rifles. They were not ordinary rifles but what they call asault weapons. Why do they even sell these? It is a right of humanity to be able to carry arms, but why something like this? Do you need this to protect your home? I do not have any guns of any kind, but have not needed to defend my home. There must be something wrong with me. I guess I need to go out and buy the best weapons I can find so that I can protect my home. I'll keep you informed, but I doubt that will happen. While thinking it over you can check the update so go ahead. Check: Burn Up W, Corrector Yui, and Crest Of The Stars. Enjoy.

08/03/19-- Have your ever seen the movie Song Of The South? I was lucky and saw it in the theature in my youth in an early re-release. Disney studio released the movie back in 1946 and I was able to see it in the late 1950s. It is best known for the animation and the music. It introduced the characters called Brer Rabbit, Brer Fox and Brer Bear. Most of the animation has been shown on TV. The song Zip-a-de-do-da from the score won an Oscar that year as the best new song. Disney has not shown the movie on TV nor has it been released in this country on video or in theatures. The reason is that it has been criticised that the portrayal of the black characters was too demeaning and their life as sharecroppers not shown as harsh enough. It is a musical with a black character (Uncle Remus) as the main character and the smartest one of all. He was a teacher through his stories and a leader of the people. I think the criticism is way too strong for the time and we are missing out on an Oscar winning performance for the man who portrayed Uncle Remus. How can you have a family movie with enphasis on children and make it the way the critics want? They did release the movie out of the US and I was able to buy it on Laser Disc from Japan which was a real treat. Maybe some day, but I doubt it. Still despite everything, I was able to put together an update so check it out. Check: Ayashi No Ceres, Bakuretsu Hunter, and Big O. Enjoy.

07/27/19-- Back from the convention. I hope you had a good time while we were gone. We certainly had a great time. It was fun visiting with other Anime fans and talking about our favorite subject. I don't have the chance to do that very often. We did sell quite a few cels. I hope we still have the ones you want. I am only part way though the list of the items that were sold. I am working on it and hope to have it completed in a few more days. I may not be selling cels at next year's convention, but who knows? Stranger things have happened. I wish to make one last comment and you may not catch the reference. By current law, latinos are not considered a different race nor are they considered to be colored. People from latin american countries are what are called mestizos or mixed as they are a combination of native american and foreign genes. This has been determined by law, but recently it has been determined that people consider them to be colored. The African Americans are colored, but latinos do not qualify nor do people from arabic countries. When someone says that the group of four known as the squad are all colored is telling a lie in order to justify some kind of point that is not valid. They are liars which makes them worse than the person they are trying to criticize. Oh well, no one cares anyway. We did do some kind of an update so check it out. Check: Ah My Goddess, and Angel Links. Enjoy.

07/13/19-- We have an update this week, but you will have next weekend off while I go down to San Diego for Comic Con. I suggest that everyone take one last peek at current inventory because we will be selling a ton at the convention and the one you want might be gone by the time we get back. In one way, that is a bit of a problem for the customers on the web site. It can take weeks to update the status on the items sold at the convention. We do the best we can, but you might find yourself rather disappointed if the item you saught is sold. It is fun to actually visit with the other fans at the convention. I met a visitor from Spain last year who had been in Seoul at the same time I was in 2003 for SECAF. He is an animator and had been exhibiting at the festival. That was a trip. Three years ago I met the president of the big Comic Convention they hold in Barcelona, Spain and he knew SanJulian so we had a chance to talk about my friend also. In case you wonder, the conversation was in Spanish. That's the kind of stuff I enjoy at Comic Con. If you want to go and don't have a badge, you are out of luck. Thanks for asking. Enjoy your time off and we'll see you again soon. This week's update is Violinist Of Hamlin, X, and 3x3 Eyes. Enjoy.

07/06/19-- Many are surprised that I am doing an update and not attending the big Expo in Los Angleles. There is more than one reason, but the primary being my state of health. Yes, I am only half the man I used to be. That can happen to any of us you know. I have sold so much at the last several conventions without being able to go back to refill in Japan that there is not enough to sell at the conventions. You have probably noticed that many titles no longer have items. Others have few where there used to be many options. I will be an San Diego in a few weeks, but I have other items to sell there that makes up the difference. That weekend there will not be an update so I hope you can get bye. Enjoy this one. I think the site will reach the end some time next year so keep checking. I am still getting requests from out of the country and it is very difficult. I have tried to explain that I must have tracking on any package no matter where is it going and the only tracking the Post Office offers for international shipping is registered mail and that is very difficult and very expensive. Also they make you use their package which provides insufficient protections for the items. I wish it were not this way, but I have no choice. Still, enjoy the update and I will be back next week. Check: Vampire Hunter, Vampire Princess Miyu, and Virus. Enjoy.

06/29/19-- There is a picture that has gained a great deal of notoriety around for several reasons. I am sure you have seen it. It is a shot of a man with his infant daughter lying dead on the shore of the Rio Grande River. They drowned because he tried to swim them accross and was not able. It is sad, but not in the way it is being depicted by the Democrats. They are trying to blame the Prisident for this situation. First the man was an idiot for trying to swim himself AND the child accross this rough stretch of river. Second he did not need to bring the child, but did with a purpose. He wanted the child with him so they could get more help once they got to the US. They are described as a sad end of their dreams for a better life. The Democrats say that as they try to blame the President and romanticise the situation. First what two year old has dreams of a better life? Get real. They say what they want to make a point whether valid or not. Was the father motivated by dreams of a better life or an instant fix for what he is not able to do himself? If he was coming to find a better life, did he have his pockets jammed with money to pay their expenses until he got work? Who was going to take care of the child while he was working? Would it have been better to come, get work then bring the child once he could support them? The way he did things shows a different purpose. Also, apparently he stopped in Mexico City to try to apply for assylum, but could get no one to see him. That makes it sound soul-less, but there was a reason. Think about it. They would not see him because he is not Mexican. Wow, what a surprise. If the Democrats had built the wall then this would not have happened because why swim a terrible river if there is a wall you cannot climb on the other side? Think about it. Just some ideas about things in the news. While pondering, check the update. Check: Tenchi Muyo, Those Who Hunt Elves, and Urusei Yatsura. Enjoy.

06/22/19-- Let's start with a rhetorical question. Can a person without a weapon hurt or maybe kill someone who has a weapon? Think about it. A little more. The answer is YES. We had an incident here locally that brought this question to the front. It was at a local Costco. Perhaps you are unaware because you do not have any where you live, but it is a chain or warehouse type stores that are located all over the country and even in other countries. The principle character was in his thirties and had some kind of mental problem that gave him the mental capacity of a teenager. Over time, he had become uncommunicative so did not talk with anyone, even his family. He was at this store that I mentioned with his parents. There was an off duty police officer at that store shopping with his family. The officer was in a line for samples of food products and was carrying his son who is a year old. For no apparent reason at all, the disabled person attacked the officer and knocked him to the floor with his infant son. Apparently he did not know the man and said nothing to explain his attack. The officer was disoriented and when he had his wits again and could see that the little boy was alive, he saw their attacker. According to witnesses, it was obvious who had attacked them. He was still there and standing over them. The officer had his gun because officers are required to carry it even when off duty. Anyone who would attack you from behind while you are carrying a small child is dangerous and was obviously still threatening. The officer fired his gun in protection of his life and the life of his child. The parents got into the line of fire and were probably trying to protect their son. The officer killed his attacker and the parents were wounded as well. I am sure that the parents were surprised by the actions of their disabled son otherwise they would not have him with them out of the house. Can you see any logic in the attack on the man holding his small child? I am unable to understand it. The local police interviewed the witnesses and got their story as well as medical help for the parents. The off duty officer was not charged and was released. The family of the one who died has an attorney who is saying things for the press. He claims that the officer was not charged with murder because he is an officer. He emphasized that the ones who were injured were not armed. So what? If circumstances had been a little different, he could have killed the officer and child before anyone could have stopped him. If the officer had not had his gun, he would probably be dead now. I would be very protective if I were attacked from behind while carrying my small child. There were witnesses and there is security video of the actions. I am sure that the family will be filing suit because of this no matter who was at fault. That's why they have a mouthy lawyer who is willing to tell you how to think. Think for yourself and check the update. Check: Silent Mobius, Spriggin, and Super Cat Girl. Enjoy.

06/15/19-- If you live in California, you may have already heard about the problems we are having with high speed rail. This was approved by voters for a bond initiative a number of years ago. I am not against the idea, but those in charge have totally ruined any positive outcome for the project. In addition to the problems I described previously, those in charge have left many of those they got land from out in the cold. They were not building this out in the middle of the waste lands. It was to go right in the middle of the state so they got land from farmers. They had the right, as a State project, to take the land whether the people wanted to sell or not. It has been years and many of those whose land they took have not been paid for their land even though they have not had access. Many of the land owners had to rearrange their property to be able to function at all. They are still sitting there with empty land; no use of the land for growing and still no rail system. Is that right? I guess it is in the eyes of the people in charge. If you give people too much power then they stop caring. Think about it. You can also check: Saber Marionette R, Sakura Wars, and Shadow Skill. Enjoy.

06/08/19-- If you live in California, you may have already heard about the problems we are having with high speed rail. This was approved by voters for a bond initiative a number of years ago. They have not gotten very far despite some additional funding from the Federal Government. It was handled so poorly that the money actually seems waisted. The idea was for a high speed rail system from Sacramento to Los Angeles. For the same money, they want to make it from Modesto to Bakersfield. Neither of these cities is a center of commerce in the state. If they would have offered that as the final for the construction, I doubt it would have been approved. The Federal Government pitched in for the original idea, but not for this and they want their money back. I can't blame them. The State is sueing the Federal Government so they can keep the money given for the bigger project. It doesn't seem right. The State mismanaged the whole thing. They are changing things to meet their own plans. This is like bait and switch where you offer a car at a special price, but when time comes, you don't have the car you offered in the first place. We'll see what happens, but in this case, I side with the Feds. They did not sign up for Modesto to Bakersfield and they did not cause the problems that the State is now dealing with. What do you think? While giving consideration, check the update. Check: Pretty Sammy, Ray Earth, and Robot Carnimal. Enjoy.

06/01/19-- I try to watch advertising on TV because sometimes they are beyond belief. There is a new product where people can exercize while sitting. It is true, but they claim that people are able to do many other things while sitting and exercizing. As an example, I doubt they would be able to concentrate and read while working their feet. The important thing is that they say that experts agree that a sedentary life style is the new smokng. There my be some similarities in some areas but get real. Smoking includes ingestion of nicotene which as both a poison and habit forming. What part of living where you do not work out often is a poison? The cigarette smoke is a carsinogen or causes cancer. What part of sitting in a chair can cause cancer? How would experts make that claim? I don't believe it. Still we have an update so check it out. Check: Patlabor, Photon, and Plastic Little. Enjoy.

05/25/19-- It is not my intention to raise issues to get people upset with me, but I would like to get people to think. Recently some states have come into the news because they are working to make it more difficult for women to get abortions. I have an opinion, but I only hope to get people to open their minds and hearts rather than simply accept blindly what people say on either side of the issue. First, when a woman wants an abortion, is it only her body she is making a decision about? What is the difference between that particular pregancy and the one women have gone through since the beginning of humanity? Think about it. There is none. The only difference is that this one is not wanted. Women give many different reasons to end their pregancy. She is not ready to be a mother. The way she got pregnant is the same as all other women. There is only one way. These women knew what they were doing. They knew how to prevent it yet they did not because they knew they could do this instead if pregnancy should happen. Ask yourself which is easier, if you take a pill thirty days each month or have a medical procedure called abortion? Are these women just that lazy or do they just not care? It is, after all, their bodies. The tiny heart beat doesn't mean anything. One of the greatest artists and minds of this world was an illegitimate child who's mother did not have an abortion. IF she had, Leonardo Da Vinci would have never been born. I wonder if a genius might have been born that would grow up and cure all cancer except his mother was not ready to be a mother. What about adoption? The woman do not want to bother with having the pregnancy because of the inconvenience. They have been told that it is alright because it is their body. Is it only their body? Food for thought now you can hate me. Still, enjoy the update. Check: Night Walker, Orguss, and Orphen. Enjoy.

05/18/19-- This week I wish to bring up a subject that might cause some disagreement. Recently the subject has been brought up about reparations to descendants of those that were brought to this country as slaves. Again this is a subject that was brought to public attention by people who wanted votes from the citizen descendants. There are things that should be considered in even thinking about such an idea. I do not say the slavery was ever right, but at the time, it was legal. It was not only legal in this country, but in many others as well. That does not make it right, but it was legal at the time. Have you even considered how it was that those people became slaves in the first place? It was not pretty. This was in Africa. They had wars between some of the large tribes. Some may have gone to war with the idea of sending the losers into slavery for their profit. It was not some Americans who went to Africa to capture people to bring them back as slaves. Another question would be if the slaves were in a worse condition than what they left? Slavery is worse than poverty, but if not slaves, would they have lived at all? Which is better, life as a slave or death? Have you seen any of the pictures of the life in Africa now? The worst condition of the descendants of slaves as compared to people living in Africa now is much better off than they are. I am not saying that slavery is right, but compare facts on each situation. Do not forget that there was a war to end slavery and that many people died. That was the civil war. It took a long time for the descendants to have the rights they should have been born with, but it is getting better and will continue to do so. Maybe they should consider sending the descendants back to Africa if the want to go. How many would even want to go? Just something to think about. The answers to many questions are not always easy, but it does give you room to think. I think I'll have an update. Check: Nadesico, Nadia, and Nazca. Enjoy.

05/11/19-- Have you seen the new Avengers movie yet? If not, why not? By the time they finish, that movie will hold all the records for having been seen and for talking about it even when other people have not seen it yet. I will not talk about it even though there is much to say. There is so much junk out there that it might be hard to keep your mind clear. I only hope that people will hold themselves to high standards. There are some of these political types that say things that are so very, very stupid that the only thing you might think is that they do it just to get there names in the press. There is this rookie in the house of representatives that is a Muslim that seems to want to blame the acts of 09/11 against the United States on us and that the terrorists who did it were simply reacting to what we had done. Oh really? What had we done that would justify that sort of thing? Another thing is the fact that evidence clearly shows that this was a thought out plot that took a very long time to put together. It was not just "some stuff" as she describes it. I hope that people wake up by the time this lady comes up for reelection. She'll probably be running for the president by then anyway since everyone else is doing so. It may be stupid, but at least it isn't boring. Still, you can always check the update. Check: Lupin III, and Moldiver. Enjoy.

05/04/19-- There is talk that one of the political parties, the one that wants as many illegal immigrants as possible, is very serious about what they are calling the new green peace. They go on and on about how necessary it is to do this, but to date I have not seen them back it with solid evidence. If they have it then they need to share. Their idea is to turn this country into a socialist state and eleminate all fossil fuel within twelve years. If things are that bad then why not share the evidence that we need to do it this way. If we will no longer have gasoline in twelve years then where are we going to get the money to pay for electric cars? Just curious. They will have to come up with other ways of making electricity that will do even more than we can do now. The cost of doing all that they say is required would be more than we can pay. Like I say, it is not just a slogan to hang our hats on, it must be proven beyond a doubt that it is required. I don't see them doing that. They can start showing us the evidence so we can make up our minds when the time comes. They are not talking about slight adjustments. Everything will change and they don't say how they are going to do it other than taking over every aspect of our lives. If they can prove it then they should prove it so we can decide what to do next. My final word on the subject is "PROVE IT." While we are waiting, check out the update. Check: Key The Metal Idol, Little Nemo In Slumberland, and Lodoss Wars. Enjoy.

04/27/19-- What else do you need to know about me? As I mentioned previously, I was intending to become a teacher, but that didn't work out for me. I went to work for the Federal Government and part of the reason for the hire was the fact that I spoke Spanish. It is interesting that I was required to use Spanish every day, yet had to achieve all that was required of the employees that did not speak a second language and I was paid the same. I had at least one interview in Spanish every day and even more on occasion. I didn't mind having to use the second language as that was part of me. The interviews tended to be more difficult and demanding because of the evidence we were required to obtain. About 99 out of each 100 interviews were people who came up from Mexico. Of those interviews, basically the same percent had originally come here without permission. Big surprise? Not really. Here is an example of some of the cases I had. I interviewed a lady whose husband had died just before their child was born. She could not file for survivor's benefits because a friend of her husband had made a deal with him. That friend had minor children and they were receiving Medi-caid which included the father. He offered the lady's husband the opportunity to use his Medi-caid since he already had it. The man accepted thinking it would save time and trouble. Unfortunately, the man's condition got worse so he died. This was a perfect opportunity for the friend to take advantage of his death. He filed for benefits for his wife and children on the death of the friend while he started using the friend's identity. The real child and widow were locked out. We couldn't do anything because it was already a done deal. She went to child protective services with the state and began the process to prove what happened. Their big break was that the friend was using the deceased's drivers license, but the pictures did not match. She moved before I could hear the final outcome, but she was going to make it with the help of the State. Gee, friends can sure come through in a pinch. I could go on and on about the fraud cases I had to deal with. I have reason to doubt the stories told by people seeking asylum in this country. I was married over twenty years to a Latina so I have heard it all. In each and every case, remember to get proof no matter what they claim. You might get lucky and actually hear the truth, but don't hold your breath. We have an update so check out: Hana Yori Dango, Infinite Ryvius, and I Want To Be An Angel. Enjoy.

04/20/19-- Before anything else, we lost one of the great creators from Anime this last week. The creator of Lupin III died of pheumonia this last week. Not only was he a creative genius, but he was a really nice guy and we will miss him. One of the great privledges of my life is to have known him. Yes, I did. Since we are talking about me, I might as well finish the job. People might wonder where I get my opinions and especially why I am against illegal aliens. I speak Spanish. I lived more than two years in a Spanish speaking country where I spoke Spanish about ninty percent of the time. When I returned to the States, I studied to be a Spanish teacher, but gave up that goal at the end and eventually started working for the federal government. I was married over twenty years to a native Spanish speaker and we had two sons. I have very strong beliefs about honesty and have paid the price for them in that other people took advantage of me because I told the truth and they did not. I tended to trust people too much and eventually learned that trust must be earned and not freely given. I hate to see people rewarded for the bad they do. Each time they grant legal status to people who came here without permission is shooting people in the back who tried to do it honestly. I do not see why we reward illegals who came here as small children. Why do we call them dreamers? They do not remember what life was like in their home country. Gee, if they went back there, they would be so much farther ahead than everyone else because of their free education that the legal tax payers paid for. Why would it hurt them to return home where they were born? Just curious. One of the things I really hate is hypocricy in its many forms. It does not matter who it is, but if you are not real about the things you preach, then we don't need you. That is just the tip of the iceburg. My beliefs come from experience and not some political ranting. No matter what you believe, don't rant. Still, we have an update so check out: Gatchaman, Giant Robo, and Go Kaiser. Enjoy.

04/13/19-- One of the processes for determining a new President is something of a self nomination process. One of the parties has a whole slug of people who have nominated themselves. One of those is a senator from the state of California. She has not been a senator for very long and, as far as I can tell, has done nothing significant to prove she is up to the task, but I don't think she cares. One of the things she has done to win support for the coming election is to try to win one of the important labor unions to her side. She has presented what will be her program to help the teachers earn a fair salery. That is supposing they are not earning one now, but that's not the point. Obviously the point is sounding good to the leaders of the union and gaining their support. Look what it did for Clinton. Basically, she proposes that the federal government put up one billion for the teachers each year and require that the states match that. When I was in college, I was working toward becoming a teacher. When I was faced with one year of student teaching, there were ten thousand credentialed teachers out of work in the state so I changed my goal. My question is are teachers underpaid? When you look at what they are paid, it might not seem excessive, but then you need to look at the total picture. Are you taking into account their retirement? Are you taking into account their health coverage? Both of those items are very expensive. Right now, about six hundred dollars of my income goes to pay health insurance. For the teachers, it is paid for. Their retirement plan is higher than mine and they did not have to pay into it like I did. If their pay were computed based on hours of work then they are paid more than Dentists when you consider the summer, winter and spring breaks and other days off they have for prep time. Are teachers terribly underpaid? If you consider those things, which the teachers don't want you to, then they are probably overpaid by quite a bit. Still, to get their backing, someone is willing to ignore all the facts and do something just to get their support. Is that the right thing to do? It depends on the person. I had not considered teachers to be overpaid, but I was not taking those things into account, which should be done. I'll leave that up to you because I do not support the plan of the candidate since it was created only to garner the support of the union. Good luck on that one. Still, there is an update so check out: Fatal Fury, Fushigi Yuugi, and Gall Force. Enjoy.

04/06/19-- We recently lost a very good person here in Southern California. He was a rapper so I was not much into his music, but he was trying to help his community. His stage name was Nipsey Hussle and I don't know what his real name was. He did well with his music and tried to build up the neighborhood by investing in it. He was murdered by another rapper who apparently had some kind of beef with him. Even if you don't like someone that is not the best way to resolve your differences. The point I wish to make has more to do with life style. The news describes him as being unmarried and having two children. Does anyone have any problem with this because the news didn't? It is life style. Then there is that other guy who is in trouble, but was actually arrested for being behind in child support. He had ten children and was $100.000 behind in support. Does anyone else have a problem with this? It is bad enough for the guy to care so little about the children he might have, but what about the mothers? Even if they only live within their means, they will no longer be able to do that when the support ends. What will they do then? Will the children learn skills to live their lives or be homeless on the street? Think about it. It is hard enough to raise children well when you have both parents working on it. When you have single parents then it could be that much more difficult. This is not limited to one community. If you watch some of the daytime TV then you know what I mean. Abortion is there so people do not have to be careful or watch what they are doing. Why bother if you always just get an abortion and everything is fine again. Has anyone ever heard of self control? I guess not. Even Nipsey's kids are facing an uphill battle trying to have a good life. He cared more about the general condition of the community than what he did behind closed doors. Is that how you live your life? Think about it. Still there is an update so check: El Hazard, Escaflowne, and eX-Driver. Enjoy.

03/30/19-- Now, how about a little food for thought? Apparently some people, like the voters in California, don't like to think so we are not supposed to bother them with details, but hey it might be fun. I don't know about you, but when I was growing up they taught us that our Native Americans came to this world from the north when they crossed on the ice at Alaska. They are supposedly tied to some mongolian race. What is the single most significant aspect of these peoples? It is their lack of facial hair. What asian or mongolian people have that characteristic? I can't think of any either. Actually the peoples on the polynesian islands are more related to the native americans than to asians. Can you explain it? That's what I thought. Another interesting feature is the fact that the oldest relics of the native peoples are not in the far north but more from the area of Central America. What did they do, hurry directly to these areas before leaving any trails? Did they do that just to bug the Archiologists? The natives had a very advanced civilization in the areas of Mexico, Central America, and South America. As an example, in Europe when they still treated illness by using leaches to drain blood, they performed surgery in the Americas. Yes, they did. They have a skeleton where clearly they operated on the man's brain and he survived because the bone mostly grew back. I saw the skeleton in Lima, Peru. There are other areas where the natives were much more advanced. They accepted concepts having to do with stars and didn't execute anyone who wanted to study like Galleleo. Maybe you can figure out where these people came from. At least think about it. While thinking, check the update. Check: Eatman, and Eden's Boy. Enjoy.

03/23/19-- It is possible to have someone elected to public office that you did not vote for, but who did a good job anyway. That can and does happen. I did not vote for John Kennedy, but that was because I was too young and for no other reason. I am not sure, but I think I like many of the things he did. He did not do things just so his name could be associated with something or another like another recent democratic president. As an example, we have our treaty with Cuba who is helping enforce the rule of that guy in Venezuela. Better luck next time. In California, we have a governor who ignores the answers that the voters have given on such topics as the death penalty. In California, we had a chance to do away with the death penalty eight years ago. Guess what, we said we wanted to keep it. It was the voice of the people. We said we wanted it. More recently we had another ballot measure where we said we wanted to keep it and enforce it stronger and quicker. Our governor has completely ignored the voice of the people and has eleminated the death penalty from now on. That is funny. I don't remember the death penalty being one of his stands for election. I'm not sure what it would have done if he had told us that he would eleminate the death penalty if we voted for him. It is clear that politicians don't always tell us what they will do if we vote for them. This leader has the support of his legislature so there are many things he will probably do just because he can. There is a proposition that was passed many years ago that protects seniors from excessive property tax and we know how these people love to spend money so I can well imagine they are already working on ways to eleminate that protection so they will have much more money to waste. There is a chance that it could end up in court because Gavin Newsom has completely gone against the voice of the people. We will see how that turns out. While things turn, you can always check the update. Check: Burn Up W, Corrector Yui, and Crest Of The Stars. Enjoy.

03/16/19-- Have you seen the new Captain Marvel movie yet? I have not seen it, but should be able to get caught up soon. This movie is based on a comic by Marvel Publications. The book is not exactly a new one and it has undergone a number of variations over the years. The Marvel Publications version is not the original. The original version was published by Fawcett and was first published back in 1938. They stopped publishing in 1955 when super heros were not longer that popular. Marvel had done super heros like Captain America, Sub Mariner, and Human Torch back in the golden age in the 1940s. When Fawcett stopped publishing, they apparently sold all rights to DC comics, but DC did not start publishing again right away. I don't know all the details of why things happened the way they did, but they happened. The Captain Marvel from the golden age is now known as Shazam. That is the word the character uses to transform into a super hero from a normal person. There will be a movie based on that concept in April. As far as I can tell, they no longer mention the original title. Actually, it was a very popular title back in the day and sold better than Superman and Batman. They had some spin offs such as Mary Marvel and Captian Marvel Jr. One of the comics where the good Captain was seen was Whiz comics. I believe it was based on the sound effect rather than the term we use to eleminate waste water. The first version of Captain Marvel by Marvel Publications was a guy. They had more than one incarnation of that character and then they decided to make him into a female. Good move guys. It was more fun following the exploits of a curvacious female in a skin tight outfit than some guy any day. I guess they decided to make him a her just to have another female hero. I hope they tell a good story that is both entertaining and interesting. We'll find out. We do have an update so check it out. Check: Ayashi No Ceres, Bakuretsu Hunter, and Big O. Enjoy.

03/09/19-- The new Captain Marvel movie is in the theaters beginning this week and I would love to give a little history about the character, but some other things have come up that I think we need to get out there. There are some old sayings that I wish to remind you about. One of them is "IF it sounds too good to be true, it is." The other one is "Buyer Beware." Recently there was some advertising on Amazon that was, at best, a little confusing and at worst, rather deceitful. It had to do with watches. They were showing some very nice ladies watches and the only price they showed was the shipping cost for you to check the item out. They did not say that you would not pay more for the item if you did not return it right away, but they did not tell you that you would pay more if you did not immediatly return the item. I never saw the ad itself, but I would be willing to bet that all the important facts about the offer were in small print and very difficult to locate within the ad. In this case, my wife wanted to check it out since the watch in the ad was really nice and would have been worth a great deal. When the watch was received, it was not the one she ordered. She did not think it worth the money to ship it back because she had not noticed the part about how the company would bill you more if the watch was not returned. They billed her credit card for the difference and another charge as well. She immediatly returned the watch and had a tracking number to show they had received it. It took a long time, but she got her refund. The other item was advertised on TV and is for an air brush to help women put on cosmetics. It might be a good thing, but I am unsure because I don't wear makeup. I saw the ad on TV and I did not like it at all. They did not show the actual price of the product anyplace. The only thing they showed was the cost of a one month trial. They are doing a discount and only charging half of the normal price to check it out. I think that stinks. They should show the total price if you decide to keep the item. You have the right to know. Many people will not notice that the price they show on TV is for a one month trial of the item. Are they depending on that? Probably, but I can't prove it. If it is not a fast one then why not show the actual cost if you decide to keep the item? When are they going to tell you? You will find out only after they bill you the difference. The bottom line is just be careful. Please note that the Post Office has raised their price on shipping. What I am forced to ask now will not be enough to many places accross the country, but will cover it for shorter hauls. I'm sorry. Shipping has gone up to the point that I will be glad when I don't have to worry about it any more. Still, just for fun, you can check the update. Check: 3x3 Eyes, Ah My Goddess, and Angel Links. Enjoy.

03/02/19-- Someone recently brought up an issue that I think is relevant. Because of political biasis, many people do not give valid reasons for the decisions they make. What is it about the people who come here illegally that makes them so valuable to certain politicos? I have hazarded an opinion that these people want to do all they can to provide legal status and then hurry them to citizenship. They do that so they will vote for them. What I wish to remind everyone is the fact that when someone comes to this country without permission, they get a job here to support themselves. Everything about that job is invalid because they must use someone else's social security number to work or try to pass off a phoney number to the employer. Each time an illegal takes employment in this country, they are taking employment from someone who is here legally or who was born here. What do these people have to do when they can't get a job? They have to borrow or receive unemployment or go out and steal. Does that sound right to you? Even a job at minimum wage is better than no job at all. Think about it, there are only so many jobs to go around. If one person gets a job, someone else is going without. If we had secure borders, the people who belong here have a better chance at that employment. Think about it. Still, we have to work it out somehow. We might get lucky, but I doubt it. Check the updates. Check: Violinist Of Hamlin, Virus, and X. Enjoy.

02/23/19-- Have you noticed that the political types that are against building a wall to protect the southern border do not give a single reason they are against it. What little wall that exists now is not doing the job. I told about the pregnant lady who climbed the wall in Tijuana and went into labor shortly after having contact with border patrol on this side of the wall. She was over eight months pregnant yet still was able to climb that wall and enter the country illegally. Needless to say, that current protection is hardly worth the millions spent to build it. The politicos that are against building a good wall, agreed to built a bad wall. Go figure. All they say is that they don't like the person who wants to build the wall. Is that a good reason not to build better protection? It apparently is for them. Have you heard the latest way that these types wish to malign the wall? This wall, that we can't get built, is being compared to the Berlin Wall. Go figure. Think about it. Is there any valid comparison to the Berlin Wall? The Berlin Wall was built to keep people in and not to keep people out. That is a significant difference that they wish to ignore. There were armed guards to prevent people from trying to escape East Germany. I don't believe there will be any armed guards on the Mexico side to keep people from escaping from there. I do like the idea, but I don't think it will happen. Is it the cost of building the wall that they are against? Hardly even close. We spend much more each year to educate and provide health care to the illegals that are already here. Certain politicos want to have a rush to citizenship for the illegals. Why is that? Is it because they were so good at coming here without permission? They don't want to say. Those who came here as little children and were raised this side of the border deserve to stay because it was not their fault they came without permission. It was their parents fault. We should ban the parents from ever having legal status in this country and let the kids stay, but not as citizens. We give too much to people who don't follow the rules. That protection will never be built. How much good is it going to do to have more guards to process the illegals once they cross the border? The amount of money we spend on that is beyond our ability to comprehend. People who say things without thinking them through all seem to be on the same side of the fence, or in this case, the wall issue. Go figure. While so engrossed, check the update. Check: Urusei Yatsura, Vampire Hunter, and Vampire Princess Miyu. Enjoy.

02/16/19-- I have fire insurance on my house. How about you? Many people have lost all they had in fires in and around Southern California. You get the impression that these people did not have fire insurance. If they didn't have insurance then the next question is why not? These many homes were in and around wild life with shrubbery and all kinds of things to burn. I personally would never own property in that arrangement. I guess there is something wrong with me because apparently thousands of peeople own homes on the edge of civilization. A whole town was lost in Northern California and from what I have seen, it was half in wild overgrowth. Now it seems like it will fall on tax payers to bail them out of this horrible situation. They did not have fire insurance either? I do not understand why those people did not have insurance and why we have to pay for them to re-build their homes. I can imagine that insurance under these circumstances would be expensive, but if you chose to live there then you need to have insurance no matter the cost. If not, why do we have to pay to get them out of this fix? I probably sound like I am hard hearted and perhaps I am, but I have to pay for insurance so why don't they have to pay for it too? I will probably never understand this and resent it forever, but that's me. While you give that your serious consideration, check the update. Check: Spriggen, Tenchi Muyo, and Those Who Hunt For Elves. Enjoy.

02/09/19-- Either there are a lot of people crying their eyes out, or it has been raining. I prefer to think it is the latter. We need the rain. We have been suffering through drout for a number of years so rain would probably get us back where we need to be. I'm just guessing, but I think it is rain and we should have more tomorrow. I like the rain because it waters the plants and doesn't cost anything. The price of first class postage has gone up by the most ever so I can hardly wait to see if it will raise all the other rates as well. If it does, I'll let you know what my new rate will be. About half the time, I end up short on my shipping and, even if I raise the rate, I will probably still end up short. We'll see and I'll keep you abreast. We can always hope, but hoping doesn't help all that much so be prepared. Since you are all prepared, check the update. Check: Sakura Wars, Shadow Skill, and Silent Mobius. Enjoy.

02/02/19-- There are many good charities around that do all kinds of good work for those in need or who have special problems. I am not in any position to tell people which is the best way to go. When I was working, they gave us the opportunity to have some money deducted from our paychecks and go directly to an organization of our choice. For any charity to qualify to be listed, they had to provide details on what percentage of their actual expenses were for their charity work and what percent for administrative costs and advertising. I donated to Cerebral Palsey because they have a special place in my heart and their expenses were not that extreme. I was shocked by some of those listed as their expenses were half of the use of money they collected. If you contribute to one of those organizations, half of your donation goes to their administrative costs. I never contributed to any of those. Since I spend a great deal of time at home, I get to watch more TV than might be considered healthy. It seems that half or maybe even more than that of all advertising is to get people to donate to one organization or another. Some do very good work, but the amount they must spend on advertising would be too much of the money they bring in. There are children starving in Africa. I don't doubt that. There are little kids with cleft conditions in all the poor countries of the world. Of your donation to either of those, how much is used to advertise on TV and how much for the actual charity? What often shocks me about the starving children in Africa is the fact that these little kids are taken to the hospital because they are dying from lack of food, but their mothers are clearly not going without. I beg your parden. How can those ladies eat and let their own kids starve? Just curious. It shocks me that they have these organizations that are advertising on TV so much of the time. If I were to donate the $19.00 per month that they request, how much would be to pay for advertising? Again, just curious. If you see one of those same ads, you might wonder also. Good luck. Still there is an update so check it out. Check: Ray Earth, Robot Carnival, and Saber Marionette R. Enjoy.

01/26/19-- This week I would like to define terms. It is very common for us to throw around the term Monster. What exactly is a Monster? It is a term we use to discribe people who look strange or who do terrible things. Of those two, I personally apply the term to people who do evil, terrible things to other people. Does the term apply to someone simply because they are terribly ugly or only when combined with doing bad things to others? As far as I am concerned, it applies to people who do bad things no matter what they look like. Some people who have killed many others did not look unusual at all and might have actually been quite attractive. Some people who caused horrible things during the last World War are beyond all understanding. They caused the deaths of millions of people. They were indeed Monsters. What I would like to mention are those of us who go out and spend money to look at people that are described as freaks. I would never do that, but then again, there are many who could not support themselves doing anything normal and are forced to work as freaks. Who is the Monster here? We need to have hearts and try to be understanding of others. They do not have the same side shows they had before. Perhaps that is a good sign. They even made a movie about one of those freaks and he was terrible to look at, yet who was the Monster? People loved to go look at him and see the ugly man. What is in your heart? What is the reason and can we learn to do better? Think about it. We do have an update so check it out. Check: Photon, Plastic Little, and Pretty Sammy. Enjoy.

01/19/19-- First, I would like to thank everyone who took a few moments to write a comment or two about last weeks update and my effort at creative fiction. The fact that you took a moment of your time just for me means a great deal. Even criticism gives me room to grow. As for this week, I would mention a little thing called time. Yes, we all have to deal with it and have been given a limited amount to play with. Often we end up wasting what little we have then trying to recapture it. You have probably learned that no matter how hard you try, you can't quite recover what you lost. As an example, you might try to make up for lost time. That is a common mistake we make. We can hurry to finish something because we did not put in the time we needed. For me, that was something I did often back when I was in school. We can try to do that, but it seldom works. The rush job never turns out the way we hoped. The few times I started a project when I was supposed to, it turned out fine. Otherwise, don't even ask. That's how it works. Try to control yourself and do the right thing and then play around if you so desire. You will less upset stomachs that way. Give it a try and see how it works. This week we have an update so check: Nadesico, Nazca, Nightwalker, and Orguss. Enjoy.

01/12/19-- I have mentioned in the past that I would like to be an author and use my imagination. That isn't always easy, but it can be fun. Recently I was watching some movies that I had not watched in a long time and it occured to me that the story could have gone another way. When you consider how popular these movies were, you have probably seen them too. Specifically I am talking about the Mummy movies with Brendon Fraser and specifically The Mummy Returns. At the end, Rick and In Ho Tep are trapped in a crack in the earth while the pyramid around them is falling apart and sure to kill them. At this time the Mummy is mortal and could well die again. Rick's wife rushes back to save him even though he screams for her to leave and save herself. Once he is safe, he goes over and offers his enemy his hand to save him too. "Take my hand, I know you understand, take my hand or we'll all die. In Ho Tep is confused but takes the offered help and escapes as well. He is devistated because the love of his life has abandoned him to die while she runs. They escape together, with the Mummy helping his new friends along they way, until they reach the top of the structure and they have no place else to go. "Why did you save me. I don't think I would have done the same for you. I had tried to kill you. I don't understand." Rick smiles. "Yes, you had tried to kill us because you thought you were supposed to be the bad guy. You never had a chance to be anything else. I saw your true love abandon you in the pit. You were distraught and that's why I felt sorry for you. You are mortal now and have a chance to live like a real man rather than a monster. When our ride gets here, we can all make it out of here alive." The Mummy is thoughtful. "Love has made you special. Do you think there is a woman out there like yours made for me?" "I'm sure there is and finding her will be half the fun. You are already thinking like a mortal. Welcome to the club." In Ho Tep smiles and for the first time in his esistance it is because he is happy. That was my idea anyway and shows what can happen when you use your imagination. That brings us back to the update so check it out. Check: Lodoss Wars, Lupin III, Moldiver, and Nadia. Enjoy.

01/05/19-- Another new year and time to learn to write 2019 rather than 2018. Still, it should be fun. I have no proof, but I think California drivers and getting worse every day. It is more and more common for people not to bother signaling when they are making a turn. That can be a real hazard when you reach a corner and stop for a stop sign. The guy on the cross street might be going straight or turning right or left and the way he goes impacts you. Just today I reached a stop sign, where they have one lane and a lane for cars to turn right. I had barely gotten to the stop when a van pulls into the right turn land then smashes the gas peddle and speeds in front of me. If there had been a police around, he would have gotten a ticket, but no police. I had just left a shopping center where they have two double lines in the road which means you do not cross those lines and many cars do. A police could write many tickets there, but they are two busy watching streets where they have just put up a stop sign and watching for cars that do not realize that a stop has been added. It is like a speed trap so I guess we could call it a "Stop Trap". Just be careful whatever you do. They need to write tickets to pay for new cars and such. You can still check the update without getting in your car so go ahead. Check: Dirtry Pair, I Want To Be An Angel, Key The Metal Idol, and Little Nemo In Slumberland. Enjoy.

12/29/18-- Here we are again at the end of another year. We are so close now that we could well be bitten if we are not careful. I don't know how much longer I will be able to keep this site going. It is quite a bit of work with diminishing returns. I will do my best over this coming year to show everything we have left. I do not update many of our titles because we either do not have any more of that title or we have everything that is available on the site. For example, we only have two Gundam Wing and they are both on the site. At the end of last year, we had a ton of Devilman, but now we only have two left. That's the way things are going for us so you had better check for the ones you are interested in. If you go to Japan, you will find some available, but not like they used to have. I don't go there any more because I would not find enough to cover the expenses of flight and housing. It has been fun though and I have made friends along the way. I hope you have too. Enjoy the new year and stay active and strong and we will see what we have at the end of next year. We do have an update so check out: Go Kaiser, Hana Yori Dango, and Infinite Ryvius. Enjoy and don't drink and drive so you will be with us again next year.

12/22/18-- I am going to date myself, but that's alright. When I was a kid in school, they used to call the time off we received from just before Christmas to after the new year the "Christmas Vacation." Back in the day, the kids that did not celebrate Christmas did not seedm to mind what they called the holiday as long as they got it off too. I guess they changed things around because they did not want to offend those that did not celebrate the holiday. I am not sure why they would, but that apparently was their concern. This country was Christian before any other denomination ever arrived. It is still more Christian than anything else, but they are letting in just about everything you can think of and even creating other celebrations for those who are already celebrating Christmas, but who want to stand out in the crowd. The celebration of Christmas is not the celebration of the birth of Santa Claus. Inclusion of Santa Claus and Christmas trees and all the rest of the add on came much later. In fact, there is no basis for the celebration being the 25th of December. The fact that they describe pastors guarding their sheep in the hills at night would clearly indicate that it did not happen in the dead of winter. They began to celebrate on this date because they were already celebrating a pagan diety in Rome so that gave them an excuse to celebrate under the table. Eventually, they could come out of hiding, but continued with the same date. I guess it doesn't matter what date we celebrate as long as we live the rest of the year like we should. Whatever you celebrate and for whatever reason, all I can say is enjoy every moment and be proud of who you are. The update is ready so check it out. Check: Genocyber, Ghost Sweeper, and Giant Robo. Enjoy.

12/15/18-- Are they sure they don't want to build that wall on the border? So many people have climbed the fence in Tinuana that it doesn't seem that it is keeping any of the multitude back. Recently a lady from El Salvador climbed the fence with her whole family and they made it to the U.S. side and claimed asylum. While they were completing the paperword she started having pains and ended up going into labor and had her baby in the U.S. so that makes the baby a citizen so we are stuck with the whole family forever. She claimbed the fence at eight and a half months pregnant so that isn't going to keep healthy people out. Accidents do happen so within a few days of that lady, a teenager climbed the fence and fell from the top and had a serious injury. They did not say which side he fell on, but it is a sure thing that he fell on the U.S. side which meant that we had to pay to have him taken to the hospital and all necessary treatment. We will undoubtedly have him forever as well. If we had a fence that could not be climbed then none of this would be necessary. A group also submitted a grievance against the government saying that we had to take care of them and if we didn't then they wanted fifty thousand dollars to return to their home country. Actually it might almost be cheaper to do that, but frankly, I don't trust them to not return once they spent all the money. We need the wall, but it doesn't look like that will ever happen. Still, we do have an update so that is something you can enjoy. Check: Fatal Fury, Fushigi Yuugi, and Gall Force. Enjoy.

12/08/18-- Last time, when I mentioned that mental illness was a major contributor to homelessness, I wasn't kidding and it is a very serious problem. There are many kinds of mental problems and some are probably sub-categories of general types of problems. People have heard of Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorders and are probably the best known. Bipolar was originally known as Manic Depressive Disorder because of the extreme mood swings. Even eating disorders are included, but not likely to put someone on the street. Other disorders might be considered small, but can still make a person difficult to live with. They have medications that help, but there are no cures. One of the conditions that is a sub-category is regression. What is that you say? You might think that you are fifteen and not thirty five or something like that. Sometimes it is hard to understand and deal with. I know of someone who suffered from that condition because it saved them from dealing with reality. When this man went into the hospital for a series of tests, his doctor told him that they discovered he had lung cancer from years of smoking and that it had spread through his body and that he would die within six months. The next day, when he woke up, he was fifteen again and no longer knew anyone from later than that age. He had children and a wife, but he did not know them any longer. He knew his parents and did not notice that they were twenty years older. He asked for people who had died because he no longer remembered that they were gone. All this so he would not have to deal with the fact that he was going to die. It did not change the fact that he was going to die, which he did, but at least he was happier for those few months because he no longer remembered it was coming. You remembered the update was coming so here it is. Check: El Hazard, Escaflowne, and eX-Driver. Enjoy.

12/01/18-- One of the fastest growing problems accross the land is homelessness. It is especially so in the Southern California area. We can probably blame the weather for that situation. Frankly, whether people like it or not, the fact is that there are almost as many reasons for people to be homeless as there are people living on the street. No one fix will take care of the problem. As an example, if a person is living on the street because of mental illness then it would probably not help that person if all you do is offer cheap housing. The person with problems will need to want to live in your housing before you even offer it otherwise it will do no good. There are many on the street who are either on drugs or alcohol so cheap housing is only half the problem. Some people lost good jobs and ended up on the streets because of those problems. Then there are veterans who came back from war fronts with PTSD and never got the proper treatment to deal with their problems. To make a dent in those problems will take time and work to find what each person needs and not just a lot of cheap places to life. If we had mental hospitals, that might help, but we don't. They can keep mental patients for only a limited time and not long enough to really make a difference. When you have news about the problem, think in terms of the variety of problems that put that person in that situation. If leadership doesn't recognize the total of the many problems then they will gain little in their efforts to fix it. They will scratch the surface, but little else. Good luck on that one. Check the update, it will make you feel better. Check: Devilman, Eatman, and Eden's Boy. Enjoy.

11/24/18-- If someone lies or cheats or steals, should they be rewarded for their efforts? Apparently some people think so. I am sorry, but I am not one of them and I guess that puts me at odds with many of you. For that, I am truly sorry. In all the years of doing this business, I have never purposely misled or cheated anyone. I guess that is one of my major flaws. It just is not part of me to want to cheat someone else for any reason and I do not feel that any of us should. To be honest, it has cost me to do things this way, but there you have it. It took one dishonest customer to make it so that I had a terrible time with international sales and changes at the US Post Office sealed the deal. I will not be doing this that much longer. I got started because I love the story telling and I love the artwork. There you have it in a nutshell. That is why I have done it and not because I ever made any money. I sell items based on what I paid for them. Some times I was lucky, but usually not and I can trace that to being too honest with those I got the items from in the first place. Still, I have loved every minute, but since there are no more cels for new shows, it is a dying art form. Enjoy it while you can and I will do the same. Celebrate the update for another week. Check: Burn Up W, Corrector Yui, and Crest Of The Stars. Enjoy.

11/17/18-- It has been in the news that some of those in the caravan from Central America through Mexico, had arrived in Tijuana which is just south of the border with California. They immediatly went to the border and climbed the fence and some even sat on the top of the fence. Does that give you any idea how much they respect the current fence or our border? This is rediculous to an extreme. Based on this, everyone is still against the wall they want to build? That is so stupid. When border patrol came to the fence, those jerks simply crossed the border back to Mexico. How did they get here so fast? If they had walked the whole way, they would not get here for a long time yet. No one has expressed this idea, but I suspicion that the ones helping these people just might be the drug runners. It would be a way for them to occupy the boarder patrol so they could get more drugs accross our border. When you think about it, that makes sense. I have mentioned in the past why I am against people coming here without permission. Here are two more reasons. I mentioned about the neighbors that shoot the rockets into the night sky around independance day. They have more cars on their street than they have places to park so often cars are left in places not approved for parking. On their corner is an example of their consideration of others. They have a used matress and an old sofa right on the corner for the entire world to appreciate. That is so very kind of them that I cannot believe it. Yeah, right. They just don't care. You can even call the city and they can arrange to have it picked up. They don't do that because they cannot be bothered. That is how much the care about others. The other thing is also quite common. My wife and a long time friend were getting together to drive into Los Angeles to meet an old friend of them both. The friend called to say she was leaving to come to our place so they could leave here together. About ten minutes later, the friend called to say she was delayed because she was at a stop sign and was hit from behind by another car. The other driver had no drivers license or insurance and was not in this country legally. In California, they used to require that people be here legally in order to get a license. With so many illegals that barely could drive, they changed it so that anyone could get a license whether legal or not. You have to have insurance in order to register a car, but what people do is register the car with insurance for that month, then drop the insurance so it doesn't come up for a year until they have to register the car again. People who are not legal in this country do not care about our laws so they work around them. Still, California wants to protect them because, if they ever become citizens, they will vote for their party without bothering to learn English or learn to read. Just two of the reasons I am against Illegals. Still, you don't need to be legal to read the update so check it out. Check: Ayashi No Ceres, Bakuretsu Hunter, and Big O. Enjoy.

11/10/18-- Wherever you are, if you just participated in an election, I hope the electorate in your area has learned to read because it appears that here in California, they don't know how or didn't bother. One of the issues on the ballot was to rescend the gasoline tax the legislature pinned on us to pay for road repairs so they coule use the rest of the tax money from gas and so on for whatever else they wanted. That issue was turned down by the voters and apparently, from what they said, they didn't understand what was at stake. Oh well, maybe next time. It is interesting that one of the issues being mentioned was to save Social Security from medeling by those that are not quite so democratic. One problem, Social Security, as it was written is already dead. Yes, those political types don't read either. I have some background since I worked there for thirty years. When the Social Security law was first passed back in the thirties, the minimum age for a benefit was age sixty five and life expectancy for males was sixty two. Do you think that was on purpose? I do. When I first started with the agency, you could not earn very much and still receive your benefits. If you still worked, chances are that benefits would not start until age seventy two. That is true. Again, age expectancy was about age seventy. The original idea was that the Social Security was to be self sustaining. The salary of the employees was to be paid out of the same fund as the benefits. The legislature kept changing the rules and benefits are pretty much being paid even if you keep working past retirement age. The additional tax that is paid into the fund is not enough to pay for the benefits going back out so the rest is coming out of general revenues. Really, based on the law as it was passed, this must stop right away and things need to be changed. Another wrong is the fact that the computation of benefits is weighed to pay a higher percentage to people who earn less. That was never a good idea, but that is what they decided. Unfortunaatley, this mostly benefits those who come here from other countries and work under our system. It benefits even more, those who come without permission then change their status to legal because we decide to be nice. Nice and stupid that is. If the elected officials want to preserve this program, they need to fix it or it will become welfare. Think about it and get back to me later. You, can check that update and get back to me on that. I think we will all enjoy that even more. Check: 3x3 Eyes, Ah My Goddess, and Angel Links. Enjoy.

11/03/18-- Something else that I noticed is the fact that these so called poverty stricken peoples in the caravan from central america also have cell phones. Say what? Yes, this fact has been mentioned in various news reports about these interlopers. It is interesting that those that criticize the current administration like to try to say good things about the caravan to make them seem worthwhile. "They are just like us. They are only trying to make a better life for themselves." Anything they can say to be on the other side. One question. When they come to this country, what job skills do they bring with them? NO, really. What type of employment would they be seeking? My assumption is that they will be seeking physical labor jobs since they do not have any relevant skills and do not speak English. If they had legal status, they would go on welfare because they have minor children they are bringing with them. That's all we need, more people on the dole. This last week they started talking about correcting the problem created by giving citizenship to anyonee born in the country whether the parents are legal or not. This will be a hard nut to crack, but would be worth it. The oppositions point to the fourteenth ammendment to the US constitution, but really that is all about protecting the freed slaves and their children so that the states in the south could not exclude them. I hate to mention it, but the illegals were never slaves so this does not refer to them. When they passed that ammendment, it made sense at the time because of the problems after the Civil War, but times are different now. Even the Statue Of Liberty reflects a different time and very different situation. When we are so generous to the people who come here without permission, it is like a slap in the face to those who do. People who try to come here legally might have to wait ten years or longer so it is easier to come without permission and wait to be made legal. Fortunately the elections will be over by next week so things can get back to normal. Still, the updates are normal so check out: Vampire Princess Miyu, Virus, and X. Enjoy.

10/27/18-- The leaders of the United States are trying to make it as clear as possible that those people and families that are forming the caravan that is currently traveling through the southern parts of Mexico are not going to receive any kind of legal stature in this country based on their claims of poverty. Is that stopping these people from traveling without permission through Mexico? No way, Jose. The assumption is that if they cannot obtain legal entrance, they will enter the US any way they can. News also has it that there is another caravan currently forming in El Salvador. Apparently most of the people in this group are from Honduras. It has also been mentioned that these countries have been provided foreign aid from this country to all three. This aid exceeded three hundred million dollars in 2016 and nearly two hundred million dollars in 2017. The president is threatening to reduce or stop this aid to these countries that do nothing to stop this kind of activity. They really should do a complete accounting of the aid given to determine how much was actually used to help the counties and how much simply went to line the pockets of the leaders. One of the classes I took in college was "Latin American Culture" and even over fourty years ago the norm was lining pockets any way they can. It was common for leaders, even in smaller communities, to have savings accounts in Switzerland. Their legal system is just as corrept considering that wealthy drug lords can do anything they want with impunity. It seems likely that none of the support that is sent is actually helping the masses. Still you wonder. In some of the news features I have seen, it shows women and men pushing baby buggies that are expensive even here. Say what? Then there is the lady who is age thirty one who is the mother of four. Really? She has four children because she still hasn't learned where babies come from? If you are not able to provide for your children then why keep having more? What about their church down there? The dominant church is one of the wealthy organizations in the world, but they do not help their poor members? Why not? What can make things better in these countries? One thing that could help would be education. If children have to stop school in order to help their families make some income then they don't have that education to even help a very little. In the previous administration, the president would be the one standing at the gate as these people passed and handing them their naturalization certificates as long as they promised to vote for his party. That is a slight exageration, but you get my point. Are we going to let these people in then house and feed them while we wait until we can take each one to court to see if they qualify for aid? That will cost taxpayers many millions. We will see. This will not end well no matter what. Still, there is alway and update to cheer you up. Check: Those Who Hunt Elves, Urusie Yatsura, and Vampire Hunter. Enjoy.

10/13/18-- So, how is your Christmas shopping coming? It is not too early. If you wait until just before you need it then chances are good that you will spend more time in stores and probably end up paying more and with things you don't really want. I don't need to add that cels make good presents for the Anime fans on your shopping list. Your choice, but think about it anyway. Another storm has hit the east coast. It has destroyed large sections of the coast. It is too bad. I hope the people have home insurance to cover these losses. If they do not, why not? We live in Earthquake country and we can cover our losses with insurance to help re-build, just in case. If we lived in hurricane country, we would be offered insurance. Perhaps they refuse figuring the government will bail them out. That does not seem right to me. The government will only help so far. We have to take care of ourselves. I hope you are safe. If it is not one thing, it is five others. While you are checking your insurance, you can check the update. Check: Saber Marionette R, Sakura Wars, and Shadow Skill. Enjoy.

10/06/18-- No one has written me with any answers so I guess no one else has any either. Too bad. I was really curious. Oh well, better luck next time. I have mentioned before that I really hate election times and it is already boiling over for early November. Since I am retired, I get the chance to watch more TV than in the past so I get to torture myself with all the ads about one thing or an other. Strangely I find myself agreeing with the state Democratic party on an issue regarding local rent control. I own my own home, but it concerns me the difficulties many are having that are paying rent. The proposition proposes that cities have the power to set up local rent control rather than only the state or something like that. Makes sense to me. We pay the most for gasoline of virtually any state and for each gallon we buy, 95 cents is for taxes. The legislature came up with an additional tax they are now imposing for each gallon we need. They also raised the fees to register your car. This was to provide more money to pay for repair and maintenance of roads. What they did not mention is the fact that only 27 percent of the money from these taxes is used to fix the roads. The rest goes for whatever they want. A proposition is on the ballot to stop that unfair additional burden and there are ads all ove the TV to fight it. They claim that there are over one hundred bridges that need to be repaired by using that money in the Los Angeles area alone. If these bridges are unsafe then who built them? It is the people fighting this bill. It is very strange that this is ad is paid for by the union of the Cal Trans workers who built those bridges in the first place. If the legislature used all of the money from those old gas taxes on the roads, the additional burden would not be needed. There is a reason why the union is fighting so hard against this proposition. Could it be they enjoy the pay scale plus overtime that is being paid to them out of this fund? I'm not sure, but I think that might be the case. If the workers are so concerned about those bridges then why did they not build them right in the first place? Just curious. We'll see what happens. I hope people read the propositions before they vote. In LA, many do not read english or even their native tongue so depend on what they see on TV. That may be the reason for all the ads which do not tell a true story at all, but support an unfair tax burden. When you consider how often these ads are run, they must have a huge budget for their lies. They can send some my way if they like. Still you can check the update so go ahead. Check: Ray Earth, Robot Carnival, and Roujin Z. Enjoy.

09/29/18-- Let me start this week by saying that no woman should have to put up with sexual assalt and that I hope they start reporting them as soon as they happen and not waiting until beyond statute of limitations to do something about it. One woman said that the attacks are not reported because no one listens and it is a waste of time. If you don't report the attacks then the attacker has won and has permission to try again and again and so on. Even if they are not convicted, the fact is that other women will find out and avoid the situation with the guy. No matter what happens, you must report and not wait thirty six years to let the cat out of the bag. I tried to watch the Senate hearings yesterday for Brett Kavanaugh, but only managed to watch a very few minutes. It was too much garbage for me to handle. There are questions that I would have asked and which I do not believe were ever asked, but since I couldn't stomach it, I'm not sure. My questions for the victim are simple and these are a few: Who invited you to that party? Was it a girl or boy? Since the age difference would have made you a sophomore when he was a senior and you were a cheer leader and he a football player. You would not have run in the same crowd so why at the same party? How many people were at that party? Did you have any friends there? When your parents dropped you off at the party and you discovered that there was no adult supervision and under age drinking was obvious, why did you stay? If you did not have any friends there at that party, why did you stay? Why were you wandering around the house alone where only Kavanaugh and his friend knew where you were, but no one else? They had to turn up the music so others could not hear your screams before they went to grab you, you didn't notice this? To wash out the screams of a victim, they would have had the music very high, why didn't you notice that and come back to where everyone else was? Why did no one else notice the music so high that they could no longer talk? How were they able to keep track of you while they were fussing with the music? Why did Kavanaugh need to cover your mouth when you tried to scream since they had already turned up the music? Since you escaped from his clutches, since he could not hold you down, undress you, and gag you at the same time, why didn't you got back to the group and wait for him there they tell the world what he had just tried to do then slap him silly when he finally showed up? Since your clothes would have been messed up from his efforts, did you stop to fix yourself up before returning to the group? Why did you not report this to the police? I think you get the gist of what my concerns were. Her answers to my questions would have cleared much in my own mind. I have an opinion on this issue based on my doubts that run with my questions, but we shall see what happens. I hope the "Me Too" movement encourages girls to tell when they are attacked and not sit on it for years and years and years. Good luck with that one. There is an update so check it out. Check: Photon, Plastic Little, and Pretty Sammy. Enjoy. If you know the answers to my questions, let me know.

09/22/18-- Please take note that we can no longer handle international orders. I have one remaining that I am doing my best to honor and when I have completed that, we will be done. Over the last five years or more, more than half of my sales, through the site, have been international so this hurts me more than it hurts you. It is the Post Office over here. They have changed their rules to the point where it is beyond reason. No one is as sorry as me. This last week, I came upon one of those sites that are advertising while at the same time they give you something interesting to keep you coming back for more. This one was about movies that have had really obvious continuity flaws. They have many different types of movies and a common thread has to do with things in the background that should not be there because they had not been invented yet. Some funny ones include a little boy covering his ears in the background before the shooting started because he knew it was coming. In another, there are already bullet holes in the wall before the shooting starts. Often it includes costume flaws for background people on a pirate ship. The one where they are really wrong is a Mel Gibson movie about Jesus Christ. They said there was an error because his complexion should have been darker since he is middle-eastern. It seems to me that these people had never attended Sunday School even as children. Jesus Christ was born in Israel and was of Jewish decent so was not dark skinned. If you know any Jewish people then you will know this is true. Where did they get that idea? Oh well, that's when I stopped reading. You don't have to stop reading, now we have the update. Check: Nightwalker, Orguss, and Patlabor. Enjoy.

09/15/18-- This last week we commerated events which occured on September 11. The word celebrate is often used to describe the anniversary of an important date, but does not apply here. We remember what happened and vow they will never happen again. I watched a program that listed all of the facts known about the terrorists. You may know all about these things, but I will remind. First all of these terrorists came from the same country. They came from Soudi Arabia. They all had passports and came on tourist visas even though they came without money. That was a really big mistake that they could get tourist visas without any money, but too late now. When they arrived in the United States, they did not go to meet some secret operatives, but went to a local church. Do I have to tell you what denomination? They were provided with everything they needed such as food and lodging and treated like heros. Can you explain that? Their contact at that church made arrangements for their flight school. They did not have the money to pay for it so guess who did. They were helped with every step of their scheme. When the day arrived to put their plan into action, they had to go to different places and board different planes going going to different destinations. I'm sure you know the rest of the story. My question is why has this not been pursued with the same dilligance as they have the russian attempts to mess with out election? Yes, they have convinced us that the russians were trying to interfere yet obviously were not able. On 9/11 they did kill many people. Why did they just drop it? Why did they not contact and interview the helper these men had at that church who arranged and set up everything? We are still investigating that election and it is nearly two years later. Oh well, I guess it was not important enough. The update is important so check it out. Check: Nadesico, Nadia, and Nazca. Enjoy.

09/08/18-- You are probably not old enough to remember when The Twilight Zone was new and showing on television. You might have seen some reruns or read about them so might have some idea what I am talking about. I am watching the series now and I am enjoying it most of the time. Most of the episodes are thought provoking at least. Some of the episodes are well remembered such as Eyes Of The Beholder and Serving Mankind. This episode, that I watched just a few days ago, was most interesting because of the mistakes. Yes, it had several mistakes in the plot line. What was most surprising is that it was written by Rod Serling who was the creator of the series and one of the best writers. The title of the story is "The Long Morrow." It takes place in 1987 which was the future as far as that story was concerned, but the distant past as far as we are concerned today. In 1987 they had developed interstellar travel and were able to travel 30 times the speed of light. Telescopes had discovered a planet in a far distant system that is similar to our own. They wanted to send an explorer to check it out, but even at that speed it would take fourty years to get there and back. They had also created a way for him to travel all snug as a bug frozen for the trip out and the trip back. That way, he would not age during the very long trip. The one that they were to send met a woman and fell in love. They lost communication shortly after he left to explore and did not know that she was going on ice as well so she would be like hime when he got back. He thought she would be aging so left the hybernation equipment so he would be her age when he got back. Here we have the problems. How would he be able to turn it off when he was frozen? They showed the inside of the ship and all there was to see was the chamber where he was frozen. Since he was awake, he had to eat and they did not show fourty years of food. I doubt they would have been able to carry that much even if they knew that he would wake. That is the big mistake. He would starve. The other thing is that he was now fourty years older than she is. He did not want the relationship any longer because he felt too old for her. That was more than a little bit stupid. Even today there are cases where the man is more than fourty years older than the wife. Even then, they have kids. What was his problem? They could have married. There would have been only fourty years difference between them. Big deal. These were the mistakes that even Rod Serling made. Still, it was fun. We also have an update so check it out. Check: Macross 7, Macross Plus, and Moldiver. Enjoy.

09/01/18-- The older I get, the more I appreciate the little things of life. One of those little things would be friends. Actually, friends are not such a small thing when you think about it. When something bad happens, it takes a friend to get you out of a fix. A great many of the little things in my life are starting to fall apart so I am feeling the pain more than ever and friends are there to help along the way. The old saying goes, If you want a friend then be a friend. If you know that someone is being bullied then stand with them and everything will look better for you both. I am not an aggresive sort so I was bullied when I was younger and it did hurt and I did not have anyone to stand with me. That is probably very commoon which is too bad. I did get the chance for a little sweet payback in high school in gym class. Even back then I was overweight so was not a great athlete. One period of gym class, I was on one team with a small bunch of loosers while those who chose to pick on me were on the other team and we were playing half court basketball. Even though I was not great, I did love that sport and played as often as possible. One of my shots was from the top of the key and left everyone with their mouths hanging open. It turned out that I scored all the points for my team and we won. Each basket was one point and you played until one team scored ten. The other team was scoreless which had them really upset. They were, of course, mad at me, but I had won so what could they do? It is rare for bullies to get their pay back like that and it sure felt good. Almost as good as finding a cel you want so check them out. Check: Little Nemo In Slumberland, Lodoss Wars, and Lupin III. Enjoy.

08/25/18-- Football season has snuck up on us so let's all celebrate the good times. Things keep happening so I will bring some interesting items to your attention. They have a common thread, but I'll let you figure that part out. Just this last week they told that they had discovered a large tunnel that ran hundreds of yards under ground in Texas. This ran from the Mexico side to the US side and was apparently used to bring drugs accross the border. There is no way of telling how many drugs had been brought over, but they did not say that it was a recent creation so has been there some time and has been used to bring accross more than we would want to admit. The second issue was this illegal alien who killed a college student in Iowa. The news clearly listed him as illegal while the others are undocumented. What do they use to determine the difference? They mentioned that he was using phoney documents and ID. How original. You think the others don't use the same thing. The last was on the local news. There was a man arrested by immegration while taking his wife to the hospital for a scheduled C section to deliver their fifth chile. First, do you know who paid for the delivery of all their children? Yes, we did. California decided long ago to provide medical services to pregnant women since their children would be citizens. It is cheaper to do that than pay all the medical cost for a child that is born with problems who is a citizen. That is probably true, but they can arrest the illegals and ship them home in time to give bith to a citizen of their own country. Why didn't they think of that? The man was arrested because their was a warrent for his arrest from his home country for a murder charge. He claims he didn't do it, but they he told immigration that he had papers at the house and that turned out to be false. Very interesting. While you consider the potential, check the update. Check: Infinite Ryvius, I Want To Be An Angel, and Key The Metal Idol. Enjoy.

08/18/18-- Here I am. I am still with you. This time it was not my health that was messing things up, but my computer. For some reason, which I doubt I will ever understand, I ended up with a format that I did not understand and which I could not get rid of. It is called tablet mode and is for very simple purposes and I could not use it to update my site. Now that I know how to get rid of it, it will not be the same problem in the future. What happened last week? Thanks for asking. First you need to know that I am diabetic and that I have been taking pills rather than insulin shots. It has worked fine for me for over ten years. Due to personal problems, I was not eating, and my blood sugar got very low. This is something I had never been through. My wife noticed my unusual condition and called paramedics. They checked my blood sugar and found I was very low so hooked me up intravenious and got me up to 85 which made it possible for me to talk. They took me to the hospital and they got my blood sugar back where it was supposed to be. I spent the night, which is never fun, and was released around 2:00 the next day. This all started on Tuesday. On Monday, I had a fall and renched my knee which put me into a great deal of pain. It is quite a bit better now though not perfect. I would prefer perfect, but better is better than nothing. Now, I can cope and use my computer as well. Now you know the rest of the story. There is an update so check it out. Try: Go Kaiser, Gundam Wing, and Hana Yori Dango. Enjoy.

08/11/18-- We will have no update this week so you have a surprise weekend off. I will tell you all about it as soon as possible. I'll give you a hint. I spent two days in the hospital earlier this week and I am not totally back on my feet yet. Enjoy.

08/04/18-- I went to Costco again last night and the experience reminded me of a game I enjoy so I thought I should pass it along to you. It is quite simple and very informative. In the food court area you can simply keep your eyes open and watch for women who are obviously expecting. Of course you can't always tell about women in the first few months so you are restricted to those who are clearly showing their condtion. Once you have spotted the women who are so involved, the next step is just as easy, but will require a bit of observation to be sure. Next step is to watch and see if they are wearing a wedding ring. Some are not and it is not difficult to tell. That finger on the left hand will either have a ring or nothing. Last night, I saw two women who are so involved and one of them was wearing a ring while the other was not. That included women who were shopping inside the store as well as those who were eating in the food court area. I have counted as many as five pregnant women during one visit and the most of them that had rings was two. For me, it is sad that women get into that state without being married. These are women who are going full term and who plan on having the baby and not those who ended the journey with an abortion. For me, it would make more sense to not mess around and get pregnant rather than do what you know will get you pregant without any kind of effort to prevent the situation than to have an abortion, but then again I am not a woman. Still, how difficult is it to take steps to prevent the problem? That is my point of view and you might not agree, but that is alright too. Some married women get abortions for health reasons so I do not criticise. The game tells you about society and it is too bad. Think about it. While so involved and while not playing, check the update. Check: Gall Force, Gatchaman, and Giant Robo. Enjoy.

07/28/18-- Another convention and another set of memories. Wow, what a way to go. San Diego Comic Con International is not what it was years ago and in some ways it is better. My son was able to catch up with an illustrator we met for the first time on a trip to Japan in 1991. It is really cool when they remember us after so long. His name is Yoshitaka Amano and is best known for designs used for video games. My son knew him best for these creations while I knew him for his work in animation like Vampire Hunter D and Angel's Egg. No matter how we knew him, it was still a treat and great to be remembered. They did something for advertising for Dead Pool that was funny and strange. This was in place for opening night and they had placed seat protectors in the rest rooms with his picture on them and which said it was all Fox could afford. They did not last to the next day because everyone wanted one. It was fun and we got to meet with people that you seldom see. If you can, you should try it out. I have been selling there since the second one in 1972 so there are a lot of memories. While I enjoy the memories, you can enjoy the update so check out: eX-Driver, Fatal Fury, and Fushigi Yuugi. Enjoy.

07/14/18-- When there is a convention coming up, I try to warn people to get their orders in so they can preserve whatever is on their minds though it seldom results in people placing a protective order so why bother? It is the thought that counts and it really did count at this latest convention. It will take me weeks to get the records straight. We take our items to the convention in folders that hold around fourty cels each. We sold an equivalant of eight full folders of cels. If anyone would have predicted that we would sell that many items at this convention, I would not have believed it. One example is Devilman and we are now down to only six of this title. We are now sold out of Dragon Ball and La Puta, Castle In The Sky, and Sailor Moon. These items are one of a kind and cannot be replaced. There is some possibility that many of our cels will show up again as people try to take advantage of our low prices in re-sale. If you want it, you might have to pay more to get it in the future, but who knows. Perhaps it is too late. Next weekend we will be at another convention and enjoying our time in San Diego so you will have another week off so enjoy. Still, we are trying to update our site to reflect recent sales so some of the things you like might already be in someone else's collection. Check it out anyway just in case. We have updated: DNA, Eden's Boy, and El Hazard. Enjoy.

06/30/18-- I went to Costco last night and saw exactly what I described last week. This little kid was not getting his way so was carrying on in the worst possible way. You know what finally shut him up? As I suspected, they gave him ice cream so he started eating that and stopped screaming. Another poster child wasted. This week, my comment is sure to step on some toes, but that is what you get for having toes in the first place. Here in the Los Angeles area they had a demonstration last weekend where a group, led by their cleargy, was marching from one end of town to the other so they could have a prayer service to pray that the government would change their ways. Did you catch that? They did not want to pray that the people who were commiting a crime should change their ways, but that the government would change their ways. I really did not know that prayer could be along political lines like this. If you believe in God, I thought you believed in a surpreme being who could do pretty much anything. That is what I thought anyway. Why were they not praying that things would be better for these poor people who thought that their only salvation was to come illegally to another country. Why did they not go to pray that the police in the home countries would see the error of their ways and start protecting the innocent rather than the wealthy? Just a thought. There are so many things you can pray for so why not pray for these people and not for a political point of view? How are your toes? Sorry about that. You have nearly two weeks to nurse them back to top shape since next weekend is the convention so I will be tied up and not here to bother you. Enjoy your week off. Check your update and enjoy it while you can. Check: Corrector Yui, Crest Of The Stars, and Devilman. Enjoy.

06/23/18-- It is interesting how this picture of a little kid crying became the poster for people who were speaking out for the families who came here as a group and who were caught at the border and taken into custody because their entry into the US was not legal. I have seen very similar scenes at the local Costco at the food court where little kids, that size, would carry on because parents wanted them to eat a hot dog or slice of pizza before eating sweets. I mean loud and long. It was not a pretty sight. Why don't they take a picture of one of those to use as the poster for sale of sweets? Just an idea. I have to wonder why the government is being blaimed for separating the families. The parents know exactly what they are doing. They know that they are attempting to enter the US without permission. They did not contact the consulate before coming here. They did not come directly to this country. They went to Mexico and walked accross the border in the middle of the desert. They brought their families and knew there was a good change they would be caught and taken into custody. None of this was an accident or a surprise yet the government was at fault for separating the families. Give me a break. It used to be that the fathers would come first and find work and work on legal status since the cost of living is so much lower in these other countries. If the husband (and I use the term loosely since chance is very good that these people do not bother to get married since it is so expensive in their home country since they have to pay the priest and for the use of the church and that isn't cheap.) got work then he could support the family until he could fix his status and bring them along later. They don't do that any more because they expect the government here to support them and their families. Isn't that sweet? I have a suggestion. Why not end arresting these people and just pick them up at the border and take them twenty five miles accross the border and leave them. If we find these people guilty of entering the country without permission, and obviously they did, we will have to separate the family while sending the parents to jail. By simply leaving them accross the border we save quite a bit of money since we do not have to feed and house these people and we can keep the family together so the press can stop complaining. I like that idea, but they won't do it since it is too logical. Speaking of logic, you can check the update. Check: Big O, Blue Seed, and Burn Up W. Enjoy.

06/16/18-- Have you noticed the advertising I mentioned last week? Do you understand any better than me how the second one can be free even though you have to pay a fee for it? This week I wish to bring up an issue related to last week, but not quite the same. They are advertising for life insurance, which in and of itself, is not a bad thing. People should have life insurance, just in case. You never know. I had life insurance from my work that continued after I retired and remarried. That is very important even though you do not need to provide support for your survivors like I do. This life insurance is guaranteed so even if you have pre-existing medical conditions, you cannot be turned down. The thing that I don't like is the fact that they tell you how low you can go, but do not tell you how high you could go. For example, the premium could be as low as 32 cents per day. You have to quickly read the fine print to understand that this is for a fourty five year old female who's life expenctancy is much higher than a man the same age. What is confusing is that they show the monthly premium can be as low as $9.40 per month. Most months have thirty days while there are four with thirty one and one with twenty eight in most years and twenty nine days every four years. How do they arrive at $9.40 per month? This covers for a saurvivor benefit of two thousand dollars. If you want more, it will cost more and it you are over fourty five it will cost more or if you are male, it will cost more. I estimate that this woman will have paid off the insurnace be the time she is age sixty two and two months. If you are a male, you will pay it off sooner and if you are older, you will probably pay it off at the same age. Since they limit their explanations to the lowest it could cost, it really is not very clear what it will cost you. Still, you will have insurance and I am greatful for that. We have pleanty to be greatful for even if we don't really understand all of the ramifications. Still, we have the update so check it out. Check: Angel Links, Ayashi No Ceres, and Bakuretsu Hunter. Enjoy.

06/09/18-- The outcome of the election was pretty much as expected. One of the things that left a bad taste in my mouth was the initiative for the bond meassure that passed. I have a feeling that people who voted for it did not think it through. The first thing that is apparent is the fact that the bonds will pay for projects with a name and no specifics. It says it has to do with water, yet can be about almost anything. Once the politicians have the money, they will spend it just about anyplace they want to. The thing about bonds is it is like borrowing the money and it must be payed back with interest. It will end up costing us nearly double what it would have cost had we simply voted on a specific project. These bonds have a time frame where they must be paid back and it is not forever. Our taxes will have to be raised in order to pay them off. Did not anyone think of that? Oh well, the voters decided. The other thing I noted has to do with products they sell on television. I am sure you have seen some of the ads. It might be some form of cure all or a pot or pan of some type. One of the popular thing any more is to say that you can double the number of items for free. Yes, that's what they say and all it takes is a separate fee. Just a second. Didn't they say we could double it for free? What is this fee, no matter how separate, if the second item is free? That is a contradiction on terms. Something is not free if you have to pay a separate fee for it. Are we idiots or something? If they simply said we could double our order if we just pay a small fee then that would be alright. It is the free part that tans my hide. Have you seen the ads where you order some cosmetiques for a really nice price, but are placed on a continuing program where you buy again every month, though you can cancel any time you want. Without reading the fine print, you might assume that it is effective immediatly though that assumption might not be correct. Be careful what you sign up for because it might come back to bight you. I would never buy anything where the second one is free except you have to pay a separate fee. Think about it. In the mean time, check the update. Check: You're Under Arrest, 3x3 Eyes, and Ah My Goddess. Enjoy.

06/02/18-- Here in California we will be having an election next Tuesday and even though I am sure that I will not like the outcome, I'm glad it will be over. When we first re-elected our current Govenor, he promised that we would not receive higher taxes unless we agreed to it. As with most politicians, he was lying. We did have an increase in the sales tax accross the state that we agreed to, but it was for only five years and has run its course. He and his fellows, in the liberal faction which runs the state, passed a horrendous tax with the supposed purpose of having the money to maintain our roads since the current gas tax was not giving us enough since cars have a better gas milage. They increased the gas tax by fifteen cents per gallon. In addition to that, they increased the fees on the registration of a car. It had gone up and up and now it will be even higher. As with most of these things, no sooner did they have this additional tax in place that they were figuring other places they can spend the money. In this ballot is a bill that requires them to use the money where it was intended. I am sure thay don't want that either. That will probably pass as will another bill for the end of the year to do away with the gasoline tax. What seems most strange is that the voters do not tend to pay any attention to the taxes that are put into place. I hope they wake up, but it seems most unlikely. Either way, I will be happy that the lies will stop for at least a short while. I hope you don't have to deal with the same thing. If you do, you have my sympathy. Still, it should make you happy to check the update so check it out. We have Violinist Of Hamlin, Virus, and X. Enjoy.

05/26/18-- A little more about the shooting in Texas. From what they have reported, the guy knew exactly what he was doing. He went after a girl who had refused his advances. She would not go out with him and he was so persistant that she finally had to say something during class time and he was embarrased. I am sure he blamed her for that, but when you think about it, the fault was his for not getting the point that she was not interested. Of course, his parents tell how he was such a sweet kid. Yeah, so sweet that he killed the girl who would not go out with him. Still, why was it that the gun was easy to get along with ammunition and so on. Oh well, guns don't kill people, sweet kids do. Still, if they were harder to get ahold of then maybe not so many would be killed. I really hate this time of year. Not the Spring, but election times. It is not the voting that bothers me, but the advertising you get in the mail and especially on television. One of the constant selling points are those that are against the wall on the boarder with Mexico and those who are in favor of immigrant rights. I am yet to see anyone who defines terms, but apparently these people want the way open for as many people to come here without permission that can make it. My question is why? Why are they against the wall? Are they being financed by the drug cartels? They would not admit it if they were, but why else would they be against the wall? They cannot say that people are no longer interested in coming here illegally. Just this week, a highway patrol in Texas pulled over a truck for a traffic issue and discovered over eighty illegals in the enclosed trailer. That is just the one they caught so you can figure for each one they catch, there are dozens that they do not catch. What do they mean when they say immegrant rights. Are they talking about the ones that come here with permission? Not likely. Their rights are clear and the same as everyone else. They are talking about the rights of those who come without permission. What rights are those? The only right I can think of is the right to go back where they came from without batting an eye. What we need to do is reward these people for their hard work to get here without permission and make them citizens of the country. Yeah, that makes perfect sense. Think about it and get back to me. There is an update. Check: Urusei Yatsura, Vampire Hunter, and Vampire Princess Miyu. Enjoy.

05/19/18-- More shootings on High School campus. The kid apparently used his father's gun for the majority of the killings. We need to hold the father responsable as well for not having the weapons locked down so could not be used. The killer was also into making bombs and he had some with him at school and at his home. His parents never noticed any of this? I would have known if my children were making bombs so what is the father doing that he never noticed? This is not the reason for taking your time this week. Have you ever wondered if there was any evidence which justified the use of Atomic bombs in order the bring the war with Japan to a close? They have been showing some historical information on television. The primary reason for believing that there was evidence was called Okinawa. This is part of Japan, but is an island that is only close to Japan and not actually part of the islands which compose Japan. The fleet was going north from the Philippines and would have to deal with the defenders of Okinawa before reaching Japan itself. They had prepared miles of tunnels across the island and it was slow work to fight the defenders, but they had to do it to prevent attacks from behind as they went on to Japan itself. It took a long time and many lives were lost including the civilian population. More than one hundred thousand lives were lost and the majority were not directly involved. Clearly if the US had gone on to fight on the mainland of Japan that things would have been much worse. Since the war in Europe was over by then, they tried to make the Japanese leaders see that it would do no good to keep on fighting, but they did not listen. In truth, more lives were lost on Okinawa than were killed by the two Atomic bombs. That is fact. It is sad, but the truth is that more lives would have been lost had they taken the fight to Japan. Did you know that the leaders in Japan were describing the Americans as monsters that would murder rather than take prisoners. The girls were told that they would be raped and killed by the americans. In Okinawa they have a sight that they have named Virgin Cliff because many young women went there to throw themselves off and die rather than be captured by the monsters. The number of Japanese girls that married American soldiers after the war gives you something of an idea how bad the monsters really were. There is a strong relationship between the two countries that has much to do with the way the Japanese were treated after the fighting ended. No, the Americans were not monsters. There are monsters out there, but they look like the rest of us and use guns rather than their brains. Check the update. Check: Silent Mobius, Tenchi Muyo, and Those Who Hunt Elves. Emjoy.

05/12/18-- Let me tell you a little more about the show that is leaving NetFlix so that it can join with other Disney creations on a new pay channel which Disney has put together. Apparently they needed this title while there were many other things which they did not need nearly as much. As an example, they still have the new Pete's Dragon on Netflix along with one of the Pirate movies and some other titles. I am not sure, but it seems possible that the contract for those titles did not run out in time. In fact, they even show a section where nearly half of the movies are from Disney. Go figure. Back to Phineas and Ferb. Each episode is a combination of the outlandish creations of these two kids and the efforts by their pet to combat evil. If you step back, it is quite obvious that these kids could not possibly create these things in the matter of half a day. In one episode, they create a building to act as an attraction for turists that goes all the way to the moon and they do this in a matter of hours. What is even stranger is the fact that no one else even notices what they have done except for their sister who is trying to convince their mother of what the younger brothers are doing. Why is it that no one knows what they are doing? How can they afford to buy the materials which they use in their outlandish projects? Someone has to pay for these things so who does pay because I can't figure it out. They show that the kids sign for this stuff yet never have to pay a bill. Some times they either give away or sell the completed structures and when they do, it is for a pittance like $5.00 or something similar. Go figure. The older sister is played by Ashley Tisdale of "High School Musical" fame and she does a great job as the bad guy in the series. Someone has to work against them. The sister is age fifteen and that is confirmed when they show her birthday in the second episode. The bad guy, Doctor Heinz Doofenshmirtz has a daughter who celebrates her birthday several episodes later and she is sixteen. The difference between the two is beyond belief. I have seen twelve year old girls with better figures that the fifteen year old sister. The sixteen year old looks like the early twenties. I don't know if these differences were accidental or well considered. Who can say? They brought back the bad guy's daughter in the "Star Wars" as Vanessa the Twi'lek and she is even more stunning in that presentation than in the series. The actress for that part does quite a bit of singing for the series and does an awsome job. The actress is Olivia Olson and her father wrote many of the early stories and helped shape the series. It has its up and downs, but it is fun from the get go and I am sorry to lose it. Watch for it if you can, but while you are, you can check the update. Check: Saber Marionette R, Sakura Wars, and Shadow Skill. Enjoy.

05/05/18-- Obviously, I am doing better this week. I am not completely healed and probably worse than I should be at this point in the illness. I think I let it get too far before taking appropriate action. My instructions have been a little vague as to what I can and should do. I did not realize one of the things that was doing me the most harm until it was much more serious than it should have been. I have learned a great deal and it is most likely that I will be able to control it better in the future. I can blame no one except myself and now I know better. What should we talk about this week? On television, I have watched the origins of the creations of many of the things we take for granted such as transportation and medication. None of these things appeared like magic and all took many years to bring to the level we enjoy today. It caught my eye when they talked about the telescope like the Hubble that is in space. Whet has that told us? Think about it. Every place they look, not only does space go on forever, but the same applies to matter. It seems there is no end to either thing. When we spot some Galaxy that is billions of light years away from us, that is not a single item, but represents star systems spread over incalcuable distances. The telescope has seen stars and such that are billions of light years away from us. We can say those things, but we have no real concept of the distances involved. If we were able to see twice as far, what would we see? Think about it, we would see more of the same. In truth there is no limit to space or matter. Don't give yourself a headache because it is concepts that really go beyond our best thinking. Just accept it is true. Something else is true. We have an update so check it out. Check: Ranma 1/2, Ray Earth, and Robot Carnival. Enjoy.

04/28/18-- You get an extra week off that has nothing to do with a convention or even a vacation. For the first time in my life, there is no update because of health issues. That's right. I have a condition called gout that is strongly impacting me. Generally we think of this condition as something that comes from heavy drinking and rich foods. That is not me. I do not drink at all so that is no issue. I have chosen poorly as far as food, but not high priced. I cannot get down far enough to go through the folders to get what I need from my files for the update. I think I will be back in action for next weekend, but who can say for sure? You have a week off. This would have included Ranma and Ray Earth so keep your fingers crossed. See you again soon so Enjoy while you have the chance.

04/21/18-- It has come to my attention that one of my favorite programs on NetFlix is coming to an end as of the beginning of May. Can you figure what that might be? You did, say you're good. I would never have guessed. They are continuously showing episodes of Phineas And Ferb. This is an animated series from the Disney channel. There are over One Hundred Thirty episodes and I watch the series from begining to end then start over. Why do I like it? It is a kids show so that is one reason since adult shows just do not interest me. I won't go into that. You might figure it out since I do not approve of either smoking or drinking or drug use of any kind. The creators of the series worked together on The Simpsons and came up with the ideas for the show then set about trying to sell their ideas to someone in television. It took them sixteen years to find a buyer, but when they did, all went well. They received a number of Emmy nods for that type of programming. Even though it is a kid's show, they had fun with it. One of the characters is a bossey older sister who is constantly trying to get her younger brothers into trouble for their creations. This is totally fantasy since no one could possibly build the things they do. The older sister got a job in a Toy Store. She was only fifteen so probably could not have gotten a job yet, but that is one of the fantasy parts as well. She was wearing a costume around the shop to inspire the young customers. The boss told her that she looked like number one and she said she felt like number two. There is a double meaning there and they could not possibly have the boss react to what she said or they would give the double meaning away. In another episode, the kids (younger brothers and their friends) were outside in the back yard having a sleep over. She had tried to bust them earlier that day so the mother reminded big sister she could only bust once each day. She waited until midnight since that would be the next day and broke in on the parents. When big sister opened the door she stood there shocked and gasping. It is not what you think and probably what older kids and parents would think. The parents were not enjoying themselves in a very special way, but were listening to music on headphones. These are a number of the double meaning things that were for the older generation to enjoy and younger ones to be oblivious to. They had a really good cast with Ashley Tisdale from High School Musical as the older sister. They had Richard O'Brien who wrote Rocky Horror Show as the father of this strange family. Many of the others were well known and they had guest appearances by people you have heard of. One episode features Jay Leno and another features Ben Stiller and so on. The story lines were almost always the same, yet they made them individual and interesting which is hard to do. I will miss it since I watch some every day. Nothing I can do, but hope for the best. Still, there is an update despite my depression. Check: Photon, Plastic Little, and Pretty Sammy. Enjoy.

04/14/18-- You might think that with my point of view with regard to the police that I never had any confrontations over the years. That is not quite correct. Things did not end poorly because I did what I was told. As I previously mentioned, I worked thirty years for the Social Security Administration. For eight years, my job took me out into the field where I would interview people where they lived. It was not always because they were too sick to come to the office for their interview, but that was a big part of it. One day I was on my way to an interview and was running a little early so when I saw someone I recognized, I stopped to talk because I no longer was handling her case. She had been an in-office interview, but I changed position before there was a conclusion. She had applied for disability on the basis of drug addiction. These are never easy because it is hard to establish enough evidence since they don't commonly see a doctor for an extended period. She was sitting at a table in a little strip mall and eating ice cream. She had not heard anything yet, but had gone for a consultive examination. While I was talking to the claimant, a police car pulled up and the police man got out to confront us. Needless to say, I was confused. I did not know anything was wrong with talking to someone like that. She was eating ice cream she had bought at the shop. As an addict, she was known on the street and had been arrested by that cop for some reason. I explained that I was talking to her about her claim. He asked if I had documents to show my job and I said I did. I went to my car to get them ane he yelled STOP so I did. He had not drawn his gun, but he did have his hand on it. I explained that my papers were in the car so he allowed me to get them. If I had tried to get away because I did not have paperwork then we might have had a problem, but once he saw my papers, he was fine with everything. Since I did not use or sell drugs, we were alright. I cooperated with every thing so it went well. That is the big difference, I cooperated. If everyone did exactly as they are told, there would be fewer problems. Still, it can lead to an update so check it out. Check: Night Walker, Orguss, and Outlaw Star. Enjoy.

04/07/18-- By all appearances, our legal system is even worse shape than I previously thought and my opinion was not all that good. Here in Southern California they have told on the news about these legal cases that have settled out of court for large sums of money. These were what you would call wrongful death cases where the police had to deal with someone and that person died. The families of the deceased have found lawyers to handle their cases no matter the validity. As an example, they have just told of how a case was settled for two million dollars when the police had to use excessive force to deal with this individual who had a knife and was threatening people. This individual was mentally challanged so there was no telling what he would do or why. The family claimed that the individual was not a threat to others yet he was using a knife to threaten people. How can they say he was no threat? They were not there. Perhaps if family had been there, he would have cooperated more, but then again, who's to say. Even if they had video of this guy threatening people with a knife (and they might have) the family was still going to claim that he was not really a threat to others. The police have the responsability to protect citizens. They cannot wait until someone kills another person before taking action just so they have proof that he was a danger to others. They capitulated on this, and apparently the others, because it would have cost more to go to trial and defend themselves even if they have lawyers who work for the city. If the claimant does not win their case then their attorney does not get paid. I am sure that they could find many doctors, and the like, who would agree that this guy was no risk because they were paid to say that no matter the circumstances. The actions of the individual speak louder than opinions of doctors who were not there, but if it costs too much to go to trial then these people will continue to win cases whether justified or not. Go figure. Still you can check the update without the assistance of an attorney so go ahead. Check: Moldiver, Nadesico, and Nadia. Enjoy.

03/31/18-- It is becoming increasingly common for many children to not even know the meaning of the word NO. It is sad, but true. Why is that? These children are being spoiled to a degree beyone anything experienced before. Even if the parents can afford to buy their children anything they want, is it wise to do so? Think about it. The world does not work that way. Even if you have all the money you could ever want, you can't always have everything you want, when you want it. If your parents buy you everything you ask for whether good for you or not, it gives you an erroneous view of life so when you grow up, you will not understand that you can't always have the desires of your heart. If you learn to deal with disappointment then when it comes along, you will survive. Even if your parents can afford to buy you something, but it would not be good for you then they need to know how to say NO. My parents grew up during very hard times and they heard the word No much more than anything else so what they taught was that you can wait for that thing you want until you can afford it so you do not need to go into debt. Who ever heard of such a silly thing? Can you imagine actually waiting for something that you want now just so you can afford it? Why do we have credit cards if we are going to need to wait for something? What would happen to the economy if we waited until we could afford it? What would happen would be that the world would be in a much better condition than it is now. As an example, I have one credit card that I use for things like mail order medication. The balance on that card is zero. I pay it off every month. You would not believe how high my credit score is. The bottom line, learn to say NO. Maybe there would be fewer who are driving and drinking at the same time. If that happened, there might be fewer people killed by drunk drivers. It's just an idea like reading the update. Check: Lodoss Wars, Lupin III, and Macross 7. Enjoy.

03/24/18-- Often I like to define terms that are used commonly in daily conversation and especially in the news. Everyone is aware of this lady that signed an agreement with some attorney not to broadcast her claim that she had an affair with the president. I am unsure everything behind the claims made by the lady, but one of the things we know about her is that she is known for being a Porn Star. She claims she had some kind of romantic relationship with the president that included intimate physical contact. Let us define terms. If a woman is a Porn Star, is she not simply a well paid prostitute? When a woman receives money for having sex with people, what do they call that? Yes, that is what it is. Even if a woman is very good looking, is that not what she is? Any kind of man who gets involved with her will know that about her. The woman claims to have undergone a lie detector test to prove that what she says about her relationship to the man is true. It is my understanding that the results of lie detector tests are not admisable evidence in court. There are a number of reasons for that being the case so what difference if she did. She might be one of those people who can beat the test so why even worry about it? The bottom line is that a man with any kind of self respect or ego will not get into a romantic relationship with a prostitute. She has sex like other women give hugs. The next question has to do with statements made by this lady who was speaking on behalf of the NRA regarding efforts to increase the age from eighteen to twenty one for people to buy guns. She was telling us how we need to make every effort to protect the rights of these law abiding citizens from age eighteen to twenty one to buy guns. First, the killer in Florida would have qualified as a law abiding citizen. What about his victims? They were law abiding also. How do we protect them? If the killer in Florida had not been able to buy the weapons until age twenty one then the killing might not have happened. Of course, that is not nearly as important as the right of the individual to buy the guns. At least, that is what they are telling us. How would it be wrong to have people wait until older to buy guns? Yes, I agree. Still, it is an issue that must be resolved. I will not lose sleep over it. How about you? You can always check the update so go ahead. Check: I Want To Be An Angel, Key The Metal Idol, and Little Nemo In Slumberland. Enjoy.

03/17/18-- To continue last weeks message, the basic needs in life are the highest priority that we must deal with on an ongoing basis. Think about it. If you are hungry, it is hard to go shopping for clothes or go to a movie or many other things that we generally enjoy. Even such basic needs as making whoopie is not as important as food if you are hungry. If you are in the wild or something like that, you first must eat to survive than clothes to stay warm and the rest just falls into place. If you are not taking care of the basics then you probably will not live long enough to look into other things. The problem with me knee would seem to be something to do with arthritus and I am dealing with my leg bones rubbing against each other. This is causing the pain. I forgot to ask the doctor about a knee brace. This might give me some relief since it will keep the bones from rubbing together. I will see what I can find out and get back to you later. In the mean time, check the update. Check: Hana Yori Dango, Infinite Ryvius, and Inu Yasha. Enjoy.

03/10/18-- One of the most important things in our lives, no matter what we do or our interests is pain. Think about it. If you are in pain, it is hard to find much interest in anything else. I am going through that right now so I speak from experience. I have been bothered by gout which can be painful and does make things more difficult, but I past that at last only to find that I had to deal with something else that is taking all my strength and concentration. I am unsure the cause of this particular ailment, but it is a royal pain. It might be arthritis affecting the knee in my right leg though I am unsure and the doctor has not given me any diagnosis as of yet. Since I have no strength in my legs due to pain, it is difficult for me to stand and I have to push off with my arms. I look terrible just trying to do anything at all and look worse than I would like. I hope I will get past this problem before convention season this year otherwise it is going to be very difficult for me. It is bad enough just dealing with the increasing costs at the conventions. We do not live close enough to San Diego to try to stay at home so must stay at hotels and every place in the area goes up more than double due to the attendance at the convention. It is not enough that the rooms are full for those days. These facilities are greedy so we must pay the price. I don't even want to start about Anime Expo, but it is really getting out of line even though we do not need a hotel. We will see how that goes. If I were a betting man, I would say that it is a sure thing that the cost for our booth will go up another hundred dollars for 2019. They are probably taking the same approach as Disneyland with increasing the prices until people stop coming. Yes, that is their rule of thumb. I stopped going, but apparently that is not enough. Good luck on that one. With the new Star Wars stuff, the lines should be even bigger. At least you still have the updates and they will cost the same no matter what. Check: Giant Robo, Go Kaiser, and Gundam Wing. Enjoy.

03/03/18-- There is overwhelming repetition on the television so I try to find something different to entertain me. Due to my age, I have experience going back farther than most. There is a chanel that shows game shows going back many years including to when all television was in black and white. Not all that I watch are in black and white, but I remember some that were. My parents did not get a color set when it first became available, but they were not too long in making the adjustment. Amongst the game shows I remember watching with my parents was one named "What's My Line" and which included a clebrity panel of people who would try to figure out what guests did for a living. I remember watching this show and remember watching the guests as the panel asked questions of the visitors so they could figure out what they did. On todays show was a man who sold a cure for a hangover. Apparently this was not that unusual and they eventually figured it out. That is just sad. Actually that is probably still pretty common even today. There are still bars all over town and people are still drinking too much for their own good. It is still popular for there to be stabbings and shootings at these places and people are killed. Recently there was the story of a man who was killed in a gun fight after and argument in the bar. They found that he too had a gun and probably was shooting at the other party only the other guy was either a better shot or more lucky. Probably neither one should be driving home after the visit to the bar, but they both were. It is sad, but the only thing we can do is stay away from places like that and actually it would also be a good idea to keep our drinking in check. If you do not drink and drive you stand a much better chance of not killing someone else or yourself. My customers are special so keep that in mind. While not drinking, you have plenty of time to check the update. Check: Gall Force, Gatchaman, and Genocyber. Enjoy, but not too much.

02/24/18-- Every time my wife leaves the house, I tell her to drive carefully. That is not because she is a poor driver. Actually it is the opposite because she is a very good driver, but there are so many jerks on the road who are not driving with care and they represent true danger to everyone else. That is how you have to treat so many things in life. One of the things we have to be so careful about is that there are so many people out there trying to cheat you or take advantage of you. They try to remind us every year during tax time that there are many people out there who are pretending to be with the IRS and we have to watch out for these crooks. They will call you and pretend to be from IRS and claim you owe large sums of money. They will threaten you with arrest unless you pay right away and then have you pay by a money order or something else truly strange. People actually fall for these things and have sent large sums of money to these crooks. They tend to concentrate of senior citizens because many of them do not think right for various reasons. First, the IRS will not call you about a tax problem. Second, these people will not know your social security number so do not tell them, but you can ask them to give it to you which they cannot do. Another recent experience had to do with an email I received claiming to be someone I owed money to because of some invoice. I started to try to go into the message and see who it was from who claimed I owed money on some invoice. The web site was very demanding and I think they would have tried to get information from me that I do not wish to share. I immediatly deleted the message because I do not owe any money to anyone based on an invoice and I am sure that this was a scam. That was two weeks ago and I have heard nothing more about any such thing as an invoice. That is just one more thing you have to be careful about. There has been another scam where people call you and ask you to help them make some payment to a charity. Think about it. Why would anyone need help to send money to a charity? Obviously this is another scam, but people have fallen for it and given their account information so these crooks cleaned them out. That is truly sad, but just one more thing you have to be aware of. The last thing was a phone call I received about a month ago claiming to be the phone company and telling me that my service would be immediatly stopped if I did not provide them with identifying information. Again, think about it. Why would the phone company need all this identifying information if you are paying your bill timely. They make it sound legitimate, but if you think about it then you will reach the same conclusion I did and not provide any information to them. The first thing they asked for was the last four didgets of my social security number. First, I never provided that to the phone company in the first place so how would they know if it were correct? Think about it. There are so many potential scams out there that we have to pay attention. Please be careful and drive safely. You should wait until you get back from your drive to check the update, but it will be there. Check: eX-Driver, Fatal Fury, and Fushigi Yuugi. Enjoy carefully.

02/17/18-- The current administration would like to build a wall that would separate this country from others. For some reason, many in California are against such a thing. I would like to know why. No, not their stated reasons which at best are stupid, but the real reason. Why do I believe that there are hidden agendas for those against this project? That is easy. The most important reason for the wall is not illegal immigration to the US. Really, that is true whether they say so or not. Even those who are in favor of the wall are not stating the real reason. What is the real reason? The greatest benefit of any wall like what they have planned is the prevention of the flow of illegal drugs into the US. The way they want the wall to be built actually has more to do with that issue than illegal immigrants. The illegal drugs kill people and destroy lives. If these drugs were made legal then the lives would still be destroyed. Why do I say that? If you are addicted to drugs then there is no such thing as enough. I interviewed a man who's wife is addicted and he paid one thousand dollars each month for drugs for her yet she would work the streets to make more money for more drugs. There is no such thing as enough. She would steal and prostitute herself for money on top of the money he provided. In the end, his only option was a divorce and let her support herself. Also, there is no such thing as too much. You might think of too much in terms of an overdose yet people who go through that will eventually go back to their drugs as soon as they leave the hospital. Many who are homeless are on drugs and live on the street so that all the money they get can go to feed that habit rather than pay for a motel room or something like that. If we give them some place to stay to get them off the street, it will be the same thing since they will not give up their addiction. The drug lords try to bring their items by boat, but we catch them most of the time. Most drugs come accross the boarder. If we can stop the influx then we can save lives. Every effort they make to get people off drugs when they come out of prison and such is more decoration than anything else. More can be done if we can stop the flow so that is why I would love to see a wall built and wonder why the "dole" politicians are so against such a thing as the wall. If you hear anything, let me know. Still we have an update so check it out. Check: Eatman, Eden's Boy, and El Hazard. Enjoy.

02/10/18-- Some people might wonder what I have against the "Dreamers" and my answer is that in reality I have nothing against them except when they start demanding their rights and then I get more than a little upset because they have no more rights than the rest of us and perhaps less. Prior history has shown us that people take advantage of our very liberal system. Do you remember a couple of years ago when young people were crossing the boarder and reporting in to customs agents on this side of the boarder so we could take care of them. Many of these young people came from Central American countries so had to travel the whole length of Mexico to get here. Do you actually believe that these young people were able to travel thousands of miles on foot from their home countries to our boarder without any help? Neither do I. I am suspicious what kind of help they had. Have you ever heard what happened to all those young people? Neither have I. Strange isn't it? There are many thousands of people who are currently in this country without legal papers. That has happened many times before. The first time, when we gave legal status to people who had come here without permission, was when I was working for the US government. These people had to prove that they had come here before a certain date in the past. Such evidence as proof that they had paid rent or utilities and things like that was acceptable. Over half of these immigrants did not have the required evidence so they got more and more liberal and were accepting statements by landlords that these people had been living there and paying rent. Even though these people did not have an employer during that period of time, they had proof that they were living someplace and paying rent. Gee, I wonder how that happened. Those landlords made a real killing and did not have to pay tax on the money they got under the table from providing false evidence. Everyone who works in the US must have a Social Security Number. In order to get a Social Security Number, you must be a legal resident. Have any of the dreamers worked since they have been here? Just curious since they cannot get the required numbers. In order to fix the problems of work history of those who got legal status in the past, it cost many millions of dollars to investigate and fix those things. That was paid for out of the Social Security Trust Fund which is where the retirement money comes from. Needless to say, the Trust Fund is not keeping up because of these extranious expenses. When this group of illgals finally fixes their status, that is even more money to fix the problem. If any of the dreamers worked without permission then that is even more cost to fix. So there you go. Good luck with that one. It is hard enough for the Trust Fund to keep up as it is. It would be nice if the dreamers paid such costs, but don't hold your breath. Now, back to the truly important thing, our update. Check: Devilman, DNA, and Dragon Ball. Enjoy.

02/03/18-- In the United States, one of the polital footballs that has been thrown about considerably is what they call the DACA program. What exactly is that? To this point, the primary point of conjecture has to do with people who were brought to the United States by family who brought them here when they were quite young. Those who have fought hardest for the status quo for those people are those that expect to get the vast majority of their votes after they become citizens and are able to vote. I have mentioned in the past that if aliens were able to get legal status, but not citizenship then this party would stop working so hard on their behalf. After all, this party is based on the dole or in other words, wants to tax everyone who makes enough in order to give that money to people who do not make that much. They call these people, who came here quite young, by the interesting name of dreamers. Where did they get that name? It gives a very idealistic name to these people because they do not dream any more than the rest of us. If they are trying to say that they are dreamers because they dream of making a better life for themselves then again they are not telling the truth, but are making an idealized statement about these people. You can only dream of making a better life if you have experience with something less. These people came here so young that they do not have memories of the life they left behind. The term is not realistic nor truthful to describe these young people. Still, those of the dole party always use this term in refering to these young people. No explanation is provided. These dreamers have shown their true colors when they are not getting their way as quickly as they require. The Monday before last, a bunch of dreamers went to demonstrate by blocking an entrance to Disneyland. Isn't that just swell of them? I guess they figured that is a good way to help people to have pity on them and support their cause. They were demanding their rights by taking rights away from people who wanted to go to Disneyland. That is sure to bring everyone to see their point of view and support their cause. Yeah right. Their behavior surely shows that these people already think like their friends in the dole party. They are owed something by the rest of us though I am unsure what or why. They were not at fault in coming here to live because they were too young to prevent it, but at the same time, they do not deserve special treatment for that reason. If they wish to demand their rights, they have the right to go back where they came from, no questions asked. If the political types want to work something else out, then that is up to them, but what will it cost the rest of us? Now, you know the rest of the story. Good luck with that one. Still, there is always the update so check it out. Check: Corrector Yui, Cowboy Bebop, and Crest Of The Stars. Enjoy.

01/27/18-- I sent a package this week, but did not learn much about new rates. I believe that the package I sent was only five cents more than the same size and destination last year. If that turns out to be the actual difference then I will not need to ask any more to help pay for shipping. As it stands now, I do not get enough to cover packages beyond this immediate area for a single item. Still, it is close enough. Over the last year, there has been considerable conversation to say that the leadership of one political party in the United States was in collusion with the Russian government to rig the last presidential election. They have been investigating those allegations for close to a year and have reached no final conclusion. I am not entirely sure that the people who throw that word around even know what it means. If you look it up you will find that the word means is that you have at least two entities working together and cooperating to acquire a dishonest outcome. That is what the word means. It does not mean that one party learned what another was doing with regard to something like an election or anything similar. It is two parties cooperating to achieve some outcome. Is it true that two parties worked together and that they cooperated to reach their common goal? The one party did not use what the russians uncovered in their advertising. The russians took care of all that. It seems that what the russians publicised was not untruths, but rather things that the other party did not want uncovered, but were true. That did more dammage than lies because the other party could not come back and say they were lies. I am not sure that the outcome of the election was even impacted by these truths that were revealed. The thing that caused the outcome that we had was what is called the electoral college. A state like California has only so many representatives to act out their vote no matter how many voted for one or the other. That had actually happened before and those on the losing end had wanted to change that, but the idea is that the highly populated states would not be able to control everything so it is doubtful this will ever be changed no matter your opinion of the outcome. The bottom line is that the russians did not work in cooperation with any party to adversely effect the outcome of the election. Even of one of the parties knew what they were doing did not make it collusion so they need to stop using the word. I think it was a huge waste of money, but that is what they do in the political arena. If you are not sure of that, look up the word porkbarrel and you will see what I mean. Still, if you are inclined, you can check the update and not worry about such things. Check: Bakuretsu Hunter, Big O, and Burn Up W. Enjoy.

01/20/18-- Last week I mentioned the coming increase in the cost of postage in the US. We know what the basic cost of first class mail will be. It will be going up one cent to fifty cents for standard letters and to pay bills and so on. They have not said how much such things as packages will be going up. Some years, the postage went up without any increase in packages, but we will have to wait and see. It can cost additional to send a package from here to the east coast or even the mid-west. Most of the time, what I ask for, does not cover shipping unless going very close to where I am. I hope I will not have to ask for more, but we will see. I won't ask for more until I see what the difference is going to be. Keep your fingers crossed. I did want to bring up something I have noticed that I think is positive. In some commercials, they are showing couples can be mixed and not always the same race. One shows an asian lady changing the thermostat while a white guy is sitting on the sofa. In another it shows this white girl eating the sandwich and other things in some fast food offer. The shock is when the actual owner of the sandwich comes in and catches her in the act. The one who bought the sandwich is black. There have been others and might include a same sex couple. None of this is bad and actually reflects reality. There are many such mixed couples in this and other countries. In two different commercials they show the mixed couples and they even show their mixed children. I think that is awsome. Most of these started around the same time so there will probably be more in the future. Like I said, this is a very positive thing and they are not making a big deal out of it. Most of the time they show people who are not using their product as total idiots which I think is wrong. The enphasis should be the product and not the person suing it. Oh well, what will be will be unless you are waiting for the update. If so, check: Ah My Goddess, Angel Links, and Ayashi No Ceres. Enjoy.

01/13/18-- We who reside within the confines of the United States have to deal with two things on a daily basis. The first is what is known as the freedom of speach. The second is what is known as our postal system. Both of these things are very close to being broken. In expression of freedom of speech, we can say things which are blatant lies and there are no reprecussions from this as long as we are not saying things which are slandar of another person. Several states have sued the federal government because the current administration does not wish to follow the same path as the prior administration. This was not a change in the law because there was no law that was passed by congress or anything similar. There was no law yet they have won in court on the basis of these states wanting the federal government to continue doing things the same way. Extremely liberal courts, with judges often appointed by the previous administration, have supported the claims of these states with the idea that if the prior administration did it the other way then it must be law so this administation must be breaking the law. Remember there was no actual change in the law. The prior administration also did things that made it easier for states to make Marijuana legal. This administration does not wish to follow those same habits and that is going to make it difficult for the states that made it legal. We will see what happens now. The other question is why the postal system is not able to support itself. They voiced concern, last year, that they were not bringing in enough money despite the fact that record numbers of packages were being shipped for the holidays. I have a question about that. A number of years ago, the government did away with what was called Civil Service retirement. All new empoloyees were now covered under normal systems like Social Security. The Postal System did not follow Civil Service. They are still under their own system. This retirement is even more generous than Civil Service ever was. Is that the reason the Postal system cannot compete? I do not know for sure, I just wonder about the situation. How much of each stamp is going to pay for retirement for prior employees? We do not have access to the answers so all we can do is wonder. While you are so involved, check the update. Check: Violinist Of Hamlin, X, and 3x3 Eeys. Enjoy.

01/06/18-- Look at the date. Who would have thought we would have lasted this long? It is hard to believe, but much appreciated. What does this new year have in store for us? That is a good question which we will find out as time goes by. We can be sure of one thing and that is the movies they are releasing this year. Perhaps we are waiting for them or perhaps not. As they reach us, we will find out if they were worth the wait. Not counting Deadpool, there are four movies coming out from the Marvel Universe and we can probably say we are anxiously waiting for them. Even though Deadpool comes from Marvel, it seems to be in a slightly different universe were plot counts for little and language counts for a great deal. The four we can say we are anxious to see are Black Panther, Avengers, Ant Man and The Wasp, and X-Men. We also have the Star Wars Universe telling of the story of Han Solo. It is probably the story of how he ended up on outs with Jabba The Hutt. We can also look forward to Jurrasic World part two. For those of you with no taste at all there is the new movie from the world of Fifty Shades of Whatever. For those of you who are into the DC universe there will be an Aquaman feature. No, I'm not kidding. Go figure. Last and certainly least, Disney has brought to life the story of Mulan. Yes, the animated feature has been made into live action. There will be at least one movie this year that I am sure I will not be seeing. With Beauty And The Beast, we had the music if not much else, but in this one we don't even have that. There are probably some more coming our way and maybe one or two we will be glad to see so that gives us something to look forward to. Until such time, we have the update so check it out. Check: Vampire Hunter, Vampire Princess Miyu, and Virus. Enjoy.

12/30/17-- Another year under our collective belts. Hope yours was productive and happy. We now enter another brand new year full of promise. We don't have any real say in how our year will turn out. We cannot do much to make them easier, but we can make good choices and keep them from being more difficult than they have to be. If I went out on New Year's Eve, I did not drink, but the drive home was always very trying because of all those who did not follow my example. I do not go out at all for New Year's Eve, but my wife does even if it is not to celebrate. She goes to church because that is what they do. I am worried about her and cannot relax until she gets home after the New Year. She is careful and is only driving about twenty miles or at least that is what allows her to relax and continue her habit. I hope you are careful and aware of your surroundings at all times. If you see someone making many lane changes and driving faster than would seem warrented, keep your distance. The life you save might collect cels. Still, enjoy and be happy and look forward to getting back together again in the coming year. Check the update as it might inspire you. Check: Tenchi Muyo, Those That Hunt Elves, and Urusei Yatsura. Enjoy.

12/23/17-- I will not take much of your time because I know you are busy. There are so many places to go and things to do that I really do not expect much visitors. Still, just in case, here you go. In case you are interested in such things and have access to the Bible, I suggest you look up the story to the three wise men. In the recent movie entitled "Star," they tell the Christmas story from the perspective of animals in the stable. In the previews they show the wise men arriving at the stable. Is that correct? Does it say that the star guided them to the stable or to the house they were at. Does it say that they were guided to Bethlehem? It is easy to find so check it out. I find it interesting. These customs are treated as if they were all verified truths even though that is not the case. Something to think about if you have nothing better to think about. One last thing, I strongly suggest the new Star Wars movie for people into that sort of thing so check it out. Also, check out the update. Check: Spriggin, Super Cat Girl, and Tekkaman Blade. Enjoy.

12/16/17-- The fires are still going, but things are much improved. Even the really bad one is at least partially under control. Actually, that is a big improvement considering that the fire was not controlled at all. The other news out here is that they have come up with a cause for at least two of the fires. The wind alone did not cause the fire, but was a major contributing factor. One of the smaller fires was right off the 405 freeway close to Santa Monica. It was close to a major museum in the vicinity, but did not reach it. It was in an area of very expensive homes and four of the homes were lost and another was dammaged. The cause of that fire was some cooking in a homeless encampment in the brush. The people who lost their homes must have been thrilled to hear that news. From the evidence found, there had been some cooking over an open fire and it got out of hand in the brush and those people did not have either the brains or equipment to fight the fire they caused. At least one of the other fires was caused by a downed power line. The terrible winds can cause that to happen, but that would not relieve the power company of responsability because they are required to build those things strong enough to withstand the winds even stronger than that. Since wind was a common factor, it seems likely that the downed power lines could have been part of all the fires. I hope the power companies have really good insurance. When lightning strikes and causes a fire, there is no one to blame, but in a situation like this, they know who to go after and they will. I hope they make these things stronger in the future. In my area, we don't even have above ground power lines so something like that could no happen. So, how was your week? Christmas is almost here, so enjoy it while you can. In the mean time, there is always an update. Check: Shadow Skill, Shamonic Princess, and Silent Mobius. Enjoy.

12/09/17-- Perhaps you have heard, but here in Southern California we are going through a period of high winds and bad fires. The fires would be bad enough, but with these winds they are even worse. These winds can gust up to seventy or eighty miles an hour. That is hurricane force winds, but it is not the same because these winds are not prolongued only gusting that fast. The wind takes a terrible thing like a fire and turns it into something much worse. At one time they have had five different fires burning in completely different areas, but they have all got the problem of the wind to drive the fire and make it difficult to combat. The wind makes a wild fire much worse, but the wind alone does not start the fire so there must be some other cause for the fire to start. The news has not even mentioned they are investigating the cause of the fires. Do they not care? I wonder about the cause because the wind alone does not cause a wild fire to start. The wind can cause power lines to fall and that can cause a fire. A fire can start because of a lightning strike, but there has not been lightning to blame for this. The fact that they are not even investigating the cause is a little strange. About two weeks ago they had a story on the news about a house that burned down and put all the residents into the street so they were seeking aid for these poor people. There were thirty one people living in this house. Does that sound like a large number to you? It sounds like a rediculous high number to me. They were all members of an extended family. There were grandparents and a large number of children and grandchildren living in this one three bedroom house. They did not go into details, but it really sounded strange to me that so many people were living in this one house. I hope you do not have so many living with you. In this case they did tell how the fire started and it did not make me feel like jumping to my check book to help these people out. They had candles burning in the front room during the night and apparently the burning candles started the fire that quickly spread all over the house. Really, they had candles burning in the house rather than night lights. I thought it stupid that so many people were living in the same house, but burning candles in the night convinced me. Stupid is as stupid does and it doesn't get much worse. When someone does something to cause their own problem, it is difficult to have sympathy for them. I try, but it is hard. Yes, they did not do it on purpose, but candles burning in the night? They used to put candles on Christmas trees, but at least they learned that was not wise ans stopped. You decide for yourself if you want to help. I made my choice and will live with it. You can make your choice of the itmes in the update so go for it. Check: Robot Carnimal, Saber Marionette R, and Sakura Wars. Enjoy.

12/02/17-- How fast does your car go? That is a good question. I have never pushed my car to the limit because I cannot guarantee that I could control it if anything went wrong. Anyway, why push it when you will either die in an accident or will get a ticket for going too fast on city streets. When I was in traffic school, about twenty years ago, I got a ticket for going five miles over the speed limit in a section of the freeway where the limit went down because the freeway was entering city limits. To my point of view, that was something of a speed trap since there was no difference between the freeway before or after entering the city limits. Much of the freeways in Southern California are within city limits so that is another aspect that reminds of a speed trap. My five miles over the limit was not much in comparison to others in my class. The most outlandish was a guy who was going ninty miles an hour in a section with a limit of thirty five miles an hour. Some in the class thought him a hero while I thought he was an idiot. I mentioned this because they are featuring cars in the Car Show in Los Angeles that can exceed two hundred miles an hour. My question is why? These are sports cars, but still the question remains. Is there a reason to be able to drive your car that fast within the city? Perhaps, if you are trying to get away from the police then it would be understandable. Otherwise, what is the purpose? I'll let you figure it out because I sure can't. The last thing is the currect commercials that enphasise the fact that people need insurance because they insist on doing things that are more than simply dumb. In this one commercial they are showing in my area, they show people getting hurt because they are peeling fruit with a knife which he is pointing toward himself then he slips. The next one is where this guy is lifting weights witout a spotter and it is obviously too much for him so the weight falls and injurs him. If you are in a gym, you would not be able to lift without a spotter. At home, you are free to be as stupid as you want. The next one is where this guy is looking at his smart phone as he walks down the street so he trips and falls and hurts himself. The last is this guy hanging Christmas lights and has the ladder too much up and down so his weight pulls the ladder down on him and he gets hurt. My guess is that this health insurance company is marketing to people who hurt themselves by being as stupid as humanly possible. Would you even want to admit that you are that stupid? There are people who act that stupid so I guess this insurance is designed around them. Thank you, but I would rather go in a different direction. I do enough stupid things, but those guys make me feel like a genius. Obviously, you are not that stupid otherwise you would not be reading this. Check the update. Check: Pretty Sammy, Ranma 1/2, and Ray Earth. Enjoy.

11/25/17-- It seems that each new day brings awful news from around the world. In Egypt they tell of Muslims attacking Muslims and killing hundreds at their Mosque. They set up a trap for people at church. They set off explosions and set fire to cars to trap people in the parking lot area so they could not leave. They had people with automatic weapons set up to keep people from getting away and the slaughter began. These Muslims were slightly more liberal so were considered the same as non-believers to these extremists. That any religion would believe it acceptable to kill anyone on the basis of their core religious beliefs is disgusting. In London they thought they heard gun shots so things were on edge, but apparently a false alarm. The shopping season has started in earnest so a word of caution: be very careful as you use your credit cards because there are those that are out to get you and steal your information. That is especaially true of those that order on line. There are sites that are phoney and which will offer really good deals, but are only after your inormation so they can cheat you. A recommendation was given that you should check on Google before you make contact and try to find references from those who have done business with them in the past. You even have to be careful with the stores you deal with. They said that Macys was having trouble processing all credit card orders except for their own. That seems a little suspicious to me. People are under pressure and in a rush during this season of the year so we all need to be even more careful less someone get ahold of our information. They suggest that you use credit cards at this time of year, but you know that seems dangerous because that is exactly what the bad guys want. I only shop at stores and I use cash so I do not over spend. Some people spend way too much and do much of their shopping for the year at this time because of the specials. That is a good thing as long as you do not spend too much. I was raised to believe that you need to live within your means and you need to avoid debt. I just bought a washing machine and used my credit card, but when the bill gets here, I will pay it off. They contacted me offering to lower my credit card interest, but I pay no interest since I do not carry over a balance. Again, you have to be careful of this kind of offer over the telephone because you do not know if it is legitimate and they may want to get your information so they can cheat you. Just be careful and shop with someone you know like me. Check the update. Check: Orguss, Patlabor, and Photon. Enjoy.

11/18/17-- The beat goes on and on and on, etc. Since last week, we had another nut case running around shooting people. This time it was Northern California. I believe I have mentioned that I live in Southern California so I was far from this nut job. What does this one have in common with the ones that came before? Obviously, the principle similarity is the lack of respect for human life. This guy even went after little children and managed to kill two. He had no relationship to these children. Probably more would have been killed except they managed to lock down the school where he tried to get in so that he was not able to do what he wanted and was not able to kill as many as he had planned. Again, this maniac was using a semi-automatic weapon. Just for the record, the difference between an automatic and semi-automatic weapon is quite easy to underestand. The automatic weapon keeps firing as long as you are pulling on the triger. With the semi-automatic weapon, you have to pull the trigger each time you want the gun to fire. Depending on how many shots you wish to fire at one time, you can shoot thirty or more in one minute with a semi-automatic and many more with an automatic. The only thing faster than an automatic would be a machine gun. The founding fathers thought that the right to own a gun to protect yourself was essential for security. They did not want the government to take the rights away from the people. I am not sure that the same protections still apply today. I am not sure why someone would need even a semi-automatic weapon in order to protect their individual liberties. When have you even heard of someone who needed a weapon in order to protect their liberties? The closest thing was when a store clerk at a liquor store used a gun to protect himself and other patrons from the robbers who came into the store with guns to rob the place. One of the robbers was shot and killed and the other excaped. Of course, the police had to investigate because the store clerk used a gun and killed someone. With luck, they will not file charges. The chances are pretty good that the dead robber's family will sue the store for wrongful death of their loved one, but we haven't gotten that far yet. The most recent expression of our right to own and carry guns was when this car pulled up on the side of another car and opened fire for no reason. I guess his reason was the expression of his constitutional right to own a gun. What good is a gun if you don't use it so he opened up on the car next to him. Despite his efforts, no one died, but the driver and passenger in the other car were taken to the hospital. The shooter will probably sue them for not dieing when they were supposed to. Again, we haven't gotten that far yet. I hope you had a good week too. Check out the update just in case. Check: Nedesico, Nadia, and Nazca. Enjoy.

11/11/17-- Since last visit, we had a really nice guy who thought it would be a good idea to go to church and kill as many people as possible. His semi-automatic weapons were enough to take down twenty six innocents. He did not need to fix them so they were more like automatic weapons under the circumstances of a closed space like at a church. At least he took his own life after being shot twice by a local average citizen with a handy shotgun. They do execute murderers in Texas so that might have had something to do with his decision to end it all. He did it because he was upset with his wife's family for some reason. That is totally logical that he would go to that church and kill as many as possible since that family attends that church. Of course, it is only logical. Apparently they did not need more laws about weapons in his case, but they only needed to inforce the ones they already had. Considering that he was discharged from the military because of spousal and child abuse, he should not have been able to obtain any weapons at all. He did because someone failed to input the information where they should. That gives you such a sense of security knowning that many people with mental problesm can obtain weapons because people with the information do not process it correctly. I know it makes me feel so secure to know that my neighbor might be a nut job with more weapons than he has brains. The other question I have is why your average person on the street has access to bullet proof vests. Do they need them when they go deer hunting with their semi-automatic weapons? Obviously, they need the semi-automatic weapons in case the deer should shoot back. That is why they need the bullet proof vests. Really, why does your normal, average citizen need that protection? The most famous case of bad guys using this protection were the bank robbers in North Hollywood with increible weapons and bullet proof vests better than what the police had. They shot up the countryside. What really grabbed me was that their family sued the police because they let them bleed to death when they were finally stopped. I am glad to say that the family did not win because the police had a good reason for not rushing them off to the hospital after they were shot. The police could not immediatly approach those guys because they did not know if the vests were rigged to trap someone and explode when removed. Can you imagine suing because those jokers died? They were trying to kill police and other people, but they got them first. What were the families thinking? That is stupid in spades. I hope this thing in Texas will make people start to process this informatio properly to reduce the numbers of lunatics with dangerous weapons. I guess we will see what the future holds. In the mean time there is always an update so check it out. Check: Maps, Maris The Chojo, and Moldiver. Enjoy.

11/04/17-- Here we go again. Another terrorist has surfaced and has killed people in New York City on a bike path. Have you ever noticed that these people attack normal people on the street that have no political ambitions at all? In fact, it seems that a number of those killed in New York were not even americans. That does not matter. The only difference is that these people were not members of Isis. It is very common for these terrorists to blow themselves up in the middle of a busy market place. Apparently this guy expected to be a martyr and was carrying fake weapons so that he would be killed by police. That did not happen so we get to spend a small fortune on his trial and then feed and cloth him for the rest of his life. I am not sure about the state of New York, but the Mayor of the city or the Govenor made a comment that he doesn't agress with the President that this guy should be executed, but rather he should rot in prison for the rest of his life. He does realize that people who are in prison do not rot simply because they are in prison. It is a figure of speach and not an actuality. Again, we are probably going to put him in prison where it is highly likely he will kill again because none of the other inmates will belong to Isis. Long ago, I mentioned how this professional killer had gone to prison for life and had gotten mad at another inmate working in the kitchen and had killed him and cut off his head. The other inmate was not in prison for life. That killer is now separated from other inmates. This guy that killed the innocents in New York will not be separated from other inmates until he kills again. The chance that he will kill again is very high. You know that inmates make knifes and other weapons while in prison. They get a piece of metal from the yard or kitchen or shop and file it down to make a knife. This is common fact and not any kind of imagination on my part. We will see what happens, but don't hold your breath expecting we will get justice here. As long as it is easy for these people to come to this country, it will happen again and again and again and we will continue to support their right to come here even if they do want to kill as many as possible. I am beating a dead horse here so why bother. We should allow access to the people who file legal papers to support the right of these killers to come here. Maybe after they have killed a few thousand of those people, they may actually start rethinking their stand on the subject, but don't bet on it. While you think that over, check out the update. Check: Lupin III, Macross 2, and Macross 7. Enjoy.

10/28/17-- I have a little more information about the girl in custody in Texas that wants an abortion. Often the news only gives you bits and pieces at any one time so you have to pay attention. Apparently the abortion facility does not make house calls or even facility calls to such places as the facility where this girl is being held. Actually, I can't say that really surprises me. The problem comes down to the fact that the facility has no one to release the girl to so she can be taken to have the procedure done. This seems surprising and more than a little childish. We are not talking about a day long event. Why can't they make an appointment with the clinic and have her taken there by a matron at the holding center? She could be back in a few hours so they can stop arguing about this stupidity. I would be willing to bet that no one will even think of this resolution because it is too logical. I would like to bring up something else that perhaps you had not considered with regard to those in this country without permission. How many of you have ever taken a shopping cart from a grocery store in order to take your purchases home when you finished shopping? You never have? How shocking. If you were here illegally (or without documents as they prefer) then you would do it all the time. It would not be too bad if you simply borrowed the cart then brought it back to the store when you have finished, but that is not how they do it. Let's face it, these people do not care about the rest of us, only their own convenience. These carts are left abandoned on streets and in alleys throughout the neighborhood to be picked up by the markets. I have seen the pick up trucks driving through those areas looking for the abandoned carts so they can load them up and return them to the store. The markets sell carts you can buy and use any time you want. They sell these carts at a loss, but then again why should these people bother? The store carts are convenient and available. The other day, while driving to the Post Office, I saw this lady leave the grocery store pushing the shopping cart with three items in it. If she put them in a bag, it would not have been difficult to carry these things home, but then again, in California you must pay for these bags and they cost a whopping ten cents. Oh my, how can they do it? After I finished at the Post Office, I drove home the same way and saw the same lady pushing the cart. Who pays for the recovery and repair of those shopping carts? That is obvious. It is the rest of us who shop with that chain. I do not see those carts abandoned all over the city, only in a few neighborhoods where the illegals tend to live. Still, the market chain has to cover the expense of the carts by adding a little to every item they sell. There is no other way. Even if you live far from such things, you are paying for recovery and repair. That is a fact. Despite this, cities around California want to shell out tax payer money for these people to live here. They pay for lawyers to defend these people's right to live here. Go figure. I guess those politcal types don't have those problems where they live and are thinking more about potential voters who will support them. Big surprise. While recoverying from your surprise, check out the update. Check: Key The Metal Idol, Little Nemo In Slumberland, and Lodoss Wars. Enjoy.

10/21/17-- I never heard what happened to all those unaccompanied minors that came accross the boarder several years ago. It seemed strange that they were able to cross the boarder so easily and just approach the nearest Boarder Patrol Officer and he would have to take them to some facility where they would be held. Many of these kids and teenagers came from Central America rather than country that is closer. I have a question. How did these kids know where to go? How did they get from the country of their origin all the way to the U.S. boarder without any help? I have no proof, but I suspicion that they did have help and probably from drug cartels who helped them because it would give the Boarder Patrol something else to do besides try to stop their drugs. I bring this up because of this case in Texas right now where this young woman is in custody for being illegal and has been demanding an abortion. The state of Texas didn't want to do it, but was told by the court that they must see to this girl's medical needs as long as she is in custody. Has anyone ever noticed how long we have to hold illegals in custody before we can deport them? Where do we get these rules anyway? Basically, I am against abortion except for the medical health of the woman. I do not like the idea of abortion as being a fix all so that people do not have to deal with the consequences of their actions which includes unprotected sex. Still, you must consider that the current interpretation of the law is that any child born in this country, no matter the legal status of the child's mother, is automatically a U.S. citizen. This woman's child could have been born in the U.S. and would have been a citizen which means that the mother could request legal status to be with her citizen child. If that were not approved then still we have a child that would be supported by the government and probably have to be adopted out to someone else. Give the lady an abortion so we will not have that problem hanging over our collective heads. I still say they need to strengthen the laws against hiring the illegals so they would not be able to get work here. If we did that, we probably would not need to build the wall. Say you fine an employer one hundred thousand dollars for each illegal they employ. I bet the employer would not dare hire someone who might not be legal. I really think that is a good idea. Speaking of ideas, why not check the update? Check: Inu Yasha, I Want To Be An Angel, and Jube Chan. Enjoy.

10/14/17-- When you think about it, compliments can take many forms. They often say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and in some ways that is true. In the world of art, if people are trying to imitate you, that is actually a very nice thing. If you write music then it is a compliment, but at the same time it is really a bad thing because you did all the work. It has been quite a while, but you probably heard about this guy who sued the people who brought us Power Rangers and claimed it was his idea. Apparently this guy didn't know much about what they have been putting on Japanese TV for years. The idea of the groups of super heros is very old hat in Japan and was created by the Toie studio. All they did was adapt the characters to TV for other parts of the world and often used the same scenes that had been broadcast in Japan. Obviously this guy's case was thrown out. I received a compliment once a long time ago when these people were talking about my table at the Anime convention. Another cel dealer suggested that this couple check out my table looking for a certain title. He did not have any of that title, but thought that I might. Their response was that they would not go there (my table) because they hated that lady. They had no problems with me, but if they had to deal with her then all bets were off. I know this because another friend of mine was at that table and overheard the conversation. That was my ex-wife that they could not deal with and they were not the first to have a complaint. Another compliment was directed at my son when he was performing on a cruise ship. They are hired for a six month stint on the ship after two months to learn the music and dance moves. His song opened the show for the first night out and it was the song from Lion King about "Circle Of Life." You will remember that it opens with a section in one of the African native toungs before going into English. The performer that would be taking over for my son at the end of his run went to the directer to complain that my son had been given a pre-recording of music from the movie while he was told to learn it. The answer was that he had not been given any such thing and that was him singing the music in the native tongue. Needless to say, that guy was embarrased and went back and tried harder to learn those parts as well. See, a compliment can come in many forms. Go out and give someone a compliment today and see what happens. In the mean time, check the update. Check: Hana Yori Dango, Hyper Police, and Infinite Ryvius. Enjoy.

10/07/17-- What a week. Can you believe what happened in Las Vegas? Clearly the evidence shows this was not a casual act, but was one where considerable time and preparation went into it. We still do not understand why. He had money. He was not seeking revenge upon any person or group. It was not antipathy toward Country Music as he had planned other similar attacks, but was unable to carry them off because of circumstances. One of the things they pointed out is the stockpile of weapons which the gunman had. Really, in this age of computers, there should be no reason for anyone to be able to purchase that many guns. The other thing that they point out is that he was able to buy a system to convert Semi-Automatic weapons into Automatic weapons. If you have seen the news and heard the sound recording from the attack then you know what kind of terror he was able to instigate. Why is that kind of thing even available? Why is it legal since automatic weapons cannot be sold. There will still be people there who will fight against any change in the law that might make it more difficult for this to happen again. Some people have said that it is a surprise that it took this long to happen in Las Vegas. As bad as this was, what caught my attention the most was the group out demonstrating in the street and blocking traffic yesterday on the day when the DACA illegals needed to submit their paperwork. They say that fully one third of those that quality have not submitted the paperwork. I guess they have rights that the rest of don't know anything about. These protestors are demanding their rights. That is most interesting. Those who came to this country or who were born here do not have any such rights, but they do. Oh well. I guess I was born in the wrong place at the wrong time. My suggestion would be that the parents of these DACA dreamers need to be deported immediatly without any possible chance at legal status. The DACA illegals can be granted legal status, but without the right to citizenship and the right to vote. They will be allowed to visit their families in their home country, but not bring them here. One of the protestors was from Columbia and did not say how old he was when he came here, but claims he came because of a civil war in that country which he blames on the US. What did we do to cause this civil war? Do you know? Good luck on that one. This is a strange world we live in. Thank heavens for Anime. Speaking of heavens, check out this week's update. Check: Giant Robo, Go Kaiser, and Gundam Wing. Enjoy.

09/30/17-- We are entering the last quarter of 2017. Can you believe that? I hope you have completed your Christmas shopping. Do not forget that cels make great presents for the Anime fans in your life. Enough of that. Have you seen the new movie out? It is a sequel to a popular action/adventure movie of several years ago with strong enphasis on the UK. It was quite entertaining and did well so they made another one. A significant part of this one had to do with illegal drugs. They presented the idea that all of these drugs had become part of one huge drug cartel. That is not the case now as there are quite a few out there, but apparently the idea was that this one took all the others down and consolidated everything under one ruthless leader. Probably the most interesting idea they presented was that this one cartel came up with poison that would kill everyone that took their drugs during this one period of time. They had the antidote so were in the power seat. They contacted all governments across the globe and said they had six days to capitulate or these millions of people would die. Their demand was that all these drugs were to become legal and this cartel would be in a position to control everything. One thing they did was list heroin and opium separately even though heroin comes from opium. I guess there are places in the world where they do not process the drug all the way so are still only using the opium product. They do not include the legal prescribed medecine that is called opioids that are killing so many these days. These people work around the legal system to get their drugs so there is no black market. This issue became very difficult to deal with. These drugs destroy lives and do even in places where they are legal. People who are doing these drugs cannot live normal lives and must obtain huge money to pay for this in many illegal ways. The governments were trying to combat the drug cartel, but were facing a difficult issue because these people, who were going to die, had done it to themselves. The people who do not use these illegal drugs were not at risk. The problem was that capitulation would make things even worse since the misuse of these drugs would become even wider. What would you have done? They managed to defeat the bad guys and save the people who were dying. Still, if governments had capitulated, things would have gotten worse because all these horrible drugs would have been made legal. I knew people who were addicted back when I worked and this issue is difficult the deal with. Personally I believe that these people, who were dying, would have straightened out there lives and stayed away from these things. They would have been afraid to go back again because it could happen again. This is really kind of tough. Think about it. When finished, check the update: Gall Force, Gatchaman, and Genocyber. Enjoy.

09/23/17-- Things are going from bad to worse as far as conditions across the globe. Not only are the islands of the Atlantic all under water, but now Mexico is all shook up. Have you seen the news reports on TV? Things are not holding up very well. Perhaps you have also noticed that they are using rather old style construction techniques. As an example, these constructions would not have permission to move forward due to laws having to do with Earthquakes. It is really too bad because many lives were lost due to lack of proper controls. I have seen many piles of rubble with hardly any steel bars to give additional support. That is too bad. We cannot force our standards on another country. They would be wise to use them, but we cannot force them. I would like to remind people to be patient and forgiving during times of stress. Do not make any decisions when you are either angry or sad. Major decisions need to be made with thoughtful consideration not emotional distress. A very common thing for us to do is jump to conclusions about what our partner means when they say something. Make sure that is what they meant to say. When responding to hurtful remarks, be sure to enphasize what you feel when the other person says or does something. When you say that certain things make you want to cry or very unhappy, the other person cannot really dispute that fact though they might argue their own intentions when they caused that reaction. That would give you a point where you can start and might be able to improve things. A starting point is a very good thing even if you cannot get very far. If you care, show it. If not, what are you doing there? Be the person that other people can be proud to say they know. Be yourself. While moving in that direction, check the update. Check: El Hazard, eX-Driver, and Fatal Fury. Enjoy.

09/16/17-- I have contributed my share to help with the areas of the country that have so recently fallen upon hard times. I have a question though. Are our contributions helping the people who were hurt by those Hurricanes or the insurance companies that provided coverage for them? I really don't know. In California they offer coverage for Earthquake dammage so I imagine that in Texas and Florida they must offer coverage for Hurricanes in those places, but who knows? I don't know about you, but here in California the price for gasoline has gone up since the price has gone up in the areas for Texas and Florida. Since much of the oil they have in those areas comes in by boat and that would have been impacted by recent events, that is not surprising. Why in California? We do not get our oil from Texas. I have real doubts about the oil companies. Many times the politicians have brought up concerns about the honesty of these oil companies and their pricing, but once they start their investigations, we never hear anything of what they find out. If the oil companies are totally honest, why don't they give the facts and figures to show how they made that determination? Do you think it might have anything to do with donactions made to these political types from unknown sources? Again, who knows? I don't. One last thing. There has been continued yelling and screaming about the decision to cease the protection of illegal immegrants who came to this country when they were very young. That means their parents were also illegal and worked in this country illegally as well. Since they had no choice except to come with their families, they are not at fault in the issue. They are still not legal and could leave anytime they want. No one is forcing them to stay. These illegals that came here as small children are called dreamers. Where did they get that name? What are they dreaming about? Do they say they are dreaming about a better life? How would that be possible since they knew nothing about their prior life for comparison. These illegals were given work permission. They could work to help pay for school and such. That means that Social Security numbes were assigned to tbese people which goes against the law that says that people have to be legal to receive a number. These people are dreamers so I guess it is alright. I would be willing to bet that if they had a rule that said that the dreamers could stay here, but would never be able to gain citizenship and vote that the Democrats would stop pushing in their favor. Wait and see. They say there are eleven million people in this country that are illegal and nearly one million of them are dreamers. Do you have any idea how much it cost the rest of us to provide medical care and schooling for these illegals? We can't even think that high. To me the concept that we need to make it so these people are legal simply because they are living here now is not a valid conclusion. That would be like saying that all bank robbers, who are not caught in the first six months, are free to go. How would that be right? Also the bank robbers can qualify for medical care because they do not have employment. How is that right or just? It must be me who is crazy since I don't understand any of this. There is an update anyway so check: Dragon Ball, Eatman, and Eden's Boy. Enjoy.

09/09/17-- The people who prepare advertising for television do not always consider carefully how their presentations will be viewed. Since they are trying to sell a product, they must consider how they will catch the attention of the viewing public, but they should be giving more thought than that. The example that is weighing heavily on my mind is something I saw last weekend. The fact that I have not seen it again since then may not have anything to do with my concerns, but may have more to do with the demographics they are trying to reach. I cannot speak for the entire country or other countries, but we have a problem in this area with street racers. This is not legal nor is it advisable. Many people are killed and not simply those that are participating in the races. Sometimes people come along on a cross street and have the green light, but the racers do not care about anything so silly as cross traffic. The advertising that I saw was for Mercedes Benz cars. They were showing a Mercedes Benz come up to a signal light and stop. It was a very wide street and I never saw a street that wide in Southern California. The stopped car was soon joined by other cars which included a drag racer, rocket car, Indianapolis Speedway type racer and stock car. The Mercedes Benz is shown beating all the other cars away from the corner and the announcer told us that the Mercedes can go from zero to sixty miles an hour in just three point six seconds. Really, is that important for a car you are driving around town? Do you really need to be able to accelerate that quickly in city traffic? Would you need to be able to accelerate that quickly if you are out in the country? Do we really want people to go out and buy Mercedes Benz cars so they can go street racing on our city streets? I hope you do not think so. They seem to be trying to convince people to buy fast cars so they can beat those racing cars away from a signal light. I think this approach is dangerous and I hope they stop. Think about it. Why would your car need to be able to accelerate like that? Whether you get back to me about this or not, check the update. Check: Crest Of The Stars, Devilman, and DNA. Enjoy.

09/02/17-- The problems they are having in south east Texas are terrible, but not entirely a surprise. They were describing, on the news in Southern California, the types of problems they would be having in that area with the storm and then the rain. Since we knew it out here, they must have known it there. What were the people doing to get ready for the coming storm? They should have reached the conclusion that they needed to get out of Dodge (or should we say Houston) before the manure hit the fan. That would have been logical. It seems that people do not do the logical thing until they are told they must. I would never live there in the first place, but if I did, I would not wait to the last minute to head to high ground. They don't have much high ground in that area and that is part of the problem. A very large portion of the area is flat land. They know that if heavy rain comes that flooding is a natural result. They have know that going all the way back to when they started living in the area. My question is why had nothing been done in all this time to provide drainage canals to get rid of the excess water? One thing I can see is that the people with the land were trying to make as much money from the sale of their land that they could and the local government didn't want to discourage that activity due to the tax revenue. It would have cost the government money to take the land then build drainage canals. How much is it going to cost now? We can't count that high. It reminds me of the problems they have in the Los Angleles area with very old and very weak pipes in the street carring water. These water pipes should have been replased many years ago, but were not because that would have cost money and they were too busy county their profits. When the pipes break now, it costs even more. I remember one of the first big problems was when pipes broke and flooded a parking lot at UCLA and ruined hundreds of cars. I think the cost of those cars was higher than replacement cost of the pipes. The insurance companies are crying because so many people in Texas have flood insurance so they are going to have to shell out huge funds for repairs. You would think that these companies would see the value in providing protection against the flood losses. I guess they were too busy counting their money to worry about things like that. We can and should provide for potential future problems and could save us quite a bit by simply being prepared. No, I guess not. Who wants to be cautious and prepare when counting your money is so much fun? Still, count then check the update. Check: Big O, Burn Up W, and Corrector Yui. Enjoy.

08/26/17-- I hope you have been celebrating your ancestry over this last week. They made you possible and set the stage for whoever you are or where you are found in this marvelous world we live in. This week I would like to give you some more insights from my ancester's writings. It is very interesting because we are given only generalities about what happened back then. These are actual experiences so are not colored by efforts to whitewash certain actions by given groups. It was not only one group of indians that made it difficult for people who were just passing through. Before my ancester's group even reached the area, a group of Crow indians had raided Fort Laramie on Saturday, May 7 and stole all of their horses. The total was only twenty four because this was not a big settlement at the time. The wagon train would travel an average of fifteen to twenty miles per day depending on weather. That is not very far in comparison to what we can do today, but remember that these were wagons that were being pulled by Oxen or Horses. How did they keep track of how far they traveled? They had a pretty good method based on the circumference of a wagon wheel. Meassurements determined that 360 rotations gave a mile. Rather than have to watch the wheel and figure out how often it went around, they rigged a device to keep track for them. Not bad considering the age when this happened. You remember this was 1847. That was even several years before the Civil War. The wagon train was not alone out there, but they often met other travelers going to different destinations. Some of the other groups were bigger, but usually they were smaller. Remember this was before the gold rush to California. The group also made some interesting discoveries along they way. On two separate days they found animal bones near their camp that were totally petrified. They were large animals. He described one bone as four time the size of a buffalo leg bone. They meassured another bone, they found the next day, and it was sixteen inches in circumference at the smallest point. Those were really big animals. I am not completely sure, but my guess would be something like Mammoths. These were discovered here, but mostly I think of the tar pits, but apparently they really got arouned. Speaking of getting around, I guess I should get around to the update. Check: Angel Links, Ayashi No Ceres, and Bakuretsu Hunter. Enjoy.

08/19/17-- I hope you have been celebrating your ancestry over this last week. They made you possible and set the stage for whoever you are or where you are found in this marvelous world we live in. This week I would like to introduce you to one of my ancestors. He is my great, great, great grandfather. He was something of a pioneer in that he took a wagon train from Missouri to the West. That was no easy chore no matter how you look it. The group he was in was around seventy four wagons which were pulled mostly by horses. They had some cows also for the milk. There were one hundred seventy three men, three women and two children. He departed Missouri on April 7, 1847. This was Spring yet they did not always enjoy great weather. They passed through an area that was not much inhabited and which is now mostly Nebraska. They had to ford the Platte river numerous times because the river curves often and goes back the way it started. You could not cross it just the one time because it went before you and crossed in front of you. The main concern for the wagon train was food. They could only bring so much with them so depended on what they could acquire. Often they would see signs of the enormous Buffalo herds, but did not have direct contact with them all that often. They did not see much Deer, but did find Antelope and Elk enough to make up for lack of Buffalo. This group made it a practice of not killing animals except for food. Other groups killed hundreds, if not more, of the Buffalo just for fun. I can't see much fun it that, but they were not raised the same way I was. One thing I found most interesting in my ancestor's journal is the fact that the Indians (as they were called) were not being picked on, but were picking on the immigrants who were just passing through and not bothering them. It was apparently common for the Indains to approach a wagon train and expect some kind of bribe for them to leave them alone. If they were not satisfied with the offering then they might cause trouble somewhere along the way. Apparently they wanted more than was given so they went ahead of the wagon train to burn the grass and scare away the Buffalo and prevent to wagon train from having food for their horses. That is really rude if you ask me. These people were not bothering them. It seemed they would lay in wait to steal as much as they could get their hands on. One time a Buffalo calf wandered into camp so they let it have some of the milk from one of their cows. They later found that the calf had been killed and partially eaten by a wolf. The Indians that gave them the most trouble were the Pawnee and they were often at odds with the Sioux over territory. It wasn't just the settlers who fought with the Indains over the land. When the finally met the members of the Sioux Nation, the were most impressed. The men were staight and strong and the women were pretty brunettes. Who knew? Some time things were not always the way they were described. They want us to believe that the settlers were the ones who stole the land from the native americans and they were the victims. That might have been true some of the time, but apparently not all of the time. These are the things you can learn from your ancestors. Check it out. While checking, try the update. Check: Vampire Hunter (some additional over sized,) X, You're Under Arrest, and 3x3 Eyes. Enjoy.

08/12/17-- I hope you have been celebrating your ancestry over this last week. They made you possible and set the stage for whoever you are or where you are found in this marvelous world we live in. This week I would like to introduce something new. I have bragged about my friendship with the Spanish artist who is best known for his many covers for Warren publications and especially for the much beloved Vampirella. You know that the name is derived from Vampire and the science fiction heroine named Barbarella. It was magazine sized with mostly black and white stories inside. There was more nudity than in normal sized illustrated stories. The thing that had to stand out was the cover because it attracted readership. Sanjulian did many covers for the magazie line. It was through Warren that America was first introduced to the amazing work of the Spanish artists. They were known already all over Europe and especially in France and England. This artist also did many paperback and other book covers for publishers in the Americas. He is doing many assignments these days and still doing covers for such magazines as Creepy for Dark Horse and the new Famous Monsters of Filmland where he does several each year. Another thing we were not aware of was the conventions they hold all over the world. This is not a creation of the Americas. They have some very large ones in France and even in the country of Spain. After I first met Sanjulian, I met the president of the large Comic Convention they hold yearly in Barcelona which is Sanjulian's home city. Who knew? It was at these conventions in Europe that fans first started asking the artist for some detailed sketches for their collections. He did many of them over the years and did some at Comic Con in San Diego and at the Big Wow Comic Fest they used to hold in San Jose. Not everyone has a chance to meet the artist in person so I asked him if he could do a few of these high quality, detailed sketches for the fans. After several years, he finally capitulated. For the first time, I am offering severl here for your enjoyment. They can be found in the Pin Up section and I have one each of Conan, Red Sonja, and Vampirella. They kind of look like pencil drawings but they are not. It must be some kind of grease pencil or something similar. It is not erasable so the artist cannot make any mistakes. They are especially exciting when you keep that in mind. These are good enough to be frammed and on your wall. Check them out. There are also additions in the cels as well. Check: Vampire Princess Miyu, Violinist Of Hamlin, and Virus. Enjoy.

08/05/17-- We are on the backside of the year 2017 so have less than half a year left to go. We are fast approaching the best season of the year and we all know that is Football season. I'm sure that all of us feel alone at some time or another in our lives. As we deal with loss and financial and similar problems, we often must face them mostly alone. I have made a conscious decision that I will allow myself to miss my little Gracie dog every day for the rest of my life even if I find another dog to adopt. She gave me the greatest gift that you can ever receive and she gave it to me every day of her life. She gave me her love and that is why I feel it is fine for me to miss her. I still must move forward to live my life and I will not allow that loss to prevent me from being the best I can be, but use it to inspire me to move forward. Any new dog will be more love rather than a replacement. As I think about these things, I remember that we are simply a dot on a map of the civilization of our world. Have you considered that we are not the beginning or the end, but just a blip on the screen? We are here because of the people that came before us. Think about it. If you go back just seven generations then you will find one hundred and twenty eight who establish your linage. Those people have never heard of you are anything about the world we live in, but made it possible for you to be here. This is not magic, but simply how everything works. There were sixty four couples than had children and those children grew up and married and had children and so on until it got to you. Some of those people were probably better looking than you while others, not so much. Some of those people might have been heros or just average people just like us. No matter where we live in this world, we exist only because of the people who came before us and set the way. We can thank them. I would not be the person who I am if it were not for this young couple who moved to the new world from their small town in Germany about two hundren years ago. They were probably average, but might have been creative or brave or who knows what. Go back seven generations from them and there are twice as many people contributing to my gene pool. I am no different from you so think about those people that are a part of you and the lives they must have lived. They probably had to work very hard to even survive so be greatful for what you have including the internet. They would think that computers and the internet would be black magic or worse. We are very lucky to live at this time and to know it doesn't begin or end with us. Speaking of ending, there is an update so check: Those Who Hunt Elves, Urusei Yatsura, and Vampire Hunter. Enjoy.

07/29/17-- Back from San Diego so back to work. The fireworks have greatly diminished, but still have not stopped completely. As I mentioned, the loud noises were causing a real problem for one of my dogs. This week I want to talk about her. Her name was Gracie and we got her in December nearly five years ago. In one sense, she was a rescue. We got her from her breeder after they had sold off the best from the litter. She was about two years old when we got her. She had lived her entire life in a kennel and had never even been inside a house. I live in a mobile home park for seniors. I have lived here nearly thirty years now. There was a lady who was living at the other end of the park and we were friends from when I walked my Yorkshire Terrier named Buster. She was renting and getting ready to move and asked if I wanted another Yorkie. I thought it would be a good idea for her to be a companion for my dog so said yes. I firmly believe she was good for him and has kept him young. She had never even had any of the shots and we had her fixed. She was not house broken so we had to train her that way. She was never perfect, but she did pretty well. They say that dogs know when they are rescues and form a strong bond with their owner. That was the case with Gracie. I can guarantee that she loved me and I loved her. If I am working at the computer then she will be in the chair behind me or on the floor next to my chair. If I am watching TV, she will want me to pick her up so she can sit on the sofa next to me. If I am out and come back, she is waiting for me at the door. She would sleep on the bed close to me and would often lick my face in the morning. I can say she made me feel loved and I miss her every day. Yes, she is gone. No, she did not get out because of fireworks. I went to set up for Comic Con on Wednesday of last week. That night she was here with my wife and was in the chair close to the computer when my wife got up to take a pill at 3:00 AM. When my wife got up at 7:00 AM, she did not come around like she usually did. She looked for her and finally went out in back. Since I have lived her, we have always had a doggie door and our dogs can go outside and take care of business whenever they feel like it. Apparently some time after my wife saw her, she went in back and a coyote jumped the fence and grabbed her and tore her to ribbins before she could escape. The blood trail was on the sidewalk about six feet from the chain link gate. Apparently she went to check a noise and spotted the coyote and was running back to the doggie door when it caught her and the blood trail ran from one side to the other for a total of about six feet. My wife found all that was left and burried what she found. Apparently no one had seen any coyote in the neighborhood, but I can see why it was searching near the house. There are many cats that run the street around here so they would have been the main attraction and my dog was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Since we had always had the doggie door, we didn't think anything about it. No one had seen any coyote though they had been seen in the park in the past. I doubt it would have made any difference even if I had been here. Gracie did like to stay close to me and might not have gone outside to investigate a noise if I had been here, but no guarantee. I think about her every day and I do miss her. Still we are here for you guys so I did an update so check out: Silent Mobius, Spriggin, and Tenchi Muyo. Enjoy.

07/15/17-- I cannot say that the fireworks problem has run its course because we had one more last night. It has improved considerably, but we can't relax because we don't know how much longer it will go on. Like I said, perhaps when they have finally exhausted their supply they will stop rather than go buy more. I guess we will find out. l have updated the information about international sales. Even if I have no more international sales, I have no other option because I cannot absorb this kind of loss any longer. It has been my hope to save the customer money and only charge what it cost me. In about twenty years of doing this business and shipping out of the country, this is the first lost package. I know that is surprising, but since very few of us know anything about Anime, these items have little or no value to outsiders. Still, this one seems to have disappeared on the plain in Spain where you would normally find all the rain. At least, that is what they say in the song from My Fair Lady. Three years ago, we have a folder of Big O that disappeared from our table at Anime Expo and, with your help, those people have not been able to dispose of their ill gotten gains. Nothing from that folder has shown up on E-Bay or any place else that we know of. I have placed the images of those three items back on my web site so you can see what we are talking about. They are all Sailor Moon. If you can, just watch for those images and let me know if you see them anyplace other than my site. Our vigalance will prevent anyone from taking advantage of this loss. Though we have an update this week, you have another week off due to the Comic Con in San Diego next weekend. Use your time wisely and I will do the same. This year I have a new painting that SanJulian sent me to sell for him. By best estimates, it would be for a guy's Man Cave as it is an action piece featuring Conan fighting a huge snake and saving a damsel in distress. Actually it would be kind of cool in your Man Cave if you have one. I don't, but I have my other pieces in the front room because my wife doesn't go it there much so doesn't see the cool stuff I have on my wall. If you would like to see it, I can put it on the site under the heading of Pinups. In the mean time, check Sakura Wars, and Shadow Skill. That's all we have because I didn't have time to get other things ready. I did manage to finish updating to show the SOLD items and that took a long time. See you on the flip side. Enjoy.

07/08/17-- The problem I described has continued to today. I guess it is clear that these people were not celebrating the fourth of July, but simply being idiots. They were setting off the fireworks even last night. My dog gets nervous just because the sun has gone down. Last night the noise started around Ten PM and ran about an hour. We have no idea how much longer it will continue. Probably until they run out. There were fires in the area of Southen California and injuries to kids playing with fireworks. This is no joke, but apparently these people do not care as long as it is not them or their property that is being harmed. The warning I gave about being aware of the coming convention has played out. We sold the most items at this convention as we have sold in the last twenty years. It will take a month to get everything correct. One last thing is that I will have to make a major change in the way I do business because of recent events. I will not change the posting this week so you can see the way it has been. I can no longer ship international the way I have been doing. I was not forcing customers to pay tracking or insuance, but that is going to change. The last package I shipped at the end of May was apparently not received by the purchaser. That person filed a claim with PayPal and since they chose to not pay for tracking, all the money is being deducted from me including the money that PayPal had charged for their service and which I never saw. It seems that the seller must warantee the Postal Service of all foreign countries. Even if we had tracking, if the tracking did not show the package delivered to the customer then I would have to repay the price of the entire service. I had to be able to prove to PayPal that the package was delivered otherwise I had to pay. I cannot do that any more. Once is too many. If I am going to ship international, I will have to require a tracking number be assigned and that insurance for the full amount be added. This will make the purchase price much higher for the customers and they will have to deal with the Customs Department of their country. I have a feeling that there will not be any more international sales, which is too bad. This is my first case where someone claimed they had not received their package. I had shipped over one hundred packages and they had all arrived. This package had gone to Spain. I have sent others to Spain and, in fact, to that same city. I have sent to others much farther away like Australia and New Zeland. I was totally shocked when this happened. It cannot happen again. This purchase was over 300 dollars. Be aware that everything will have to change. It will be difficult for me to even deal with PayPal, but I guess it will not be too bad if it is within the United States. It is sad, but what can you do? I have still done an update so check it out. Check: Robot Carnival, Roujin Z, Saber Marionette R, and Sailor Moon. Enjoy.

06/24/17-- I am sorry to say that the problems I described last week have continued unabated. My poor dog will probably need to see a psychiatrist and me right along with her. Apparently these neighbors don't need to worry about getting up at a descent time so they can get to bed whenever it suits them. These morons play with their undocumented fireworks to all hours every day. I always hope that people who do these inconsiderate things reach a point where they have to suffer the way they make others suffer. That would be only right, but doesn't seem to be happening yet. Just today we had a rather strange thing happen here at our home. Someone knocked at our back door and told my wife that he was here about our internet service. I already talked with someone from AT&T just over a week ago and told him I was not interested in signing up for the program he was offering. Of course, he did not understand why I would not immediatly change over. I do not like the programs where you sign up for something and get a really sweet deal for the first year or two then the price jumps and goes through the roof forever after that. That type of service is the common way of doing things. I maintain my web site, but I have never downloaded a movie off the internet nor have I ever played any kind of game over the internet. The type of speed they are offering is ideal for that, but not something that would help me very much. The first guy finally got the idea and left, but this guy was thick headed and would not leave. I tried to explain my reasons, but he would not listen. He said that ComCast had bought out AT&T and would be taking over my service. Still, I do not want to change my speed because I am satisfied with the speed I have now and don't want to deal with the change at the end of the contract. What he finally said when he left is that they were going to reduce my internet speed to five since I am not going along with this offer. I am dubious that this company would be able to do that, but if they do, I will locate a different provider and also contact the FCC and let them know. I had not heard that ComCast had bought out AT&T, but I suppose it is possible, but it would not be ethical to reduce a customers speed that they have had for many years because they do not buy into a different offer. That is not how I do business, but I guess I will find out. You will have a vacation from my updates next weekend because we will be at our first convention of the year. We will be at Anime Expo in Los Angeles. If you see anything that you like now then you may want to put in your order because it might be gone after the convention is over. I will leave that up to you. We do have an update this week so check it out. Check: Pretty Sammy, Ranma 1/2, and Ray Earth. Enjoy.

06/17/17-- We have been plagued of late by people who enjoy setting off fireworks at late hours and causing problems for normal people. At first, I thought it to be a problem affecting only my neighborhood. Yesterday I saw on television that it is all over Southern California and affecting many communities. The thing that each of these have in common is the background of those who enjoy setting off these fireworks and causing havoc all over. These indiduals do not originate in this area, but come from another country that enjoys such things. I will not go so far as to tell you where these people come from, but I will give you a hint. The first letters in the name of this country are Mexic and these fireworks originate in that country. Things are so bad that last year they had something terrible happen just outside the city that has the same name as the country. There was a large warehouse full of many venders that sold these kinds of fireworks. The government had passed laws that were supposed to make this kind of facility safer, but that did not work out. Within the huge building were many different stalls selling the same kinds of fireworks. The new law required that the walls and partitions seperating the stalls were to be made of fire proof materials so as to prevent the spread of fire and large explosions. The owners of each of these stalls did not want to be bothered and found it cheaper to simply bribe the police to leave them alone rather than spend the extra money to make the improvements. The explosion killed many and totally destroyed the building. That is what the government was trying to avoid. Perhaps if the police had not been so easily bribed or if the owners of the stalls had felt it worthwhile to spend a little money on improvements, the catastrophy could have been avoided. That same love of dangerous fireworkds was brought to this country along with the explosive fireworks. Let's call these fireworks the undocumented kind to match up with the people who like to buy then use these things. After all, if the people who come to this country without a passport from their home country, a visa from this country or permission of any kind are simply undocumented then these kinds of fireworks should have the same title. The ones used near to my home are sky rockets that are very loud. You can hear when they are fired and then when they explode. If someone, who is enjoying this activity, hurts themselves when an explsion happens as they are holding the rocket or something and they have to rush to emergency room, guess who will have to pay the medical bills. It will not be those people because they don't have that kind of money. It will be the rest of us with our tax money. These are the same cities that want to protect those people so that the national government cannot send them back where they come from. Why would we want to do that? They are such fun loving people that they set off the wireworks for our enjoyment at all hours of the night and make us all so very happy. We are lucky to have them. (In case you haven't noticed, I'm being sarcastic.) In my case, this activity is disrupting my home because my little dog is hyper sensative to the noise. She goes crazy and destroys everything around her as she tryies to reach safty. She gets behind the computer or television and begins to try to dig and unplugs wires and other things. She doesn't know any better and is simply reacting to the noise. They have posted signs all over the city telling people that if they are caught using these fireworks, the minimum fine is $500.00. It probably won't help much until someone is caught and has to pay the fine. Then other people will finally take notice. Enough of my problesm. How was your day? Glad to hear it. Undate is coming. Check: Patlabor, Photon (larger images you have not seen before,) and Plastic Little. Enjoy.

06/10/17-- The latest movie based on a comic book is doing really well. I have to say that it is one of my favorites to date based on DC Comics Heros. I saw Batman versus Superman and was surprised how stupid Batman was just as much as I was surprised as to how stupid Iron Man and the others on his side were in Civil War. They wanted the comflict so had to make some who fell into line and others who did not agree. If you were a Hero with powers or even just a good fighter like Black Widow, why would you wait around for some committee to decide whether or not you should go up against some menace? Let's get real here, you have to react almost as quickly as humanly possible to avoid the loss of life. If you are fighting a menace that doesn't care about people in general, why should you be held responsable if the bad guy blows up half a city or country? The menace is not going to agree to terms where they will pay for any dammage they cause. In the first Avengers movie, they were fighting invaders from Space. If the UN or the government of the US had told the Avengers they could not fight unless they would guarantee replacement or repair of structures within New York City or if they had said anything like that, my answer would have been, alright you guys take over, see you later. In their efforts to make Wonder Woman more current, she did not exactly behave like she did in the earlier comics. Wonder Woman was created during the time of the Second World War, but this story took place during the first World War. I am unsure why and perhaps they had a reason. The actions of the bad guys seemed that much worse because of the time period. There are things that did not seem quite right about Diana's upbringing and education amongst the Amazons. They did tell her she was made of clay then brought to life by magic. They were in their own special world with no clear idea of the passage of time. Why would they have taught Diana many different languages? She was talking to someone and he spoke several languages and she matched him with every one. Is there any reason she was taught all those languages? Another thing she was taught was human reproduction. She lived in a society that was all women and no men and no reproduction and therefore no children. She apparently knew the how and why of making children though she was not expected to come into contact with men nor would she have been expected to make children with anyone. She did pull a Superman in the movie when she slept with the guy she befriended and who fell in love with her. There is indication she liked the guy, but no clear definition that she knew love. Yeah, Superman did that with Lois Lane in Superman 2 and they had a baby if you follow the events in Return Of Superman. We knew he loved Lois Lane so no big deal. It is different for a woman to be a warrior than a man. I really wonder if she would have had sex with the guy without love and doubtful even if she did. Get past that point and the movie is worth your time so go see it. Still, even if your are on your way out the door, there is an update. Check: Ninja Mono, Orguss, Orphen, and Outlaw Star. Enjoy.

06/03/17-- A war may be between two armies or two cities. A war might be between two countries or even two worlds. Then again, a war might be between two ideas or two beliefs or two ideologies. A war might even be between the two sexes. This story is about all of the above. That is opening of the book I am just now starting. Again, I will not consider myself a writer until I actually sell some of my work and who knows if that will ever happen. I call this book the "Galiant Wars." The word galiant comes from the combination of the words gallant and valiant. In this story, the Galiant are neither and that is why I felt the title to be so appropriate. The most important of the wars in the book involves the war between the sexes. Needless to say, I am siding with the women. I have always had a bit of a problem dealing with the concept of the Amazon civilizations. I am unsure of the actual day to day of that kind of a culture, but it probably reverses the roles of the genders during the darkest of ages on our planet. It would seem that the men were kept around as servents rather than spouses and had almost no contact with the women except the have children. Come to think of it, I guess their position wasn't all bad. Still, if an Amazon got pregnant then gave birth to a girl, then everything was fine and dandy while if she gave birth to a boy then the boy went to live in the servant's quarters with the men. They have a whole life of drugery to look forward to. That was pretty much how it was for most women during the dark ages. The Amazons were part of Greek myths and not reality even though women never had an even break even going back then. I hope you will read my stories when they are finally published and I hope you like them. Even if you do not, there is always the update. Check: Moldiver, Nadesico, and Nadia. Enjoy.

05/27/17-- A week does not go by that something terrible does not happen some place in the world. The most recent was in Egypt where some Christians on a bus were attacked and gunned down. There were fifty who were killed in that attack. These people were not doing anything wrong. They were on a bus going to a monestary for some religious reason. The men who attacked them were wearing military uniforms. The difference between the people on the bus and the men in the military regalia was religion and nothing else. Can you guess what the religion was of the military types? If the people on the bus were all Christians then in Egypt, what other religion would there be and especially in the military? If you think that these military types did their deed without approval of the government, then think again. Why would anyone in our day and age kill someone just because they are a different religion? I previously mentioned that in some of those countries, change out of their base religion is a capital offense. Do those people want us to think of them as loving and caring when they clearly believe it is agreeable to despose of other individuals simply because they have another idea about God? We need to be loving and caring about them, but it doesn't go both ways. We shall see how things turn out. I haven't heard about Christians attacking and murdering bus loads of people just because they were not Christians. Maybe I slept through that one. Still, if you are awake, you can check out the update. Check: Lupin III, Macross 7, and Maris the Chojo. Enjoy.

05/20/17-- Now that I have NETFLIX, I am seeing more Anime than I have seen in years. I have been very pleased with some and a little disappointed with others. I guess it comes down to current trends and taste. One of the highly regarded shows is entitled "Attack On Titan" and I have a few words on the subject this week. First, the title confuses me. In the story they are confronted with strange giants that are called Titans, but there is no clear idea where the monsters come from or why they are attacking. They love to eat the humans, but have no stomachs so it is not for nourishment. These creatures do not reproduce because they run around naked and have no organs with which to do that. Through the majority of the series, all you see are male giants and most of them are of medium size while there is a very large type that shows up out of an explosion and knocks down walls. They really seem to enjoy attacking humans. One of the story points is the fact that they have these walls that they built over a hundred years so they can keep the Titans out of their cities. Why were they left alone to build the walls during those one hundred years? What were the Titans doing? Our main character lost his family when one of the walls fell and the Titans came inside. His father was a doctor and had some information about the Titans in their basement, but wanted the boy to forget until a certain time. Does that make any sense to you? Perhaps if they had known the secrets they could have defended themselves better and his wife would not have been killed. Another question I have is where are they? Does this take place on Earth or someplace else. One of the moons of Saturn is named Titan so that might explain the title, yet it would not seem likely because life could not exhist on that moon. When the female Titan shows up toward the end, she can do things that none of the others can do. Another thing that confuses is the use of German language as part of the opening and closing credits. Where does that come from? We learn that the Titans are a shell that is animated by a human being inside. The main hero is eaten by a Titan, but just sticks around inside and they find him later and he can become a Titan also. Go figure! In the last episode, we learn that the female titan was instructed by her father to kill them all even if she has to become a Titan, but then to come home after it is all over. She has these extra abilities like being able to form crystal around certain things including her human body. At the end, she is inside this crystal and something of a prisoner, but you know she will get out and attack and kill. So many humans have died trying to protect their small piece of the world that it is really quite rediculous. Where does the Titan body come from that forms around the human? How did the female get her Titan body? From what I can tell, the female has a better body as a Titan than as a human so explain that one. The only problem is that as a Titan, she has no skin or reproductive organs which really seems a waste. The last thing is that this civilization is a monarchy and we never see the king. You have literally thousands of people who are dieing to protect this guy. What does he do for them? They have gun powder because they have rifles and cannons, but do not seem able to make explosives to blow up the Titans. The creators of the show have set humans at a tremendous disadvantage with a self-serving civilization that maybe should come to an end. The end cannot be the end of the story because there are so many unanswered questions, but where do they go from here? Oh well, if you have it figured, let me know. In the mean time, check the update and see if it makes more sense to you. Check: Key The Metal Idol, Little Nemo in Slumberland, and Lodoss Wars. Enjoy.

05/13/17-- Now that I have NETFLIX, I am seeing more Anime than I have seen in years. I have been very pleased with some and a little disappointed with others. I guess it comes down to current trends and taste. Several had robots and that was kind of cool to see again. I gave up on one of the programs because it was too one sided. The bad guys were too much stronger than the Earth defenders and they started it and set it up by trying to kill the princess of their people. They blamed the Earth people and started attacking us. They were once from Earth but had moved to Mars where an ancient civilization was discovered with technology far above our own. They did not create anything, but let this technology go to their heads. Many of the shows are based around the old Arabian Nights stories about Sinbad and the rest. In one of the story lines, the King of this country is a true selfish idiot. He allows a banker from another land to become his adviser and he is advised to be even more selfish than before. At this point in the story, the King has gotten the country into a state of insurmountable debt and decides the only way to fix things is to sell his population into slavery in order to pay down the debt. This is his debt because he obtains whatever he wants at whatever the cost because it is only paper money. His people get nothing except taxes to pay his debts. I guess it did not occure to the King that if he sold the population into slavery, there would be no one left to tax so how would he pay his future debts. It is really quite rediculous, but what is most rediculous of all is how close reality was to fiction and not that long ago. Until the industrial revolution, all economies were based on land and growing food and so on. The rich owned the land while the poor did all the work and gave most of the money to the gentry. This was not one country, but all countries. Unfortunately, many of the backward countries in the world are still under the same system. If you borrowed money and could not pay it back there was no bankruptcy to bail you out. If you could not pay your debts, you would go to debtor's prison and obviously could not pay it back while in prison so things never got better. There were also people who became indentured servants because they could not pay their debts. That was a form of slavery with a fancy name. Back in the good ol days, the poor could not send their children to school, much less college or university. The poor could not have dogs over a certain size less they poach the owner's deer or pheasants or whatever. That is how we ended up with Yorkies and the like. Really, this is not that long ago and one of the reasons people flocked to the new world to start again. Plan ahead and invest in growth items like Anime cels and the like. Check the update and see what you can find. Check: I Want To Be An Angel, Jojo's Bizarre Adventures, and Jube Chan. Enjoy.

05/06/17-- If you were unable to take advantage of our prices during the SALE, I'm sorry we didn't have what you were searching for. It is a possibility that we never will because there are things we just cannot reach no matter what we do, but keep watching and waiting. You never know what might show up. This last weekend was a commemoration of an event of twenty five years in the past. It was by no stretch of the imagination a celebration because it is something we would love to forget. I am talking about the Los Angeles riots of twenty five years ago. If you recall it was the result of a jury decision regarding Rodney King. His arrest was all over the news because the police had used excessive force in his arrest. They had a video someone had taken of the arrest and it was all over the news all of the time. I am unsure if this was wise because the repeating of the video was part of the tinder that set off the rioting in the first place. It is unfortunate that news stations are seeking ratings so that is the kind of thing they like to show. One thing I noticed, but which I do not remember them mentioning was the fact that the police continued to pummel the suspect because he would not cooperate or stop fighting with the police. I don't know about you, but if I am stopped by police, I will do whatever they ask. I am not so stupid and to keep fighting them. This was the end of a long police chase over numerous freeways and such where the suspect failed to slow down or stop. When they finally caught him, he would not cooperate and he is a rather large individual and was under the influence at the time. What the commentators stress these days is the fact that these poor people who rioted were victims here of a society that didn't take proper care of them. Perhaps that is correct, but I have some doubts. The rioters reminded me of petulant children who had not gotten their way. The riots started after a jury made a decision that the police had not broken any laws in dealing with the subject. The trial was not held in Los Angeles county because it would have been impossible to bring it off without interferance. I have some questions which I wish to present. I do not conclude that everything is perfect even now, but I am not sure that it is correct to find the rioters blameless. Of those that were rioting, what percent were college graduates? Of those that were rioting, what percentage were high school graduates? Of the rioters, what percentage had jobs which they left in order to wander the streets to set fire to things? Of the rioters, what percentage were members of local gangs? Of the rioters, how many had police records? The rioters beat up people on the street that were not the same race as themselves. How was that going to help anything? They looted and burned business in their neighborhoods that provided employment to those who wanted it. How did that help anything? Businesses were at risk by putting outlets in this area to start with and that is how you repay them? People were killed during the riots. I truck driver was pulled from his truck and beaten unmercifully. How did that makes things better? Do you remember why the riots ended? This is really good and reflects much of what the situation was. The rioting stopped because they could not deliver mail and checks for welfare could not be delivered. That is true. They showed the lines at the Post Office for people to pick up their mail. These were the same people who were running the streets and burning everything in sight because society was not helping them. The primary assistance is called AFDC and is help to families with small children and insufficient income to support them. Unfortunately, these families were not real families, but exhisted only so they would have money to live on without having to work. I may have mentioned it, but I interviewed a lady in Long Beach who had her first child when she was thirteen and that child was a girl and she had her first child when she was thirteen. The lady's granddaughter had her first child when she was thirteen which made the lady a great grandmother by the time she reached age fourty. Nothing was going to change for these people because they didn't need to. The system supported them so why get an eduction or even try to work? Just find a boyfriend when you reach thirteen and the rest comes naturally. How was the system not caring for these people? We do deal with the consequences of the decisions we make. If you chose the way where you don't have to do anything and teach your children to act the same, will it matter what society does. Remember I am not talking about genetics nor am I talking about all people, only those that choose to riot. What a riot. We do have an update so check it out. Check: Hana Yori Dango, Infinite Ryvius, and Inu Yasha. Enjoy.

04/29/17-- The SALE goes on. I guess I have to remind everyone with each new update or people will forget. Yes we are having a SALE. Unless the item is on consignment, which means we are selling it for someone else, it is 50% off the posted price which is a really good deal. Items with "C," "D," "K," or "X" in the item number are on consignment so that is the easy way to remember. We are down to the last day of our SALE. I am serious, you only have to the end of tomorrow to make an order and still have the SALE price be effective. They say that timing is everything so this is actually a good time to add a few items on consignment for your consideration. These tbings just became available and I think they are especially nice. One of these new pieces is probably the nicest we have ever had on our site. I'm sure you will know which one I mean without me having to tell you. We are dealing with quite a situation here with North Korea. Their leadership is the military and a paranoid psychopath. The blame for this can be placed squarely on the shoulders of the president of the United States when we were ending the conflict in Korea back in the 1950s. It was he that created the two Koreas and placed those in the North under a dictatorship. He did not want further conflict with China who were basically behind the problems over there. He said he did not want to have war with China, but unfortunately we were already fighting with men from China almost more than we were fighting with men from Korea. If we had forced the Chinese out of Korea they could have been one country without the suffering they have had over there. We are unable to put any pressure on China to help fix things they created. The leadership in the North are constantly making threats and taking people hostage. They have never payed any price for the wrongs they have done over the years. They have kidnapped citizens of Japan and Korea with impunity and we don't want to do anything serious because they can bombard Seoul with regular weapons and kill many hundreds of thousands. The people who suffer the most are the ones in the North who hardly have anything to eat. Those in the North have taken another American Citizen hostage. Why would any American Citizen travel into the North? They invited News companies to visit. Would good would that do? The News people cannot see what they want or print what they want so to travel there just gives them an opportunity to take someone else hostage. They did. We are being blackmailed by those idiots because we have to do what they say or they will attack us and blame it all on us. Thank you so much President Truman. It was our buddies in China that gave the technology to North Korea to have ballistic missles and Atom bombs yet we don't hold them accountable. Is that wise? Oh well. Keep your fingers crossed that we are all here tomorrow. Maybe you can still check the update with your fingers crossed. Check: Cutey Honey, G Gundam, Ghost Sweeper, Go Kaiser, Gundam Wing, and Yamato. Enjoy.

04/22/17-- The SALE goes on. I guess I have to remind everyone with each new update or people will forget. Yes we are having a SALE. Unless the item is on consignment, which means we are selling it for someone else, it is 50% off the posted price which is a really good deal. Items with "C," "D," or "K" in the item number are on consignment so that is the easy way to remember. We are down to the last week of our SALE. I am serious, you only have to the end of this month to order and be able to get the fifty percent off deal. If you saw something that interested you and would be part of the discount, better think hard on that one. We are adding a few more of the over sized for your consideration. Many of these have never been seen even at conventions so check them out. I think that most of us understand that the way we turn out depends on two factors. There are things about us that we inherit and which we are born with, while the rest of what makes us they way we are would be our surroundings or what we call environment. It seems strange, but we have some very intelligent people in many different areas of our society from homeless to gang members to heads of corporations. We have average people all through the middle. You might have a really smart person living on the street due to mental illness or maybe even drug problems. There are many factors that can lead to mental illness, but none of them are genetic. When you think about it, you are part of the environment for many people. As parents, we are a significant portion of the environment for our children. The way we raise our kids may contribute to good solid foundation or set the stage for future mental problems. You are also part of the environment for people you don't even know. Do you smile at people you meet in the street? Do you strike up a conversation with the person standing in line with you at the store? Do people feel better for having met you? When you smile, other people feel more like smiling too. It doesn't cost you a thing to smile and, wonder of wonders, you feel better too. When you do that, you are making the environment a better place to be. It isn't hard. As the saying goes: when you frown, the world frowns with you. When you smile, the world thinks you're nuts, but it is more fun that way so keep them guessing. Smile when you can and even when checking the update. Check: Eatman (a relly nice shot with production everything,) El Hazard, Gall Force, Gatchaman, Genocyber, Giant Robo, and Macross 7. Enjoy.

04/15/17-- The SALE goes on. I guess I have to remind everyone with each new update or people will forget. Yes we are having a SALE. Unless the item is on consignment, which means we are selling it for someone else, it is 50% off the posted price which is a really good deal. Items with "C," "D," or "K" in the item number are on consignment so that is the easy way to remember. Are we sure that our current stand on morality is actually an improvement over the way things were fifty or sixty years ago? There is a musical that was made into a movie based on the music of ABBA and it is kind of a reflection of the world we live in and what we accept as the norm. The basic premiss of the story is that this girl is engaged to be married and wants her estranged father to give her away. The problem is that there are three different men who could be the father. Yes, her mother had unprotected sex with three different men in the same period of time when she would have gotten pregnant with her daughter. Clearly this is no big deal for the daughter. What kind of example was the mother making for the daughter? Based on the behavior of the mother, the daughter could be having unprotected sex with all the men within reach as well as her betrothed. It was no big deal for the men to have this kind of relationship with a woman who they barely knew and then would leave just as quickly. If you only have unprotected sex with your spouse then there would never be a question who was the father of the resulting child. If people did not have these kinds of relationships, would we need to have as many abortions as we have now? It would not seem likely. Many times in the past, young people, who were not ready for marriage, were married because of pregnancy or else the woman had to have the pregnancy terminated. Some girls get pregnant on purpose so they can convince the boyfriend to stay. Often when that happens, they discover the boyfriend was not worth keeping and they have a child to take care of without the benefit of a father around. Really, is that an improvement over the way things were? There were mistakes and problems, but not nearly as often. I get the impression that interpretations of words have changed as well. Believe me, it used to be that the term boyfriend or girlfriend was used to describe the person you were going steady with while now it refers to the person you are having sex with most often. It doesn't seem to be exclusive any more. Is liberal morality making people happier than they were? If you look honestly at our world you will find that happiness is not on the menu. You can live the way you want to and if this works for you, I hope you will be happy, but then you might consider a moral life just for the fun of it and see what happens. In the mean time, there is an update. I have added a few pieces that are larger than usual and you might find them interesting as well. Check: Eatman, Fatal Fury, Fushigi Yuugi, and Giant Robo. Enjoy.

04/08/17-- The SALE goes on. I guess I have to remind everyone with each new update or people will forget. Yes we are having a SALE. Unless the item is on consignment, which means we are selling it for someone else, it is 50% off the posted price which is a really good deal. Items with "C," "D," or "K" in the item number are on consignment so that is the easy way to remember. Have you seen Ghost In The Shell yet? I don't want to say too much in case you have not seen it yet. I think it is well done and well played out. Of course, Scarlette was awesome, but we knew she would be. I feel I can mention a few things without ruining it for everyone. Why do they create the robot body for her to look like some generic female? Is there a reason? Yes, the brain they used was from a female, but since none of the robot parts are good for anything that a normal human can do, what is the point? She could be a box or a skeleton or something and it would not matter. They wipe her human memories so she cannot remember what it means to be a woman so what is the point? The other question that I have is how is it that virtually everyone is at least part machine. That kind of surgery would not be cheap and especially if you want a good job so how can your average Joe on the street afford that sort of thing? The other question would be why a woman who makes her living as a stripper in a night club would want to be part machine? What would be sexy about that? She wants to be sexy since that is her livelyhood. I do not see how robot arms legs or anything else would make her more desirable to your average male customer. Even if the customers are part machine, it is not the machine part that motivates them to go to a place like that so I am confused. These things are not important and do not make the movie better or worse, but it is something to think about. Still, maybe you catch these things better than I do and can clue me in. Pretty please with whipped cream on top. I'll be waiting. Since I have nothing better to do, lets go with an update. Check: El Hazard, Escaflowne, and eX-Driver. Enjoy.

04/01/17-- The SALE goes on. I guess I have to remind everyone with each new update or people will forget. Yes we are having a SALE. Unless the item is on consignment, which means we are selling it for someone else, it is 50% off the posted price which is a really good deal. Items with "C," "D," or "K" in the item number are on consignment so that is the easy way to remember. A movie came out this week that has to be much anticipated by Anime fans. It is Ghost In The Shell which is based on a Manga series. It was made into animation first and that is where I remember it most. We'll save that discussion for another time. I wish to bring up something that I read about. The subject is humility in business. You might think it would not be a good idea, yet actually it is. Humility does not mean that you don't stand up for yourself, only that you are willing to be flexable and not force your will on others, whether right or wrong. This reminds me of my personal experience. I had been dealing with cels for over ten years when I remarried and my new wife joined me in the business. I was willing to listen to her ideas, but she was not willing to listen to mine. I knew the titles and the characters and the values, but I was constantly told that I do not have a good business mind and that I was doing things wrong. She came up with a formula to use to set the prices for our inventory so many things were underpriced, but most things were over priced. That is one of the reasons we are doing this SALE now. The items that were under priced sold right away while the things that were too high are having to be sold at half price. One of the things that upset me the most was the fact that she would want to buy items that I did not think would be of much help to us because the images were too small and there were no backgrounds. You will never see these things because they will never see the light of day, but they are mostly Big O. That has been a really good title of us and we have sold hundreds over the years. She would pick up a stack of these that were small images from the same sequence and want to buy them. My answer was, "if you want." I did not think it was a good idea because there was nothing we could do with these items so we still have them in storage here. I finally brought these things to her attention and do you know her answer? It was my fault because I did not tell her no. Oh yeah! She harps on the fact that I know noting about business yet now she says she would have listened to me if I had told her not to do it. Of course it was my fault since I was letting her do what she wanted. We spent over $1000 on these junk cels that she wanted to get, but it was my fault. I was trying to be cooperative since if I hadn't, we would have gone round and round. I was in a no win situation. If we had not spent that money on junk, we could have bought other things where we could have sold the items and had a return on our investment. I don't think I will ever forget this experience. When you have hundreds of images that are less than an inch high, what can you possibly do with these thing? I probably can't even give them away. Oh well. I can just throw them in the trash when the time comes. It makes me sad. Oh well, better luck next time. There is still plenty to look at so check out the update. Check: Dragon Ball, Dr Slump, Eatman, and Eden's Boy. Enjoy.

03/25/17-- The SALE goes on. I guess I have to remind everyone with each new update or people will forget. Yes we are having a SALE. Unless the item is on consignment, which means we are selling it for someone else, it is 50% off the posted price which is a really good deal. Items with "C," "D," or "K" in the item number are on consignment so that is the easy way to remember. To continue briefly with last week's issue, they did bring up a subject that had not been in the original movie. Belle is shown teaching a little girl to read and brings down the wrath of one of the town's old bitches. Are they sure that it would have been a woman complaining about a little girl learning to read? Actually, it probably would have been men who would have complained. Just think about it. They would not wanted women to learn how to read because that might have led to something equally dreadful, they might have started to think for themselves. That would have totally scared the men in charge. The next thing that might happen could have been the women wanting to vote or something equally as sinister. Believe it or not, one of the issues that was most disputed in the day was the idea of having the Bible in English. Again, this was being disputed and fought for a number or reasons, but came down to people thinking for themselves. They shouldn't be doing that then they might not like the way they were being treated. Also, if people could actually read the Bible then they would know if what the priest, or whomever, was relling them was true or not. The first attempt to translate the full Bible into English was by John Wycliffe in 1382. This was a translation from the Latin text used at the time which was already a translation from the original Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic. The first person to attempt a translation from the Greek was William Tindale who was born about 1490. His efforts were opposed by the Church of England and his translations were burned wherever possible. Tinsdale was put to death for heresy in 1536. I guess it's just me, but I have trouble understanding why it is heresy to want to put the word of God into the hands of average people so they could read and understand it. Again, it comes down to who is in charge and their fear that their position would be weakened if everyone knew what was in the book rather than have to depend on the church to tell them. Many people died at the stake for working to try to bring the Bible to the common man. One of the monarchs who worked the hardest to bring such efforts to an end was Mary the first, the daughter of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon. Men were killed or were forced into hiding because of their efforts on behalf of the common man and woman. The version that is best known today (King James Bible) was published in 1611 and was considered the authorised version by most after that time. There are many flaws in that version as well when they purposely mistranslated words to match the common church beliefs at the time. The commonly used Bible in Spanish was translated by a priest who was excomunicate from the Catholic church for translating the text from Latin so that the average Spanish speaking person could read it. He was lucky he was not burned at the stake. Isn't history fun? It comes down to people in power not wanting to take a chance of losing any of there power. It is hard to even imagine how they could say that such a thing was heresy and subject to execution. Go figure. I guess Belle was lucky to only be disowned by the town hag and not burned at the stake. Think about it. Some time food for thought doesn't taste very good at all. Still, there is an update so check: Crest Of The Stars, Devilman, and DNA. Enjoy.

03/18/17-- The SALE goes on. I guess I have to remind everyone with each new update or people will forget. Yes we are having a SALE. Unless the item is on consignment, which means we are selling it for someone else, it is 50% off the posted price which is a really good deal. Items with "C," "D," or "K" in the item number are on consignment so that is the easy way to remember. The movie season is kicking off in ernest so I might be talking about new ones quite a bit over the next few months. That is as good as anything else so why not? The one for this week has been long awaited so the theatures will be full to see what they did to re-tell the Beauty And The Beast. I know I was waiting for it so I assume you were too. Some time ago I mentioned some of the problems with the animated feature and they fixed some of them, but created others. Like I have always said, taste differs so this is only food for thought and for those who don't like to think, too bad. First, it takes place in France which is something made clear in the first movie and mentioned at the beginning of this one. The girl's name is Belle and she was born in Paris to a French mother and British father. She was raised in France. Why does she have a British accent? She should have a French accent since most everyone she heard speaking were French. The Beast was described as a Prince. I guess that is alright, but in the case where both his royal parents are deceased, isn't he the King? This is France, didn't they already have a King? At least they explained why he was such a jerk. His mother died when he was very young and his father raised him and he was a jerk. I'm sure the enchantress must have known this so why was she so hard on the poor guy who was raised by a jerk? Let's get real here. Also, the staff are subject to the same curse because they didn't fix him. Get real again, if he was a jerk, he would not have listened to employees. One last thing and I'll let you get back to your humdrum lives. The guy that is Gaston's cronie is depicted as gay and that is alright and partially explains some of the things that happened. They explain it away saying that the actor played certain scenes that way so that is what they did with it. That is alright, but at the end they ran with it played it for all it was worth. That was their choice so don't blame it on the actor. Add to that the fact that the cronie lied to further Gaston's evil designs yet at the end he was celebrating as if he were a good guy at the Prince's castle. If Belle's dad were paying attention, he would have been pissed. Food for thought and you might find even more when you see the movie. In the mean time, check out the update. Check: Burn Up W, Corrector Yui, and Cowboy Bebop. Enjoy.

03/11/17-- The SALE goes on. I guess I have to remind everyone with each new update or people will forget. Yes we are having a SALE. Unless the item is on consignment, which means we are selling it for someone else, it is 50% off the posted price which is a really good deal. Items with "C," "D," or "K" in the item number are on consignment so that is the easy way to remember. The movie season is kicking off in ernest so I might be talking about new ones quite a bit over the next few months. That is as good as anything else so why not? The one for this week had an outstanding opening weekend and has been well received so it is only a little food for thought. The movie is called Logan and is the last Wolverine movie that will feature Hugh Jackman. They kind of wrote themselves into a corner when they described him as never getting older. Obviously the actor is getting older so can only keep doing this awhile longer. In fact, they pretty much had to redefine everything. One of the things that doesn't make any sense is the fact that they brought back Chalres Xavier after he was killed in the third movie. They sort of brought him back for Days Of Future Past, but that was a whole different ballgame considering time travel and such. Out of the blue, he is back with no explanation and old and loosing his marbles. That applies to most of us, but that is a whole different story. The thing that they have done, but I am unsure of they considered the consequences, has to do with the character of Wolverine's daughter. I'm not sure of the concept because you can't clone and get a different gender, but they have another clone of Logan who is a bad guy. This daughter is supposed to be age eleven. That is alright and you learn that by the file they have on her that shows her at 132 months which would be eleven years. They have given her an adamantium skeleton just like Logan. The big difference is that he was full grown when they gave him his. At age eleven, a child is not full grown. We know that adamantium is metal and one of the strongest that has been created. An eleven year old girl will still grow, but the skeleton will not be able to grow with her. Did the writers of the movie think of this or was this a problem created by the people who created the girl? I guess what we will need to do is keep watching and see if they make any more movies with that character and if they show her growing up. In this story, she has only two claws that pop out of her wrists. Will she always have two claws? Watch and see what they do. If they give her a third claw then you will be able to ask where it has been hiding. They also make a blanket statement that they were able to prevent more mutants from being born except the ones they create. That is another thing I have trouble with. They would have to be able to control births all over the world and I just don't think they would be able to do that. They might have been able to hunt down and kill all that were born up until then, but that sounds kind of excessive to me. I don't have too much trouble with the R rating since it was based on the showing of extreme elements of violence which actually seem appropriate for Wolverine. These are plot points that do not make the movie less, but I wonder about the future. We shall see so hang in there. There is still an update so check it out. Check: Ayashi No Ceres, Bakuretsu Hunter, and Big O. Enjoy.

03/04/17-- The SALE goes on. I guess I have to remind everyone with each new update or people will forget. Yes we are having a SALE. Unless the item is on consignment, which means we are selling it for someone else, it is 50% off the posted price which is a really good deal. Items with "C," "D," or "K" in the item number are on consignment so that is the easy way to remember. There is a movie out there that I wish to talk about. It is not meant as a criticism so if you haven't seen it yet then be my guest. I don't think that the things I will mention will give away plot points. The movie is Great Wall and stars an American actor as a mercenary who goes to China to bring back the secret of the black powder or gun powder if you wish. I don't think there is any dispute that it originated in China. The Great Wall is one of the real accomplishments of human endevor. You learn right off that it is something that took seventeen hundred years to complete. I didn't realize that. The basic premis of the story is that the wall exists to prevent these creatures from overrunning all of humanity. The chinese in the story were the last bastions of humanity. One of the problems that I have is that they depict these creatures in such a way to make them as awful as possible. They have multiple eyes and extra eyes on their shoulders. Are you sure that nature works that way? The predators need to have good eyesight to be able to hunt their prey. All the extra eyes would not help them carry out their goal as hunters. The extra eyes give information to the brain and would only confuse things for the beast. It is spelled out early on that they kill and provide the kill to the queen who has a role similar to many kinds of insects. In this case the role is even broader as the masses can do nothing except follow the orders of the queen and without a queen to lead them, they are unable to function. That is not a problem except the humans that fight them know this also yet put themselves in harms way to a point where they are doing nothing except providing food for the queen. Once the humans know they are under attack, they have all kinds of weapons which they use to fight, but the most stupid is to lower these femal warriors over the side of the wall to do hand to hand with the attackers. Give me a break. That is so stupid as to be rediculous. They know they have to keep from falling prey to their attackers or they will feed the queen. The most obvious thing they do not do is use the black powder which the strongest weapon they have. Why not? They fire huge arrows at the attackers and shoot mammouth flaming boulders at the attackers so why not fire arrows with bombs attached or put bombs on the inside of the boulders? Really they did not make good use of what they had. Lastly you have this guy who was virtually a prisoner who they do not watch nearly close enough who takes off with Matt Damon's companion to take the black powder and make a fortune. They leave Damon to take the consequence for their actions and get stopped along the way and the one guy gets killed while Damon's companion is sent back to the wall. I guess the real question is why the Damon character wanted to leave at the end of the movie. He had a real thing going with a woman general who was really good looking, but they don't show their relationship as anything going anyplace. Is the Damon character really that stupid? When you have a thing going with a really awsome lady general, why leave? That is not even to mention the fact that he is tired of being a mercenary and would be able to stay and work with the lady general and do something worthwhile. They could have had a cool scene where the two get together out of uniform when the day is won and we leave them together behind closed doors. Oh well, I guess they didn't think of it. It was very colorful and entertaining just not well thought out. Speaking of thought out, we do have an update. Check: 3x3 Eyes, Ah My Goddess, and Angel Links. Enjoy.

02/25/17-- The SALE goes on. I guess I have to remind everyone with each new update or people will forget. Yes we are having a SALE. Unless the item is on consignment, which means we are selling it for someone else, it is 50% off the posted price which is a really good deal. Items with "C," "D," or "K" in the item number are on consignment so that is the easy way to remember. We are fast approaching the time of year when the movie industry gives their awards for a job well done. If that's what they want to do then let them because I don't really care. They mentioned on the news that many actresses are being paid by dress designers to wear their fashions. So all you see on the red carpet are women who are modeling fashions to be paid. Isn't that swell? They don't do anything for real out here and that is why I don't bother to watch or even care who wins what. The thing that I have heard is something they have been talking about for some time and that is the lack of diversity in Hollywood. Again, I have some questions, but you know how I am. First, let me preface by saying that I grew up here in Southern California and diversity was every day. I was in the Cub Scouts as well as the Boy Scouts. The Cub Scouts was more local so my den mother was just over the back fense. My den mother was black and no one had any complaints about it and we accepted it as appropriate. She had a daughter that was in my class and two sons that were close behind so in the same troup and we played together all the time. The oldest daughter was really pretty so there were no surprises when she was elected Prom Queen several years before I even got to the school. I thought things were pretty good out here and they were better than many places, but not as good as they should have been. Since I was around school after hours, I got to know a number of the janitors and learned that most of them had college degrees, but this was the only work they could get. That was a shock to me. Now, in Hollywood, are there people being held back from achieving their dreams or their goals because of their color? The people who yell the loudest do not say. If there are, why not tell us who they are? If they are only looking at numbers then are you sure this is something you want to mess with? If someone is given a job on a movie that doesn't have the skills to do a good job, but are of a certain ethnic background, that movie will be judged based on merit and how much money it makes and if it doesn't do well, are the big wigs going to trust people with their project only to have things fall apart around them. In the past, people were changed out of one job or another, but not on the basis of race, but rather on how well things are turning out. There are some actors that are really popular and they get parts where in the past the part might have gone to someone not of their ethnic background. The complainers want more. I'm not sure, but I think it will happen naturally as a more diverse group makes its way to the top. If we push it, things could go the other way and I don't want that either. One of the Super Hero movies had a black directer, but I didn't know that until I saw the dvd and watched him in action. You could not tell the difference. He did a really good job and the movie did well so he will have plenty of work in the future. I hope things continue that way, but if they push too hard, will we like the final outcome if people are given a job because of color and not because they earned it? I have no say in the matter so all I can do is hope that things go the right way for the right reasons. Speaking of right way, check out the update. Check: Violinist Of Hamlin, X, and Your Under Arrest. Enjoy.

02/18/17-- The SALE goes on. I guess I have to remind everyone with each new update or people will forget. Yes we are having a SALE. Unless the item is on consignment, which means we are selling it for someone else, it is 50% off the posted price which is a really good deal. Items with "C," "D," or "K" in the item number are on consignment so that is the easy way to remember. There might be a few out there wondering why we are running this SALE. You don't have to ask as I am going to tell you. If you go to the section on the site that gives background, you will know that I first starting dealing in the cels as of 1991. That is the first time I went to Japan with the express purpose of finding cels to bring back to the United States for collectors. I had been selling some cels at Comic Con in San Diego for an animator friend to give him a little extra money, but that is when we started doing it seriously. As of the year 1993, I was going to Japan more than once a year to buy cels. I went to as many conventions as I could and several years later I got a computer and set up a web site with the help of a friend who does that professionally. There is stress in any kind of undertaking and there is always worry that you will be able to cover your expenses. It is not hard work and there were times when we did really well and other times it went poorly. We drove all the way to Seattle and back to attend a convention there and did not sell a single item. We had to pay travel and lodging and such with nothing to cover it. I cannot expect to be able to keep doing this forever and there are expenses in attending conventions to sell inventory. We have not had the sales we would hope for to keep this thing going so having a SALE means that we break even, but at the same time we reduce our expenses. Every year they increase the cost of selling at Anime Expo. They claim that there are more people in attendance, but that does not mean that our sales are increasing by an amount that would justify the increase in cost. There is a professional company in charge of the convention and I guess they don't feel they need to keep expenses reasonable for the dealers. They have increased the table cost by one hundred dollars every year for the last five years. That is why we feel justified in having a SALE and reducing our income since it will cost too much more in the future to try to keep it going. This might be our last year unless our sales are up and they don't increase the cost of a table. Frankly, I am not holding my breath as far as that is concerned so it depends on the sales. We have lots of nice things that are greatly reduced so check it out and take advantage while you can because we won't be around that much longer. Check out the update as there might be something cool there. Check: Vampire Hunter, Vampire Princess Miyu, Variable Geo, and Virus. Enjoy.

02/11/17-- The SALE goes on. I guess I have to remind everyone with each new update or people will forget. Yes we are having a SALE. Unless the item is on consignment, which means we are selling it for someone else, it is 50% off the posted price which is a really good deal. Items with "C," "D," or "K" in the item number are on consignment so that is the easy way to remember. This last week there was an appeals court decision in favor of two states that were suing the government on the travel ban from certain countries. I don't understand the details well enough to say whether I agree or disagree with the judges in this case. The way the news described the issues involved was that these two states were suing the government because they were being hurt as a result of the ban against travel from those seven countries. They described the hurt in that these two states, Washington and Minnesota, have universities and these institutions would lose money because students from these countries would not be able to return to school and their tuition fees and rent and book costs would be lost to the universities and therefore the states involved. I have questions that the news did not address and perhaps if they had then I might better understand the decion that was made. First, were these universities making enough from their tuitions that the states did not have to supplement them for the schools to continue to function? If not, then the loss of the tuitions from those students would mean nothing. Second, what percentage of the students were out of the country at the time that the travel ban went into effect? I am sure that a few might have been out of the country, but what were the numbers. I guess the last question I have has to do with the fact that those particular students were somehow irreplacable to those schools. I wonder about that. Say that each of the schools involved had three hundred students from these countries and all of them were out of the country and unable to return so they could continue their educations. Are there not literally thousands of American born students clamboring for each of those spaces taken by these foreign students? Why are we not more interested in providing an eduction for people born in this country? I'm just curious. I'm not saying that the court was wrong only that we don't have the whole picture so it is hard to understand. Remember that the wife in the San Bernardion terrorist attack was born out of the country and apparently helped change her husband into a radical. I would also like to know why the government is not hacking the sites sponsored by the terrorist groups so they cannot convince people born in this country that they need to go out and kill innocents. We do not have the skill necessary to do something like that? Perhaps we need to ask the Russians to help us because they seem to know what they are doing. If you know those details about that case, let me know because I am curious. At least you can check the update and see if that helps you get through the day. Check: Those Who Hunt Elves, Urusei Yatsura, and Utena. Enjoy.

02/04/17-- The SALE goes on. I guess I have to remind everyone with each new update or people will forget. Yes we are having a SALE. Unless the item is on consignment, which means we are selling it for someone else, it is 50% off the posted price which is a really good deal. Items with "C," "D," or "K" in the item number are on consignment so that is the easy way to remember. Another thing that confuses me is the why of it all. I'm not talking about the world situation, though that does confuse me too, but I am talking about what is going on around us. They reported a recent arrest of someone who had somehow got some teenage girl to send him nude pictures of herself. That is not what got him in trouble. He went back to the well one too many times. It was not the first time, but he got some pictures then blackmailed the girl for more pictures. With the camera in the phone these days, it was easy for her to take pictures of herself so she could email them to this jerk. Once she did that, I guess he threatened her to tell others what she had done if she didn't send him more. They did not really say what form the blackmail took so I am only assuming that is what happened. The why was the first time she sent him pictures. He was not a teenager so perhaps he pretended to be a teenager and sort of played on her ego or something. I really do not understand why she would have done it. How would sending some guy, you don't even know, nude pictures of yourself be anything good you could do? Did he offer to date her if she sent him pictures? If she is good looking then why would she need to do that? If she is not good looking, how would that help? Like I say, I do not understand. I have a facebook account, but I have no idea how to undate it or anything. I hardly pay any attention, but apparently some people live or die based on how much they are liked on their facebook accounts. Why is that? What difference would that make? Some guys got arrested for a burglery they had done then posted a bunch of pictures of themselves doing it. Is that stupid or what? It is stupid. Why would they post pictures of themselves doing a crime and boast about it? Will that make them heros to their friends? If it does, they need to get new friends and right now. Will they be able to maintain their facebook while in prison? I certainly hope not, but the way they do things now, that could be a possibility. Maybe the guy that got the nude pictures of the girl can keep doing that while in prison. He doesn't actually have to meet them or anything. Another thing I think about is the need for all the abortions. Different methods of birth control are readily avialable, but these women do not use them then get pregnant then need an abortion rather than have the baby. Perhaps if they understood that if they have sex with a man before he is in love with them then it will never happen. Perhaps some times they do it thinking he will love them and that doesn't happen so they have to abort the pregnancy they didn't want unless he was going to keep dating her because she is having his child. Get real here. The things you do have a consequance whether you like it or not. How many abortions can a woman have and still be able to have children when she finally finds someone to marry? People do not think about the future and only the now. That is really too bad. Still, you think about the future so check the update. Check: Hana Yori Dango, Slayers, Super Cat Girl, and Tenchi Muyo. Enjoy and if you understand why people do things like this, let me know.

01/28/17-- The SALE goes on. I guess I have to remind everyone with each new update or people will forget. Yes we are having a SALE. Unless the item is on consignment, which means we are selling it for someone else, it is 50% off the posted price which is a really good deal. Items with "C," "D," or "K" in the item number are on consignment so that is the easy way to remember. It was just two weeks ago I mentioned the questions I receive from people living outside of the United States. I got another one this last week and the same thing happened. I explained what I explained before and that person never wrote back. Is it not right to ask for shipping to be paid for? I must be crazy or something because the same thing keeps happening. Apparently these people want not only the fifty percent off, but they want me to pay shipping too. Yeah, like that's going to happen. I am a little confused as to the stance being taken here in California at both the state and city levels regarding their desire to protect the illegal aliens. That really confuses me. I think what they have in mind is they want these people to stay, obtain their legal status then citizenship so they can vote for them. Do illegal immigrants really contribute greatly to either the society or the economy? Think about it. One of the things that these politicians do not mention is the fact that you must be here legally to obtain a Social Security number. You must have the number in order to get employment. Anybody disagree with that statement? How are these illegals getting jobs? You will find that they get jobs because they use another person's number and perhaps even their names. There could be literally hundreds of people all working using the same Social Security number. That is fact. The illegal aliens also obtain phony alien cards which they use to show an employer that they are allowed to work. These current alien cards are impossible to duplicate so any attempts look really phony. Why do employers have problems telling real from phony? It is because they take advantage of these people to pay them less than required. They do not pay overtime and other things because where can the illegals go to have any problems corrected? They can't go to government agencies because they do not have the right to work here. If they want to build a wall between Mexico and the United States, they could pay for it by the penalties they could charge the employers who hire people who they know are here illegally. The penalties for the employers are not nearly harsh enough. An employer can verify who a Social Security number belongs to so as to not hire someone who is illegal. Will they do that? It is doubtful. The free education they receive for their children and medical care is worth far more than what they pay in taxes. That is fact too since they only pay sales tax since they claim so many dependants that there is nothing being held from their wages to pay federal taxes. The statements made by the politicians who claim they want to protect the poor illegals do not hold water, but no one is checking them so they say it anyway. We'll see what happens to these cities that are going to disagree with the federal government. These cities get tons of money from the Feds so they just might find themselves up against a wall. I hate to even visit Los Angeles because their sales taxes are the highest in the state and they want to spend money they don't have to protect all the illegals. We shall see what we shall see. In the mean time, check the update. Check: Hyper Police, Lost Universe, Samurai Troopers, Shamanic Princess, and Silent Mobius. Enjoy.

01/21/17-- The SALE goes on. I guess I have to remind everyone with each new update or people will forget. Yes we are having a SALE. Unless the item is on consignment, which means we are selling it for someone else, it is 50% off the posted price which is a really good deal. Items with "C," "D," or "K" in the item number are on consignment so that is the easy way to remember. This week I would like to kind of regress a little and talk about a movie that is no longer in theatures, but you can now get on video. I wouldn't bring it up except it received many rave reviews and nominations and such. It was alright, but could be a little difficult to follow at times. It was Pixar's Inside Out. The basic premis is that it gives personification to our basic emotions and how they influence us. Obviously our emotions play an important part in our lives and even control us to some degree. In the movie they only depict five basic emotions and that is where they go wrong at the very beginning. The five emotions which they depict are Joy, Anger, Fear, Sadness, and Disgust. Can anyone think of any they did not include in their list? Also, there is no inclusion of the use of reason at all. Even though our emotions may overcome reason a great deal of the time, it does not mean that reason plays no part in the process. There is an emotion that I think really was a big mistake to not include in the formula. I think it should be there and I would hope that you would agree. What about the emotion of Love? Do you not think that plays an important part in our decision process? Actually, I believe that Love might just be the greatest motivator of all. Parents Love their children and usually try to do the best they can for them. If a little reason and Love had been employed at the dinner table, I do not think that things would have gotten out of hand. They wanted to make a story so things had to happen, but then again you could have included those things and how they went wrong rather than ingnore them. What about the other emotions that plague us? Can you think of any? Here are a few for your consideration: Envy, Hatred (this is not the same as Anger because much Hatred is often based on prejudice rather than experience,) Doubt, and Pride. There are probably more except I do not have enough time to give it the thought that would be required. I really think that Love is one they should not have left out. If you do not feel Love then it would bring on Sadness and probably others as well. Think about it and get back to me. In the mean time, check the update. Check: Robot Carnival, Roujin Z, and Slayers. Enjoy.

01/14/17-- The SALE goes on. I guess I have to remind everyone with each new update or people will forget. Yes we are having a SALE. Unless the item is on consignment, which means we are selling it for someone else, it is 50% off the posted price which is a really good deal. Items with "C," "D," or "K" in the item number are on consignment so that is the easy way to remember. How about this week; do you want to talk about SEX this time? Too bad. I have a question I want to throw out there because I am not understanding what is going on. Over the last six months, I have received no less than six inquiries about how much we charge to ship international. We do ship international, but obviously it costs much more than to ship within the United States. When I tell people that I only ask them to pay the actual cost of shipping to whatever destination, they do not write back. Does that make any sense to you? Would you consider it fare to only pay what the actual shipping costs? If I ordered outside the country and was asked to pay shipping, I would not have any problem with that. If you see an advertisement on TV to sell you something, they tell you the cost also includes shipping and handling or something like that. What exactly is handling? You have someone in the building that picks up your package and puts it in the out mail so that is handling? These people in foreign countries must expect me to make do with the same cost as shipping within the United States. For example, say they order three cels so by the instructions, it would cost nine dollars to ship it even if their address is Australia or someplace even farther away, though I cannot imagine what that might be. As an example, the cost to ship to Australia would run about $22.00. I know because I have shipped to Australia several times. My guess would be that these people expect me to pay the difference between $9.00 and $22.00 even though everything is 50% off. If that is what the expect then it doesn't bother me that they do not write back, but I just do not understand their thinking that says I should be eating the difference. You know something, I will survive even though I do not sell to those people. If you can figure them out, please let me know, but if we don't come up with an answer, I will assume that they are just selfish creaps or something similar. While you are formulating your response, check out the update. Check: Saber Marionette R, Sakura Wars, and Shadow Skill. Enjoy.

01/07/17-- The SALE goes on. I guess I have to remind everyone with each new update or people will forget. Yes we are having a SALE. Unless the item is on consignment, which means we are selling it for someone else, it is 50% off the posted price which is a really good deal. Items with "C," "D," or "K" in the item number are on consignment so that is the easy way to remember. This week I want to talk about something we might consider fun. No, I am not going to talk about SEX, though that would probably be fun. Perhaps some other time. Also, what could I possibly say that you don't already know better than I do. What I thought about was Time Travel. The first question that I present is "In the sense that the term is used in fiction, is it even possible. First you need to keep in mind that it was humanity that created such things as days, weeks, years and all the way down to seconds. We created those things for our own convenience. They did not exist and we simply caught on to them when we got around to it. Things exist and as they exist then time exists too. There was no beginning of time nor will there be an end to time. Even before this planet was around, things existed whether there were people to notice or not. Even if all the people should cease to exist, time would go on. How do we know? We have reason to believe that our sun will survive a certain amount of years. Even without people to count the days, hours and so on, time would go by and the sun would cease to function. Whether we like it or not, it will happen. In one sense, we are traveling through time. It is not the way they use in fictional stores because while we exist and time goes on, we are traveling through time. Can we travel back in time or forward in time? Not really because Time is not a thing that can be touched or controled or examined or anything else. There is nothing to hold on to and so on. It is fiction and some people have created strange and often rediculous ways to describe what is going on. It doesn't matter if we believe or not. One thing for sure, we cannot depend on tomorrow because when it gets here, we are dealing with today all over again so do whatever you want today and don't worry about tomorrow. In the mean time, check the update. Check: Pretty Sammy, Ranma 1/2, and Ray Earth. Enjoy.

12/31/16-- The SALE goes on. I guess I have to remind everyone with each new update or people will forget. Yes we are having a SALE. Unless the item is on consignment, which means we are selling it for someone else, it is 50% off the posted price which is a really good deal. Items with "C," "D," or "K" in the item number are on consignment so that is the easy way to remember. So how was the year 2016 for you? Did you accomplish everything you set out to do at the beginning of the year? Don't worry, neither did any of the rest of us. You can answer one question and the rest of us do not need to know the answer. Is the world, or perhaps more specifically the people you meet or know, better because of you? You don't have to be a hero or a wealthy philanthropist or anything like that. Do you smile and say hello to people you meet? Do you encourage others to do their best? Are you happy with their successes as well as your own? Do you feel that even the simple things of life are important? Do you take time to stop and smell the flowers and they don't have to be roses. Are other people glad that you are there and feel a little empty when you are not? These are all simple questions and tell you a great deal about what is important to you. Someone I know was so involved in herself that everything else in the world was secondary to her needs. She is the type to think that it is certainly alright and justified to lie in order to get the truth. Even when she was told the truth, if it was not matching with her opinion, she didn't believe it. My son is seeing a Psychiatrist because of this woman. The lady in question was my ex-wife and my son's mother. After we were separated and going through a divorce, my idea and not hers, I would have my son with me for a day each week. Usually we would go to a movie or something fun. The conversation was about him and the things in school and dates for prom and other things like that. I cared about him and his life and wanted to be supportive. One time, after we had our day together, my son was in the car with his mother and they were driving to the store or perhaps even going on an errand for something he needed. She asked him what we had talked about when we were together so he told her. We had not talked about her. She then asked what we had said about her so he told her that we had not talked about her at all. That was the truth. She got mad because in her mind, we had to be talking bad about her. She threatened him. She said for him to tell the truth or she would drive the car into that tree over there and kill them both. My son was seventeen at the time. The problem is that he had told the truth. She did not believe the truth so she was threatening to kill them both because she did not believe the truth. Now you can understand why he is seeing a Psychiatrist. I hope you never have to deal with anyone like her in your life. I hope, even more, that you are not like her in any way. I hope you do not even know anyone like her. She is not the only one in the world like that, but the fewer the better. I hope this coming year is bright for you and full of promise. Try to be the person about whom the people say, "I wish he was here too." Check out the update, it might help. Check: Outlaw Star, Patlabor, and Photon. Enjoy.

12/24/16-- The SALE goes on. I guess I have to remind everyone with each new update or people will forget. Yes we are having a SALE. Unless the item is on consignment, which means we are selling it for someone else, it is 50% off the posted price which is a really good deal. Items with "C," "D," or "K" in the item number are on consignment so that is the easy way to remember. This is the time of year that I like to wax historical. That is historical and not hysterical. Even when I try, I'm not that funny. Let's start with the reason for the season. Despite what you might have heard, we are not celebrating the birthday for Rudolph the Red Nosed Raindeer, Frosty the Snowman, or even Santa Claus. When you listen to the music they play, I can understand how a person might reach that conclusion. No, it is a celebration of a birth, but of a man born in the area of Palestine over 2000 years ago. He is known as Jesus Christ, but that is not how they referred to him while he was alive. Jesus is the Greek translation of his name from Hebrew which was Joshua which means "God is Help." It was actually a common name and, as with all names in Hebrew, had a meaning. The other name was not a last name, but was actually a title. The word Christ in Greek means "The Anointed" and is based on a Hebrew word that means "Messiah." Even the first name is something of a title. We celebrate this time of year because it became custom. The Christians living in Rome, back then, had no religious freedom so celebrated the birth on a day that the Romans were already celebrating the birthday of one of their pagan gods. As you know, they had a whole pantheon of Gods they inherited from the Greeks. The head of the Greek Gods was Zeus and he became Jupiter for the Romans. The God of War was Ares and he becamed Mars and so on. It doesn't really matter which day we celebrate because it is even more important how we live our lives the rest of the time. The idea of Santa Claus and Christmas Trees and many of the other well known customes comes from European customs and beliefs. It is for fun and not part of any religious practice. They told on the radio how people are getting worried because fewer and fewer people actually believe in Santa Claus. The percent is down from 62 to 55 percent. Oh really. I stopped believing in Santa Claus and about age 8. They didn't say why they are so worried, but it is probably for commercial reasons. Over fifty years ago, when I was in high school, some girls in my English class gave a report on the history of Hanukkah. These girls were Jewish so it was not someone else ratting on them or something. Historians believed that this celebration was a creation to give the Jewish kids something to celebrate so they wouldn't feel left our when the other kids were celebrating Christmas. You can go back and find when and where it was first celebrated and things like that. It is not a criticism, simply a statement of historical reference. They can celebrate anything they want. I hope you have something to celebrate and not simply the birth of Santa Claus. There is more, but this is enough to give you some food for thought. I know you will porbably not be getting all that hungry during this time of year, but thought is thought so go for it. In the mean time, check: NightWalker, Orguss, and Orphen. Enjoy.

12/17/16-- The SALE goes on. I guess I have to remind everyone with each new update or people will forget. Yes we are having a SALE. Unless the item is on consignment, which means we are selling it for someone else, it is 50% off the posted price which is a really good deal. Items with "C," "D," or "K" in the item number are on consignment so that is the easy way to remember. I would be willing to bet that if the dishonest one had won this last election in the U.S. they would not be going ape about hacking by whoever that released some private emails from the democratic party. Since things did not turn out the way they expected then they are all complaining. That includes people who are part of the electoral college that must vote the way their state determined. They must feel that these emails, that were released, caused many people to not vote for their candidate. You do remember that to read those items, you had to go to that specific website? They did not disclose those things on TV or in the newspaper like they did with those things that the other candidate said when he did not know that he was being recorded. I compare these disclosures to someone who video taped the sex they had with the person they were cheating with. They video taped it and kept it in a computer for future reference. Why do such a stupid thing? Yeah, my question exactly. That computer was hacked and that video was placed on the internet for the whole world to see. The wife of that cheater saw the video and got a divorce. It was not the cheaters fault for having an affair. It was the hacker's fault for placing it on the internet. First, that person did not need to cheat in the first place. Second, that person did not need to video tape the event either. Third, that person did not need to place it in their computer for future reference. See what I am trying to say? The fault was the person who cheated. If that had not happened then none of the rest would have happened. Maybe the person who hacked was wrong too, but then again if the cheater hadn't cheated then nothing would have happened. Knowing who hacked and released these things did not create the issue as it was already there for the world to see once they hacked. If people had not written the things they did then readers would not have gotten unhappy with them. They do not want to look at things that way because they want to be able to blame someone other than themselves. That is a common thing to do, but that doesn't make it right. Think about it. In the meantime, check the update. Check: Maizon Ikkoku, Moldiver, and Nadia. Enjoy.

12/10/16-- The SALE goes on. I guess I have to remind everyone with each new update or people will forget. Yes we are having a SALE. Unless the item is on consignment, which means we are selling it for someone else, it is 50% off the posted price which is a really good deal. Items with "C," "D," or "K" in the item number are on consignment so that is the easy way to remember. This week I am going to discuss something that seems relavent to the season. A number of years ago my son was performing as a caroler at the opening of the Outlet Center for the holiday season. They had a full program and Santa was going to be part of the show. The lady, who was in charge of the presentation, told the little kids to pray so Santa would come. I don't know about you, but I find that offensive. I don't need to go into details about Santa. It should be no surprise to you ragarding that issue. It just reminds me of the attitude that many people have on the subject. As an example, just before heading to the casino, do you pray that you will have success in your gambling? Some people do and have no problem with that. How about sporting events? Do the teams all pray that the will be able to beat the other team? If both teams pray for success, one of them will win and one will lose. Are they going to blame the loss on an unanswered prayer? How about burglars? Do they all pray that they will not get caught when they head out to steal from someone? How about the people who hack our computers to steal our important information. Do they all pray that they can obtain what they want and not get caught? Perhaps they do, but I really do not believe those prayers will be answered. Do you pray to have the strength to do the right thing? I think that would be appropriate. If you are sick, do you pray to help you get better? You should. Pray for the right thing and the right reason. If you pray for the wrong thing or the wrong reason, I don't want to hear about it. Do the right thing for the right reason and you'll never go wrong. I will not try to tie that in to the update, but you can if you want to. Check: Little Nemo In Slumberland, Lodoss Wars, and Lupin III. Enjoy.

12/03/16-- The SALE goes on. I guess I have to remind everyone with each new update or people will forget. Yes we are having a SALE. Unless the item is on consignment, which means we are selling it for someone else, it is 50% off the posted price which is a really good deal. Items with "C," "D," or "K" in the item number are on consignment so that is the easy way to remember. Just this last week, the OPEC nations that export all that oil decided to limit their production. When will they start limiting their production, they didn't say. Even if they do and other countries, not in the group, do not make up the difference, we don't know how much supply of oil there will be. Still, the cost of oil jumped by four dollars per barrel. How did that happen? This oil is not part of the reduced production, if any. Still, that is how they do things and the price of gasoline will also jump even though this gasoline was made from oil that cost $4.00 less per barrel. There isn't any shinanigans going on here is there? What would make you think such a thing? Have you noticed how sneaky they are with inflation? It is true. The government doesn't recognize much inflation, but you go to the store and you are paying more for virtually everything. (Our cels are not part of that since we have this unbelievable SALE going on.) One example of how sneaky they are is when they keep the price the same, but reduce the quantity of what you are buying. For example, you might buy yogurt by the case which is composed of twenty four little cups. The price didn't go up for the case, but each cup now holds one ounce less. Actually that is a very big jump in price, but they do not count it since the price of the case has remained the same. Are the people who work for the government really that dumb that they don't see this? They don't want to see it because it would mean that they would admit that there really is inflation and they don't want to do that. Another thing that you see which is left over from the past is ice cream. It used to be you could buy a pint or quart or half gallon and they would be priced accordingly. What about now? Many brands are pint only with fancy titles and such. The others are pint, quart, and quart and a half rather than half gallon. Oh come on. Did they have to? Obviously not, but they did it in order to increase the price while not having it reflected in the inflation index. Don't be surprised if they change the meassurment of fuel to a metric system where it will be much more difficult for us to keep track of the price changes. Why don't they just admit there is inflation? They don't admit it because they would have to increase such benefits as Social Security and such. I guess we just have to live with their stupid games. Still, you have us to fall back on so enjoy the SALE while you can. You can check this week's update too. Check: Bakuretsu Hunter, Macross 7, and Nadesico. Enjoy.

11/26/16-- The SALE goes on. I guess I have to remind everyone with each new update or people will forget. Yes we are having a SALE. Unless the item is on consignment, which means we are selling it for someone else, it is 50% off the posted price which is a really good deal. Items with "C," "D," or "K" in the item number are on consignment so that is the easy way to remember. I know you are very busy getting shopping done as there are many places that have super prices on many popular items. Hey we are beating their prices every day, but what the heck. Still, we'll keep it brief. The latest Disney animation started this last week and there is very interesting news about that. The movie is Moana and you have probably seen advertising. The wrestler Dwaine (the Rock) Johnson is providing one of the voices. He is very popular as an actor and in many areas. He is half Samoan so makes a good choice for this character. It has been quite interesting watching his rise to popularity. Still, the interesting news has to do with the girl and her name. The movie has world wide release and is translated into many languages. They ran into something of a problem in Italy. The name of the girl is Moana and that is the name of the movie. In Italy that was the name of the best known and most popular Porn star. I am sure it was not her real name, but it is how she was known so there is a conflict. That lady died about ten years ago, but is still fondly remembered by the Porn loving public. I would wonder how many little kids and especially those under the age of ten even know that name, but there you have it. They had to change the name of the movie and of the girl character to Oceana because of conflict with a deceased Porn star. I guess in Italy their Porn stars stay popular forever. That is the big news about Moana. They did not have to change the name in the US or any other country except Italy. Ah, the incredible power of Porn. Try not to think about it, but if you do you can distract yourself by checking the update. Check: Go Kaiser, Key The Metal Idol, and Legend Of Lemnear. Enjoy, and do keep in mind that cels make an excelent gift for the Anime fans on your shopping list..

11/19/16-- The SALE goes on. I guess I have to remind everyone with each new update or people will forget. Yes we are having a SALE. Unless the item is on consignment, which means we are selling it for someone else, it is 50% off the posted price which is a really good deal. Items with "C," "D," or "K" in the item number are on consignment so that is the easy way to remember. I doubt the complaints will ever stop, but I find it most interesting that you have the city of Los Angeles announcing that they will fight the federal government if the feds try to send their illegals back where they came from. That does sound kind of strange, but I guess we can't be too surprised. There are approximately one million illegals living in the Los Angeles area. Something else that is also very funny is that many of the illegals, who are in the Los Angeles schools, are marching because they don't like the outcome of the election. Gee, I'm so very sorry you don't like it. What can we do to appease you? Yeah, right? The federal government gives the states money that helps pay for education. A number of years ago in California we voted to try to block support and assistance to illegals in the state, but we couldn't do it because of a lack of federal laws about such a thing so the courts turned it down. Does the city of Los Angeles expect the federal government to continue to support them if they are going to fight to keep their illegals? I guess we will find out. We have two different, but related things going on here. Our borders are not stopping anyone from coming in no matter what their intentions. In the past, terroritst have gone to countries below the US then traveled by land to come here or did the same thing through Canada. We need strong borders to keep that from happening and not just to keep the illegal immegrants out. The reason that people come here without permission is that it very difficult for them to make a wage to support themselves in their home countries. That is a fact. If they could get more and better jobs, they would not need to come here. There are many companies here that knowingly hire illegals. They do it because the think they can get away with illegal employment practices. As example, even where the minimim wage is $10.00, they only pay $7.00 to their employees and pay no overtime. Why do they do that? They do it because these people cannot complain since they are not legal. This is especially true in the garment industry in Los Angeles. They have gotten after these employers because of their tactics. They can kill two birds with one stone here by making the laws against hiring illegals actually have some punch. If you cannot get employment in another country so you can support yourself then you will stop going. That would be the case even though the education is free. If you have no money to pay your rent, you will have to go home. The law requires that a person have a Social Security number in order to work. You can confirm who a number belongs to, but employers don't bother. One employee leaves and they hire a new one. This new one has a different name, but uses the same Social Security number. Those employers don't bat an eye. They don't question because they don't care. If we make the penalty high enough so that employers can't afford to keep doing it then the parade of illegals to work here will dry up. So what do I have against illegals? It costs us a fortune to educate our own children. We are required to provide education for any child that walks through the door. We are required to teach them English. It costs more to educate these kids than it does to educate the ones who were born here. You say, well their parents work and pay taxes so they cover it. Actually it's not even close. They have no deducations from their pay because they claim the maximum number. They send money back home to save for their retirements so don't even save the money in our banks. If everything they earned went to pay the education, it still would not be enough. You get my point. You have people in these countries that want to come here legally, but they cannot because all of the visas are given to parents of children born in this country. How is that fare? Oh well. We'll see what happens. I hope the LA does fight and see what happens to the money the feds give them. That should be very interesting. While waiting, check the update. Check: Gatchaman, Inu Yasha, and I Want To Be An Angel. Enjoy.

11/12/16-- The SALE goes on. I guess I have to remind everyone with each new update or people will forget. Yes we are having a SALE. Unless the item is on consignment, which means we are selling it for someone else, it is 50% off the posted price which is a really good deal. Items with "C," "D," or "K" in the item number are on consignment so that is the easy way to remember. The election is over at last and I guess we were all surprised. Yes, the stupid one won. How about that? I got the impression that more people voted against one and not necessarily for the other. I find it most interesting that we have riots in the street to complain about the outcome. Yeah, that is going to turn the country in your favor. Like heck it will. People are going to say, get those clowns out of here. They don't belong here and now they are complaining about the outcome of our election. Give me a break. If they went back to their own country, the can vote and then complain about the outcome of that election. Have you noticed? They have started with the holiday music already. Last year it was the week just before Thanksgiving. This year it was Wednesday of this week. They seem to be moving it every year. One of these days, it will start the week after the fourth of July. It is not that I dislike this type of music it is just this is getting ridiculous. The overwhelming amount of junk mail due to the election seems to have caused havoc with normal mail delivery. That is something else to hope gets back to normal soon. In California we had a ballot meassure about the use of plastic bags in super markets to bag your purchases. The electorate, in their infinite wisdom, voted to totally eliminate the disposable plastic bags. Now the market sells you a plastic bag that you can use over and over until it wears out and then you have to buy another one. These bags are worse than the others because they are thicker. The stores started selling these things the day after the votes were final. They didn't have to, but they could. Are they not just the sweetest things? Yeah, I didn't think so either. I updated some titles as best I could so check: Gundam Wing, Hana Yori Dango, and Infinite Ryvius. Enjoy.

11/05/16-- The SALE goes on. I guess I have to remind everyone with each new update or people will forget. Yes we are having a SALE. Unless the item is on consignment, which means we are selling it for someone else, it is 50% off the posted price which is a really good deal. Items with "C," "D," or "K" in the item number are on consignment so that is the easy way to remember. I have always been interested in art in its varied forms. I have a small talent, but never pursued it like I should so I never got very far. I took art classes in middle school and really enjoyed it. One of the classes I took was art service and we were responsable for putting up desplays around the school for different holidays or things like that. Our teacher was really very good at that and especially in creating displays with paper. When I was ready to graduate and move on the high school, we had a dance which was like senior prom except for Jr. High kids. We had decorations and I was given the assignment of creating the designs for the decorations which included shields and castles and lots of fun things. When I went to the dance, it made me very proud to look around and see the other kids admiring my work. No one had any idea that I was responsable. It was fun. I have had the privledge of meeting and getting to know numerous famous artists over the years. I have mentioned the friendship I have with the Spanish artist SanJulian and there were the Japaneese artists and so on. I guess it was that interest in art that got me into this in the first place. Just a few things more about the dealings of my ex. I don't intend for you to dislike her. In fact, you might agree with her, but that is up to you. About two years after we started the cel thing in a serious way, I met someone at Anime Expo that was from New Jersey and they wanted to invite Monky Punch to their convention the following year. I had kept in contact with him so I offered to make the contact for them and see if he would come. I did and he did. They gave me a table for the convention to sell things, but we had to pay our own flight and lodging, but it was worth it. They contacted me in the dealers room and brought me to an office where I met Monkey Punch. He had been in Europe and had flown to the US direct rather than going back to Japan first. He was grateful for my help and handed me two little paintings he had done just for me to express his gratitude. He handed them to me, but my ex jumped up and grabed them out of his hand. At that moment in time she decided they were hers and the only reason I can see was because she grabbed them first. I never saw them again after that. I figured she would give them to me later, but that never happened. That happened with other pieces as well, but those were the Anime related. She hadn't done anything to justify any kind of present, but she is so self-centered that she just assumes the world revolves around her. Any time one of my friends would give me a present she would grab it and take her first choice. These were not her friends. Finally, Go Nagai sent me something of a present which were cels from My Neighbor Totoro and here I put my foot down. The package was addressed to me so I said I would take first choice so she got mad. I guess you can get mad when the world revolves around you. The attitude she has is one of the reasons why I divorced her in the first place. It is also the reason why I should not have gone into business with her. These lessons are often hard learned and it was for me. She has very little to show for it for reasons which I shared before. There is more. There is a great deal more, but it is enough so you will understand. Careful who you marry and especially if you are attracted to a latin female. Take it from me, you would be better off alone. While wondering about all that, check out this weeks update. Check: Escaflowne, eX-Driver, and Giant Robo. Enjoy.

10/29/16-- The SALE goes on. I guess I have to remind everyone with each new update or people will forget. Yes we are having a SALE. Unless the item is on consignment, which means we are selling it for someone else, it is 50% off the posted price which is a really good deal. Items with "C," "D," or "K" in the item number are on consignment so that is the easy way to remember. To continue with my story. I got into cels in a serious way after I was divorced. I made the mistake of taking my ex as my partner in the business to help her out. She promised to do half the work, which was a lie, but I accepted no help since it would have been a bigger mistake trying to get her to do half the work. I had to do the packing because she insisted in doing short cuts that resulted in very poor protection for the packages. The only time I ever had a complaint about the way we packaged our goods was when she did the package. I offered a full refund, but the buyer decided to keep it rather than send it back. My ex required we keep everything at the house where she lived including the computer and the inventory. Finally, in 2001 when she was engaged to be married, I wanted out because I wasn't going to pay for a separate room for her during my trips to Japan to keep her husband happy. I wanted to split the merchandise down the middle, but she refused. She wanted me to buy her out. She refused to let me get a count of the costs and such before signing a contract to buy her out. I didn't want to do that, but she threatened to destroy everything if I didn't capitulate. She would have done it. I offered to teach our oldest son how to do everything so she could continue doing the business with him. She refused. Finally when the day came to finish everything, she changed the deal and would not allow me to remove the things from her house. We had money in the business account which did not belong to the business, but belonged to the artists from the Philippines who I represented. She grabbed that money and kept that too. I finally gave her everything because the cost of lawyers would have been more than I could have recovered from the business. She continued to use the same business name, but with a desclaimer since it was her business rather than mine. In a couple of years, she had sold all the really good things and kept all the money. At that point in time, we had two folders of fourty pages each of Miyazaki titles like Kiki's Delivery Service, La Puta, Castle In The Sky, Porco Rosso, Nadesico and others. The value of the things we had back then was pretty good so when she was able to sell it and keep all the money, it turned out very good for her. This is where things started to catch up with her. She was used to dealing with me and getting things in writing so when she made deals, she got everything in writing and assumed that was all she needed. Her first big mistake was loaning her cousin fifty thousand dollars. She got a contract in writing, but did not realize that her cousin was planning on filing bankruptcy so the contract meant nothing. During those years, she split and got back together with her husband. He was a contractor who built upscale homes. He got her to sign to borrow money against the house from our marriage in order to build this new house. Since she got the deal in writing, she thought she was protected except the divorce court did not look at it the same way she did so all debts had to be paid before they could split the money and pay off what she borrowed to build his house. I am sure he was planning this from the beginning as well and she fell for it. My guess would be something like greed influenced her to make these decisions and they came back to bight her. After all she did to cheat me, she wanted me to co-sign to re-finance her home. Of course, I would not risk everything I own on such a deal. What would I have gotten out of it anyway? The only thing I could see would be the Joy of helping her. Yes, sure after all I had lost due to her. It cost me twenty five thousand in lawyer fees just to give her all of that business. At that point in time, she had not sold anything from that business in over five years. No surprise there. Like I said, it did come around and bight her where it hurts the most, in her pocketbook. You are free to accept what I have said as true or not believe it if you desire. It is all up to you. Part of what I have on consignment comes from her since she was unable to sell it on her own. Now you know the rest of the story. Check this weeks update. Check: Eden's Boy, El Hazard, and Fushigi Yuugi. Enjoy.

10/22/16-- The SALE goes on. I guess I have to remind everyone with each new update or people will forget. Yes we are having a SALE. Unless the item is on consignment, which means we are selling it for someone else, it is 50% off the posted price which is a really good deal. People often ask how I got into this in the first place, so here we go. If you aren't interested then just go directly to the end where I list the titles updated for this week. Prior to the big Comic Convention in 1980 where the Japanese creators came in mass, I was already a fan due to Anime on what was called UHF back in those days. I even attended the monthly CFO meetings with my kids. If I had known what I know now, I would have tried harder to get cels when I was there in 1981. I did get a few, but not as many as I would have otherwise. One of the friends I met on that trip was an animater for Nippon Sunrise on their robot shows and he started sending me cels for me to sell for him the following year. We still didn't take it too seriously until we met this guy at a Comic Con they held in Phoenix, Arizona in 1987. We got a few things from him there, but mostly set up for future connections. Two years later, he came over for Comic Con in San Diego and brought quite a bit of cels which we sold for him at our table. Even at a very small mark up, we made more from his cels than everything else we sold combined. We decided we needed to go to Japan and buy for ourselves. We went in February 1991, but most of what we got was from that same guy. We had one idea of the value of cels based on what we paid him, but that did not turn out as well as we hoped. We learned from a different friend that they would be holding a sale at the Toie Doga studio and we would be able to buy cels there. This friend told us that we had to stay away from those guys because they were all thieves and we could get in trouble. It turned out they were not thieves and he only wanted us to stay away from them because we would see how much he was marking up his cels. We gave a Japanese friend some money and a list of what to look for and she got more than we did with one fourth the money. That is when we woke up. We did go to that sale at the studio the following year and found some of the things we turned down from him for much less. One Dirty Pair, which he sold for 8,000 Yen, was being sold at the sale for only 1,000 Yen. We know it was his because it was the same packaging with the same numeric system. Boy, were we upset with that guy. Needless to say, we didn't do business with him any more. They held that sale at the studio three times a year and we went to all of them. It was no big deal that we didn't speak Japanese. I knew how to ask the price and understand the answer. Eventually, they stopped holding the sale at the studio, but started a convention type thing where we were able to go. I guess that ended about the same time they stopped making cels for animation. When I say "we" I need to clarify. I was married and was divorced in 1989. My ex met the guy from Japan so knew he was coming for Comic Con in 1989. She was not part of that business but came anyway because she saw dollar signs. When I went to Japan in 1991, she wanted in so I was stupid and let her because I thought she needed the extra money from the business. What I should have realized was she was simply using me so she wouldn't have to work. She promised to go half on costs and do half the work. She contributed toward purchase of cels, but I did all the work. She even criticised me for watching the cartoons. When she remarried, I didn't want to do the business with her any more, but she had everything including the computer at her house. She threated to destroy all the cels if I did not sign an agreement to buy her out of her share without knowing what everything was going to cost. For that fact alone, the contract would have been invalid, but I couldn't afford the lawyer so gave her everything. As the say, what goes around, comes around and she eventually got hers, but I'll tell you about it next time. Check the update. Check: Crest Of The Stars, Devilman, and DNA squared. Enjoy.

10/15/16-- The SALE goes on. I guess I have to remind everyone with each new update or everyone will forget. Yes we are having a SALE. As last time, everything that is not on consignment is 50% off. The ones on consignment have numbering that begin with C, D, or K. All the ones that begin with A, B, E, F, G, H, or J are on SALE. This is a radical reduction in cost so most everyone wants to know why. It is quite simple. We will eventually reach a point when the cost of selling our items will not justify the rewards. It costs for us to have a web hosting service and there is the cost of accepting PayPal which runs close to 5% of the money received which includes the money for shipping. Yes, I enjoy writing the updates whether anyone agrees with anything I say or not. Yes, I enjoy cels and everything that goes with them. Still, it is work and as income declines and costs go up, there is a point where it is no longer possible. I think the biggest reward for the work have been the many people I have met. I have told you about the great creators from Japan that I have had the privledge to meet. They start in 1980 at Comic Con in San Diego where I met Monkey Punch, Go Nagai, and Ippei Kuri. These people became friends and that is when I first developed an interest in Anime and especially the fabulous artwork known as cels. That is where I got my first cels. Monkey Punch brought a huge stack of cels from Lupin including "The Secret of Mamu" and hundreds from the red coat series. Unfortunately there was nothing from Castle of Cagliostro because he hadn't gotten any yet. There were some cels from Gatchaman, but not as many as I would have liked. There were no cels from the creations by Go Nagai because of various and sundry reasons. We were able to get some cels from Phoenix 2772 since Osamu Tezuka had brought some since he was going to premier the movie at the convention. What a convention. Who wouldn't be caught up when you are surrounded by such greatness. The next time I saw Go Nagain was about thirteen years later in San Jose at an Anime convention. What surprised me the most was that he recognized me. He did a sketch for the charity auction in San Diego and I bought the sketch and our photograph appeared in the newspaper in Japan so that is why he remembered me. His wife acted as interpretor and our friendship began in earnest. One time he asked me about which of his shows I liked the most? One of my favorites is called Keko Kamen and is a comedy about the hero lady that runs around naked except for a mask. It was silly and was meant to be silly. They made some live action movies based on this creation and he did a guest shot in them as one of the teachers at the school where everything happens. He wanted to give me a cel from that OVA series, but didn't have any so he did me a sketch of the character which I treasure. As you can see, I have many reasons to be involved in Anime, but nothing good lasts forever. At the Anime conventions, I feel totally out of it because I have no idea what is hot and what is not because there are no more cels. I still have many cels even though we ran a SALE last year so we are trying again. Take advantage while you can because this is one of a kind artwork and that one you really like might not be there later and especially at a SALE price. There is an update and a chance to find even more cool stuff. Check: 3x3 Eyes, Burn Up W, Dragon Ball, and Dr. Slump. Enjoy.

10/08/16-- Isn't that something that Russia is now mad at us for not supporting their bombing of innocent people. Are we surprised? There was a time right after the desolution of the USSR when that country had more freedoms. Under the current regime, that is no longer the case. Evidence establishes that it was Russia that shot down the Malasian Air airplane over the Ukraine. What are we doing about it? What are we doing about their killing of innocents in Syria? As usual, we are thinking about it. Shouldn't we do more than think about it? There are things that we could do so why don't we? Maybe it all goes back to our leader known as B.O. And to think, all we have to do is vote for the dishonest one and we will have four more years of the same, if not worse. Frankly, we should keep politics out of military conflict. If you remember, at the end of the Korean conflict, we had the bad guys on the run and could have chased them back to China. President Truman told the General in charge of our forces to stop and to let the bad guys have everything above a certain line. How grand. What did that accomplish? Nothing good I assure you. Did you know that we were already fighting the Chinese? Information from soldiers who participated gives evidence that more than half the soldiers for the communists came from China. We said nothing to them nor did we threaten them with reprisal for their killing americans. Why did we react that way? As I said, Truman was the president so you need to ask him. What did the Koreans get out of it? They live in poverty and constant fear of their leaders. In the past, South Korea felt sorry for the starving people of the North and sent them food. They finally woke up and stopped doing that because all the food they sent was going to feed the military. The citizens were still starving. They had a recent typhone in North Korea so what did they do? They asked the U.S. for aid which, if we had given it, would have gone to the military as well. Their one controlling desire is to create a rocket that can carry an atomic warhead to the U.S. Of course we need to help them in their time of need. I would not be terribly surprised if we helped them. I wonder if we could even survive four more years of the same. At least you have food for thought. While feeding, check out the update. Check: Angel Links, Ayashi No Ceres, and Bakuretsu Hunter. Enjoy.

10/01/16-- Recent events have reinforced, with complete clarity, how much confidence we can have in any agreement we make with the Russians. We had a week long cease fire in Syria so what happened, a convoy of trucks carrying food, medicine, and other humanitarian supplies was attacked by air. There is every reason to believe that Russia was involved. People were massacured for bringing food and medicine. Of the countries in this hemisphire, which would be considered the closest to Russia in the way they do business. Why, obviously it is Cuba. That is the country that president B.O. just normalized relations with. Gee aren't we lucky. I'm sure they are equally as honorable as the Russians or at least close. If you are planning to take advantage of the situation to take a vacation there or even take a cruise that docks there, you should keep something in mind. In normalizing relations with this country, B.O. did not have any requirements or stipulations. They do not talk about it, but we might even have paid them for the privledge of being able to normalize the relations. I hope not, but you never can tell. When we opened for trade with Viet Nam, we got stipulations since they too are a communist country. I wonder why not any with Cuba. Did they just not think of any? Oh well! Still I want to remind you of something if you should enter that country. If you go by plane and your fare includes airport fees, those fees go to the government since they own the airport. If you stay at a hotel and the quality might run all the way from a plus one star to a minus six stars, that hotel is owned by the government so all goes there. If you take a taxi from the airport to the hotel, that taxi is owned by the government and they get everything no matter how much you pay and you can trust that you will pay much more than they charged the week before you got there. If you go shopping at a gift shop, it all goes to the government because they own those too and the same applies to restaurants. It doesn't matter what you spend money on, it goes to the government because they own everything. If your ship needs to obtain fuel or food supplies while in the Havanna harbor, that money goes to the government. What that government does with the money is up to them. If they are continuing to send insurgents into Central or South America then they can spend the money there. They could always spend the money to improve conditions for their poor people. Yeah right! Talk about a pipe dream. If our country should buy any product whatsoever from Cuba, that money goes to the government who hires everyone in the country from taxi drivers to doctors. I have talked to many people who escaped from Cuba after the communists took over. I talked to a doctor who had inherited a nice house from his father who was a doctor and so he became one too. When the change over happened, his family was kicked out and they were not allowed to take anything with them such as clothes and he suddenly became an employee of the state making the same as the local trash collector. They managed to get on one of the last planes out and left with only the clothes on their backs. Their house became the property of the government and the residence of a well placed party leader. Perhaps what they were fighting against was not good, but then again they became worse than what they replaced. If you should visit Cuba, don't forget you will be lining the pockets of the party leaders no matter what you spend the money on. Just a little more food for thought. Before I go, one last thing. Last year I did not give you as much time before then end of the year for the big SALE. The SALE begins with this weeks update so for the rest of the year, everything that belongs to us is on SALE at 50% off. The way you can tell which is ours and which is on consignment is by the number. Any number that begins with C,D,or K is on consignment so is not on SALE. That means that if you see a number that starts with A,B,E,F,G,H, or J then it is on SALE. If you see something you like and you are not sure, just ask. This week, check: Blue Seed, Little Nemo In Slumberland, and Virus. Enjoy.

09/24/16-- I like to remind people that they are the result of a long line of people who got together and eventually had children. If our great grand-parents had not had children, we would not be here. If you go back two hundred years, you have someone who is related to you and you would call an ancestor. At the time they lived, they were not called ancestors, only mom and pop. If you go back five hundred years, you will find the same thing. You have ancestors all the way back to Adam and Eve, or if you prefer, monkeys. Back at the time of the troubles in Europe or Asia, you had ancestors. If you are here now, that is an unavoidable fact. What do you know about those ancestors? What do you know about your great, great, great grand-parents? Do you even know their names. If not, why not? I have a rather unusual name and it was not always that way. I know there are more of us than you might think. My grandfather lived a long time and was a farmer up in the hills of Virginia. Life was hard back then and having children gave him help around the farm. It was cheaper than hiring help and it was not nearly as common back then to practice contraception. My grandmother was wife number three. He did not practice poligamy, but remarried after the first and second wives passed away. My grandmother had five children and my father was the youngest of her bnood. My grandfather had a total of twenty one children between the three wives. My father had three sons and between us we had eight children. His brothers had children and grandchildren. That's how it goes. That is just one of my ancestors. My grandfather was one of three sons and so it goes. I have information from both sides of my family. The one I have the most on was my mother's side. I have the journel from my great, great, great grandfather and my family history from him to the present. That ancestor was a pioneer and came accross the plains in a covered wagon to settle in the west. It is very invigorating to read his story. You may not be as lucky as I to have the record of an ancestor like that, but still it is most interesting to find what you can. People in Australia know that they did not start there unless they are aborigines, but immigrated to a penal colony from England. What about you? Find your family history. You will be surprised and what you will learn. It might help you understand yourself. You might even find one who wrote their story too. One helpful hint would be ancestry dot com. Go for it. In the mean time, check the update. Check: Big O, Tenchi Muyo, and Urusei Yatsura. Enjoy.

09/17/16-- As you know, some of the most wealthy people in the world do not deal in any kind of business that is in any way legitimate. There is no question about that. These people do not sell real estate to make their fortunes. They do not develope electronics or anything else that might be useful. How do they make their fortunes? The provide us with illegal drugs for us to use for our recreation. Is that not grand of them to be so very kind? These drug lords make a fortune because there are people ready and willing to buy their product. If there were no interest then they would not have made all that money. Back in this country, there was a time when sale of alcohol was illegal so people made fortunes pampering to the needs of the people that would not give up their habits. That period of time was known as prohibition. Did the alcohol provide any benefit whatsoever to the people who would not stop drinking it? None at all. There is no increase in a person's health or intelligence. In fact, it is the opposite. The consumption of alcohol kills brain cells and attacks the liver which is the body's filter system to eleminate poison from the body. Is alcohol a poison? You bet it is. Is nicotine a poison? Right on. People have died from nicotine poisening yet the cigarette companies put nicotine in electronic cigarettes so people can become addicted. There is nothing wrong with this? You bet there is, but still they do it. If everyone said, let's stop using illegal drugs then the drug lords would go out of business. What is the chance that this will happen? None at all. Even if we are killing ourselves, we will not stop using these things to get "HIGH." Why does Marijuana exist? So we can get high. Potentially, we can have a drink with friends just to spend the time and, if we are very careful, we can have a few drinks with food and not get high. You do not use Marijuana for anything except to get high. They depict the legalization of Marijuana to be for recreation use. That is a total fabrication to make it sound more acceptable. It is to get high. The supporters claim that legalization of Marijuana will reduce the crime rate. That is a blanket statement and they do not support the statement with statistics or facts. When you eleminate pocession of a substance as being a crime then in that situation alone you have reduced the crime rate. If you legalize everything then you will totally eleminate all crime. Think about it. People say we should legalize because we can collect taxes. We can find a way to tax everything from armed robbery and burglary to prostitution so why not do it? What concerns me the most is the fact that not everyone who consumes alcohol or Marijuana do so in the confines of their homes. I would be willing to bet that here in Southern California we have a minimum of one death per day related to alcohol use by a driver. Many of those involved in hit and run accidents are drunk drivers. We know that because almost every time someone flees an accident scene and is caught shortly there after by onlookers and/or police, that person is DUI. Can you prove to me that no person high on Marijuana will drive and get into an accident? That's what I thought. It makes me sad that people just want to get high and don't care what they might do to others. They will probably legalize it because people are not considering the consequence. Oh well. Just a little food for thought. While chewing, check out the update. Check: Gatchaman, Lodoss Wars, and Macross 7. Enjoy.

09/10/16-- Before we start, I have a question to ask. There are many people in the world that are addicted to drugs of different kinds. Amongst the best known are nicotene, caffeine, alcohol, cocaine, and heroin. Yes, they are all drugs and each very addictive in their own way. Those people who are addicted to any of these probably didn't think it would happen to them. If someone were to offer you some heroin, would you say sure, it will not get me like it gets everyone else? Apparently, based on the numbers involved here, many people do. Many people do not think twice about starting to drink coffee even though it is very addictive. Can you wake up in the morning without your cup of coffee? Think about it. At my work, whoever got there first was required to put on the coffee whether you drink it or not. I know, because that applied to me. I would tell you of two experiences. Soon after I was divorced, I went to a dance that was sponsored by an organization to help divorced find others in a similar situation called PWP or Parents Without Partners. I paid to get in to help rent the facility and pay the band. I got there an hour after it started to give people a chance to arrive and find a seat. I started asking women to dance. I am not a great dancer. I am not even a good dancer, but I was willing to try. In that hour I asked six women to dance and got the same response. It is not what you think. I did not ask women who had dates nor women who were totally alone. I asked women to dance who were sitting with other women. What was their answer? They each told me to check again after they had a few more drinks. I watched them and they turned down other men as well so it wasn't just me. They could not relax and enjoy without a few drinks in them. Another night as I was driving home from a movie, I saw a lady who was hitchhiking along a lonly road. I thought it was a dangerous thing for a lone woman to do so I gave her a ride. I was going that way so it was no problem for me. She was going to a Bar on that same street about a mile from my house. She was in her thirties and not bad looking. She might have been doing some drinking before she set out for the Bar, but I'm not sure. She asked me to walk her in, which I did and I sat with her and even bought her a drink. We talked for awhile about a number of subjects of little interest. Finally she offered that if I bought her several more drinks, she would go home with me and spend the night. Yes, she was offering sex for about twenty dollars of alcohol. I excused myself and promised her that she would find someone to take my place before the night was over. We were only about ten feet from the door, but before I reached it, another man had taken my place and was going to take over the job of getting her alcohol in exchange for sex. Both of these experiences actually happened to me. What do they tell you? People can become completely dependant on alcohol in order to do almost anything at all. The woman at the Bar was a prostitute for alcohol and not money. Did she think she was having a good time? Of course she did. Was she having a good time? Obviously not. What did she say when she looked into the mirror the next morning after getting up from sleeping with a complete stranger? What would you say? One of the things that makes me really sad is that we give in to our appetites and I'm not talking about food. Think about it. Are we the best that we can be or the worst? Food for thought. I'll have more for you so hurry back. Check: Crest Of The Stars, El Hazard, and Inu Yasha. Enjoy.

09/03/16-- Some times, as I watch the ads on TV, I like to think about what is behind the advertisment when you get down to it. One of the things I would like to bring to your attention is the advertising that espouses the concept of "open delivery, but you can cancel at any time." I do not order any of these, but my wife made the mistake of ordering from two different companies. One of them was selling something related to calcium in some way and it was supposed to be especially good for women. After receiving the product, she decided she did not need it after all so returned the box unopened. She had to pay the return postage, but by the time she had returned the product they had billed her for a whole year. She had only received one month and had returned that. Perhaps they had something in their advertising that said they would do that, but then again, perhaps not. When she returned the first shipment, she called the company and told them she did not want it and that she would be returning their box. They assured her there would be no problem, but they did not refund her money and she had to call twice more and again they assured her that it would be taken care of. At last she called the credit card company and they were able to get her a refund. The company did not keep their promises. I have to wonder where they think it is alright to bill twelve months in advance for something they had not even shipped. Be very careful with the promises you see on TV. These are not the only examples of this sort of thing. Another thing I noticed is the proliferation of ads concerning something coming on the November ballet. In California it is proposition 52 and has the purpose of extending a fee on medical billing that is called Medi-Cal in this state and Medi-Caid in most others. It gives no background on exactly what this medical billing is only that it generates funds which the federal government matches. This might be coming out of all the bills in the state, but they do not explain anything. It helps pay for medical aid for elderly, children and low income families. I thought that is what Obam-Care was all about. Perhaps when we get the full story later in the year, it might become clear. The thing that bothers me is who is paying for these ads which cover daytime programming. It is paid for by the health care service providers. They are spending millions on this ad and I thought this was welfare with a minimal profit. Apparently these providers are making out quite well so we really need to know the whole story. Once I know the whole story, I doubt I will be supporting it. We will wait and see on this one. While waiting, check out the update. Check: Burn Up W, Ray Earth, and Vampire Hunter. Enjoy.

08/27/16-- We have been so involved with other things that we completely forgot to notice the passage of the seasons. Yes, it is here again. What season is that, you ask. Why it is football season. By the time you read this, I will have already gone to my first game of the year. No one cares about the outcome except me so I will not waste your time. So what will we talk about? I would like to bring to your attention something that is important, but that most people simply ignore and consider that it is just political posturing. One of the candidates in the coming election has a charitable foundation. I won't mention who it is, but it is called the "Clinton Foundation." I think that is vague enough that you won't be able to figure it out. The current value of the Foundation is estimated at about 100 million dollars or even more. The goals of the foundation are all good and they do actually spend considerable funds on those items. One of the problems that I see is that you have money coming into the foundation from very doubtful sources. One of the goals that is espoused by the Foundation is equality for women. That is very worthwhile and hard to achieve in many foreign countries. Stranger still is that fact that a number of the outstanding contributors are in those very countries where women have almost no rights. How do you figure that? Why do these people like in Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates contribute to this foundation that they oppose with every breath? We aren't talking chump change either, we are talking upwards of 25 million dollars and similar. It doesn't make sense if you consider that these contributors are not seeking change within their countries in these areas or even close to their own borders so why contribute? Think about it? Why would they? One of the heads of that Foundation may soon be president of this country. They cannot openly contribute to her election funds so what is left? She will be in debt to them because of their contributions to the Foundation. How will that be having our president compromised by the fact that they're is a debt owed to people outside of this country and who are not seeing the same things we are. If you have any questions about the Foundation then simply go in and google it and you will see all the information on the subject. It is bad enough that these things are clear to see, but no one cares. Oh well. Don't be surprised what happens if that person is elected. We already have a statement that she will do things exactly like the current Czar (I mean president) and go around the congress. Did anyone else notice the number of athletes from Cuba who are performing in Olympics for other countries since they defected? If Cuba is now a good place with which we should have a completely open relationship then why still the defections? Oh well, no one cares anyway. Food for thought. While eating your thought food, why not check the update? Check: Lupin III, Nazca, and Patlabor. Enjoy.

08/20/16-- Welcome back. I want to surprise you. I will not be talking about politics or movies. What I would like to discuss, if briefly, is current marketing of items you can buy. In part the discussion was inspired by a recent experience. I live in a seniors mobil home park. I inherited my home from my parents and I have lived here over thirty years. Yes, if you haven't figured it out, I am a senior. Some times they require you to be over age fifty five and other times over age sixty. Either way, I qualify. At The entrance to the park there is a sign that says "No Soliciting" which means that people are not supposed to sell within the park. A lady came to our door and gave a very vague explanation of why she was there. She wanted to use our counter to complete a form for us. On the pamphlet she showed us there was large writing that said "Energy Saving" and their parent company is GE so I assumed that it had something to do with saving money on our energy bills. After asking a few questions about our use of energy, she started asking about our fire alarm system and things like that. At the end she received a call from her office and turned it over to me to complete. During the course of my conversation, the lady asked me if I agreed that payment for services would be deducted from my account. During the interview with the lady in my home, that subject had never come up. It made me very mad and I told her that I had not given permission for them to do that and I did not agree. We had to do everything over again and it was making me upset that there was nothing in writing. I was told that they would email me the contract that same day. Up to that point, I had not seen what I was supposed to be agreeing to. The contract did not arrive that day nor the next day. I knew that it California there is a law that you have three days to change your mind on any purchase. Since I had not received any written notice of what I was agreeing with, I called and canceled. I had given them a check and I later figured out that they would be getting the information to direct bill from that check. I cancelled that so they were going to have to use the check to pay the bill, but I cancelled the service. Frankly, I don't like the way they do business so watch out for that sort of thing. The other issue I have is that when they offer you services like phone or cabel or something similar, it is all bundled. You are getting two, three or four services at that same time in order to get one of them at a reduced rate. I don't like that because they don't tell you what the bill will be without the bundle or after the year is over. I don't think that is honest, but you may be used to it and find no problem with it. If you think that is acceptable, that is fine for you, but I have problems because I want to know how much something is going to cost. They don't mention in advertising that the rate will go up by double after that first year or any other clue what will happen. If I want to buy some service or something like that, I want to know what I am getting and what I will be paying in order to get it. I guess I am crazy because no one seems to be doing it that way any more. Perhaps if we all don't fall for that line, they will have to change it. Give it some thought then check out the update. Check: Big O, Nadesico, and Orguss. Enjoy.

08/13/16-- Last week I mentioned my opinion of the two who are running for the greatest office in the land and I compared them to being blind and stupid and blind, stupid and dishonest. Please, this was not an attack on people who are intellectually or visually impaired. When I think in those terms, I think back to the old saying about none being so blind as those who will not see. I have seen that very often and it actually applies to the voters even more than the candidates. They don't want to see the major flaws of their candidates so become very blind and stupid where those are concerned. I hope that doesna't apply to you or me. Good luck as far as that is concerned. This week I would like to discuss the latest release from the Disney company. They have been remaking many of their classic movies in a more realistic manner. I did like one of the first, but the way things are going, they will be probably doing the same thing with Mary Poppins and Snow White. When they told the story about the experiences the studio had with getting the writer to go along with their Mary Poppins story, that is not the same thing. Now they will want to change it so it will no longer be a musical with animation in it. That's what they did with Pete's Dragon. Frankly, if you do not see this version, you will not be missing anything even though they are describing it as a new classic. I don't think the people who said that even know what a classic is. This time the dragon is not able to talk, but understands Pete like a very smart pet. There is no comedy in this one and there were three comic greats in the original. They had Micky Rooney, Red Buttons, and Jim Dale in the original. They had some good music and the only music in this one was on the radio. They did not have animation in this one, but they had good special effects. The original was fun and entertaining and this one was just bland. The main bad guy changed at the end when his family was saved by Elliot. We didn't learn that the dragon could breath fire until the very end. He wanted to keep the bad guys from following him and used his fire to melt the road. It was dangerous for more than just the bad guys. I appreciate honest efforts to do something new and good, but this is just rediculous and accomplishes nothing of substance. Oh well! Better luck next time. Perhaps their remake of "Beauty and the Beast" will be better. Yeah right. Don't hold your breath. Still, we can always hope. While you are so involved, check out this week's update. Check: Bakuretsu Hunter, Devilman, and Nadia. Enjoy.

08/06/16-- And the screams go on. I will be so glad when this election is over. To me it seems like the blind and stupid versus the blind, stupid and dishonest. The latest subject that has come up is my bone of contention for this week. Again, I do not expect you to be convinced by anything I say, but at least it is food for thought or at least I hope so. On one side they have the blind, stupid and dishonest saying that the government should pay for college and University for everyone while on the other side you have blind and stupid saying, "No Way, Jose." There are probably many college graduates that are still paying off their student loans that say this is a swell idea and will vote for that side. It is understandable, but then I think they need to think about the whole picture. The first thing I want them to think about is where are they going to get all this money to pay for the colleges and Universities? Yes, the Government prints the money, but do we really want to put the Government that much deeper in debt? Think about how many colleges and Universities there are in this country. How much money would it take to pay all the expenses for all of these institutions? We are not talking about small change here. I don't want to think that high. We could save quite a bit of money by abandoning all efforts to protect ourselves from less than friendly countries. Also, we could save quite a bit by suspending all of the support which we spend trying to help these other countries that hate us anyway. Even if we did those things, which will never happen, it will not be enough. Another thing I want you to think about is that any time the Government gets involved in providing something like this, the administrative costs are worse than anything else. You have heard about the ten thousand dollar toilet seats for our fighter jets and so on. Many years ago I heard on the radio the cost for the local government to try to raise the income of the local needy families by $5000 per year. The average cost for trying to do that was $20000 per family. It would have been cheaper to simply hand every needy family $15000 in January and asking them to come back the following January. That is not the way the Government does things whether local or central. The administrative costs far exceed the actual help they give. Can you imagine what it will cost to administer funds to pay for college for everyone. I graduated college and paid my own way. I worked while I went to school. I got student loans, but not to pay for college. I got student loans to pay for my mother-in-law's dental work. Believe me, it was not my idea. I worked for the Government and when I started, the Social Security Administration paid to help students go to college. Did this help? Not on your life. This was the source of the majority of overpayments within the system. We would pay up until the age of twenty two and beyond while still in the semester. The common thing was for students to bring proof they had enrolled full time at the beginning of the semester then they drop out the following month and not tell anyone. They would get their benefits all semester without going to school. They would bring proof they had enrolled the following semester and do the same thing. When we finally caught on, they would move and not give their forwarding address. Eventually need required them to get a job and if they had any refund due from IRS that is when we got our revenge. No refund because that was being paid toward their debt. Of course they would come crying that they needed their refunds. Gee, too bad. They should have thought of that when they were supposed to be going to school. Another thing I think about with regard to paying for college is Spring break. This is known around the world as total debasement. Why should we have to suplement their party life style? Would you like to look at your unbelievable tax bill then watch as the college students cavorted drunkenly all over the place? If they did this, what would be the need for high school students to get good grades so they can get scholarships? Why bother? College is free so why work? Would the college students be required to maintain a grade level? Would there be any differences based on race or gender or sexual preference? You bet there would, but I'm not going to go into that now. I guess the bottom line is that one side wants to look like they care about all of us while the other side only cares about the bottom line. Actually, thinking about the bottom line is caring about all of us, but they don't want you to figure that out then you might actually vote for the other side. Some ideas sound better than they really are so keep that in mind. Look at these things from all sides and use logic. I asked my neighbor what she thought and she will vote for the blind, stupid and dishonest one, and her fist response was "where will they get the money?" The dishonest one knows that when she's elected she can throw the college thing out there knowing it will not float then she can blame the other side. Would she do that? You bet! While you think about all that, check out the update. Check: 3x3 Eyes, Sakura Wars, and Virus. Enjoy.

07/30/16-- So, did you miss me while I was gone? Yes, I was gone. I told you I would be gone so why are you so surprised now? I should have known. Oh well! I was at San Diego for Comic Con. The artist I was hoping to see did not make it, but I had a good time anyway. The first Comic Con in San Diego was 1970. This was number fourty seven and that is really saying something. The biggest changes have been over the last fifteen years. It would double from one year to the next and really took off when the studios and publishers decided it was the event just for them. The studios give all their surprises at the convention so there is always lots of news. It is on the news in San Diego which is to be expected, but it is on the news every day in Los Angeles and other big cities. The had some information there about "Guardians of the Galaxy" number two and projects like Justice League from DC. We are talking about big budget movies here folks. The toy companies have exclusives just for the convention and there are all kinds of things to see. They have about one hundred and thirty thousand every day and that doesn't count the Exhibitors and their staffs and the tickets they get for friends and such. We have seen move stars galore like the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit casts and crew. They had Angela Jolie, Hugh Jackman, Robert Downey Junior, and Natalie Portman and many others. They convention did not pay for their time, it was the studios so they must have thought it worth the money. In some ways I like the changes and then again, not so much. I hardly leave my table except to go to the rest room, but then again, much of the convention comes to me. From what I hear, it is almost impossible to get tickets because they sell out soon after they go online. I never have to worry about that because I am the exhibitor with the most longevity because I have been to all of them and sold from the second one on so they give me what I ask for. That is nice, but I am trying to figure out how to pass this along to my son. We'll see how that turns out. In the mean time, check out the update. Check: Angel Links, Gundam Wing, and Saber Marionette R. Enjoy.

07/16/16-- Here we go again. You will have another Saturday off while I attend Comic Con in San Diego. Hope to see you there. A long time ago I submitted some story ideas for the D.C. suspense titles and they bought one which they published in their humor book. How they got from one category to the other is beyond me, but that's what they did. The good thing about it was that they had the story drawn by the best artist they had at the time. He will be at Comic Con so I will look him up and try to talk with him. There is some potential here for a good time,or at least I hope so. I have a sketch book, but I doubt I can talk him into doing anything for me, but you never can tell. I will take it with me just in case. So the terrorists are still at it. Imagine driving a truck through a croud of people. You notice that these people do not attack anyone who can defend themselves. They attack people who don't have any chance to defend. Is that what they call brave? The civilized world needs to come up with a plan to fight these cowards. They are cowards because they go after the defenseless. They believe that their acts will be rewarded because they sacrifice their lives for the cause. They must believe that idea no matter how illogical it would seem. Do they do anything to help those in need? Are you kidding? They are busy buying trucks and bombs and weapons and computers. The civilized world has many who could easily hack their web sites where these people ask the youth of their religion to die in their service. Why don't we hack their sites and bring them down so they can't do that any more? That makes perfect sense since these people are getting others to kill for them. If you have a better idea, let me know. Still, enjoy your week off and talk to you again soon. In the mean time, check: DNA, Eatman, and Tenchi Muyo. Enjoy.

07/09/16-- What a weekend. I am on my way back to full recovery which will probably only take two or three years. Hope you had as much fun. Too bad about the events since then. I will not make any comments about the police shootings because I don't know enough of what really went on. I don't like to jump to conclusions. I think that sniper in Dallas was just waiting for an excuse and got one. What I can talk about are two of the receint movies that are still out there. Let's start with Tarzan because I previously brought up the subject. There are inconsistancies within the story. Jane's father is described as a professor, but why was he living with this small tribe in the Congo? There is no explanation. Jane grew up in Africa? Not really, but perhaps they thought it a good idea to strenghen her ties with the continent. Who knows? They started by mentioning that John (Tarzan) and Jane had lost a baby. Not in the stories and I guess it was to build sypathy. At the end of the movie they had their son, but he was born in Africa rather than England. At least Jane is shown as an American rather than British. They are shown as married. There are other things, but the one I enjoyed the most was when they referred to Tarzan's ape family as the Mangani which is interesting since it is the term used in the ape language. Go figure. The other is Independance Day. They had to change the story to create the circumstances. They say that one of the big ships landed twenty years ago, but that was never mentioned in the original story. The professor in charge of the science at area 51 was played by Brent Spiner. He apparently had been in a coma all these years. Yeah right? This attack happened because the first invaders sent a signal requesting help. When did that happen? The invaders don't seem the type to include an automatic system to ask for help. The destruction was so quick they didn't have time to send a request. They go around the universe stealing the power of the molten core of every planet they find. You would assume that if they get beat by the local inhabitants that the leaders would consider it their screw up and not worry about it. The power to send a ship that size accross the universe for vengance would not be justified. Still, it wasn't that bad and apparently they will have one more where we go off into space to attack the bad guys. Yeah right! Even with additional technology that is greater than our own, it would cost more than the world could afford unless we are going to drain their molton core. The thing I liked best was when the science leader and his assistant try to face their mutual attraction. He says there is something he must tell him before he dies. What can that be other than declaration of undieing love? No, apparently not. I wants to tell him that the scarf he knitted was supposed to be a sweater. What can I say? Men! I thought that was very cute. Despite all the flaws, the movies are worth the few bucks to go see so go for it. While thinking about it, check the update. Check: Big O, Inu Yasha, and Urusei Yatsura. Enjoy.

06/25/16-- Next weekend is your first day off this year because it is the first convention of the year. For Anime fans, it is the big one. Yes, Anime Expo is no longer a thing we talk about because it is here at last. I hope to see all of you there, but I know that if I were to see only two or three that would be really good. Since the 4th of July falls on a monday, the convention will run from Friday to Monday and should be fun. I enjoy how people get into the spirit of things and dress crazy and all the rest. Speaking of crazy things, I was listening to a station that was unusual for me because I had work done on my car and they had the battery disconnected so they could do the work. The program was one of those interview programs where different sides of the coming election were represented. What caught my attention was when one of the participants asked the other this question and the way she answered was taken right out of Zootopia. You remember when the Fox told the Bunny the best way to handle the questions when she was talking to the reporters? Simply, he told her to answer the question with her own question and then answer that. That is what this lady did. I couldn't believe it. I had heard most of the information previously so it was nothing new to me. Basically the issues have to do with one of the candidates in the upcoming presidential election and one of the others. They will remain nameless, but you can figure it out. After the candidate's husband left office, he became a high priced speaker at many corporate meetings as did the candidate herself. When I say high priced, I am not kidding around. This is all easy to confirm so if you have any doubts then check it out, but they received between $250,000 to $400,000 for an hour speech. What could either one of them say to a corporation that would be worth that kind of money? I have no idea. Neither one of them is a leader in business. There has to be something else involved like for these Wall Street businesses to have friends in high places. What was she going to tell a group of Wall Street big wigs? Was she going to tell anicdotes of her days as first lady? Let's get real. The qustion was, how is this nameless candidate going to land heavy on these business as she promised when she is in bed with them. I can't imagine anyone wanting to be in bed with her and that includes her husband. That lady's response was to ask about Mr. Soandso who has had monetary dealings with these same large companies and she did not answer the question about the unnamed candidate's involvement under the disguise of giving a very expensive speech. The answer to the counter question was simple in that these were loans that have been paid off and that Mr. Soandso is a business man while the other candidate is not. You figure it out. Good luck with that one. Update this week. Check: El Hazard, and Nadesico. Enjoy and back in two weeks.

06/18/16-- Convention season is sneaking up on us and will be here before we know it. I have already begun to get everything ready and though I have put hours into it, I still have a ways to go. I hope to see you there and we can have a great time. We will be doing that same thing we started before Christmas and which ran until just after income tax. There is a method to our madness and that will become clear over time. Alright, this last week was as bad as it has ever gotten. That man in Orlando invaded a night club and killed as many people as he could. There is no getting around it, it was truly horrible. It is terrible that people think that this is justified. This guy was born in the state of New York. The only thing that links him to other terrorists is their religion. Of course, the President doesn't want to mention that because he doesn't want to alienate the others of the same religion. The only thing that links this guy to the ones in San Bernardino, the Philippines, Paris, Brussels, and the middle east is what the President doesn't want to acknowledge. Some expert on extreems says that there are extreems in virtually all religions including the Christian religion. He claims that the KKK and other white supremasist groups are extreem versions of Christianity. Somehow, that doesn't sound quite right. He was saying that for people who only see the concepts in terms of black and white and not grey are going in that direction. Let me see, what part of "love thy neighbor as thyself," leads a person to believe that whites are surpreme and are justified in anything they wish to do to lesser individuals? I believe that many of these people started as believers, but got lost along the way. As I see it, they are not truly Christian any longer if they ever were. Obviously, I do not agree with that expert. There is no way to sit down and talk these things over so he will believe what he wants while I believe what I want and never the twain will meet. Someone needs to explain to the President that old saying, "If it looks like a duck and waddles like a duck and quacks like a duck then it isn't a piece of celery. Oh well, good luck with that one. I managed to squeez in a few updates so check them out. Check: Bakuretsu Hunter, Corrector Yui, and Gatchaman. Enjoy.

06/11/16-- This year is going to be one of the longest on record because of the elections. Oh well, we should have known. One thing that came back to me in a very meaningful way was the use of slogans by the politicians. This is nothing new and goes way back before television or radio. You can find some if you want to look them up, but that is not the point. One of the current crop used one that deserves a little attention. Basically it goes something like this: This country will not be able to reach its potential unless everyone reaches their full potential. As usual, that sounds very nice, but what does it mean? The intent is obvious. This person wants everyone to feel that they are included and part of plans for growth and achievement. Is that what they say? Not really. The problem is that it would not be realistic for us to expect that everyone in any country can achieve their full potential. Think about it. What is the chance that a drug addict can survive very long, much less achieve their full potential. That would also include alchoholics and even people who would rather sleep than hold down a job. We cannot force people to do the right thing. Must we hold back the country because of the people who don't care? Apparently that is what that person is saying without really saying it. Your job is to think about the things that people say and reach the conclusion what they are really saying. Does this politician want you to think about their slogans? No, they do not. They want you to take them at face value and not think about what they are really saying, only that they sound good. Unfortunately, most people do not think enough and want their leaders to do the thinking for them. If you look back at it, some of the best presidents we had were not politicians. Some took the position because we needed them there. Be the one that thinks and not the one who wants the leaders to do all the thinking. Which are you? Just checking. I've said enough this week so check out the update and give your brain a little exercise. Check: Ghost Sweeper, Lodoss Wars, Maris The Chojo, and Moldiver. Enjoy.

06/04/16-- This week I would like to bring to your attention some thinking that appears rather misdirected at worse and inappropriate at best. The fact is that only one of these people is a politician. Yes, hard to believe I know. They covered on television in the Southern California a chase by police of a stolen car. During the course of that chase, the news advised what the police had learned something from the fleeing fugitive's wife, who had been in contact with the man by cell phone. First, it is against the law to talk on a cell phone while driving the car even if you are the owner of the car. That is just one of the things this fellow was doing. During the course of the chase, the man who was driving the stolen vehicle got into no less than three accidents while trying to escape. This guy did not stop when he had the accidents so that made it hit and run which is also illegal. He failed to yield to police who were flashing lights and wailing their sirens and that is also illegal. All this on top of the fact that he stole the car. What he told his wife was that he would not give up without a fight because he had just gotten out of jail. He eventually ran out of gas so the police surrounded him and arrested him after he jammed half the freeways in the area. The words of the criminal gave the impression that he was blaming the police for everything since he had just got out of jail. That makes perfect sense. Any perpetrator who just got out of jail will obviously not want to go back so they should have free range to do anything they want since they do not want to go back to jail. Yeah, right. He just got out of jail so what does he do, he steals a car and runs away. They should have warned him while he was in jail that stealing a car is a crime for which he might be punished. When he goes back to court, that can be his defense. They didn't tell me so they are at fault. The police are at fault for capturing me since they knew I had just gotten out of jail and didn't want to go back. That should have been self evident on the part of the police. I am being sarcastic. Surely the man wanted to go back to jail since he stole a car. Why else would a convicted felon steal a car? Oh well. I can hardly wait for the voting to be over. They talk about this stuff way too much. One of the candidates for a senate seat left vacant by a senator that is retiring holds an elected office in the state of California where she is the top law enforcement officer for the state. Her platform is based on the concept that she is fearless in her efforts to protect the rest of us. Yeah right. She has underlings that do all the work and she takes all the credit because she was voted in. She took on the oil companies when they were making too much smog at their plants. California has the highest standards in the country and it is easy to chase the perpetrators because they never go any place. I can give you two examples where I think she would have shown more courage in the fight for the citizens. The first example is the oil companies because they are price fixing. The price of gasoline is highest in the country because our rules are the stiffest. Three days after the price of imported oil goes up, the price at the pump goes up. If the price of oil goes down, it takes months for the pump to reflect the change. Go figure. The refineries close down for maintenance at the same time which causes the price to jump at the pump because the availability goes down. The summer blend is higher because of the ingredients that help reduce pollution. They change over to summer blend at the beginning of spring. Experts say that the difference in price should only be 10 cents per gallon yet the price goes up by 30 cents. No one questions these shinanigans. One other thing that needs to be investigated is Cal Trans which oversees repairs and maintenance of roads. They told on the radio how members of the union were attending and participating in a golf ternament while on payroll. How do they justify that and why didn't the state pursue these perpatraitors? Unfortunately, these people belong to the union that supports the status quo. That department managed a blind eye to such things so how does that show that this lady is courageous? She is selling herself to a believing public. Try to relax, things can only get worse. In the mean time, check the update and see what you can find. Check: Blue Seed, Little Nemo In Slumberland, and Macross 7. Enjoy.

05/28/16-- And the beat goes on. Most everyplace, where certain presidential candidates have meetings, people insist on making asses of themselves and protest. They take freedom of speach and totally destroy the whole concept. On the news today they were showing such a protest in San Diego accross from the convention center. I know the convention center well because they hold comic con there every year. They tried to tell these people that their protest was considered an unlawful assembly, but did they listen? They were doing everything in their power to be total jerks. They were fighting the police and trying to get past police lines to have direct access to cause problems for the supporters that were there. Many were waving the flag of Mexico which doesn't make any sense. Are they supporting their home country by rioting over here? Not as best I can tell. With the current administration, why do they even have borders? It is like a swinging door. You can just walk in and report to border patrol then the American people have to feed and house you for several months or longer until we can get them to court to determine what to do with them. Why do we need to take them to court? I understand what some politicians are trying to say when they say immegration reform. They want to grant legal status to the illegals so they can rush them to citizenship so they can vote for them. One of the candidates from one of the parties has declared that she will do the same thing as Obama if elected and if congress doesn't do exactly what she says. Why bother with the law of the land when you can just write up an executive order and put it out there and have your way. She has learned her lesson well. Why do so many people want to come to this country then protest if we are not giving them everything they want as quickly as they want. If you originate in any other country in the world, you do not have as much stuff handed to you that you did not have to earn. As an example, you do not have to be here legally to send your kids to school here and have your neighbors pay for it. If you are still in your country of birth, do you have that given you? No way, Jose. Even if you make enough money so your kids don't have to get jobs and help support you, you would have to pay to send your kids to school. If you have a medical condition that needs treatment, does the government pay for it? Again, no way Jose. Even if you are illegally in this country and your kidneys fail you, the government will see you receive dialysis. Do they do that south of the border? No way, Jose. If you are not legally in some other country and have a child, is your child automatically a citizen of that country? No way, Jose. You would have to go back to your home country and record the birth there. Could you get on an airplane in the US and give birth within the air space of that other country and have they child be a citizen of that country? No way, Jose. I could go on and on and on, but you get the picture. These protestors could not protest their government in their home country, but they can here. Despite that inequity, they wave the flag of that country while they protest. That is so rediculous. If you like it so much, you can go home and we will not stop you. I wonder who it is that provides transportation and lodging for these protestors. I have an idea, but I could never prove it because they are not talking. All this is food for thought and not designed to change anyone's point of view. To cheer you up, check out this weeks' update. Check: Dragon Ball, Eden's Boy, and Ranma 1/2. Enjoy.

05/21/16-- Several weeks ago, I mentioned what I saw as a total misaplication of justice when dealing with people that call themselves Transgender. Things have not gotten better since then, they have gotten worse. Is anyone surprised that the president has stuck his nose into this pile of dung? Some states have passed laws that cease special treatment to people who call themselves Transgender. Someone on the news brought up the fact that accross the nation there might be several hundred individuals who might qualify under this description out of the hundreds of thousands of students. Still, we must make special provesions for their special needs? Remember, the defenition of Transgender is anyone who doesn't identify with their birth gender. As an example, you have a male who identifies more with females and vice versa. Something I did not know at the time, but the laws that the president is trying to shove down the throats of the public include not only rest rooms, but locker rooms. Can you imagine being a girl and finding yourself in your locker room getting ready for physical education and sitting next to a boy who is getting ready for the same thing. It doesn't say that Transgender boys will play on the girl's softball team or a Transgender girl will play on the boy's football team, only that they use the same locker room. Does that make any sense to anyone? At my old high school, they have what I call single serving rest rooms where it is one person at a time and you lock the door behind you. It doesn't matter if you are Boy, Girl, or Transgender because it is one person at a time. If you are a boy in the boy's rest room and you are taking care of business standing, because that is the business you need to take care of, and a girl walks in who is Transgender and has to wait to use a stall because they are being used. How would you feel being on display for that girl? Yeah, that's how I would feel. The most recent thing I heard about was not even at a school. In the news yesterday they talked about a lady security guard in Washington DC that got after a man in the lady's rest room. I would assume that would be part of her job. She might lose her job because the man claims he is Transgender. My next question is if the man is Transgender, why doesn't have have a sex change operation? A kid in school may not be in a position to do that, but what about the man? They are claiming that it was a hate crime because she told the man something about hating to drag you guys out of the lady's rest room. Do the Transgender males have an ID card that says they are what they claim? If normal men use the lady's room then would it not be her job to get those guys out of there? Why would it be a hate crime unless you know a person is that special thing? Does the law say that Transgenders are protected to use any rest room they want no matter where? This is so rediculous that it is hard to believe. Still, I have seen no explanation how a Transgender boy is being hurt or even disadvantaged by having to use a boy's rest room. That would also apply to girls. If a man has not had a sex change then what is the big deal about using the men's room? We are not talking about physically harming either men or women because of sexual orientation. That has happened too many times in this world. We are talking about something very vague here such as which gender you identify with. Oh well, I hope you have better luck understanding this garbage than I did. In the mean time, check out the update. Check: Burn Up W, Fushigi Yuugi, and I Want To Be An Angel. Enjoy.

05/14/16-- The season for movies has started again and that makes us all very happy. One of this season's blockbusters is the new Tarzan movie. When you think about it, you realize they have made more movies about this character from fiction than any other. Some have been better than others, but the thing they all have in common is that they all fail to hit the mark as far as telling the correct story as created by Edgar Rice Burroughs. The most recent failure was the Disney version of John Carter. The first book in the series is titled A Princess of Mars and not John Carter. They did not mention Mars because of a recent flop they created called Mars Needs Moms. Oh give me a break. Who would recognize the nature of the movie with the title John Carter? That's what happened. With the title they came up with, it was a worse failure than it deserved to be. Everyone has heard of Tarzan so how far off base could this one be. I have read all the books so I have a little insight. In the early movies, one of the things they did was have Jane start living with Tarzan in the jungle. They were cohabiting at a time when that was inappropriate behavior. The problem as I see it is the fact that was not what happened in the books. In the movie they had a young boy show up without explanation which they called "Boy." Tarzan and Jane did have a son, but he didn't show up until book five and he was born in England. Tarzan was actually a British Lord with the title of Lord Greystoke. His parents were on a ship and the crew rebeled and killed the captain and officers and took the parents ashore. Tarzan was born in Africa and probably South Africa. His parents were killed and as a baby he was left alone. An ape mother had just lost her cub to a lepard and adopted the human baby. Before any other white men ever showed up, Tarzan learned how to read English by studying a child's dictionary. He knew he was not like the other apes. He was not raised by Gorillas or Chimpanzees, but by another species that is between the two. They are called great apes. Tarzan is a word from the ape language that means white skin. The apes could tell he was not like them. He started wearing a loin clothes because he realized he resembled the local natives more than he did the apes and they wore loin clothes. Jane was not from England, but came from America. She was taken back to America so Tarzan had to follow. He saved her life in America as well. They were married at the end of book two and ended up back and forth between England and Africa. They had title and money and lots of good things wherever they lived. There was a tribe of isolated yet highly intelligen natives that adopted Tarzan as something of a ruler. It is interesting that the first human language he learned was French then English came later. Tarzan did use some yells, but did not have a yell as he swung from vines. He moved quickly amongst the branches, but was not a real swinger. He did use a knife and thought of it like a long tooth. I am interested to see what they do with this version. It will probably be screwed up like all the rest. They did have a version called Lord Greystoke with a French actor in the part. In other movies he also played a highlander so I gues British isn't all that far off. Check the movie when it gets here and see what you think. In the mean time, check the update and see what you think. Check: Giant Robo, Go Kaiser, and Gundam Wing. Enjoy.

05/07/16-- We have had some recent events in my neck of the woods that really make me wonder. One of the people who is running for the nomination for president was speaking in Orange County and there were some protesters who were standing together in the parking lot. There were eight thousand attending the speech and several hundred protestors. When people were trying to exit to their cars and go home, the protestors started getting rowdy. They even attacked some of the people that were supporting the speaker. These protestors wandered into the street and brought traffic to a standstill. The people in the cars had nothing to do with the speach or anything going on in the area. They were driving home or out shopping or whatever motivated them. These people didn't care about these innocents and their plan was to cause trouble. Police came and they were given orders to disperse which they ignored. They were not a lawful assembly. Their free speech is protected just like everyone else, but they wanted more than their rightful due. Some of their number jumped on stopped police cars and jumped on them and dammaged them. These pea brains were yelling and screaming and waving mexican flags. Let me ask you, if you wish to protest someone or something, is your goal to make everyone else dislike you and want to support whoever you are against? It seems that was the purpose of these people. Fortunately, there were arrests and many of these people went to jail. There have been protests similar to these around the world and the one thing they have in common is the fact that after they finish, they do not have more supporters. They isolate themselves from all the right minded people who vote and make decisions that effect them. If that person who spoke happens to be elected president, and he might, their actions will push him to see that their tails are sent packing back to where they came from without further delay. These people were waving flags of another country where they no longer live. If that country is so great, why are they here? Just curious. Has it ever helped any point of view for the supporters to act like a bunch of morons? Frankly, I doubt it. The other thing is the fact that you have eight thousand people acting civily and several hundred acting like idiots. Which do you think makes the better impression? I agree. If you are on the short side of any debate, don't make your position worse by acting totally stupid. I tend to follow that old saying that goes, "I would rather remain quiet and have people think I'm dumb than say something and prove they were right." Just food for thought. Check out this weeks update. Check Devilman, and Saber Marionette R. Enjoy.

04/30/16-- In the years to come, we may well look back on these days and call them the Rest Room wars. In the news all over the country they are having demonstrations for what they consider unfair laws. I do not like to see people hurt because of race, creed or sexual orientation, but this is getting reduculous. There is an organization that is known by the initials LGBTQ+ and if you know what that stands for, I congratulate you. They seem to be the group that comes up with the definitions for all the terms used to described those with slightly different outlooks on life. I am not passing judgment because I try to judge people by what they do and how they treat others and not by lables. This organization and those that espouse their cause have been demonstrating for special rights in states which do not seem to agree with their specific point of view. Laws have been passed that basically say that a person should use the rest room which agrees with what is on their birth certificate. Is this a slight against people who have had a sex change? Actually it is not because if you have had a sex change, which makes you transsexual, then your birth certificate can be adjusted to show the new you. A woman who used to be a man can go into the women's rest room without problems. The real problem, as I see it, would be for those people who call themselves Transgender. That is a little more difficult to get your head around. These people are defined as individuals who do not feel a strong kinship with people with their sex since birth. Yes, that is more than a little difficult to follow. The man may still be a man yet claim he does not feel kinship with other men so he would rather use the woman's rest room. In the medical clinics where I go and many schools around town have single use rest rooms that can be for anyone. If a man doesn't feel comfortable with other men in a rest room then this type of arrangement should resolve their problem, but apparently that is not what these people are fighting for. In fact, it is hard for me to understand exactly what they are fighting for. People who wrote the law are trying to prevent molestations by men who claim to be in the Transgender group then go into a rest room and molest little girls. There is nothing wrong with that thinking and I do not understand why anyone would fight it. How do you prove that a person does not identify with one group or the other? If men are sexually still men, how does it hurt them to use a rest room designated as being for men? If it bothers them that other men are standing at the urnal when they walk in, then they don't have to look. Really, I can more about the innocents that might be hurt than an adult who makes some strange claim that they are somehow being hurt or disadvantaged by having to use a rest room full of people who look just like them. If they can prove how these people are being disadvantaged or hurt, let them do that in court and perhaps the laws can be repealed, but I have serious doubts they will be able to do that. This is something to think about. If you know how these people are being hurt, please let me know as I am curious. In the mean time, check out the update. Check: Patlabor, and Silent Mobius including a piece that was autographed by the creator of the series, Kia Asamia. We got the autograph because we knew a friend who was hanging with him at San Diego Comic Con. Enjoy.

04/23/16-- This SALE has seemingly gone on almost forever, but actually it has only been a few months. If you were able to take advantage, I congratulate you. If not, perhaps next time. Not every store runs this kind of SALE for this period of time. We have our reasons and they are good reasons. Perhaps you will find something sometime and watch it and find it to your interest. Then again, perhaps not. You never know about those things. If you live worthy and save your money, your chance will come as well. I am sure you have heard the news. The world is a little sadder. We lost two this last week on the same day. You know about the performer, song writer named Prince. There was also a lady wrestler who used the name Chyna who also died. It may take weeks to have final cause of death for both, but apparently they may well have been the result of drugs of some kind. The wrestler is known for having a drug problem and it is said that she died with an empty pill bottle close at hand. In one of the news reports, it was mentioned that not long ago Prince was removed sick from a plane flight. These were flu like symptoms, but may have been something of a drug overdose. They will get back to us on the actual cause of death and I hope it was not drug related, but it might have been. We have lost too many talents for that reason or something similar. We may well have lost some before they were discovered that could have been up there with the best if they had stuck around. It is common in the world of entertainment for people to get into drugs so it is also common for these people to die before their time. There is medication that will help people recover from a drug overdose and apparently that particular problem is so common that they are trying to make it over the counter so you don't even need a doctor's prescription. That is really a sad commentary yet there are many people out there that put time and money into getting laws passed to make recreational use of Marijuana legal. I hate to mention it, but there are places in the world where they have legalized the use of other drugs with even worse reputations and these laws have not rescued a single soul. Consider the fact that these illegal drugs are still very expensive so the addict still has to do something to get the money to pay for it. That naturally requires entry into the area of crime. Where else could they get that kind of money? In the world of hard drugs, there is no such thing as enough. Remember your body is addicted as well as your mind. You go through withdrawal if you don't have what your body craves. To get that high, after making yourself well again, you need to take even more. I have mentioned before that the numbers of hit and run accidents have increased dramatically. The main reason is that the person who caused the accident was high and should not have been driving. They need to avoid being caught. They might turn themselves in the next day after they have come back down because then they are not guilty of drunk driving anymore, only hit and run. With more legal drugs that people can put into their systems for recreation then we will have even more such accidents. Think about it. Why make things worse than they are by making even more bad things legal? At least think about it before you vote. The only power we have in dealing with many of these bad things in our world is the vote. When your chance comes, do it. I would rather you vote for some idiot than not vote at all. We may not be able to trust our politicians, but if they have lied to us in the past then we can't expect them to be totally truthful now. If one says that there was nothing wrong in messages sent from or to her email then it is proven that was not true, you really want that person to be president. If you do, don't be surprised at what you get. I gave you nothing new this week, but you will have something new next week. The SALE will be honored all the way to midnight tonight as far as orders. You get the order in and you will have the normal time limit for payment. See you soon. Enjoy.

04/16/16-- Saved by the bell. Boy, are you people lucky. April 15 is supposed to be the date taxes are due in the United States. They had some kind of day off in the Washington DC area and therefor delayed the due date to the next week day which is next Monday, April 18. Just for that, the SALE will continue all the way until next Saturday. The requirement is that the order be received by the close of that day. We don't have to have payment on that day, so if you made an order next Friday, it would be considered timely even though payment did not arrive for a week after that. People are taking advantage of the SALE and we are getting so many orders that we have not posted all the hold yet, so that piece you have been pining for may be already on someone elses order. I sure hope not, but it could happen. I told you about the pain in my left foot. A pain is a pain is a pain and that certainly has turned into one. As the pain started to diminish in my foot, I started having problems with the medication I am taking. About half the restrictions for the medication are not provided by the medical care people, you have to find them on the internet. What kind of a deal is that? I have to make sure I take it with food and lots of water. I have to take a full glass of water with each pill. I usually only take enough to get the bill down, but not with this. All the instructions said was take with adequate water. What does that mean? They should say with a full glass of water or something like that. I am supposed to take the pill with six hours between. I never figured that close before. I usually estimated how long I would be up and divide by three. I have finally gotten the rules of engagement to where I understand them. My body reaction to the pills is less and less for which I am most grateful. By next week, I will have finished the torture and trying to live a normal life or as close as I can get. In the mean time, I did update for this week so check out Hana Yori Dango, and Infinite Ryvius. Enjoy and this is your last extension so think quick.

04/09/16-- Yes, the SALE is continuing. If you are unsure of the limitations, you will find them spelled out in prior updates found in the "What's New" section of the site. Each new update from each week is preserved for posterity in that section. You might be wondering how much longer this SALE will continue. I have mentioned numerous times that nothing good lasts forever and that includes this SALE. It doesn't end this week or even next week, but it is coming. I can give you a hint. It will end after Income Tax day and there is a six in the date. This was not a good week for me. I don't sit around complaining because it doesn't do any good anyway, but it hurt. I have mentioned my problems with gout in the past. You think of that as a condition affecting wealthy who drink too much alcohol. I am not wealthy nor do I drink alcohol at all. The best I can figure, the problem came from a diet with a little too much beef, pork and other similar items. I don't eat excesses of any of these things, but it may be that I might have pork or ham in the same week that I eat steak or hamburger or other similar items. If you look at the internet you will see that the largest single contributor to these problems is beer, which is followed by any kind of alcohol. I never thought I would have to deaL with the problem, but you never know how things will turn out. During this last week, I was afflicted by severe pain in my left foot which I assumed was related to gout. I finally broke down and went to a doctor. I learned that it was not what I thought. I have an infection in that foot and it has swollen and turned pink. The doctor recognized immediatly that it was not what I thought. I got antibiotics and pain medication. Since it will take several days for the antibiotics to take effect, they gave me a shot and I go back tomorrow for another. It is still very tender, but seems to be getting better. The doctor could not find any cut or scrape that would have caused the infection. It is strange that there is no obvious cause. The only thing I can think of is when I had to drive from my house to near Santa Monica then drive around and around to wait for my son then drive back home. I figure I was behind the wheel about five hours straight. By the time I got home, my left foot was all cramped up and I was in a world of hurt. I don't think it ever recovered fully from that. It is only a thought, but I can't think of anything else. Oh well, enough of my problems, how was your week? That bad? Gee whiz. Oh well, at least you have the update to cheer you up. I added some from Macross 2, and Nazca so enjoy. Take advantage of the SALE while you can. Don't drive until your left foot hurts and back again next week.

04/02/16-- Yes, the SALE is continuing. If you are unsure of the limitations, you will find them spelled out in prior updates found in the "What's New" section of the site. Each new update from each week is preserved for posterity in that section. You might be wondering how much longer this SALE will continue. I have mentioned numerous times that nothing good lasts forever and that includes this SALE. It doesn't end this week or even next week, but it is coming. I can give you a hint. It will end after Income Tax day and there is a six in the date. See, that is a very good hint. If you see something you really want, the order has to be here by that date. It doesn't have to be paid by that date, only ordered. The next time we will offer anything this good will be at Anime Expo in July. If you plan on attending, you can take advantage of our incredible deals while you are there. So what is bugging me this week. For the longest time, we have known that North Korea is being run by a bunch of morons. This latest one may be a puppet for the military, but they sure seem to be going along with his lunacy. They insist on conducting atomic tests and long range missle tests though it's against rules set down by the UN. They are causing even more sanctions to be placed against their government. They have no production of anything worthwhile in that country and barely enough food to feed themselves. In the past, South Korea has sent food to the North to feed the people. Can you guess what happened to the food so generously provided by the people they clearly hate and wish to destroy? Yes, that food went to the military. The latest antics of the government may somehow affect how much food they will have for the average Joe on the street. They are being told that it is the result of bad things being done by the rest of the world. Everyone else is at fault. Their government didn't do anything wrong by having missle tests or atomic tests or anything else. It is the fault of the rest of the world that doesn't understand them. Does that sound like the allegations of a paranoid mind? It does to me. The rest of the world is the problem, not us. They have also told the small farmers, who barely grow enough to feed themselves, that they will have to provide even more rice for the military each month. As a communist country, the government owns everything and you had better do everything they say. The leaders girlfriend had been in a rock band and that made the leader jealous so he had the band executed for performing pornography. He did not have to provide any proof of the ellegations because that is illegal in that country, unless you happen to be the leader. When that conflict was over and we could have kicked the chinese out, we let them divide the country in two which was no favor to anyone. The people in the North have no freedom and not enough food. What a deal they have. They show on their TV shots of them firing their missles and Washinton DC going up in flames. This is pure fantasy and is something they couldn't do even if they tried. China has supported them far too long and we allow China to make tons of money in a free marketplace. We need to grow up and start thinking about ourselves. I hope so anyway. Check out this weeks additions. Check: Ayashi No Ceres, and Nadesico. Enjoy.

03/26/16-- Yes, the SALE is continuing. If you are unsure of the limitations, you will find them spelled out in prior updates found in the "What's New" section of the site. Each new update from each week is preserved for posterity in that section. You might be wondering how much longer this SALE will continue. It will not be forever, but we think it might be a good idea for it to continue past April 15 for those folks who are concerned about taxes and all that fun stuff. This is a really good way for you to spend your refund money. But again, nothing lasts forever so think seriously about what you might be wanting. The events in Belgium this week again bring to mind the question as to what the terrorists are saying to people so they become suicide bombers? Talk about giving your all for the organization where you belong. Do they think they are preparing for a better world? They are attacking innocent people who are in airports or subways. How does that help the cause for this terrorist organization? Why don't they attack seats of government or military? What beliefs do they hold dear that tells them that the best way to carry on war against non-believers? I'm not sure I will ever understand or that I would ever care to understand. The only thing these people have in common is that they do not hold life dear. They should make belonging to this type of organization a death offense. We know what they will do if given a chance. I feel sorry for the people who are fleeing a bad situation in Syria and places like that, but can we afford to allow them to come in mass when we know that the killers will be hiding in their numbers. We shall see how things turn out. Some good news for the rest of us. The Batman Vrs. Superman movie started this week. Yes, I saw it and despite the panning it has received from critics, I recommend it. Is there such a thing as too much action? At least the plot had twists and turns that were not that obvious. They did make Bruce Wayne a little senile, but then again, aren't we all. I won't tell how it ends because you may want to see it. They have a new Lex Luthor and this one is even more crazy than the rest and you know that has to be a good thing. He caused the deaths of thousands of people in his efforts against Superman so of course he will have to stay in prison until someone gets him out. That is how the system works. Kill as many people as you want and the worst that will happen to you is prison. Wow, what a deal. I have my opinion about this and many people think I am wrong, but who can say? I managed to change up some things and add a few others so check out: Crest Of The Stars, and Virus. Enjoy.

03/19/16-- Yes, the SALE is continuing. If you are unsure of the limitations, you will find them spelled out in prior updates found in the "What's New" section of the site. Each new update from each week is preserved for posterity in that section. You might be wondering how much longer this SALE will continue. It will not be forever, but we think it might be a good idea for it to continue past April 15 for those folks who are concerned about taxes and all that fun stuff. This is a really good way for you to spend your refund money. But again, nothing lasts forever so think seriously about what you might be wanting. They have been announcing on radio and TV and any place else they can think of that the police in Belgium have finally captured the leader of the attack on Paris last year by terrorists. It took them months and it may have been more luck than anything else. They found his finger prints some place they shouldn't have been unless he had been to this place after the events in Paris. His involvement is said to have been that of planner and he dropped the suicide bombers off at the soccer stadium. The thing that is most disturnbing is where he was hiding all this time. The terrorist leader was hiding out in the area of town where he had grown up. It is said to be a very poor part of town. Not everyone who lives in this area of town are terrorists, but they are muslims. What does that tell us? It is obvious, they will protect a very dangerous individual because he is the same religion as they are. If a person is a Baptist, they will not protect a terrorist who lives in their neighborhood. If a person is a Catholic, they will not protect a terrorist who lives in their neighborhood. If a person is a Muslim, they will protect a terrorist who lives in their neighborhood. Do you disagree? Perhaps you do, but what do these events show? These small neighborhoods where they all speak the same language will know who is where and what they are doing. No one came forth to tell authorities that this murderer was there. We don't have to make this stuff up in order to make a point. The point was already made. Why did they cover up the fact that he was back in the neighborhood where he grew up? The people there knew him and knew what he had done. They covered for him because they thought he was one of them. Why else? If I knew that a bad man was hiding up the street from where I live, I wouldn't cover for him. These people did so they are not friends to anyone who is against evil in its' many forms. These countries like France and Belgim do not police their borders nearly well enough and have paid a terrible price. Can we afford to allow people to immigrate to our country, whatever country you call your own, when there is a good chance they will protect and support terrorists in their midst? I really doubt it. Obviously, there is something wrong with me. This guy who carried out the attack here in Southern California spent considerable time planning attacks while living in his parents home. Did his parents tell any authorities that their son was planning to become a mass murderor? No, they did not. Are the authorities after these people for protecting a terrorist? No they are not. Who is the problem here? As I see it, both sides. Think about it and see what kind of conclusions you reach. In the mean time, here are a few more things you can check out for a potential purchase. Check: Big O, and Cowboy Bebop. Enjoy.

03/12/16-- Yes, the SALE is continuing. If you are unsure of the limitations, you will find them spelled out in prior updates found in the "What's New" section of the site. Each new update from each week is preserved for posterity in that section. You might be wondering how much longer this SALE will continue. It will not be forever, but we think it might be a good idea for it to continue past April 15 for those folks who are concerned about taxes and all that fun stuff. This is a really good way for you to spend your refund money. But again, nothing lasts forever so think seriously about what you might be wanting. Since I am retired from my regular employment, I see way too much daytime television. One of the things that I notice is the approach they are taking with their advertising. There are many more attorneys advertising on TV than was the norm in years past. Most common, they are seeking for people who have been injured at work or in auto accidents. That makes sense when you think about it. I have always complained about the fact that they mislead the public by assuring them that they don't collect a thing unless they win your case for you. They don't tell the viewing public, but that limitation is imposed by law as is the percentage they can charge their customers. There are companies that take your side in personal injury cases or help you get Social Security disability benefits or something similar. The thing that has become the buzz word for these companies is that they are going to get for you "what you deserve." They do not say they will get for you as much as the court allows or how much is allowed by law, they will get you what you deserve. Isn't that grand of them? How do we know what we deserve from an accident that was not our fault? How do we know if we deserve anything at all? I was once on a jury when the family of a lady that was killed in an auto accident sued the county where we live because they claimed that there were not enough lights at the intersection to tell there was a stop sign there. The photograph presented by the lawyer was taken six months after the accident on a day when it had been raining. Did that make any difference? Darn tooting! The light was dimmer and it was not night time and the rain weighed down the branches of the tree so they partially covered the stop sign. I was not impressed. Defense presented photographs taken that very night by highway patrol and the stop sign and the sign that said Slow for construction were very clear. The driver did not slow because she was drunk and not from inability to see the sign. She drove into oncoming traffic and that was the cause of the accident. The girl that was killed did not have her seat belt connected. If the driver had not been drinking, she would not have run the stop sign into traffic. The attorney suggested one million as adequate payment for the grieving family We did not agree. What did the grieving family deserve? The drunk driver owed the family money for driving drunk and the girl that was killed owed the family for not wearing her seatbelt. You get my point. These slogans are actually rather misleading when you think about it so I try not to and now you know why I mention it here. Now you won't have to think about it either since I did that for you. Check updated titles: Mazinkaiser, and Ray Earth. Enjoy.

03/05/16-- Yes, the SALE is continuing. If you are unsure of the limitations, you will find them spelled out in prior updates found in the "What's New" section of the site. Each new update from each week is preserved for posterity in that section. Last week I mentioned that I had a friend in Spain do a painting that is tentatively the cover for the book I wrote. Of course, it has not been published, but that doesn't mean that it wont be. Even if it is published, it is more than likely they will come up with their own artwork to use as the cover. The painting is found in the Pin Up section of the page of listings for the titles of cels that we have available. It is found about half way down the right column under the heading of Pin Ups. If you click on it, you will see a small image and if you click on that image, you will have one that is too big to be seen on the screen. It is a very detailed image even if you are unable to view the entire thing at one time. Basically the image is a character from the story. The one depicted is not a bad guy, but he is trying to destroy the Earth. He is wearing armor that disguises him and makes him look like a gargoyle like they had on buildings long ago. He has wings. He is described as being about seven foot tall which is pretty tall. He is very handsome and he is an alien. Lets face it, very few humans have wings so it made sense that he would be an alien. In the background is a dragon, whick is his pet and a volcano which he uses to try to destroy our world. His leaders on his home world have given him compulsions, which he is unable to fight, to do things to destroy the Earth. The bad things he is doing are making him sick. Some times good people do bad things and that is what we have here. There is a hero and beautiful damsels in distress and all the rest of that kind of stuff. Before much longer, I will start submitting the book to publishers and will have my fingers crossed. I do think it is good enough to be published and I don't want to publish it myself because chances are that no one will notice. A publisher will advertise and get the author out for signings and things like that. At the beginning of the process, I determined that I was not going to follow the usual course. The bad guy aliens are usually ugly monsters. In my story, the bad guy aliens are extremely handsome and not really bad after all. The hero fights the bad guy all through the book, only to become close friends in the next installment. That's what I did. When I sell to a publisher, I'll let you know so you can rush out and buy a copy which I will be more than glad to sign. Now that you know, I did add some new images to the site for benefit of the SALE. Check out: Nadia, and Photon. Enjoy.

02/27/16-- Yes, the SALE is continuing. If you are unsure of the limitations, you will find them spelled out in prior updates you will find in the "What's New" section of the site. Each new update is preserved for posterity in that section. This week I want to bring something to your attention. Previously, I told you that while we are running the SALE we are keeping the prices the same as they were so you are truly getting a bargain. I am doing something, but not with the intention of taking advantage or our customers. We have had and continue to have prices that are not even prior to the application of the SALE price. As an example, there are many items with the price of $75.00 prior to the discount price that is 50% of the original price. That isn't too bad if someone wishes to order more than one item so that things average out. About half of these prices are going to be raised to $80.00 and the other half will be lowered to $70.00. That makes it so much easier for people who wish to order. It makes it easier for us to for the same reason. We are not trying to do this behind your backs so that is why I am mentioning it now. At the most, you might be paying $2.50 more for an item. I sure hope that will not break someome or make the difference in making a sale or not making a sale. I just want you to know that it is simply to make things a little easier for as long as the SALE continues. If it were not for the price reduction, obviously we would not worry about it. Now you know. If my confession has made you upset, I am terribly sorry, but what can we do? If you go back over the entries in the "What's New" section, you will find that I told you about the story that I wrote. The first version was declared as not commercial so I went back to the beginning and re-did the thing. I kept some of the same characters and a little of the plot, but kept it moving and eleminated much of the excess. A friend of mine in Spain is a painter and I asked him to create a cover for my book that still hasn't been accepted by a publisher. Next week, I will try to put it on the site so you can see what he came up with. The story is Science Fiction/Fantasy with lots of action, adventure and sex. Actually the sex is all off camera or whatever you would call it. Let's face it, it is a big part of our lives and none of us would be here without it. I'll let you know and will probably put it in the section for pin ups. That gives you something to look forward to. I did add a little more to the site so check: Ah My Goddess, Crimson Wolf, and Tekkaman Blade. Enjoy.

02/20/16-- Yes, the SALE is continuing. If you are unsure of the limitations, you will find them spelled out in prior updates you will find in the "What's New" section of the site. Like I said, good things only last so long so you might want to take advantage. You will notice that many other people have taken advantage. I mailed two packages today with a total of ten cels. So what am I going to raise cain about this week? Good question. If you look at the news, you will note that the leader of the Catholic church was visiting in Mexico. In an interview as he departed to return to Rome and his home base in Vatican City, the subject of comments by a candidate for public office were discussed. Someone showed him a picture of the wall the man wants to build at the US border. The Pope said that he wasn't christian for wanting to build walls without building bridges. That is not an exact quote, but you get the idea. Frankly, I am very surprised by this response. The issue at hand is the influx of countless illegal aliens from latin America. The first thing you need to remember is the fact that the president of this country is not beholding to any particular faith and should not be judged by anyone with regard to the decisions he makes for the country. There are many faiths here and not all of them are Catholic. The US puts out and incredable amount of money to support the people who come here without permission. Let me ask this, how much money has the Catholic church spent on supporting the needy people of the latin american countries so that they do not need to come to the US without permission in order to build a better life? Critics have brought up the fact that there is a wall arount the Vatican. Someone responding to the media about those comments simply says that those people are just changing the subject. He did not answer the question at all which is another way of just changing the subject. We can not interfere with affairs in these countries nor can we force them to treat their people better. The Catholic church has much more power in the region so again I ask what they have done to ease the problems for those people? I don't have an answer to any of these questions, but I do think he opened his mouth one too many times about an issue he knows very little about. We have to decide how to deal with the issues in our country and not this man. He doesn't even have a vote. I did do some updates to give you more things to pick from so check out: Lodoss Wars, Lupin III, and Maris The Chojo. Enjoy.

02/13/16-- I find myself writing this update at 3:00 in the AM because I found myself thinking about the subject and unable to go back to sleep. Oh well. I might as well write it then I will be able to relax and go back to sleep. Just in case you are curious, the SALE is continuing so you can still take advantage of the 50% off everything on the site except for the things on consignment which would be anything with an item number which starts with C, D, or K. Now back to the real reason we are here at 3:00 in the morning or is it only me who is doing that. Oh well! Not too long ago one of our less politically correct candidates for office suggested that one of the things we could do to protect against immigration to the USA by those with terrorist leanings would be to stop the immigration of Muslims to this country. That is prejudice you say. That is terrible you say? Let's look at this. One of those who killed all those people in San Bernardino not too long ago was born in the United States. Since it was not his environment where he grew up that turned him that way, what was it? The only thing he had in common with the terrorists in the middle east was, you guessed it, he was Muslim. Can the Muslims who we allow to immigrate to the United States protect us from the extreems of the terrorists? Not hardly. Why are we allowing them to come here by truck loads? That's what I would like to know. If a Muslim wants to become a Christian, what happens to them in their home country and this is something that the liberals do not talk about when they condemn anyone who even suggests that we should stop Muslim immigration. What happens to them? They are executed. These are not the terrorits, who would undoubtedly do it too, but these are the more modern, liberal countries. Give me a break. Executed for becoming a Christian. What does our government say about that? They say, tough luck. That is not justifiable good cause to grant santuary to these people. We can grant santuary to those who come here without permission because they have managed to avoid deportation because we don't put anything behind efforts to deport those people because they might become citizens and vote for the people in charge. At least, that is how it seems to me. I already told you about that young woman in a Muslim counry that went to prison because she became pregnant when she was raped. That is the kind of thinking we need in this country. Then if we suggest that we might be safer if we don't allow these people to come here, the terrorists say, see they were right in terrorising us for our bad thinking. Give me a break. It is sad that people think the way they do, but we can't stop that so what can we do? You tell me. While you are preparing your answer, you can check out the things we added this week. Check: Bakuretsu Hunter, El Hazard, and Hana Yori Dango. Now you can go back to sleep. Wait, maybe it's me that can do that. Enjoy.

02/06/16-- I bet you thought this was going to be the last week of our awsome SALE. Well, it's not. People are still unsure if they are going to get anything back on their taxes so are being careful not to overspend. We don't want you to overspend so that's why we have these outlandish low prices. This is not quite, but close to a going out of business SALE. We have been doing this as long as anyone and have no plans to quit quite yet. Not to mention the fact that it gives me a chance to let off steam every so often so have a little steam. There are certain parties out there that are pushing to take the illegal residents in the USA from their illegal status all the way to citizenship. What I would like to know is what have these people done to deserve such special treatment? It used to be that you had to be here legally a minimum amount of time and you had to take a test to qualify and had to be able to speak some English. All the rules that used to apply will not apply to these people who are here illegally. They prefer that we say they are undocumented. That is very nice, but if you enter any country without permission then it is just plain illegal. It is harder to get into some countries because they are islands, but if you do take a chance and make it, it is still illegal. Have these illegal aliens proven that they are law abiding, hard working people? When you start off by ignoring the laws of the land by the fact that you enter the country illegally then that is not the case. You might be hard working because most of these people do not come to this country with any work skills. The vast majority of these people come from agrarian centers where they had to quit school at a very early age in order to work and contribute to the family income. The majority who come to this country do not know how to read or write in their home language. Do you think that is unfair evaluation? How many did you ever interview to determine their elegibility for anything what so ever? Over a number of years, I interviewed literally thousands because I speak the language they brought with them. They managed to live here for a number of years. That is especially true when their children are still in school. When you work at minimum wage or under the table, how much tax are you contributing to educate those children? Every one of those illegal aliens has worked here, but are not elegible to obtain a Socail Security Card. How do they do it? They use someone else's number or a phoney card which the employer doesn't check. That sucks. So why is it that there are people who wish to elevate these people to the status of citizens? It is simple; they want their votes. Once they are citizens, it will be easy to get them all registered and to vote whatever way you say because you got them the citizenship status. They owe you big time. I could go on for days with all the things that a wrong with this whole program, but why bother. The politicians don't listen or use their heads. The bottom line for them is the vote so there you have it. We are giving you updates in the titles that have proven of greatest interest so check them out. Check: Big O, Orange Road, and Ranma 1/2. Enjoy.

01/30/16-- The SALE continues. What more do you need to know. Still, you don't want to wait forever to make that all important order or it might be too late and we don't want that. Let me remind you one more time that the SALE applies to everything on the site except for the items on consignment. The individual number of each item will help you know which is which. The ones that are numbered C, D, or K are on consignment and not subject to the reduced price. How much is the reduction? I'm glad you asked. This is 50% off and you can't get much better so check it out. People are still asking us to explain the SALE. It is just that simple so take a plunge. We live in an area of Southern California that is inland from Orange County. We have lived here for quite a few years and have enjoyed the freedom to move around in relative ease and comfort. There is an enfamous freeway that runs through the center of town and which is a lifeline to virtually everything else in the area. You might have heard of the 91 freeway because we are well known for our outrageous traffic. Well we will have something here they refere to as Coronageddon because they will be closing down the freeway in our town for the entire weekend in two weeks. They have been constructing the freeway to make it wider through town due to the heavy traffic. The heavy traffic has gone from awful to worse during the construction and we have had to put up with it for several years now. All the cars that would normally drive through town on the way to someplace better will not be coming through because it will be closed. Everyone will have to take detours as far as twenty miles to navagate the area. Such a deal. If we live in town and want to go someplace, it is just too bad for us. We are stuck here so any plans have to be postponed. I suggest you stay away during that weekend. They have not told us anything about the final result of their construction, but I would be willing to bet that the extra lanes are going to be toll lanes where you will have to pay to use them. Ah, such a deal. We've gone throug hell (I mean heck) for years and then we will have to pay to use what we had to put up with all this time. I could be wrong, but don't count on it. I did manage to add a few more pieces this week so check them out. Check: 3x3 Eyes, Crest Of The Stars, Gundam, Inu Yasha, and Jojo's Bizaare Adventures. Enjoy.

01/23/16-- The SALE continues. Keep in mind that nothing good lasts forever so go for it while there is still time. I have not as yet figured out when it will end, but I can guarantee that there will be people disappointed because they didn't have the chance to order that special item they have been saving their money for. I will do the best I can to add new items subject to the SALE to give you more options. While you are contemplating that, perhaps someone can explain something to me. No one from either party has brought up the subject so I guess they have left it to my discression. One thing they have mentioned in the news is that the big terrorist group in the middle east is also very wealthy. In fact, it is said they have billions of dollars because of black market oil from wells in territory they have taken. It seems most likely that most of the world leaders know exactly where those wells are and no one does anything about it. Do you know why? I would like to know. One of the things that makes those guys so dangerous is the fact that they have all this money to bribe leaders and to buy weapons and ammunition. Another question is, do we know where they keep their money? Do they keep the money in Swiss Bank accounts? If they do, there are laws that would allow the World Bank to freeze their assets. If we can reduce their supply of oil and take away their free use of the money they have, would they not be less dangerous? Why don't we bomb those wells and associated refineries so they would not have access to that tremendous asset. Another thing I wonder about is Russia. They sent in airplanes to bomb the Issis targets after the terrorists blew up that plane full of Russian turists. That lasted a few days, then we heard nothing more about it. They still continue to bomb the rebels in Saudi Arabia that we support. Those guys have their heads on backwards. My suggestion would be to bomb the wells and anything else that provides money to these evil bastards. Even if some country depends on the black market oil, tough luck guys. These guys are bad news for the whole world whether you like it or not. That is my suggestion anyway. What is yours? My additions this week will be found in Angel Links, Ayashi No Ceres, Bakuretsu Hunter, Big O, and Cowboy Bebop. Enjoy.

01/16/16-- The SALE continues so you have a chance at lots of cool things. That's all I'm going to say on the subject this week. I just want to remind you. Still, now that you know that, we can talk about other stuff. You've had time enough to see the Star Wars movie so you will not be disappointed because I mentioned something about the movie. I have no complaints about the plot. Actually, it is a pretty simple plot. There are guys in black hats and other guys in white hats. The strange thing is that the guys in the white hats (Storm Troopers) are on the same side as the guys with the black hats. Actually that was how it worked in movies four to six. I guess we shouldn't be too surprised because those episodes seemed to work so well. The issues that bother me have to do with some of the writing and not the general issues of the plot. They have turned a planet into a weapon and destroy all the worlds which form the republic with one shot. The power of the weapon comes from the sun. They drain all the power out of the sun to power the weapon. Frankly, this would not even be possible. We would not be able to create something that could contain that level of power in order to do a discharge all at one time. Even with force fields to contain the energy, it would melt the planet long before they could turn the power lose as a weapon. Also, when they fire the weapon it is a single ray which breaks up and redirects toward each of the planets in the republic. This would also be impossible because there are thousands of worlds in the republic and they are many, many light years apart. Think about it. Even if they had a weapon that could do that, it would take many thousands of years and not a few minutes for the ray to reach its destinations. Logic would dictate that the bad guys could have conspiritors on each of the planets with bombs strong enough to blow them up and kill all life or something similar. How would they be able to get this ray to travel many times the speed of light and still be seen from different worlds as the ray passes by. The real distance between worlds or star systems is where movie makers often totally miss the boat. They wanted something dynamic, but it should be logical too or at least thought through. Then again, I guess I'm asking too much. I'm also asking you to check out this weeks update and see some truly awsome additions. Check: Sakura Wars, Steam Detectives, Tenchi Muyo, Urusei Yatsura, and Violinist of Hamlin. Enjoy.

01/09/16-- Last week I didn't mention the fact that the SALE was continuing because I had made it abundantly clear in earlier weeks. Still, I'm not sure that people caught the implications. Yes, everything except the items that are on consignment are on SALE at 50% off. Really, you can't beat that price. When I go over the things that have been sold in the months and years in the past, it is very clear that the original price on these things is quite fare. I have a feeling that there will come a day when we will simply stop selling and put everything away. As I mentioned in the past, this stuff will not be here forever so if you see something you like, don't just sit there and let your opportunity escape you. I can't promise you now, but the SALE will continue a little while longer and hopefully long enough for you to take advantage. I continue updating the site with more items from different titles that are available at the special price. If you don't take advantage, months from now you will think back and say you made a big mistake. Don't get mad at yourself for missing out. Here are the updates from this week. Check: Moldiver, Nadesico, Night Walker, Orphen, and Patlabor. Enjoy.

01/02/16-- Hey, we made it. I wasn't sure we would. Well, how has it been so far? Yeah, I know it's hard to tell. It could go either way. Frankly, I am a little worried. I really can't say I look forward to having a president who doesn't know the difference between her personal email and the government service which is much better protected. I can just imagine what the other governments of the world will think. It is one thing to have a president who does things you don't agree with, no matter which party you belong to, and someone who can't tell the difference. Of course, that's just me. If you can think of anything she has done that showed she has smarts, please let me know. I am rather curious. I am not sure of her honesty. She and he husband had a friend who did time in jail rather than simply tell the truth about some things they did. Still, many people forget that quickly because she promises them things that they want. I can't say I agree with everything said on the other side, but even if I am not sure about them, I don't totall distrust them. Sometimes they say too much and that's not a good idea either. I hope that we have some good movies this coming year. I did enjoy the Star Wars movie. It seems odd that Lucas is upset about what these new people have done with his creation. He got paid very well for that stuff. He could have brought out the movies himself years ago, but he chose not to. It sure seems like people wanted to see this stuff because they have gone in droves. If you haven't seen it yet, go see it so we can talk about it. I have a complaint about the special effects part of the story if not the plot line. I will keep mum until you have seen it. I'll give you two weeks. Still, the SALE goes on. Surprise! I have added some more of titles where we have already updated so you will have more to choose from. Check it out. Check: Bakuretsu Hunter, Blue Seed, Dragon Ball, El Hazard, and eX-Driver. Remember, you have two weeks to see the movie and after that, all bets are off. Enjoy.

12/26/15-- Now for the really good news. The SALE is not over yet. Just as many stores and businesses have their best prices of the year after the shopping season has past, we will continue our SALE a little longer. Some people save their money and others receive money as a gift so we want to be there for them as well. Other people receive bonuses at work or get refunds on some of their purchases and we don''t want to exclude these people either. This has been an interesting year for all of us. Some things have gone well and other things not so well. Some evil people have done horrible things and some good people have made us glad to be there to see what they did. We had the chance to be someone others could look up to and I hope we all took the opportunity by the horns and ran with it. In the course of the year, did you make anyone's budens a little lighter or helped them along the way? The feeling it gives you is even better than what you give them. We all need to smile a little more and say something nice to those who seem to be hurting. My opinions are very strong so I may ruffle your feathers during the years for the things I say. I don't ask you to agree. I only ask you to think. Please take good care of yourselves during the coming year and I hope to see you again this time next year. Speaking of next year, next time you hear from me will be next year. How about that? My updates continue to try to give you more selection of the things on special. That's what I did this week. Check: Big O, Cowboy Bebop, Crest Of The Stars, Outlaw Star, and Super Cat Girl. See you next year. Enjoy.

12/19/15-- I don't know about you, but I am on the Anime Expo mailing list because I am an exhibitor every year. They sent a notice about their first confirmed guest for 2016. They will have Yoshitaka Amano as one of their special guests. I enjoy that very much and I hope to be able to see him, no matter how unlikely that might be. I first met him in 1991 when he had his studio in the port city of Yokohama. He wasn't designing any Anime at that time, but was doing work for video games. His agent had brought things for us to sell on his behalf at the Anime conventions and San Diego Comic Con so he knew of us. He was very kind and did sketches in each of our sketch books including one I had brought for my older son who was in college and not able to get away. He is a very nice man. He is perhaps most famous for the design work on Vampire Hunter D. He also did the original design work for Gatchaman for Tatsunoko Studio. Another movie he did the designs for was Angel's Egg. we have cels from both of these movies and from Gatchaman that you might wish to pick up to get autographs. You will never have a better chance to get something than our grand 50% off sale. That's right it is a SALE, SALE, SALE, SALE, SALE, and SALE. As I like to remind you, cels make terrific presents for the Anime fan on your shopping list. Unlike many stores, we did not raise our prices first so that we can lower them again. I have some items that are on consignment so I try to replace them where I can with items that are on sale. The number of the cel tells you if it is on consignment or not. If the number starts with C, D, or K then we cannot lower the price because the item doesn't belong to us. If you think you will come to Anime Expo and would like to get Amano's autograph, check out the titles that I mentioned. Since you will not hear from us again until after Christmas, have a very merry and bright holiday and see you again soon. This week I updated the following titles to help your purchases at 50% off. Check: Eden's Boy, Fatal Fury, Fushigi Yuugi, Gatchaman, and Nadia. Enjoy.

12/12/15-- With Christmas breathing down our necks. Would it not also mean that our New Year is also close behind? You're darn right it is. When I am finally getting used to writing 2015 rather than 2014, I'll have to start learning to write 2016 instead. They were saying on the television that the average person in America spends aboout $800.00 on gifts for the holidays. That is every man woman and child and probably includes what you spend on gifts for charity. I am not against charity giving, but again it is a situation of really needing to look before you leap. There are many places where they spend over 90% of donations on the functioning of the charity rather than the need you are donating for. I think that is terrible. As an example, they tell that the charities here in Southern California that ask for car donations for childrn, only contribute 7% of the donations to the children. The rest goes to pay for advertising and salaries and so on. If most people knew of this, I doubt many would contribute. This is not illegal as long as they make it known the cost of doing the charity. Do you know how small the small print can get? There has been considerable conversation about a suggestion that one of the things we can do to protect the United States from extremists is to bar admission to those of the Muslim faith. Obviously, we know that not all believers are the problem and that these extremists are a problem for them as well. Frankly, I don't have a great deal of sympathy for members of that faith based on what I have discovered over the years. If you come from a Muslim country and go to another country where you find you wish to become a christian, if you return home, you will be executed. Isn't that marvelous. I mentioned that girl in one of those countries who was sent to prison because she became pregnant when she was raped. When those people have that kind of attitude, I cannot say that I sypathise with them if they are barred from coming to the United States. That is my opinion and may not be yours. It is my understanding that entry into the United States is a privledge and not a right. That's my opinion anyway. The SALE continues and currently stands at SALE, SALE, SALE, SALE, and SALE. That is 50% off on everything except those whos' numbers begin with "C," "D," or "K." This is not going to last forever so check it out. I am adding more and more items that fall under the perameters of the SALE and will continue to do so for as long as I am able. I added as much as possible from these titles. Check: Photon, Robot Carnival, Slayers, Vampire Princess Miyu, and Virus. Enjoy.

12/05/15-- We finally made it to December. Can Christmas be far behind? I am not ashamed to say that I celebrate Christmas rather than "Seasons Greetings" or some other non-commital statement. I guess there are many stores out there that are afraid to alienate some faction. You can celebrate whatever you want, but allow me the right to celebrate what I will. At least we didn't create something just so we can celebrate at the same time as those who celebrate Christmas. My celebration is the origin of the SALE we are currently living through. This is week four so that makes it SALE, SALE, SALE, and SALE. No matter where you live, you probably heard about the tragedy here in my neighborhood. It takes a special kind of person to pick up a gun and kill, in cold blood, many of the people you had worked with for a number of years. I'm sure they have a very special place set aside for him in Hell. He will have an eternity to explain to all those people why he thought it was alright to kill them without reason or remorse. Some people are saying that God wouldn't let that happen. If he prevented things like that then those that would do it could not be judged for their actions. Those that were killed don't have anything to worry about, but those that killed will be judged for their actions. They will have an eternity to consider their actions. They will say, "But those guys said it would be alright. I believed them so it is their fault." Is it? If you know better then you have no one to blame. Back to the SALE. Everything on the site, except the items on consignment are on sale at 50% off. The items that are numbered with "C," "D," or "K" are on consignment so not on SALE. I have been adding pieces that are on SALE and making room for them. I will be going to some titles and adding pieces on SALE to widen your options. This is original artwork so if you see something you like, contact us soon or it might be too late. I added some from Ranma 1/2, Ray Earth, Sailor Moon, Samurai Pizza Cats, and Those Who Hunt Elves. Enjoy.

11/28/15-- The Black Friday is over and you're still with us. Way to go. We are in week three of our Christmas Sale so that makes it SALE, SALE, and SALE. And they said it wouldn't last. Everything except those pieces that are on consignment are 50 % off. You can't get much better than that. We havn't marked our prices up in order to make a big discount. Everything on the site was left exactly the way it was. I have been adding in as many items as possible that are subject to the SALE price. Unfortunately, some titles are almost all consignment items so nothing I can do about that. If you saw something on the site before, it might have sold or may have been changed out to provide variety. A brief word to the wise. A number of people have contacted us about the availability of certain items and my response has been that it was available and at the SALE price. I have set these things aside, but I have not placed them on hold as yet. If I don't hear anything else from these people and someone else inquires, I will not be holding the item and it might sell which would be too bad. That is the way or original artwork. Once it is gone, it is too late. If you want it, get back to me and make arrangements or it might be too late. I'm on your side, but I can only do so much. I have added some more items that are subject to SALE price so check them out. Check: Macross 7, Orguss, Patlabor, Plastic Little, and Pretty Sammy. Enjoy.

11/21/15-- This is week two of our Christmas SALE. So it's SALE, SALE and don't you forget it. Everything except the items which are on consignment are 50% off. The number of each item tells you if it is on consignment. If the number begins with C, D, or K then it is on consignment so the discount does not apply. So many great things are now available at 50% off that you have to check then double check to make sure you don't accidently let something slip by. What I have been doing is updating as many titles as I can to show ones that are subject to the SALE price. This is needed because many of the items normally listed are of the consignment variety to show as many different images as possible. Since we are talking about artwork here and it is one of a kind then you cannot wait too long or someone else might beat you to it. That one you have been waiting to get because it was just a little to much is now within striking distance. Check everything out and let us hear from you. I updated the following titles with images subject to the SALE price so check them out. Check: DNA, Eatman, Escaflowne, Infinite Ryvius, and Nadesico. Enjoy.

11/14/15-- It seems like forever that I have encouraged you to do your Christmas shopping early and that cels make excellant gifts for the Anime fans in your life. Now there are no more excuses. This is the biggest SALE we have ever done. As I tell you that, please keep in mind that we have many items that we are selling on consignment so are not subject to the sale price. Every cel we have on the site has a number and the number tells you if it is on consignment. These numbers are "C," "D," and "K." I am updating the site to replace the consignment pieces with some that are subject to the SALE price. So what is the big deal that I am crowing about? Everything not on consignment is going to be 50% off between now and Christmas. Can you believe that? Such a deal. I might even want to buy some of these things myself. If you saw something in the past that may not be on the site now, contact us. The cel might be gone or we might have changed it for something else for variety. Just contact us and we will let you know if we still have it. So, in conclusion if you see something that is A, B, E, F, G, H, or J then you know it is on sale for a magnificent 50% off the regular price. Most people want to pay by Paypal so all we ask is that you cover the charges that Paypal gives the seller. A customer in Spain used to add 5% to the payment amount and that more than covered those charges. This week I updated the following to give as many that will have a SALE price as I could. Check: Angel Links, Bakuretsu Hunter, Blue Seed, Dragon Ball, and El Hazard. See what you can find on any title. Enjoy.

11/07/15-- I guess I am not surprised. More and more states have legalization of Marijuana on their ballots. From what they said on the news, one of the states that is deciding that right now is Iowa. In fact, it was probably decided last Tuesday. I'm not sure what has been on the news there, but one of the big proponants and a probable spokesperson was a member of a rock band. He personally invested over a million in getting it passed. Why did he personally invest so much in the issue? Good question. You might consider it an investment. He had bought much of the land that will be used to grow the crop so he will make millions if it is approved. That's show biz for you. Nothing altruistic there. They showed one of the advertisments from Iowa and it was the same drivel. Really, even if Marijuana is no worse than alchohol, which unfortunately is legal, then would that make it something that should be made legal? They say we can tax it that way. We can tax alchohol and still many people are injured and killed by drunk drivers. How many more impaired drivers do we want on the street? Yes, Marijuana does impair your ability to drive a car. One of the biggest effects is your ability to judge time and distance. If you are high on pot then you might think you have enough time and distance to stop your car at an intersection and end up stopping in the middle rather than at the edge where you are supposed to. Do you think that will cause accidents? Darn right it will. We hear about reports of drunk drivers causing accidents and killing people on a daily basis. One of the latest in Southern California is the death of a police man in San Bernardino when his car was hit by a drunk driver who ran a red light. The driver was driving with a suspended license due to a recent arrest for the same thing. Even if something were no worse than alchohol, that doesn't make it worthwhile. Another difference that I see is that a person can sit down to have a drink with his friends and never get drunk while when a person is using Marijuana it is always to get high. There is no inbetween. Based on consumption of food and drinking over time, you can have a number of drinks with a meal and never get drunk. Also, Marijuana is not something for social use. If you get high on pot, you are not doing it to be a part of a social group. I don't even understand the whole concept of the need for a person to get high. What good does it do? Have you been sober around friends who are high? They laugh, yell, and sing, but they only think what they say is funny. If you listen to them, it really isn't. People get so stupid when they are high. I don't need any help that way and would prepere not to make things worse than they are. The bottom line is that nothing good comes out of making one more thing legal that gets you high. Will it make you smarter, better looking, more charitable, less judgmental, more forgiving, more friendly, more forgiving or enhance any other worthwhile trait? I think you know the answer. No matter what they promise you, vote no. You might save only one life, but it might be your own. Think about it. Now check the update. Check: Ah My Goddess, Burn Up W, Gundam Wing, Patlabor, and Silent Mobius. Enjoy.

10/31/15-- The more I think about it, the more that I reach the conclusion that the world thinks of the US as a country of pansies. We coddle everyone who comes here leagally or not. It used to be that the immegration Department would show up at employers and hall away all the workers that were here without papers. The first thing you notice is that the employers never got in trouble for hiring illegals. They knew these people didn't have papers, but hired them for cheap labor since they could pay them less than citizens or legal residents. I personally think that they should have landed on the employers. If the employers are punished for the activity, they would eventually decide to stop hiring these people because it costs so much. If these people cannot get employment then they will stop coming. You need a Social Security number in order to have employment. As you can imagine, these people don't have Social Security numbers so use numbers they just make up or everyone uses another person's name and number. I don't think they even try to make phoney SS cards or alien cards because it is too difficult. Even if someone is here without permission, they can get government assistance such as Medicare and Medi-caid if they have serious health problems like Kidney failure. If you were in Mexico or Columbia or Guatemala and were suddenly stricken with this problem, would those countries help you out? The answer is a resounding no. If you cannot pay for your treatment then it is too bad for you. People born in those countries cannot get help so what chance would we have. Did you hear about the story of the family traveling in Mexico and the mother was arrested for smuggling drugs. They were informed that their only way out would be to bribe the judge. She was innocent. There was a package containing the drugs hidden under her seat on the bus. The authorities claimed that she was the smuggler because it was under her seat. Finally some lawyer down there suggested that they review the secuity videos and there you have it. The lady was not carrying the package and they could clearly see the person who had the package and he was not part of their group. No one said anything about that until the attorney brought it up. She was let off and got out of there as quickly as possible. I traveled into the interior of Mexico only one time and we were in the state of Sinaloa and the bus was in an accident so we had to cancel the trip since my mother-in-law bruised her chin because she would not sit back and had to try to watch over my youngest son. If she had sat back, she would not have been hurt. In the story I mentioned, they must have been heading toward the border so that is why they had the package. I can understand why they would hide it under another person's chair just in case. I will never try to go into the interior of Mexico or any other country where you can get into trouble and your only way out is to bribe some official. You don't have to do that here because you have too many officials who want your vote after they make you legal. Why would anyone try to come here legally when the other way is so much easier. Think about that while you check the update. Check: Bakuretsu Hunter, Crest Of The Stars, El Hazard, Orange Road, and Urusei Yatsura. Enjoy.

10/24/15-- We often watch people on television and in movies that are so good at what they do that they make it look easy. It is never easy and that is especially true for the people we watch. Have you ever watched a Fred Astair movie? He was so good as a dancer that you think it is natural for him and didn't require work. The truth is the opposite. He worked very hard preparing everything he did. In one of the movies with Ginger Rogers, they had a very long dance sequence because the couple was supposed to be breaking up and it was the way he was going to win her back. It was a long sequence and filmed without breaks. That was the Astair style. It would have been easier to switch cameras or something and they would be able to stop and continue where they left off. That is not how he filmed the dance sequences. This one dance had to be perfect and they had over one hundred takes. The filming ran for hours and Ginger's feet were bleeding by the time the finished. The crew was dead tired at the end but gave the stars a standing ovation at the end because of their dedication. If you watch football or basketball, it is the same thing. These people do things that seem beyond reason. They make it look easy, but they put in long hours of practice so that the moves and timing are natural. It doesn't start that way and only comes because of the hours of dedication. Are you really good at doing something to the point that others pay attention? Did you get that way without practice? See what I mean. When we watch singers or dancers or people who play insturments or star athletes then you see the results of the long hours they put into becoming what you see. I always try to remember what went into making a person the accomplished performer you see. They deserve our prase, but we should never forget what got them to that point. That is really the greatest part of all. Celebrate the dedication and determination and enjoy the results. Now you can check out the update. After all, you've practiced enough already. Check: Dr Slump, JoJo's Bizaare Adventures, Macross 7, Sakura Wars, and Vampire Princess Miyu. Enjoy.

10/17/15-- We have had a recent event here that really brings to mind some important issues. A football player at one of the local schools that use initials has been suspended from the team and is charged with rape. It is the school that uses four initials rather than three. The circumstances remind me of what happened to a former heavy weight boxer. He was charged with rape of a girl that came to his room in the middle of the night and got into bed with him then said no at the last possible second. He didn't even try to stop himself and was convicted. They did not give all the details on this current case, but they gave enough to show similarities. This couple met at a Fraternity party where they had been drinking. No surprise there even though they were both under age. Before the night was over, they left the party and went to some other house. She did not want to go home so he did not take her home. They were alone so I am unsure where this place was and they didn't say. They spent the night together. There is no allegation that the guy got the girl drunk so he could take advantage of her. It did not say that they slept with their clothes on. They were not at her place so they were either in their underwear or naked. They may have had carnal knowledge of each other while still feeling the effects of the drinks, but again they did not say. In the morning, the girl woke up to find that the guy was doing what comes naturally. If she had underwear on then it would seem likely that his efforts to remove it would have woken her. It is unsure at what point she said "No," but it seems that was her claim so it was deemed rape. Perhaps it was. Again the guy should not start something while the girl is asleep even if he is sure that it is agreeable. This guy did and apparently was unable to stop when she said "No." I am not sure because he might have stopped, yet since he started when she was in no position to say either way then he is at fault. They interviewed all kinds of college girls and they all said the same thing. The guys do not respect the girls so these types of things are going to happen. The guy did something wrong. That is sure. Even if they did the deed while still feeling the effects of the drinks, he should not take it for granted that she agrees when sober. Even if they are sleeping naked together it does not mean that she says yes. Still, I think the girl has something to do with this and is partially to blame. This is not the same thing as blaming the girl because she is wearing something low cut or something revealing. She left the party with him and went someplace alone and slept together. She didn't have to do any of those things and should not have. Would anyone be surprised if the guy had the impression that she was there to play? First, cut back on the drinking. Second, don't lead someone along by going someplace alone with them and most of all, don't sleep with them even if fully clothed. This is not the same as blaming the girl for wearing sexy clothes. There were a number of actions that contributed to the situation that they both should have avoided. The guy was not a criminal even if she did say No. The totality of the situation contributed. When they hold the trial, I hope someone reminds the girl that it could have been avoided if she would have made wiser decisions early on. What did she think was going to happen when she decided to sleep with the guy? Yes, I am old fashioned. Don't set yourselves up for a fall. Use your head more and your bodily parts less. While considering the wisdom of that, check out the update. Check: Little Nemo In Slumberland, Lodoss Wars, Lupin III, Photon, and Plastic Little. Enjoy.

10/10/15-- There are people out there who actually believe that they can teach their children using the old saying, "Do as I say, not as I do." Are they successful using this method? Obviously not. Our example is what the children see and remember so if we say "don't steal" yet they see us cheating in small ways or stealing small things, what will they learn? They will drive their parents crazy because they will end up doing the same things they saw. Some day the parents may say, "Well I didn't steal anything big. I only took small things." Will that matter? Little kids start with small things. It is the concept of respect of other people's property that they need to learn. Something that I see around me that is so common that it is rediculous is the stealing of soda in fast food restaurants. Most of these restaurants have machines so you can get your own refills while you eat. They have a sign on the soda machine that says, "Refills on same day only." They also give out water cups and the soda machine has a button for water. They do not charge for water. The probably should since so many are filling these cups with soda as if that were the intention all along. Are the parents aware of this? Very much so. They get the cups then send the kids for any kind of soda they want. Obviously water doesn't have bubbles and water is not dark in color. when the kids bring this to the table, are the parents surprised? I am yet to see even one get mad at the kids for stealing. That is too bad. This is where they start. What will it be like when the kids are teenagers or adults? Perhaps the worst example I ever saw happened back a number of years when we had a riot in Los Angeles because a certain minority felt cheated due to the way the court excused these police that had beat up one of their own. It did not matter that the man had led police on a very dangerous high speed persuit. It did not matter that he was resisting arrest and would not do anything to cooperate. He might have been drunk at the time. Still, they felt slighted so they started a riot all over Los Angeles. Other people who were not of that minority were taking advantage of the situation. There was a large retail store on Hollywood Blvd. and the rioters had broken into the store and looting became the rule for the day. What that has to do with being slighted is beyond me. Those stores didn't do anything wrong. Those stores were taking a big chance opening in these neighborhoods, but they became the target for the day. They were able to set up TV cameras on a roof accross the street and filmed as people ran in and back out with whatever moved them. They showed as a lady drove up in her car and stopped in the street in front and sent in her teenage boys for snatch and grab. The boys came out carring a boxed TV so big that they had to carry it between them. They ran back in and brought out more boxes until the car was full then the mother drove away. Based on how they were brought up, those boys are now men and undoubtedly spending the rest of their lives behind bars. If they don't respect property, they will not respect lives either. The mother is crying her eyes out wondering where it went wrong and blaming the education system or the police or anything else that is handy. We need to be good examples if we expect our children to live good, worthwhile lives. Do those parents make sure that their kids do their home work and help where they can? No, they are too busy watching TV and drinking booze. There are consequences of what we do so keep that in mind. There are cool things to check in this weeks update. Check: Big O, Giant Robo, Nadesico, Sailor Moon, and Vampire Hunter. Enjoy.

10/03/15-- Some times the politicians do things that make little sense to the rest of us and they are so confusing that we don't try to figure them out. One receint effort by the president of my country was to rename the tallest mountain in the US back to the name given to it many generations ago by the natives of the area. I am sure they were losing sleep over this issue or must have to have brought the president to the conclusion that it needed to be done. I don't remember crouds at the airport holding up signs requesting that action be taken. Perhaps they were, but I just don't remember it. Now, every map of the US that includes the mountains of Alaska will have to be thrown away and new ones printed up with the new (old) name. How many hours are librarians going to need to spend going through the maps and such to see which have to be sent back and new ones made? Obviously, we don't have enough things to spend all our money on so this will be no bother at all. Yeah right. Did he do this for the Alaska natives? I don't think so because they can call it what they want. Did he do it for the rest of us? I doubt that as well because this will not change our lives in the least. Why did he do it? Don't ask because you don't really want to know why he would do such a thing other than the slight chance that he simply wanted to be known as the president who did it. Wowie, what a reason. You get my drift? Another recent action was the nomination of an openly gay man as head of the department of the Army. If this person would have qualified to be on the nomination list then no big deal. The way that works is that the person who will make the nomination requests a list of the best qualified. There might be ten names on the list or maybe even thirty names. The nomination can be made giving any name on the list because each of the names meets the requirements to qualify. If a short list of ten names was requested and the nominee was on that list then it sounds like he would be well qualified. The person who nominates does not have to pick the name on the very top of the list, but might. If the person who nominates does not find the person they really want on a list of ten then they can ask for a larger list. If the person is not on that list and is nominated anyway the chances are good they will not be supported in the legislature. That's the way it works. If this openly gay man is on a short list then approving him would not be against good judgement. Still, if the only reason he was nominated was that he was gay and the president wanted to put a gay man in that position then the whole thing becomes extremely doubtful. We are not informed about the short list or any other list. The congress has the right to know and they will ask. We will see if there is justification to approve. That is how it works. Don't lose any sleep over it, but it does help to understand the why and how. While sweating the small stuff, why not check the update? Check: Angel Links, Devilman, Go Kaiser, Orguss, and Robot Carnival. Enjoy.

09/26/15-- My country is celebrating from one end to the other because we have the leader of the largest Christian denomination visiting our shores. This is the first time and for the first time he has addressed the members of our government. Wow, can you imagine? No matter where he goes, everything shuts down. I know that I am going to step on some toes here, but I have to make some comments. It is the expression of my opinion on the subject, but at the same time it is the truth. During his comments to the Senate he brought several things up like immegration and helping the poor. He is telling us that we need to do more. I find that most interesting. For one thing, of the people who come to this country illegally, about ninty five percent come from countries where they are predominantly the religion which he leads. One thing I have noticed is that at no time did he tell those people to stay where they are and that the church would help make things better for them. Why not? What they are doing is illegal because it is not legal to enter another country without permission. If you were try to enter Italy without permission, do you think he would come out and say that the government in Rome needs to be more understanding? No, I don't either. The reason that these people come here is that their own country is fixed in such a way that only the wealthy have any say. The people at the top don't want any change so things do not change. Why not come out and back changes so that children could stay in school rather than drop out to help their parents earn money to support the family? I will not say why he doesn't say anything to change the status quo, but as you can see, nothing changes so the people keep coming here. The other thing he mentioned is we need to stop abortion. Personally, I am against abortion except in the situation of rape, incest, or the mothers' health. The vast majority of abortions are for women who did something and now do not wish to face the consequences. A woman can chose to have unprotected sex with some man she meets because she knows that an abortion is only a phone call away. When he authorized Priests to forgive women who had abortions, it was this kind. Why didn't he come out and tell the young men and young women to stop what they are doing because this kind of sex is wrong? He could have told them that, but he chose not to. Why? I don't know, but it starts there. Young people go on spring break and get drunk and do drugs and all sorts of things because no one says not to. I say not to, but I don't lead a church like he does. Like I said, it is interesting what he said, but also of interest the things he didn't say. Oh well. Read the update, that shouldn't make you mad. Check: Ayashi No Ceres, Blue Seed, Nadia, Ranma 1/2, and Saber Marionette R. Enjoy.

09/19/15-- So, how was your week? Let's start with a little update on what I told you last week. The man who stabbed his kids really did a poor job on himself. Two days ago, he was already well enough to go to court where he was charged with three counts of murder. They showed him on TV and he was not in bad shape at all. Not only did he miss his heart, but he missed everything else of importance. He walked into court. They didn't have to wheel him in on a gurney or in a wheel chair. His attempt at suicide was half hearted at best. Another thing they were showing on news really makes you wonder about the treaties they make with other countries that allow for what they call diplomatic immunity. You can understand that there are countries out there that will claim your diplomat is a spy at the drop of a hat. There are other countries where they get around that by fomenting a riot by their citizens and direct them to attack the Embassy and take everyone prisoner and kill anyone and everyone that gets in their way. Since this is not the government that is doing this, there is no problem. What we had here was someone racing the narrow neighborhood streets of Beverly Hills in these super expensive sports cars. There were other cars around and pedestrians and these sports cars were whizzing by at 70 or 80 miles an hour. The police could do nothing because the owner of one of them claimed diplmatic immunity and was from some Arab country called Cutter. The last thing I heard was that the owner did not have immunity. Under the agreements we have with other countries, their diplomatic corps can do just about anything they want and the most our government can do is send some kind of letter to complain about the behavior. If the acts are grevious enough then we might be able to have those individuals removed from our country. I guess what we need to do is form riot squads to attack creeps like these that can bring them to justice like they do in their home countries. Does anyone else get the impression that we let other countries walk all over us and we are constantly doing things to try to earn their friendship? Yeah, me too. Another thing I wonder is why we are sending so much foreign aid to all these countries that hate our guts. As an example: do you remember what we did to punish the Egyptian government for civil rights violations against their own people? Yes, we suspended the foreign aid that we were sending Egypt. I think we were sending the aid because Egypt had made an agreement with Israel that supported the right of Israel to exist. Wow! Can you imagine? Why did we have to send all these millions to them for an agreement with another country and not our own? It's no big deal, but I am curious. Have any of you ever seen a list of the countries where we send foreign aid and any explanation why? If they didn't send all that aid, how much would they be able to cut our taxes? I don't know, but I think we would notice the difference. I wonder how much aid we send to Cutter and why. Oh well. Maybe next week the news will be positive and uplifting. You never know. Why we hold our breath, why not check out this weeks update? Check: Burn Up W, Gundam Wing, Patlabor, Silent Mobius, and Virus. Enjoy.

09/12/15-- Unless you live in Southern California, the news you hear, read, or see is not the same as what I hear, read, or see. There have been some truly tragic situations that came up recently. These things make you wonder if there isn't more that we can do. The first one that I will mention just happened today. There are special schools for what they call special needs kids. They pile them into a single category where they might have described them as learning impared (this is the politically correct way of saying it) or autistic or something like that. These kids go to school longer than the average. The one in question was nineteen. We don't know exactly what his special need was because they don't tell us. Apparently this ninteen year old fell asleep on a school bus and did not get off at his stop. He probably laid down on the seat so the bus driver didn't see him and so he was left to sleep in an extremely hot vehicle. When they finally found him, it was too late. They only even looked for him because his family reported that he had not gotten home from school. They found his bus and there he was. Especially when you are talking about special needs kids, the rule should be that the driver must do a full search of the bus and not assume it is empty. Like I said, this just happened so it is likely the family will file suit against the school and the bus company for neglagence or something. We'll see how that works out. Another case of a few days ago is where a man was having trouble with his wife about the children from his first marriage. His first wife died of cancer and he remarried and had another child with the new wife and she resented her step-children so there was considerable friction. How did the man resolve the conflict? Funny you should ask. He picked up the kids to take them to school and pulled over on some street and took out a knife and stabbed them all. He then turned the knife on himself. Unfortunately, he didn't do nearly as good a job on himself as he did the kids because they all died while he lived so they rushed him to the hospital where they will spend a small fortune saving him to he can stand trial for killing the kids. The children were boys and they ran from age eight to age twelve. The thing that shocks me the most here is how he could miss when it came to killing himself? We all know where our heart is. How could he stab himself and miss it? Anybody got a knife so we can help this guy out? The last is about as bad. On the very same day that they discovered this guy and his kids in the car, they discovered that a man had shot his wife in front of their six year old son. He then took the child to relatives and dropped him off and drove to the fire station where he works and shot himself. Like I said before, they should make it manditory that anyone that wishes to kill others then take their own life should be required to start with themselves. No one is taking my suggestion seriously so here we are. In both cases, the men should have started with themselves. The man who killed his wife was a fireman while she was a sheriff. He shot his wife in front of their child. That kid is going to have problems for sure. This stuff was just this week. Because of this stuff, I try not to watch much news. Still when I accidently do, you see what happens. Don't dwell on this stuff; just be glad that it didn't happen to you. While you are being glad, check out this weeks update. Check: Corrector Yui, Cowboy Bebop, El Hazard, Mazinkaiser, and Roujin Z. Enjoy.

09/05/15-- The government tries to make sure that people do not advertise on radio or TV and say things that are not true. There are laws that protect the consumers. A number of businesses have gotten into trouble over such issues and especially manufacturers of medications. A medication is supposed to do something for the patient who takes the medication and if it doesn't do what they promise then the patient will suffer the consequence. Not every advertiser makes un-substantiated allegations. Many times an advertiser stretches the truth by inuendo or something similar and though they are implying something, they are not necessarily lying. As an example, there are many advertisers for attorney groups that tell you that you do not have to pay a thing until they win your case. The implication is that they are doing you this big favor. You don't have to pay until they win and only if they win. Wow, what a great deal that is. The only thing is that these attorneys are not doing anyone any favors and probably shouldn't even bring it up in their advertising because it is the law. For an attorney to take a case like this, they are required to agree to receive their payment from the final settlement. It is the nature of the beast. They cannot take the case unless they agree to the stipulation. Also, they are limited by law as to how much they can charge the client. They cannot charge more even if they want to or if the client agrees to it. Under those circumstances, it doesn't even seem appropriate to bring it up, but they do and they make it seem like they are being really generous. I guess they are not required to tell you that it is the law because they do not tell you that it is not the law. It is a little ring around the rosey or whatever you would call it. Another advertising that has just started showing up is for companies to offer to loan you money based on a settlement you hope to receive. They can do that and there is nothing wrong. I am yet to see them tell you any idea what so ever how much you will have to pay for this loan. Another thing they do not tell you is that in most states, there is a disability benefit payable for up to a year if you are not able to work. If you are in an auto accident and unable to work, you might be able to get the state disability for up to a year. That is money that belongs to you. You would not have to pay it back whether you win or lose. If the disability is expected to last longer than a year then you probably qualify for Social Security disability. They have laws and requirements that control wheather you are approved or not. One thing for sure, you do not need an attorney to make sure that you can receive those benefits. If your condition is not sever enough or will not last long enough then it will not make any difference if you have an attorney or not. If you are disabled and get an attorney then keep in mind one very important fact: your representative will receive payment from retroactive benefits you might receive. If you file with Social Security, they have a waiting perior of six months before they can start your payments. An attorney who represents you from the beginning will only receive their payment from the retroactive benefits you receive. If you receive payment going back five months to the end of the waiting period, the attorney can only receive a share of that. If it takes you two years for you to get your retroactive benefits, they get their share of all of that. Think about it, which would be better for the attorney? I am not saying that the attorney would purposely drag feet to make sure there is more retro- benefits, but if you were him, what would you do? Think about it. They don't lie to you, but at the same time, they don't give you the whole story. If you are in that position, please be careful and be aware. Ask all the questions so you will have all the answers before you do something you will regret. You will regret if you don't check the update so check it out. Check: Bakuretsu Hunter, Escaflowne, Inu Yasha, Nadesico, and Ray Earth. Enjoy.

08/29/15-- Back last Monday, I shipped a package to Pennsylvania and it cost more than $7.00 for one cel. I asked the lady and she said the rate had not gone up and I couldn't pin her down as far as different price to Pennsylvania as opposed to a state out west, but perhaps that is the cost differential. I will not raise the price on shipping, but I will absorb the difference for as long as I can. When they raise the price again, I may have no choice. I don't charge a flat rate for out of the country, but I get the weight and cost and let the customer know what it will be. I promised that I would give you the true story, or at least my version, of Cinderella this update so here we go. It took considerable research to piece everything together. Believe me it was worth it to know what really happened all those years ago. In each case, Cinderella did have an evil step-mother who tried to hold her back in favor of her own ackward daughters by a prior marriage. When I studied this, I wondered how it was that this lady happened to be widowed from two different men. You get the impression that the first husband was not as well off as the second. When you think about that then you wonder how it was they were running in the same social circles to meet and decide to marry. I'm sure that Cinderella's father thought that she needed a mother, but why that lady? It must have been obvious what kind of a person she was, but still things happen. No. 1) The story pretty much unfolds as you heard previoously except when they tried on the glass slipper, it didn't fit Cinderella either. Say what? Yes, it's true. Cinderella's feet had swollen from the Prince stepping on them all night. The step-mother was elated. If neither of her daughters could have the Prince, then Cinderella couldn't have him either. The reason the Prince had stepped on Cinderella's feet while dancing was that he had two left feet. Not figuratively, but really two left feet. It was a birth defect and was the best kept secret in the kingdom. Since Cinderella knew that truth then she was the one. No. 2) In this one, there was no fairy god mother. Cinderella had discovered the dress and glass slippers in an old trunk in the attic. These things had belonged to her real mother. While Cinderella was putting on a little makeup, it didn't take much, her friends, the mice were using the slippers as an out house. Cinderella was alergic to mice urine and her feet had swollen and she couldn't put on the slipper. It turned out that the Prince had the same allergy so his feet had swollen the same way. When they compared feet, they knew that she was the one and it was finally confirmed after they disenfected the slippers and after the swelling went down. No. 3) Back to the original story. After two dances, the Prince decided that Cinderella was the one for him and that there were other things, much more fun than dancing, they could do in his apartment. Neither one of them had any prior experience and they were really having a good time when the Prince's upbringing caught up with him. They decided to stop and continue after they were married since they had determined that was the right thing to do. The Prince put an autograph on Cinderella's left foot to remind them where they had left off. (Get it; left off?) They were in such a rush to get Cinderella out before curfew that they forgot the slippers under the Prince's bed. The maid found the slippers in the morning and destroyed the evidence to protect the good name of the Prince. With no slippers for comparison, they were interviewing all the damsels in the kingdom. When the Prince saw the autograph he had left on Cinderella's foot, he knew she was the one. Of course, there was that along with the fact that Cinderella, of all the damsels in the kingdom, was the only one who didn't wear a girdle. As the story goes, they were married and lived happily ever after. You may not have known that they had thirteen children. They had six girls and six boys and one mouse. Now you know the rest of the story. I'm sure you will want to re-read this opus several times, but you should check out the update first. Check: Ah My Goddess, Crest Of The Stars, Dragon Ball, Macross 7, and Vampire Princess Miyu. Enjoy.

08/22/15-- It's that season again so everyone cheer. What season is that? Why, so good of you to ask. It's football season again. By the time I write my next update, I will have attended my first game of the year. I can hardly wait. I will not bother you with results or anything. You wouldn't care anyway. I think that is very kind of me. There are many out there who would update you every week whether you were interested or not. That is not me so you can consider yourselves lucky or unlucky as the case may be. If you are interested then you need to write and let me know that you want me to bore you with the gory details. If I don't hear from you then I will assume that my assumption was right as rain. Anyone else see the new movie? If you don't ask which one then I can assume that you didn't see it. There is a new one about the arrival of gangster rap. Wow, how could I ever miss something like that? It won't be easy, but I will do my best. There was another new one based on a video game about hitmen. Since they were hitmen who had been upgraded from the norm, I decided to go see it. It was pretty much what I expected. There was loads of violence. What I would like to know is if they are going to have an "R" rating due to violence, why not have more naked bodies out there since it won't change anything? Just kidding. Anything they put into a movie needs to move the story along in some way and if the story is about hitmen then there must be violence. The excess skin would probably not move the story along so why bother. Apparently this scientist was able to isolate all kinds of genes that do really cool stuff. Frankly, if they could isolate those genes then they could isolate the ones they would need to cure every disease in the book including cancer. They could make so much more money, plus the scientist type is dieing of cancer. See what I mean? How much would it be worth to find a cure for cancer? More than we have put together, that's for sure. Still, it was a worthwhile use for six dollars and two hours. I wish I could say that for all movies. For next week, I can do a review of the gangster rap movie. Not! For my next treat, next week I'll tell you what Cinderella said when the glass slipper didn't fit and it isn't funny, but then again it is. See you then. In the mean time; check out the update: Check: Devilman, Giant Robo, Lupin III, Orange Road, and Violinist of Hamlin. Enjoy.

08/15/15-- Everybody who doesn't live in California, raise your hand. You who raised your hands are the lucky ones. They have presented a bill in Sacramento that, if approved, would set this state back to the stone ages and probably farther. What am I talking about? Funny you should ask. The motivation is to reduce gasoline consumption by fifty percent. That might be a laudable goal, but I'm not sure. Some of the things that I have heard are absolutely strange. Let's face it, our oil will not last forever so eventually we will need other sources of fuel. For the politicians to come out and say that they are going to do something about the problem is scary. Think about it; what will they suggest to make it possible? They will suggest what they always suggest, raise taxes. They want to force us to use less gasoline by increasing the cost to us at the pump. Wow, what a concept. Yes, if they raise the taxes then we will not be able to afford to buy the gasoline so we will have to use something else. What will we use to make our cars run? Obviously we will not be able to make them run so we will not be able to go to work or go to the store or anything else. That will fix everything for us, don't you agree? I have not seen anything where they provide an alternate form of fuel or a way to get to and from our destinations, only that they want to force us to use less gasoline. I tried to look this up on the internet, but they have managed to make it impossible to find. It is not available in the newspapers or anyplace else. That is interesting as well. This was on the radio two days ago, but now it it totally gone. Another thing they wish to do is force us to acquire newer, more efficient cars that do not use as much gasoline. That is so nice of them. How are they going to do that? I'm glad you asked. They are going to raise our taxes. Yes, the fix all solution for all our problems. Anyone that has a car that is older than 2006 will have to pay an additional fee for having a gas burner. I would love to have a newer car, but I am on a fixed income and I would need to save my money so I could afford to buy a newer car. Since I will pay higher taxes for having an older car, I won't be able to save money to buy a newer car. Gee, that sounds like a Catch 22 to me. They take away from me the only chance I would ever have of buying a newer, more efficient car. Is anyone surprised? That's what I figured. Do the politicians understand the concept of consequences? Something you do results in consequences. They can be both good and bad, but you need to understand the consequences first. So how are they going to make sure that we are using less gasoline? They will set up a bureaucracy just for that purpose. How will they finance the bureaucracy to manage everything? With the additional taxes they will be collecting. To me it doesn't make sense that the only way to fix the problem is to take money away from us to build a bureaucracy. As you can imagine, the funding for the fight against this bill comes from the gasoline manufacturing companies. Big surprise. Talk about money grubbers. If this is actually passed, I will probably have to move to another state. Anyone want to come with me? Maybe if I could sell enough cels, I could buy a newer car. Help me out here guys. While you are giving that all the serious consideration it deserves, check out the update. Check: Angel Links, Go Kaiser, Macross 2, Maps, and Maris The Chojo. Enjoy.

08/08/15-- They have added a new channel to the group that I am able to watch without having cable. The only thing I'm not too happy with is the fact that they re-play everything several times each day. These shows were daily so they have plenty of them, but I guess they don't want to have to pay too much to re-run them with a new show every day. They could do that and when they run out, they can start again which wouldn't be much of a burden. One of the things that is most apparent to me is that back in the day, when they filmed those shows, there was a completely different attitude about smoking. You do not see anyone on any kind of an interview or similar show that is smoking even if they smoke otherwise. With some of the shows that I watch, like What's My Line" or "To Tell The Truth," the guest celebrities are smoking all the time. It was taken for granted so no one said anything back then. When they finally came out and said that smoking is bad for you and is a major cause for cancer, they prohibitted selling cigarettes on television. If you look at many of these old shows, the sponsor was a tobacco company and it was part of everything. As an example, a show that would normally list the name of the star might be listed as the "Lucky Strike" program or the "Winston" program based on the sponsor. It was not unusual to watch the stars smoking away. That was life back then. I think it would be interesting to know how many of those famous names died of something related to their smoking. I don't wish them ill, but it was obvious that they were doing ill to themselves and no one seemed to care. The cigarette companies came out and said that there was no evidence to link smoking with anything bad. That was just a lie. The Government never did anything to those companies though they did lose some court cases and were required to pay huge sums due to their lieing and cheating ways. If they had to pay even one million dollars for every person who died due to smoking, they would have gone out of business and it served them right. I don't know all your ages, but I wonder when you figured out that smoking was bad for you. Did you smoke then quit or did you never smoke at all? The real damning evidence about smoking was in the sixties or seventies? I'm not sure, because I knew it was bad way before that. My belief regarding smoking goes back way before even my time. We knew smoking was bad for you going back to 1833. That's true. How many people pointed at us or make fun of us for such odd beliefs? Too many. Would you be surprised if I told you that I have never drunk alchohol or smoked tobacco? It is true. There must be something wrong with me. Believe what you want, but just remember that if you don't smoke or drink, you will live longer. While living longer, check out this weeks update. Check: El Hazard, eX-Driver, Nadia, Sakura Wars, and Urusei Yatsura. Enjoy.

08/01/15-- We are really on the downward slid in this that had once been our new year. We are two thirds of the way through the year. Who would have thunk it? I had no preference for whichever fairy tale you want me to butcher so I'll pick it myself and surprise you. I had not spoken about the latest movie from Pixar. It has gotten good review and I wonder why, In any good story, we witness the strugle between good and evil. That is on going and the basis for all good stories. In the first Toy Story there was the kid next store who was bad to the bone, but not a true bad guy as we might think of one. He was a spoiled brat who did all kinds of bad things, but mostly to innocent little toys who cannot defend themselves. Both Toy Story two and three had well defined bad guys. Look at all the rest of the Pixar stores and you will find a bad guy to play off of. Who was the bad guy in Inside Out? Yeah, I know. I don't think sadness or imaginary friends qualify that way. Basically the girl was doing it to herself. Her parents cared about her, but I wonderr if they would have reacted that way over the dinner table. It would be natural for the kid to have trouble fitting in on her first day at a new school. The parents should have been able to see that and work accordingly. What they needed was an outside bad guy that was trying to take advantage of the girl"s unhappiness and insecurities. Add to that the fact that they were using such concepts as "core memories" which were never defined. I think we can figure it out, but what about the primary audience for this animated feature? The story was hard to follow and more than a little confusing. There was danger for the main characters who were trying to get someplace to do something and keep the girl from doing something extremely stupid. Yes, people do stupid things. That is part of being human. Of all the stupid things we do, most are because of anger and now fear or joy or any of the rest. They didn't make that very clear either. The better stories are coming out of Disney Animation and it used to be the other way around. When this movie comes out on video, I think I can manage to not buy it. If you liked it, maybe you can explain why and I can share it with the rest of the world. Go fo it. In the nonce, check out the update. Check: Burn Up W, Card Captor Sakura, Gundam Wing, Ray Earth, and Virus. Enjoy.

07/25/15-- The votes are in and we have the tally. Unfortunately, there was a three way tie for the winner. Who could have seen that coming? Just one more vote and we would have had a true preferance. Maybe next time. That is the point here. We can do the next time, any time you want. Why don't you tell me which one you want me to do? I have some interesting ideas for Cinderella, Snow White, Peter Pan and many others. Let me know your preferance and I'll se what I can come up with. If no one writes me their preferance then it will be up to me and I'm not sure you want to simply leave that it my hands. Think about it and get back to me. We really don't have anything better going on these days. I can't say I like to talk about politicians, but some times they just make so much noise that you can't help it. There is one guy out there with lots of money that is making a fool of himself. I won't mention any names, but his first name is the same as Donald Duck only I like Donald Duck better. I don't like illegal aliens. I think I have made that point numerous times over the years. When they come to our country without permission, they are thumbing their noses at our laws and everything else. They come from countries where they are not given an even break. Those who have money in those countries are not going to allow change because they are at the top of the food chain. When those people come here, they get education and medical care for free and many things that our own people are not able to obtain. They thumb their noses at our laws and that isn't right. They should not be abused, but they should be sent back where they came from. Still, it is not right to call them criminals and rapests. They are only criminals when we catch them in the act and our local governments are busy looking the other way. A perfect example is the guy that simply shot this young lady for no reason whatsoever. He had been imprissioned five times and deported five times and even though he had a rap sheet as long as your arm, the city just let him go rather than turn him over to the federal government. He got a gun and shot this girl for no reason and they discovered who he was when they arrested him. I hope those guys are proud of themselves. If that guy were an American then he would not have been released so quickly after the third conviction, but since he was an illegal alien then they just take him accross the border. It probably took him about fifteen minutes to get back on our side. Of well. Still, that political guy is making generalizations which are wrong and inappropriate. What is worse, he is leading in the poles. It is hard for me to tell who is more stupid. Think about it and let me know. I am curious which of the stories you want me to play with next. I'll give the results next week. Now, you can check out this weeks update. Check: Ayashi No Ceres, Blue Seed, Dr Slump, Maizon Ikkoku, and Robot Carnival. Enjoy.

07/18/15-- I'm back. Did you miss me? What do you mean you didn't notice that I wasn't here? I told you way back when. Oh well! I guess I need to get used to it. I'm going to open up this week with a quiz. Actually, it isn't really a quiz, but more like an expression of preferance. What I have here are three possible things that might have been the first words out of Sleeping Beauty's mouth when she woke up. We have no evidence either way as to which she actually said so it comes down to a matter of preferance. 1. "All right! Who kissed me? I feel I have a right to know these things. I am a princess after all."2. "I'm confused. I don't know if I should thank you or slap you silly."3. "That really wasn't too bad except for the very end there and that thing about the tongue." Let me know which you think is most likely and I will give the results next week. As I said. We're back from two conventions. One in a row is bad enough, but two together like this is very demanding. I think it will take all the way to next years convention to fully recover and even then it is no sure thing. I hope you all had a good time. It was fun to meet the fans. One of those I met at San Diego was a young TV actor. I'm not sure, but I think he's on one of the Disney channels. His first name is Connor. Perhaps you know who I am refering to. He is a big Anime fan and especially likes Cowboy Bebop. Don't we all? He was very nice. It's nice to know that famous people are just regular people too. My son was with me and he was off meeting the cream of the cream or whatever they say. It was fun so I hope you had a good time in my absense. I had a good time even if I am beat. Still, I was able to put together an update for this week so check it out. Check: Bakuretsu Hunter, Corrector Yui, Nadesico, Ranma 1/2, and Sailor Moon. Enjoy and don't forget to vote. The outcome is very important.

06/27/15-- Cannabis Sativa. There, I said it. Back in the good ol days, when I was in College, I wrote a term paper on Marijuana. As far as I can tell, they have not updated the conclusions about the drug that they made back then. Nothing has changed. It was determined that the drug has an effect where if a person has any kind of personality quirk that taking this drug simply made that condition worse. That is not to say that the drug makes you crazy. The closest thing to that was the drug called LSD which was created to allow doctors and scientists to study mental illness. What Marijuana would do was if a person had a tendancy to be withdrawn and self-absorbed that they would become totally withdrawn while on the drug. That is part of what Marijuana does. The consumption of alchohol to become high is something that people can do in groups and with friends so that different people are more or less involved. I don't support the consumption of alchohol or anything else for the purpose of getting high. That whole concept is foreign to me and totally counter productive, but at least people who are drinking are socializing while people who do Marijuana are becoming more and more withdrawn. To continue the point, people who are self-destructive and who use Marijuana are likely to become even more so. At the time I wrote my report, it was determined that very few people who were doing serious drugs went directly there. The vast majority started with Marijuana and went on to the other drugs. I think that is rather disquieting. In places where the use of the drug for recreation, they like to claim that crime is down and productivity is up. When they quote that crime is down, is that crime other than the use of Marijuana when it was illegal? If that allowance is correct then crime would also go down if we were to make robbing banks or car theft legal. If we did that then crime might be down by a very significant margin. Is productivity up because people are not having Monday hangovers so they go to work? A simple statement, even if true, doesn't tell the whole story. What is behind the statustics? In my state, we have legal use of Marijuana for medical purposes. The use of the drug can help people who are very sick from Chemo-therapy for cancer treatments. I would dare say that a very small percentage of those who have doctor releases to allow for use of Marijuana for medical purposes would be for that reason. I get the impression that most who have medical authorizations do not have a really good reason to take it. A local TV stations used hidden cameras to show what was happening around a school. The young people were pooling there money and giving it to people who have permission and they were busing the drug for them. The same person went into the Pot shop four, five or six times in a few hours and no one in the shop questioned what was going on. That just doesn't sound right. They need an agency to moniter authorizations to make sure that each one has a legitimate reason and not just playing around. Is that likely to happen? Not really. It seems more likely that they will make use of Marijuana for "recreation" legal before they would ever do that. It is sad that people feel that they need to drink or take drugs in order to feel good. There are many ways to feel good without that. One of them is by collecting cels of your favorite Anime. Check out: 3x3 Eyes, Angel Links, Dragon Ball, Orguss, and Vampire Huner. You will have the next two weeks off because I will be at conventions both weeks so enjoy as best you can in my absense.

06/20/15-- You should have had my update a long time ago, but I had things working against me. For numerous reasons, I had to get a new computer and that resulted in trying to re-work everything I had on my old computer and it took days to finally get things to work like they are supposed to. Fortunately, we seem to be set to go now. If you are reading this, it means that we were totally successful. If you're not reading this, it means that I'm talking to myself again. Oh well! Working under the assumption that it is fixed and that you will be reading this, let's talk about the new movie. Clearly the theme of the need to make a profit continues. Decisions about how to run a theme park dedicated to dinosaurs are being made on how to turn a fast buck. No matter how exciting it is to look at the real thing, there is a perceived need for something bigger and badder. When a T-Rex just doesn't cut it any more, you know you are in trouble. The bigger and badder thing was not even a real dinosaur. They combined things to make it even more dangerous than the real things. Does it surprise anyone that the bigger/badder dino is the one that gets away and starts reaking havoc all over the place. Of course, two young people are running around on their own and make some extremely stupid decisions. For example, they are riding around in these clear plastic balls that take them right in with the other dinos that are out roaming the plain. What do they do when they discover a hole in the fense? They go off road right to where the escaped dino is wrecking its vengeance on everything in sight and since they come into sight, on them too. I can understand that youngsters might make poor choices, but here you have them in a strange area and surrounded by all kinds of things that can eat them and they decide to go off road. I have to wonder how stupid thay can be. The next thing is common to this type of movie. Why do they make the door into the cage of the dangerous dino so big that it can get out if you are unable to close the door fast enough? I understand the need for danger, but it seems there is also a need for logic when dealing with large, deadly beasts. They should have a big door that they can open on an as needed bases and which only opens when things are under control. The door for people to get in and out should be a tight fit for human size only. Why only have one huge size door so that people can be eaten inside the cage if you can't open the door fast enough. If you can't close the door fast enough, the creature can get out and eat everyone else. Really, wouldn't two doors make more sense to you? Really, I understand the need for plot, but couldn't the writers come up with a way to get the beast out without stupidity being such a major part of the whole thing. If you disregard stupidity, the movis is pretty good. I also wonder the need to breed so many flying dinos. They will be far from the paying customers so what is the point? I think they had so many so they could get lose and give the paying customers something else that can eat them. If you haven't seen it yet, I do recommend that you do. No one is listening to me anyway. Until they do, you might as well check out this weeks update. Check: Big O, Cowboy Bebop, Go Kaiser, Little Nemo In Slumberland, and Nadesico. Enjoy.

06/13/15-- The obvious subject for this week would be the new movie that just came out. It would be worth covering, but it is not what moved me the most. Here in Southern California we have had an event that raised numerous questions. At least it raised questions for me, but then again you know how I am. For over thirty years, we have had a small newspaper that has been published weekly all over the area and perhaps even farther. It may have been all over the state, but I'm not sure. It was all advertising and had small ads such as garage sales and single items and such. It also had coupons for different businesses and offers of automobiles and all kinds of things. I did not know it, but just over a year ago this newpaper called "Pennysaver" was bought by an out of area company. Just a few weeks ago, they closed all the doors and locked out all the employees without explanation. The employees went to the local TV and they mentioned that the new owners were known for buying businesses then send them up the creek. Well, it appears they struck again. The news came out that the business filed for bankruptcy a few days after they closed the doors. They filed in Deleware. I have no idea if there was a reason for that or not. Perhaps, the parent company is located back there. I really don't know. This is a business that had survived for over thirty years, but goes belly up in only one year after the new owners take over. That doesn't make sense. They published a different version of the newspaper in all the many small towns around the area. The employees that were locked out said that advertising revenue averaged about one million dollars per week. Did the new owners give themselves huge bonuses that the business just couldn't afford? Did they refund the payments for ongoing ads? Many advertisers paid a month of more into the future. Were any of these funds refunded to advertisers? These advertisers are probably considered crediters and would have to line up to get a refund. Since court is in another state, how likely is something like that? Like I said, this raises many questions and mostly I have doubts that this was legitimate. I have no proof so it is all simply based on logic and what is most likely the situation. Think about it though. From what I have heard of bankruptcy, a very common thing is for people to run up huge bills with no intentions of paying any of them then filing for bankruptcy. Is that what these people have done? Again, I am not sure because I don't know all the details, but when you consider the possibilities you have to wonder. I hope I havn't given anyone any ideas that they didn't already have. If I hear anything, I'll let you know. While you're waiting, check out the update. Check: Card Captor Sakura, Crest Of The Stars, Devilman, Giant Robo, and Inu Yasha. Enjoy.

06/06/15-- I have mentioned the fact that I have written a book. It has not been published and I have not offered this version as of yet. I wrote an earlier version of the story and sent it and it was rejected. I continued to investigate what I would need to do and basically went back to the beginning and re-wrote the story in a way that I thought would be more commercial. The first version had some good points, but I considered that it needed to be more direct and to the point. I talked with a friend who said that the publishers give a minimum number of words, but they really are most interested in a number of words around one hundred and twenty thousand. My first draft was double that. I also considered that I needed to put more punch into it. In my efforts to reach a reasonable number or words, I discovered that I could control my word count much more than I had originally thought. It really did work for me. Once I was satisfied with the presentation, I continued with the second book and find that it is almost ready to present to a publisher. Since I wrote this as a planned three parts, I figured that I needed to be well along with the second part and find that it is almost finished. I know what I want to put into the last chapter and the Epilogue so it is only a matter of writing it and being satisfied with the final version. One of the scenes in the epilogue that I am looking forward to involves one of my main characters who discovers a beautiful damsel who seems to be sleeping. He looks closely at her and moves away so she asks him why he isn't giving her a kiss to wake her up. The princes all wake the maidens with a kiss. His answer is that "first, he isn't a prince and second, she is already awake" so he doesn't need to kiss her to wake her up. Obviously, it doesn't end there, but that is how it starts. That is how my imagination works. I really think that people will like it. I don't depend of the public only being interested in sex and similar things like the big name novels that have been released lately. The really big one wasn't particularly original or well written, but was that type of garbage that people want to read. Since you like Anime, I am sure that your taste is much better than that. I hope so anyway. My book is basically Science Fiction, Action, Adventure. One thing I discovered is that more publishers are interested in books about gays and such than are interested in my type of story. That is the way the world is these days. I don't know for sure if enough people even read to want the type of story that I wrote. Oh well, I guess I'll find out. For those of you who have young children, my son is presenting a live puppet show with original music and songs. The music has been made available on download. If you are interested, let me know and I send you a link. It is quite good. The story is based around Jack and the Beanstalk. There is something of a love song (maybe friend song would be more accurate) between Jack and the Cow. It is quite good. Let me know. While considering your options, check out the update, Check: El Hazard, JoJo's Bizaare Adventure, Macross 7, Tekkaman Blade, and Vampire Princess Miyu. Enjoy.

05/30/15-- Are you happy? No, that's not a trick question. It is a question that is intended to ingender some thought, but it isn't a trick. You don't have to answer me direct because I wouldn't hear you anyway, but what would your answer be? I hope you are happy. I guess the next question would be, how do you know either way? Be it happy or sad or something inbetween, we know by our past experience. At one time or another we have all been happy and we have all be sad. We know how it feels and we know how we got there. There are reasons we feel either way. If you have been successful in achieving a goal then you would be happy. If you did not attain your goal, you would be sad. The level of happiness or sadness might depend on the importance of the goal we had set and how close we came to reaching that goal. If we are close, but still don't quite make it, we would tend to be more upset and disappointed. If we are far away from achieving our goal, we would not be quite so upset. If our expectations were high and we failed to get even close then we would probably be even more upset if we did better than our expectations and still failed. At least we did better than we previously thought. If we fail continuously then we might just give up since we were never close. People who never give up and keep trying no matter what are a special bread and we can appreciate their desire and heart to keep going despite the difficulties. The old saying is "I never promised you a rose garden." We will not be happy all of the time and we won't be sad all of the time. The people who are always one thing or another are suffering from dillusions. Nothing is forever bad or good. Things do go up and down. That is life. If you are on an up swing, be happy that you are. If you are on a down swing, keep in mind that it will go up again before you know it. Life is many things and they should all be lived to our fullest. Nothing lasts forever and that applies to both good and bad so hang in there. You'll make it in the end. Was it a trick question? No, but it might be a very interesting answer. Still, while thinking about your answer, check this weeks update. It couldn't hurt. Check: Burn Up W, Mazinkaiser, Roujin Z, Shamanic Princess, and Silent Mobius. Enjoy.

05/23/15-- Usually I enjoy seeing or reading about my old High School. It doesn't happen that much any more. There were times when it had some notority. It has been several years now, but it was the first school to win the Academic Decathalon two years in a row. Now that they have these "Charter" schools and such, it happens more often, but back then it was a first. Usually in any given year they have mostly seniors participating for each school so repeats were very difficult. It always grabs my attention when something does come up, but this time it wasn't anything good. They talked about it several days running because they were investigating the case of sexual harrassment in the school. It boils down to a bunch of guys imposing on a couple of girls. The thing that shocks me is the threat that the boys used to get the girls to do what they wanted. If the girls didn't do what they asked, they were going to tell the world that the had. If they did do what they wanted, they would keep it a secret. Apparently the girls fell for this line. I can't believe it, but it is true. I guess in a world of Facebook and the like, that kind of threat holds much more weight than it should. Think about it. If you don't do what the guys want, you will be branded by a bunch of lying boys while if you do, you can trust them to keep it secret. I wouldn't trust them to keep anything secret and especially something like that. I understand that what gave it away and what started the investigation was that many of the boys recorded the events on their phones and posted them on the internet. You've got to be kidding. You see the guys recording what is happening and you are going to trust them to keep it a secret. I don't know who is more stupid, the boys or the girls. Really, I am shocked. Since they were all under age, whoever posted the things can be convicted of child porn. Talk about stupid. They are not going to release the results of the investigation and they especially are not going to release the names of those involved. I guess if you go to that school, you will know when a bunch of your friends suddenly stop going to your school because they are suspended. I guess that just might give it away. It just shocks me that the girls would believe such a thing as everything will be alright if they just do the bad thing that they were taught not to do. Oh well. That is the world we live in. To get your mind off of such stupidity, check out this weeks update. Check: Ah My Goddess, Infinite Ryvius, Nazca, Orange Road, and Ray Earth. Enjoy.

05/16/15-- More food for thought? Hey, it is good for you even if it makes you work more than you had intended. Consider it something like exercise for the soul or something like that and we all know we need more exercise. Much of the time in the news we run into the use of a word that may actually be used inappropriatly and certainly out of context. What does that have to do with cels? Nothing really, but still it is exercise after all and that is good for us. So what is the word? Actually, the word is racism. Yes, that word is used more than it should be used even though the condition does exist to a much greater extent than we would like to admit. Recently a lady got into trouble for something she posted on her facebook account where she complained about the illegal immigrants from Mexico. She was on a city council in some Southern California city and people didn't like what she said. Of course, she was stupid for saying those things if not stupid for thinking them. The thing I had trouble with is that many of the people who were complaining about her words were calling them racism. Actually, that was an error. It can only be racism if a race or prejudice against a race is involved. People from a given country do not constitue a race. Actually, the people from the country in question are considered mixed. They constitute a mixture of European and native american and they do not constitue a race. The people from virtually all Central American and South American countries are of the same mixture. For different reasons, we like to call them Hispanic because they come from countries where Spanish is the language that is spoken. The people from Brazil are basically the same mixture and would probably be called Hispanic even though they speak Portugese. Go figure. If someone complains about the people who come to the US without permission, the answer is to call them racist. That is simply inappropriate, but it is used to achieve a goal. The goal is to deflect from the wrongness of the situation. These people do not want you to complain about what they are doing which is illegal so they throw that word at you to make you stop. It seems to work with the primary governing system in this country. They wouldn't dare pass laws that would come down hard on the illegals because they are fearfull that word will be used against them. People who come here without permission show themselves to have no care about the laws of the country where they go to live. What makes you think that they respect any of our laws? Once they get here, they must continue to break the law to get a job and support themselves and their family here or back where they started. People love to chime in that they come here to better themselves. Yes, they do. They come to this country without speaking the language, without understanding the culture or any skills where they could make a substantial living. To work within this country they must have a Alien card and a social security number. They use someone else's or get fake copies or other things that makes it so they can work. There are not sufficient laws to stop employers from hiring these people even though they know they are illegal. They under pay them and know they can get away with it because they cannot complain. If you want to pass laws to fix the immigration, you can start there. The basic issue is that a word is being used inappropriatly in order to achieve a goal and they are succeeding. I wish the politicians had a backbone, but I guess they give that up when they get elected. You have a backbone otherwise you wouldn't be here so check out the update. Check: 3x3 Eyes, Angel Links, Dragon Ball, Nadia, and Slayers. Enjoy.

05/09/15-- I saw the movie and greatly enjoyed it. I saw it alone because my wife backed out in the last minute. Go figure. If you saw it, I hope you enjoyed it too. I think too much of the news these days is concerned with too much of the same thing. The police is dealing with the public and using force which many people find offensive. Even if the police didn't do anything wrong, which is still up in the air, they are facing difficult times trying to protect the rest of us. I would never have taken a job such as that. You put your life at risk on a regular basis for a bunch of people who don't appreciate what you do. I often wonder how these people would feel if they were left to their own devices to deal with robbers, murderers, drunk drivers and all the rest of the types which the police have to deal with. Would it surprise you to know that the majority of the crimes commited against minorities are done by members of those same minorities? Think about it and you will know that it is true. I was doing a car pool with a lady from a minority who told me that her daughter went to visit a friend who lived in South Los Angeles and had a very unfortunate experience. They live in a upper middle class neighborhood in the area of Riverside, California where crime is much less than in South Los Angeles. My friend's daughter assumed that there would be no problem because they were the same race as people around them. Unfortunately, she was wrong and experienced a rude awakening. She and her friend were walking to a local mall when a stranger approached them and demanded that the daughter give him the class ring she was wearing. It was gold, but not that valuable. He probably would pawn it for $40.00 or less. The stranger was large and threatening and so she gave him her ring. Her friend reminded her that she had warned her, but she hadn't listened. Was it heredity that made this man into a thief? Absolutely not. Two things determine how we turn out. One is heredity which gives us our ability to think and reason and the other is environment where we learn to interact with other people. Chances are good that those who grow up not caring about others were influenced in their formative years so that they did not acquire the caring traits that we would hope for. We cannot necessarily blame the parents because many who chose crime come from good homes, but have terrible examples as their friends. They are convinced at an early age that the best way to get ahead is to take advantage of others and get everything the easy way. Very few parents teach that role model to their children. These people see others in school or in the neighborhood who are considered successful and who have done it the easy way. Often when that example ends up in prison or dead, they never hear about it. They think that success is determined by how much you get doing it the easy way. They end up in gangs where things only get worse. It is not because of a person's race or home country or anything like that. It is who taught them and what they believed when they were molding their personalities for their adult years. Not everyone ends up that way, but too many do. A real success story is when a young man or woman starts with nothing and ends up becoming a person of integrity and value. I think very little of those people who started out with a silver spoon in their mouths and ended up no better for it. They may not be criminals, but they haven't done anything either and that is just a waste. I salute everyone who started with little and still made themselves into something we can all look up to. While you are looking, why not check this weeks update? Check: Bakuretsu Hunter, Big O, Corrector Yui, El Hazard, and Laputa, Castle in the Sky. Enjoy.

05/02/15-- Like most of you, I had intended to see the Avengers movie some time today. My wife wanted to see it too, but for an unusual reason. Part of the movie was filmed in her home country of Korea. They even had a grand opening of the movie there for that reason and it turned out to be most successful. She isn't really into super hero movies, but since this one had a tie to her home then that made her very interested. I had hoped to go today, but she said to hold out until next week because she wanted to go to have her hair done today. That was alright with me, but then I went out to run some errands and she hadn't gone to take care of her hair by the time I got back. They had showings at 9:00 AM and 10:00 AM and still she hadn't gone to have her hair done. She didn't go to take care of her hair until almost 2:00 PM. We could have gone to the 10:00 AM showing and still gotten back in time for lunch and to her hair appointment in time. Oh well, maybe next time. The movie has already done over 200 million in tickets around the world except in the US since it isn't out yet. It might double that just in this weekend alone. I have computed that I will have my house paid off in just over two years. I have paid extra every months since I started so it will be less than twenty years total. In the time I have been paying off the house note, the mortgage holder has changed about six times. Here I am with only about two years and it changed again. I had not received any statement for the new mortgage holder so I called them today. They told me that a letter and a statement is in the mail. I brought it to there attention that the zip code on their records was in error. There was no reason for me to fabracate such a thing as a new zip code, but still they wanted proof that the zip code is what I claimed. They were unwilling to contact the Post Office and request a zip code from them to verify what the code is, they required that I submit proof. You know that there is a Post Office web site and they have a zip code directory where all they needed to do was put in my address and they would have the correct zip code. Apparently, that was beyond their ability so I had to submit proof. I think that this business doesn't show itself in the best light when it is incapable of such a simple act. They have money because they bought the balance on my mortgage. Big deal. It is almost paid off so it couldn't have cost much. I am having trouble figuring out why the last mortgage holder sold my account. Anybody have any ideas? It doesn't affect me either way. I hope things are going well for you. Relax, sit back and look at the update. Check: Giant Robo, Go Kaiser, Little Nemo in Slumberland, Outlaw Star, and Vampire Hunter. Enjoy.

04/25/15-- What's your favorite color? Do you even have a favorite color? How about a favorite food? We almost all have a favorite food of some kind. Do you have a favorite book? Do you still read? With the ways that the world has changed, if it isn't their social media page, most people don't read any more. Often our favorites are determined by something in our environment. If you have a favorite color it might have been determined by something in your environment while you were growing to maturity. There may be something else. My favorite color is blue and was influenced by the color of the team mascot when I went to school. Your favorite food is probably determined by the food you ate while growing up. If you grow up in a culture different than America then your food was more ethnic to wherever you grew up. Even though I didn't eat much Pizza while growing up, it became my favorite when I had access to it. Favorie books and movies and similar things often depend on numerous factors. There are certain stories that moved us and I think those have stuck with us longer because of that. You don't need to tell other people what your favorites are, but you might want to think about them and see if you can figure how they came to be. You might be able to understand yourself a little better. That can be a good thing for most people, but not necessarily everyone so you might wish to think about it. While contemplating the inner you, take some time and check out this weeks update. There might be a reason for your favorie anime and it might be here. Check: Card Captor Sakura, Gundam Wing, Nadesicao, Virus, and X. Enjoy.

04/18/15-- I'll get you caught up about the judge I mentioned last week. There were some that came out in favor of the judge. Can you imagine who it was? Think about it a little. Of all the people in the world who would have supported the judge in that decision it was actually rather obvious. It was the defense attornies who came out in support of that judge. Who is surprised by that? That's what I figured. The district attorney for the county has appealed the judges decision. I really wonder how the judge could find legal president for reducing the sentance by that much. If he had left the decision alone, the guy would have gotten out at about age fourty five. This way he will be released at age thirty where he can go ahead and seek out more young victems. At age fourty five he could still find more victems, but it would be harder. The other thing I wish to bring up is the nature of the beast. I may have mentioned that I live in a mobile home park for seniors. Yes, I'm a senior and I don't mind admitting it. We have been advised that one of our neighbors has complained about our dogs barking late at night. Yes, they do and we try to bring them in when they start, but still they might bother someone else until we get them inside. The major cause for their barking is the other neighbor's pets. Yes, they are barking at the cats that belong to our other neighbors who let them out at night to run all over the place. Of course, my dogs bark. Big surprise. I have complained about these cats, but it does no good. We also have two neighbors who leave cat food out for these visitors. I wish they wouldn't because it attracts all kinds of unwelcome guests. We have to take our dogs for a last minute walk so they can empty their bladders just before bed. If these neighbors would stop feeding the strays and if the others would keep their cats inside during the night, the problem would be fixed without us having to do anything. These strays leave their droppings in our front and back yards and we can't do anything because the barking the dogs do to keep the cats away disturbs our other neighbor. Yes, we can all say that life isn't fare. We know that yet it is worth sticking with it. The option isn't much fun either. While you are contemplating what that is refering to, check this weeks update and see all the good stuff. Check: Devilman, Escaflowne, Gundam, Orange Road, and Ranma 1/2. Enjoy.

04/11/15-- You might have heard about this judge in Orange County that is getting a bunch of press due to a decision he made about a case he heard. That is what they call it when a judge sits during a trial. The accussed was found guilty of raping a three year old little girl. The mandatory duration of prison for that kind of crime is twenty five years to life. This judge, named Kelly, decided that was too sever for this case. He called it cruel and unusual. What I consider cruel and unusual is the rape of a three year old girl. This took place last year. Apparently they interviewed the little girl in the court so the judge could tell how much damage had been done to the child by this event. First, I doubt you could tell much about long term damage by an interview with a four year old little girl. The real damage might not start for a number of years when she is a teenager and trying to develop normal relationships with boys. We don't know what the full extent of the damage will be and certainly we are not able to tell what the long term damage will be. The judge claimed that the perpetrator had no intent to do long term damage to the little child. How can the judge tell what the scum bag was thinking when he thought it was appropriate to rape a small child? Did he, for one instant, consider what might happen to the little girl? Actually, he wasn't thinking of possible outcome of his actions. I doubt he thought he would be caught. Most criminals don't think they're going to get caught when they do something wrong. If they decide to kill someone, they don't think of the consequences because they don't think there will be any consequences. There are consequences only if you are caught. I really have no idea what that judge was thinking or how he thought that his decision was correct. They are mentioning that this will not stop here. Every time this type of case goes to trial and the person is found guilty, the defense attorney will bring up this judge's decision. Everyone will say that ten years is more than enough and that they can ignore the twenty five years as dictated by the law. The defense can simply claim that the defendant had no intentions of permanent or long term damage. They can also claim that placing a plastic bag over the child's head was not intended to do permanent harm and that they didn't know the child would die. They can also start claiming that they didn't know shooting a person in the head with a pistol would do any permanent harm. When will it end? It never will. The prosecutor is appealing the judge's decision and we can all hope that it will be overturned and that they can get that jerk out of there. Even if they can get the signatures for a re-call by next month, the soonest they can get it on the ballot would be February of next year. I hope he resigns, but it would seem very doubtful. When you elect a judge to work in your area, you can't possibly know that they are going to make those kinds of decisions, but if they do, you have to do something quick. Let's keep our fingers crossed. If you can do it with crossed fingers, check this weeks update. Check: Ayashi No Ceres, Bakuretsu Hunter, Inu Yasha, Orguss, and Ray Earth. Enjoy.

04/04/15-- They are talking on the news about a scam that is making the rounds in the Southern California area. Since you don't live in this area, then why am I telling you? When something like this starts, it could potentially go just about anywhere and that includes where you live. So far they have mostly been contacting senior citizens, but that doesn't mean they won't go on to younger targets. The scam is pretty simple, yet a number of people have fallen for the hoax. Someone calls you claiming to be from the IRS. They tell you that you owe the IRS a lot of money and it you don't pay right away, they will send the police out to arrest you. They tell you to take money and go buy some gift cards and let them know the numbers and they give you a very short time frame to get it done. One person was taken for $4,000 and another person for $5,000 so they have had a little success. Since they have been concentrating on seniors then they wonder how they got the information about these people. If I had to make a guess (and I do since it is my web site) then I would say they contacted local senior citizen clubs and the like telling a story about wanting the names for a newpaper article or something. There are numerous clues that tell you this is a scam. (Oh yeah! If you are so smart then what are they?) First, the IRS does not call people to request that they pay money that the supposedly owe. Second, if you owe IRS then you send them a check to prove you paid your bill. If you pay like they told these people, how could you prove it? If someone called and claimed to be from the IRS, what should be your first question? Do not tell anyone over the phone any kind of information about yourself. You ask the called for your Social Security number. The IRS would have your number while someone else, probably would not. Next, you ask for name, address, and phone number and tell them you will call them back as soon as you talk with their central office. You would not call the number they provide because it would be part of the scam. You could call the number listed on the IRS web site. It would be likely that the address they would give you would be either invalid or a real IRS address because they will not have you deal with them by mail. You could tell them you will call them right back to make sure the phone number is valid and then call them back then call the police. They might be able to trace the number, but most likely the phone number would be abandoned after one day or some similar ploy. Please, watch out for these scams. I filed my income tax this last week and I know that I don't owe any money. I don't owe any money for prior years. If there were a problem, the first step would be an audit, then similar activity and not these types of shi..., I mean tricks. If your are going to waste your money, waste it on me. In order to make that all possible, check this weeks update. Check: Blue Seed, Burn Up W, Crest Of The Stars, Gall Force, and Hana Yori Dango. Enjoy.

03/28/15-- Now for a little food for thought. What's this you say? You don't want any food for thought. Touch luck! If you didn't want to think, you wouldn't be visiting my web site so tighten your belt and go for it. If you think about it, you will come to the conclusion that there needs to be opposition in all things. As an example, you would not appreciate your good health if you were never sick. There are a few people that never seem to get sick. I am not one of them, but they are out there. A friend of mine was one of them. In his younger days, he used to smoke. One night he ran out of cigarettes and couldn't concentrate so had to leave he drawing board and go out and find a store that was still open that sold his brand. He spent hours driving around his middle sized town and could not find a store that sold them. The stores that were open, didn't have them and there stores that did have them were not open. At the end of the night that he should have used to work on illustrating the story, he had done nothing and still didn't have the cigarettes. He stopped smoking that very instant and never looked back. He saved himself quite a few potential problems. He never had to deal with the consequences of his smoking because he stopped soon enough. He never met a germ he didn't like nor any virus for that matter so never was ill. As you would expect, he took his good health for granted and never thought about it. Finally fate caught up with him and he was bitten by a spider. It was not the same spider that bit Peter Parker. It was the other dangerous spider called a Brown Recluse. It, like the Black Widow, is big enough and has fangs enough to bight you and put his venom in you. This is actually more dangerous than the Black Widow and when my friend was bitten, he made up for your of good health all at one time. He was bitten on the leg and almost lost his leg. Since that day, he has been like everyone else getting sick when he remembers to do so. I imagine that wealthy people who started life that way are probably in the same boat because they know nothing else. They may not be intentionally spoiled, but would have to be. If they were to lose their money all at one time then they would be worse than the average since they have no experience going without anything. We learn from our up and down experiences. Not only are the rainey days good for easing the drout, but they help you appreciate the warm and sunny days. When you feel all warm and fuzzy because someone loves you, you never want it to stop. There is up and down and good and bad and every other opposite. They are good for you and make you appreciate life in its myriad forms. Enjoy every minute because it doesn't get any better. This is best of all. You also get an update so go for it. Check: Ah My Goddess, Angel Links, Fushigi Yuugi, Sailor Moon, and Urusei Yatsura. Enjoy.

03/21/15-- What do you think about when you see a tree? Hah! I bet you didn't see that one coming. But, back to my question. What do you think about when you see a tree? Does it make any difference what kind of tree? Does it make any difference what kind of birds you see hanging around the tree? If you think about the birds you usually see then what are the birds doing when you think about them? Are the birds hunting for bugs or building a nest or chasing other birds around because they might try to get their nest or maybe even something else totally different. Close to where I live we have a green belt of perhaps you might call it a small park and we get lots of different birds along with lots of different trees. The interesting birds are the hawks and they chase small animals and small birds and whatever. I have found the remains of small doves that were devoured by hawks and it isn't a pretty sight. The doves and nice and peaceful, but they are also food for the hawks. When I see the piles of white feathers I think about the hawks and not usually as kindly as normal. I have fruit trees in my yard so when I see those trees, I think of the fruit I like to eat. That's the way it is with fruit trees. Based on prior experience, when I see different trees, I think of termites. I know that doesn't seem common but there you have it. That is based on my prior experience. There was a time that we had a peach tree in our yard. This was several years ago, but we did have peaches on that tree. Not a lot of peaches, but there were some. I think the most we ever had in one year was six, but I digress. One year I discovered termites in the tree. There is a foam spray they sell to kill termites and I got that and sprayed and killed off a large portion of the colony, but I couldn't reach them all. The tree was still alive and kept making peaches for several more years. The tree was hollow and getting more so and drying out and becoming brittle. There were still green leaves and finally the flowers stopped coming and there was no more fruit. When there were no more green leaves, I knew the tree had bought the farm or whatever it is that trees do. Rather than keep a lunch counter for the termites, I tore down the tree and threw it away. That is why I think of termites when I see trees and especially peach trees. My life experience has been tainted by those termites, but I hope you have better memories of your trees. If all else fails, you can simply think about your favorite Anime and check out the cels we have that bring those memories. This week has an update that might bring you some good memories so check them out. Check: Dragon Ball, eX-Driver, Fatal Fury, Macross 7, and Porco Rosso. Enjoy.

03/14/15-- Alright, let's try this again. This week I would like to talk about a recent movie that is still in the theatures. I'm sure you've seen the advertising. It is called Chappie. The story is about artificial intelligence or AI. The most recent version before this one was called Her and was about a computer program that acquired AI and proceeded to involve a human as if she were a real human. This is not anything new. They have been making movies around this theme for a very long time. Usually it is a computer that acquires independant thought and decides that human kind is it's competition and needs to eleminate the competition. One of the really early editions of this approach had a computer that was given control of most everything and decided to run the world. If you have a computer that is that smart, wouldn't they realize that it wouldn't be worth the effort. This early version was called Invisible Boy and had Robbie the Robot as A Guest star. That also sounds very similar to the circumstances behind Terminator. In the movie 2001 A Space Odessy, the compujter Hal runs in that same state of bewilderment. I'm sure there are others, but I can't remember them all. There have been books about that subject, but it's not my cup of Tea. Back to the current incarnation; this takes place in South Africa and you have a whole police force that is robots because it's the only way they can deal with a horrendous crime problem. The inventer, who made this police force possible, has a dream of making a sentient computer and cannot get approval from the bosses. Their job is to make police force to stop crime. Why it becomes so important to the inventer to do this is not made clear, yet that is the crux of the issue. He steals a broken robot body and cpu chip and is kidnapped that same night by bad guys who want the secret on how to turn off the police force. Rather than allow himself be killed, he offers his artifical life robot instead. Isn't that magnanimus of him. I'm sorry, but I lost compassion for the inventor when he decided that this creation was important enough to steal for. Of course, the robot comes alive and is like a small child and learns the ways of the criminals. This brings you to the point where you start hoping that someone will come along and blow up the robot and free us from our torture. There are only three members of this gang and not one of them is worth saving if your ship is sinking and you have a surplus of life boats. The only one that is depected as even margionally nice is the female and calling her nice would be an awsome stretch. She is a member of a gang that has no respect for human life. What does that tell you about her? At the end they manage to save the memories of the creator, Chappie and the lady. My primary question is why? You've got an inventer who has no scruples, a robot that thinks like a criminal and a lady who is a criminal. What a bunch. If you want to go see it to see the pretty pictures then be my guest, but you have been warned. Perhaps I am old fashioned and think that people need to have some redeeming features, at least some of the time. If you're back from the movie then you can check out the update. Check: 3x3 Eyes, Eatman, El Hazard, G Gundam, and Pretty Sammy. Enjoy.

03/07/15-- I had all kinds of plans for this week's update. It would have been interesting. Unfortunately, I won't be able to do it this week. I am what they call under the weather or just plain sick. I doubt I could sit at the computer long enough to write what I had planned. Oh well; you know what they say about the plans of mice and men. Just because I won't be able to do it this week, doesn't mean that I can't next week so that is my plan. I did the update before I became ill so it is ready to go. Check: Card Captor Sakura, Escaflowne, Lupin III, Silent Mobius, and Vampire Hunter. Enjoy.

02/28/15-- I'm going to put you to work this week. Not in the physical sense, but I want you to use your imaginations and logic. I want you think how it would be if we were immortal. Obviously, we are not so it is essential that you reach conclusions based on how you think it might be. First, I think that a truly big difference between the way we are now and if we were immortal is that we would simply throw away our clocks and not pay any more attention to the passage of time. Let's face it, would it make any difference if it tood a week or month or year or even longer to get something done. It wouldn't make the least bit of difference. If a chore required a million years to finish, big deal. We appreciate the time frame now, but in a world without limits then it wouldn't matter at all. Another difference would be a great change in enphasis. It would not be that important to accumulate stuff. I doubt we would bother to even have cars to take us places because it wouldn't matter how long it took to get someplace. If you wanted to go accross town and it might take a week to walk there, no big deal. If you wanted to go to some other city that is much farther, again it wouldn't matter how long it took to get there. We often don't bother to enjoy our surroundings or nature because we are flying by so quickly that we can't enjoy our surroundings. If we wanted to take a week to walk from here to there, then why not enjoy everything along the way. We would not worry about our carrers or anything like that. We would put the greatest enphasis of all on acquiring knowledge because that is something we could use. Can you imagine how smart we would be if we had forever to acquire all the knowledge we seek. I imagine that in that world that the screwed up thinking that cause peopl to hurt each other or themselves would no longer be an issue. It seems like we are seeing a new case every day of someone hurting someone else then killing themselves. That person would have to be sick. Good health would be a part of the immortality thing. We would never be sick and that's a nice thing to think about. I'm sure you have your own ideas as to how it would be so why not share with the rest of us. Think about it, but while you're at it, check this week's update. Check: Gundam Wing, Infinate Ryvius, Ray Earth, Sakura Wars, and X. Enjoy.

02/21/15-- Human kind is special in many ways and not all of them good. Our emotions are something we can share with animals. Perhaps you have noticed this. Not all animals have the ability to feel emotions and very few have any real range of emotions. One of the truly important emotions that some animals also feel is love. Yes, that's true. If you have pets like dogs and cats, you will have noted that they show emotions like happiness and love. When you get home from work, your spouse and children might come running to the door to show how happy they are that you are home. If you have a cat, I can't guarantee that behavior, but if you have a dog, it is highly likely that they will come running to the door and show how happy they are to see you. They say that dogs are the only other animal that can smile and they do that with their tails. When I get home, my dogs are waiting for me at the door and they show how happy they are in how they act. There is not any question whatsoever that they love me. If people were as honest in their feelings as the dogs then the world would be a much better place. Cats have their own sets of emotions and behaviors. It seems that they feel that outward displays of emotions are much below them. Once you are home, they might wander by just to check things out and see if you brought them anything, but that's about as far as they go. Other animals will show forms of affection and that makes us feel good. I have seen those displays with horses and some other animals. Many animals mate for life and I can't say the same thing about humans. A well know example of this behavior is in wolves who mate for life and also some birds like doves. That is not true for all birds and it is not true for dogs who are descendants from the wolves. Many animals can be playful and caring to each other and with us. It is interesting and fun to watch animals as they interact and play. Not all play is associated with adult behavior which might be a common interpretation. I am glad that animals do not share all of our different types of emotions because that would be havok on the worse scale. If you lose your head and get mad or upset, you might want to pause a moment and think what your dog would do right then. Find joy in the good emotions and try to control the bad ones and see how things go. In the mean time, check out this weeks update. Check: Big O, Inu Yasha, I Want To Be An Angel, Nadia, and Ranma 1/2. Enjoy.

02/14/15-- Happy Valentine's Day everyone. I hope you have a grand day with your sweetheart. If not, you can have a grand day with my update. Thought not exactly the same thing, it is pretty close so go with it. Glad you could join us, if only briefly while waiting for the real fun to start. This week I can talk about two recent movies. Perhaps you've seen either one or both. We have Jupiter's Arising and Seventh Son. The first is an original story written for this movie and the second is based on a fantasy novel entitled "Spook's Apprentice." Starting with the second one first, the basic concept is that the story takes place in the middle ages. It goes back to an old idea that the main character is the seventh son of a seventh son. There is supposed to be something almost magic about that and is supposed to give the individual special powers or something like that. Let's face it, it would not be all that common. Perhaps back in the day they had bigger families due to the need to run a farm or whatever. It could happen that someone has mostly sons and could have seven or more. If that seventh son should be a farmer also then he could have a large family with the possibility that he could have seven or more sons. That is all well and good, but in the story it doesn't show why the seventh son is anything special at all. He doesn't have any powers. He is supposed to fight evil witches because they are really bad. Go figure. The only reason that our hero has any special powers is the fact that his mother is a witch. She is a good witch that fought against the queen of the bad witches. At the end, our hero discovers his calling and special abilities but separates from his true love because she is a witch. She is a good witch. His mother was a good witch. I'm afraid that I don't understand the separation. If you saw this movie, maybe you can explain it to me. The other movie is a Space Opera with lots of fighting and battles and space flight. They introduce the concept of re-incarnation and that this lady is born again in the girl that was born on Earth. It seems like the girl was born before that lady died so I am confused. In the story, life did not originate on Earth but was started here for the purpose of being like cattle so that the interstellar bad guys could extend their life spans many thousands of years. They can get a few thousand years more out of about one hundred Earth people. I guess we're worth something after all. All the members of this family are absolute scums and there isn't any worth their salt or anything else for that matter. It is hard to follow the story. Everyone swears on their mother's grave that they will keep their word, but they didn't love their mother so have no intention of keeping their word. The main hero is a girl who is the re-incarnation of the mother and she falls in love with a splice or someone who was created by matching genes of a human with those of a wolf. Of course we know this is not possible, but it is in the story. Go figure? Anyway, she falls in love with this guy and excuses herself because she loves dogs. Isn't that sweet? Oh well. The Seventh Son has unanswered questions, but Jupiter is just weird. Who's on what side and why? Oh well! See it and let me know if you can figure it out. While checking the movie schedules, check the update. Check: Bakuretsu Hunter, Burn Up W, Crest Of The stars, Devilman, Nadesico and Orphen. Enjoy.

02/07/15-- I have just barely got my computer back together again. I had a terrible week. We are all aware of viruses that can infect your computers and virtually destroy everything you've worked hard to build. I think they are increasingly common with the social media. I'm not that involved with social media so I'm not much at risk in that area. I guess that one of the ways they get you is send you a message that someone posted a picture about you. You have to be very careful because you click on the message about the picture and find that it wAs just a trick and you have allowed a virus to take over your computer. My latest experience was similar, but one that I had not heard anything about. I was working in google looking at the dictionary when I got a message that updates were available. I didn't think twice about it and assumed that it had to do with google, but found out that it was viruses that virtually took control of my computer. They used the names of Spyware Clear and Software Updater. They blocked every potential action that I wanted to take. I could not access my web site to prepare an update or respond to emails or anything that was normal for me. I would try to look at something, but before I could, I would have a message that the action was being blocked. As best I can figure, the virus people wanted me to pay for their service so they could unlock my computer. That is just wrong. It is like blackmail. I guess it isn't illegal. I figure that I will simply not allow any update at all. That would be the safest since I have no way of telling which are real and which are virus. Now that you know, you can be prepared and avoid the pitfall. I knew of the problems that can come from messages that are purported to be from friends, but obviously are not and attachments from a source that is unknown. These are kind of obvious so they are taking new approaches. The phoney undate had the appearance of a normal undate right down to the last second. Fortunately, I did not allow the program past my firewall or to make total changes to my computer. I was already having problems due to the virus so I sure wasn't going to allow it to get even deeper. The best thing we can do is learn what to watch for an allow only updates we can be sure about. Like I said, for me that eleminates just about all potential updates. Under that circumstance, I might lose a little information, but would avoid another total disaster. Since I was just barely able to clean my computer, I didn't have time to research or make scans or anything. What I will do is a reward to you, my loyal supporters and friends. During this coming week, I will give discounts on purchases. Due to things I am selling on consignment, I cannot give discounts on everything, but I will on what I can. If the number of the item begins with "A" then the discount is 25%. Even if you saw something and it is no longer there any more, if I still have it then it will be discounted. That includes some from Big O, Cowboy Bebop, and Crest Of The Stars and possibly others. The numbers that are on consignment include "B" and "C" and "D" and "K" so be aware. Any other number is 10% discount and that includes "E" "F" "G" "H" and "J." That gives you much to check and lots to choose. I'll be back in full swing next week so try to learn from my bad experience. Enjoy.

01/31/15-- Wow, we reached the end of January already. The next thing you know, it will be Christmas time again. I keep warning you to not wait to the last minute, but no one listens. This week I would like to bring up something a little different. The Lucas Film company decided to make an animated feature and it was just released last week. You might have seen it. As usual, the visuals were stunning, but with Lucas Films, could we expect anything less. The character designs were great and very colorful. The pixies, or whatever they were, had wings like butterflies and they were great. The story was good and was apparently based on something by George Lucas. I won't give it all away because you might not have seen it yet. The only thing that I am unsure about is that the music was all kind of classic pop love songs. I think I would have like more original music. They delt with the idea of love potions and how wrong that can be. They covered that in one of the Harry Potters also. The only one who could make the potion tried to tell everyone how wrong they were, but most wouldn't listen. She was being held prisoner because it didn't work. The one who wanted the potion is the one who imprisoned the one who could make the potion. He wouldn't listen, but there was a reason why the potion wouldn't work. There is a new and real love story that develops between two very unlikely characters. The problem is that they had to rush it because of the time frame. It had to fit into the time allowed in the story. The two were like to fall in love, but should have taken longer as they seemed to have a great deal in common. A great deal in common isn't all it takes for love to show up. The idea was a good one, but they needed about fifteen more minutes and more interaction for it to seem valid. Still it was a fun ride and worth seeing so check it out if you haven't already. Even things that are not perfect can be realy fun and this is fun. You might like the choice of music better than I did. Before you go, you might want to take a moment and check out this week's update. Check: Angel Links, Bubblegum Crisis, DNA, Patlabor, and Photon. Enjoy.

01/24/15-- This week I would like to bring a few things to your attention. I don't know if you deal with the same advertising where you live, but you might find something similar. Before I talk about misleading advertising, I want to warn you about some scams that are currently making the rounds. I don't know if you have heard of this, but they have something called mystery shoppers who shop for a company so they can write a report on the quality of the service received in the store in question. The scam is where they contact you by email and ask you to participate and they offer to pay you up front. That should ring some bells for you and put you on alert right there, but just in case: They offer to send you a money order for quite a bit of money for you to spend and all you have to do is send a part of the money they send to a third party. Does that make any sense? Of course not. Why would they need you to cash their check and send part of the money to someone else? A legitimate concern would not need that so again that should raise some questions in your mind. If you cash the check then immediatly send the money to someone else, you find that the check was not valid and you are out up to $500.00. This seems a variation on some old themes. You may remember receiving email from someone in some African country that offered to give you a small fortune for helping him get some money out of his country. Since what he was doing was not honest, he was getting you to help him in exchange for lots of cash. All you had to do was cash this big check then send him part of the money. Sound similar? Yeah, that's what I thought. The other things are not scams, only stretching the truth. One of the ads on TV is about attorneys that offer to help you get government benefits and you don't have to give them anything until they win for you. They make it sound as if they are doing you this really huge favor by not charging anything up front. The problem is that law restricts them to a percentage based on your retroactive benefits. If you contact them right away, I would not be surprised if you don't have much help until you go to the final decision on your case which is what is called a hearing. If you are approved there, that is when they get their percentage. Benefits under the federal programs are limited to months after a five month waiting period. If you are approved at a year from the date you become disabled, your attorney can only get a percentage of the six months following the waiting period. If you get approved at the very beginning then they might not get any percentage because you have nothing coming during the waiting period. They are not going to try very hard to get you approved at the first go round or at least that is my opinion and not based on facts only reasonable expectations. The last point of interest is a radio ad about nursing homes in California. They are telling you that Medi-Cal pays the bill no matter how much money you have or if you own a home or even own a business or have lots of money in a bank account. Some of their claims might be true when refering to relatives of the person in a nursing home. The thing that shocks me the most is when the claim that this is not a government gift, but money you paid in over the years. First, if the monthly cost is $10,000.00 then that is $120,000.00 on the year and think about how many years you would have had to pay taxes for the total to reach just the cost for one year. If you are going to be there for ten years then the total cost will be over one million dollars and how many of us have paid that much tax in a life time? Think about it. They may not be actually lying, but they are stretching the truth farther than it was ever intended to go. These exagerations don't hurt you, but they do mislead you and who knows where it goes from there. Have a care and think about the information you receive. Don't get a head ache and perhaps a good thing to do might be check the update and relax. Check: Blue Seed, Dragon Ball, Orange Road, Orguss, and Robot Carnival. Enjoy.

01/17/15-- They're at it again. The politicians are all over their favorite subject. If you can't guess what that is then I'll give you a hint. They were talking about taxes. Nothing they said is geared to give you comfort or peaceful sleep. Let's start with the federal. They want to raise our gasoline tax because they havn't raised it in a long time. Oh gee whiz, that's terrible. Just when we are getting the cost of gasoline down to the point where we don't have to borrow money in order to fill the tank, they have to raise the tax. The state gasoline tax is used to maintain the roads within the state, or at least that's what we're told. The federal tax is to maintain interstate roads. If you've been on any of these in the last ten years then you know that the way those roads are maintained must be five cents out of every dollar collected. The rest goes to administrative costs as it always does. Maybe, if they can figure out how to cut the administrative costs then maybe they can use that money for the roads rather than raise the taxes. I have a feeling that they will raise the taxes and probably by double because the inflation rate has reduced the value of the dollars taken in by about one third. That gives you something to look forward to. The other little gem came out of a representative in the state. Perhaps you can grasp his reasoning. I tried, but it is beyone me. Since they hardly produce anything in this country any more, our economy is now service based rather than product based so we have to start taxing the services since we aren't producing as much. My first reaction is yes, we are not producing as much in this country, but that isn't where the tax comes in anyway. The tax comes in at the point of sale no matter where the product is made. The sales taxes are not diminished in the least because the products are made out of the country. These items are taxed when they are received in this country as an import, which raises the cost for the consumer. Next there is the sale of the item to the consumer. That is where the sales tax comes in. Because we do not manufacture as much in this country as we used to, we have to collect additional tax from someplace. Did you follow this guy's line of reasoning? I didn't either. Frankly, I think he is trying to foist one on the public because I think that the public has to agree to changes in the taxes. We cannot control our income taxes, but most places allow us some rights when it comes to sales taxes. Perhaps the carrot the politicians will throw out there is that the new taxes on services will go to help cover the costs of schools. This always sounds so worthwhile and the promises get the teachers union behind it and all of the money they can put into it. The only problem is that the state sets a budget for the schools and it doesn't really matter where the money comes from. In this situation, if you have additional money coming into schools from some other source then the money out of general revenues that would have gone into schools can now go wherever the big wigs want. The schools will still get the same amount of money and lousey teachers will still have way too much protection in their poor jobs because of the money contributed to the politicians. If approved, and we know it will be, this tax will mean that every time you go to the doctor or dentist or call a plumber or painter or termite control, you have to pay sales tax on their service as if you were actually buying something. Doesn't that make you feel proud? Yeah, me too. I hope that when the time comes that we will be smart enough to see through the promises. I have to trust in that potential. Trust is a good thing. I trust you will check out this weeks additions and see what you can do. Check: Eden's Boy, Noir, Sailor Moon, Tekkaman Blade, and Those Who Hunt Elves. Enjoy.

01/10/15-- What do you think about the things that have been happening in the world? Mostly I'm thinking about Paris, France. I can't say it is my favorite place in the world, but there are Anime fans in France too so it couldn't be that bad. I'm talking about those guys that decided they have a right to kill others if they don't give them the respect they require. Actually respect is rather like trust and has to be earned rather than demanded. People died because they enjoy considerable freedom in France. They are like the US in that respect. These killers were able to get weapons without any difficulty at all. The one guy that took over a super market had his gun, but also had something like fifty sticks of dynamite. It is my understanding that these guys expect to get into heaven and have a palace of their own and seventy virgens as their wives. First, I find it strange that the creator would reward anyone for killing another person for anything other than self defense or defense of family or home. These people were killed for expressing a point of view that these guys did not agree with. From what they are saying, it seems likely that these killers were acting under instructions from extreemist groups in other places in the world. Since these brainiacs assumed they would have the reward they were promised then they didn't mind dying for the cause. They wanted to be martyrs. That is so funny that these murders considered themselves in that light for paying for the crimes they committed. The two brothers were hiding in a print shop and had some worker hostage. If they had killed that hostage, how would that have earned themselves brownie points in heaven? That print shop guy had nothing to do with the magazine or anything else, but happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Why would the creator reward for killing that person? Seems to me that these guys are not terribly bright. I would love to be there when these two dorks check into the spirit world and walk up to the person in charge and demand the palace along with all the rest. "Gee, guys I'm so sorry, but you were misinformed. You don't get a palace or anything else. You knew it was wrong to kill and you did it anyway. Add to that the idea that everyone has their free will and there are not seventy virgens who are interested in you. In fact, not a single one. You will no be staying here either. Where you are going is much hotter than the deserts that you like to run around in and there is no oil for you to sell. I hope you guys like pain because that is the reward for the things you did during your life." It may not be exactly in those words, but something very similar. Some times I think we are just too easy. Apparently those two brothers and the other guy too were on watch lists because their extreem points of view were known as well as their ties to the extreems out of the country. Once they know someone leans that far left, why allow them to continue to live among normal people? If we can't throw them in jail then we can throw them back where they came from. To me, it is rather like letting a time bomb just sit there and wait for it to go off. You know it's going to go off some time so better in the desert or someplace where other people can't be hurt. Perhaps my opinion is kind of out there, but I'm not suggesting we put them in jail only send them to live with other people of similar opinion. What is wrong with that? That guy that bombed the Boston Marathon last year is finally going on trial and they are spending a fortune assuring his rights. They expect to interview over tweleve hundred possible jurors for the job. I'm glad he isn't being tried in California. If given the death penalty it would simply mean that he would still be around long after most of us have passed on. I'm sure that he can hardly wait for his palace and all the rest for killing innocent people. Yeah, I'm sure the creator works that way. Oh well, such is the world we live in. It's up to the rest of us to make up for idiots like those. It would help if you check out the update so go ahead. Check: Crest Of The Stars, Giant Robo, Outlaw Star, Urusei Yatsura, and Vampire Hunter. Enjoy.

01/03/15-- Welcome to 2015. I'm glad you could make it. My next question is, what took you so long? I've been here a couple of days already. If we judge the coming year by the weather we've had at the end of the last then we're in big trouble. It's been pretty rough for us at the end of 2014. Of course, the weather we have been suffering through in California would seem mild in most other places in the country so I guess we should consider ourselves lucky with our bad weather. We're getting down to the low thirties tonight so that gives you a pretty good idea what I'm talking about. By the time you read this, it will be getting a bit warmer so we should be in the upper sixties. Yeah, we're sure suffering here in good ol California. We are facing some increases in such items as gasoline and eggs. Yeah, the price of eggs is going up because they passed a law here in the state that the housing for the chickens that give us eggs must have certain limits. As an example, your coop might currently hold five hundred chickens, but under the new law, you would have to have twice the space or more for that number of chickens. Until many of these farms can build larger facilities, they may have to cut the number of chickens to meet the regulation so less chickens will make fewer eggs so the price will have to go up under the requirements of supply and demand. They are also taxing the gasoline manufacturers for the polution they create. The state of Californi already has the toughest laws in the country regarding emitions, but they are charging the gas companies no matter how small the emitions might be. We already have the highest gas tax in the country so what more are they trying to accomplish? I don't know either. Is there some kind of stipulation as what the government can do with this additional tax money? Who knows? Right now, even with the new tax, it isn't too bad because the price of gasoline is the lowest it has been for a number of years. If the price should go back to where it was, it will be even higher so that will give us more to celebrate. When I say celebrate, I'm being sarcastic. I only started hearing about this new gas tax just within the last few weeks. When they were passing the law, there wasn't a peep from the politicians. Some times I wish that those blighters would peep so we would know were they are so we'll know where to aim. Yeah, I know. Can't live with em, can't shoot em. Oh well! There is a reason for all this and it has to do with the update. It makes you that much happier when we finally get there. So here we are. Check: Big O, Cowboy Bebop, Go Kaiser, Lodoss Wars, and Virus. Enjoy.

12/27/14-- Here we are at the end of another year. I hope it has been a good one for you. It has been a good year for me, thanks for asking. At the end of one year and the beginning of another, people are wont to come up with some ideas on how they can make themselves better in the coming year. We call these decisions, New Years Resolutions and many people make them. Unfortunately, the majority of us that make these, well intentioned, decisions are unable to keep them going. I think I know part of the reason, but it might not be all there is to it. When we make these resolutions it is to do something better in the coming year. A very common item is to lose weight because many of us need to do that. I know because I am one of them. One of the things we do wrong is we make resolutions to do something too difficult or too vague. For example, you might make a resolution to lose weight. Since there are no specifics then that could mean one pound, five pounds or who knows what. The resolution needs to be more specific. As an example, a good resultion might be to stop eating chocolate in the coming year. I guarantee that if you can keep that resolution then you will lose weight. Another might be to walk for fifteen minutes every day. That is not too hard. If you can do that for a whole year then the next time you can increase your exercise by another fifteen minutes to a half hour per day. Not only will you lose some weight, but you will increase your metabolism and improve your health. At the doctor's office, they ask you if you can put in half hour a day. That is a very good goal. Making your goals simple and specific will make them easier to achieve. Maybe we shouldn't say easier, perhaps less difficult might be more accurate. If you make a resolution to lose five pounds in the year, that might be too general so you could be better with something like eleminating something from your diet that isn't good for you or increasing your physical activity. The way we conceive of our goals may have as much to do with our success as anything else we might do. Another resolution you should make is to buy at least one cel per quarter. That is not too much to spend and keeps you actively involved. That is only buying cels four times per year. It is easy to keep that kind of resolution. If you are out of practice then you might go with once every six months which is only twice each year. That is a totally achievable goal so there you go. Hang in there and keep trying and you can do almost anything. I look forward to seeing you all again next year so take care of yourself and drive carefully and all the rest. Just to keep in practice, I have an update for you to check out. Check: Gundam, Inu Yasha, I Want To Be An Angel, Nadesico, and Slayers. Enjoy and see you next year.

12/20/14-- How about a little more food for thought? I thought you would like that. Many times I have heard people say that they would believe it if they saw it. In other words, what they are saying is that they will believe only if they see the miracle first. The only problem is that it never works that way. The most obvious example would be the children of Israel. Joseph, of Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat fame, had gained high standing and fortune in Egypt from interpreting dreams. The only problem is that there had been a leadership change in that area of the world. The kings at the time of Joseph were the Hyksos or Shephard kings and the regeim after them didn't take lightly to the people who spoke Hebrew and who were living in their country. Since they had the army, they turned the Hebrews into slaves. A little more background includes the fact that Egyptians didn't believe in beards while the Hebrews believed in full beards. That matches the first movie called The Ten Commandments, but not the current one because it show the one star with a beard even when he thought he was Egyptian. When Moses had his experience with the burning bush he received a call to help free the Hebrew speaking people from slavery. There were numerous plagues that eventually cost the lives of the first born Egyptians. Based on evidence found in the Pithorn Treasure vaults, the Pharaoh at this time was Ramses Second because within the treasure chamber was discovered bricks of differing construction. Some of the bricks were made with hay, some of the bricks were made with stubble and others were mud only. This matches the description in the Bible and on the bricks was the cartouche of Ramses Second. Anything else they believe about Ramses second is pure conjecture because they really don't know if he had any children at the time that the Hebrews were allowed to leave Egypt. It was not long after the Red Sea was parted so that the Israelite people could be saved that they rebelled and wanted to build a gold calf to carry with them back to Egypt. They had seen all of these miracles that set them free and protected them yet they were ready to go back to Egypt. Seeing miracles did not give them faith. That is the point. If you search, you will find numerous examples. One last thing. What is the difference between belief and faith. We believe many things during the course of our lives, but it is when we put these beliefs into action that they become faith. As an example, you believe that the switch next to your door turns on the light in your room, but you never try the switch. That is belief. If you try the switch, you know it works then you have turned your belief into faith. When the bulb doesn't work, you change it. One last thing about faith is that faith is belief in something you cannot see, but which is true. If it is not true them it can never be faith, but only belief. Sometimes it is enough just to believe in something. Some times faith is required. Now you know which is which and that faith can bring forth the miracle and not the other way around. Have a great holiday and I'll be back in a week. In the mean time, check the update. Check: Ayashi No Ceres, Bakuretsu Hunter, Card Captor Sakura, Pretty Sammy, and Tenchi Muyo. Enjoy.

12/13/14-- My, what an interesting date. If I did the update yesterday or even tomorrow, it would not be nearly as interesting. Lets throw out some more food for thought. Why do we believe what we believe? I think there are many things that go into making us what we are. Some of those things are good and others not so much. Many things we are taught when we are growing up so they are comfortable and we never question them because the questions are not nearly so comfortable. Some people believe what they read in print, but seem to have some restrictions and only believe what they read if the other requirements are also met. Have you ever read about the healing power of onions? Some people believe that onions can suck germs out of the air so they leave cut up onions around the house. That is true no matter how unlikely it may sound. People who know about such things say that no vegtable has the ability to do that. They also say that onions can act as a cleaner, but not much. You will find that antibacterials are much better at eleminating germs so you shoud stick to that. This is just one example. Many people believe that the wise men visited the baby Jesus in Bethlehem. Is that what it says in the Bible? Actually, the answer is no. Herod the king sent the wise men to Bethlehem to find the child because it was said that he should be born there. After the wise men left Herod, they were guided by a star to find the child. They found him in a house and not a barn. How strange. If they had still been in the barn behind the Inn then they probably wouldn't have needed the star to guide them yet they needed the star. The wise men did not return to Herod with the news of what they found. The king feared for his throne so sent soldiers to Bethlehem and the coasts to kill all the children up to two years. Now if the child was just born then why up until two years of age? They have assigned names to the wise men even though no names were mentioned in the good book. You've probably heard those same three names. Did you know that they were just made up? I have mentioned this before, but the date we celebrate Christmas is not in the Bible. Where did they get December 25? Do you know? I know, but that is not the reason we are here. If you don't know, but want to know, write me and I'll gladly tell you. I celebrate on December 25 along with everyone else even if I know he wasn't born on that day. As long as we celebrate, it doesn't matter the date now does it? Seek the truth and you will find happiness. There is no happiness to be found in a lie. There is happiness to be found in good cels so check it out. The update is Burn Up W, Corrector Yui, Devilman, Escaflowne, and Ranma 1/2. Enjoy.

12/06/14-- Here we are in December already. Can you believe how fast the time is flying by? I can't either, but what do you do? Not long ago I mentioned this comedy of errors that put me in the hospital. As I said, the title hardly fit except for the part about the errors. While I was in the hospital, I went through one of the worst experiences of my ever so short life. I was in my room trying to get sleepy enough to have a nap when I heard my nurse talking with one of the other nurses on the floor and they were talking about me. It hardly seemed justified because my gums had stopped bleeding within an hour of being admitted to the hospital. Up until that point, it seemed more like baby sitting service so they could keep me around to check different levels of different things and make sure I didn't start bleeding again. During the course of the conversation between the sweet young things, the nurse that was looking after me told the other that he (meaning me of course) is seventy one years young. First, I had not heard that phrase used in many a moon to describe anyone much less me. Perhaps a long time ago they might have used that term to describe someone who was elderly yet spry or something to that effect. I think it was also used as a way of being really nice about someone who is not young at all. There may have been a day when my age might have been considered getting up there so such terminology might have been appropriate. We are living longer now and are much more healthy at this age than thirty or forty years ago. I don't think that my age is all that advanced any more. There was probably a time that when someone reach my age it was a big deal so such a comment might have been appropriate in the day. All it did was make me feel old and not particularly youngish. What is worse is that later that same night, I heard the second nurse talking to someone else who just came on the floor and she compounded the issue when she used the same expression telling that nurse how old I was. I don't see why it even mattered how old I was or if I were young or old for my age. Actually my mind feels younger than my body so I don't really mind much of the little problems that occupies my time, because I can still think. I know of people who are younger than me who are not as mentally fit. Maybe those people aren't writing the silly updates for their web site every week. Then again, who knows, maybe they are. Either way, I have an update for you. Check: Dragon Ball, Gundam Wing, Nadia, Utena, and Vampire Princess Miyu. Enjoy while your still young enough to enjoy.

11/29/14-- It clearly seems that the reason for the season has been lost on the world. That is not a complete surprise and we can easily say that we saw it coming, but each year it seems to get worse even than the previous year. They started playing "holiday" music about two weeks ago. They started making the day after Thanksgiving into the start of the buying season for the holidays and they even gave it a special name. Yesterday was Black Friday. I'm not sure where they got the name, but whatever works. The shopping used to be for presents to give to family and friends. There used to be a reason for the presents that had to do with the presents given by the "Wise Men" all those many years ago. The reason for the shopping has been lost as well. They were interviewing people all over the country yesterday and the vast majority were shopping for themselves because the prices are really good and not because of the coming holiday season. Oh well! I guess there is nothing wrong with that. So few of the decorations have anything to do with the season. That really doesn't matter. It matters more how you celebrate than how you decorate. It matters more how you leave the year than how you celebrate. Go ahead and have your tree and lights and ribbons and bows and fancy food, but remember why you are celebrating and what he did for us some thirty something years later. If you do that, I don't think any of the rest really matters all that much. Some times we don't have as much money for all the trimmings as we would like to have and maybe our presents aren't quite up there with the rich folks, but that really doesn't matter either. I think that one of the holiday songs that moves me the most is "The Little Drummer Boy" and for that very reason. None of the bells and whistles really matter as long as we feel it in our hearts. Let me remind you that the cels make really nice presents for your friends and family that are Anime fans. Of all the things you can find out there, the original artwork is the closest thing to what we love the most because it was used to make the show or movie or whatever. Even if you don't buy anything, it only matters if you live today a little better than yesterday and tommorrow a little better yet. I do have an update so check it out. Check: 3x3 Eyes, Ah My Goddess, Angel Links, El Hazard, and Patlabor. Enjoy.

11/22/14-- In the past, I have pointed out what I considered rather skewed advertising that I had seen or heard. I'm going to do that again this week. Maybe it is the way people are brought up or who knows why they think the way they do, but clearly they do. There used to be a saying that "Friends don't let friends drive drunk." There was validity in the saying that still applies. If you are out at a party with a friend at a restaurant or a bar and you see your friend is drinking too much, you should see that someone else drives them home. If you believe the advertising, now the saying is, "Friends don't let friends plead guilty." I don't know about you, but that doesn't quite sound the same to me. I interpret this to mean that it is now alright to let your friends drive drunk, but if they are caught before they kill someone, don't let them plead guilty in court because of all the bad things that could happen if they are convicted. No place do they say anything about the bad things that could happen if they don't catch them before they kill someone. These lawyers tell you that they have all the defenses that work to get them off. Doesn't that make you feel so much more secure that the lawyer can get this person off who was driving drunk and lucky enough that they were caught before they killed someone? Frankly I have my doubts about the penalties these people pay who actually kill someone. If you are driving drunk and cause an accident where you kill an entire family in the other car, the conviction is for manslaughter and you might face up to eight years in prison for killing five people. These people knew what they were doing when they got behind the wheel of a car despite being impaired. They should never be allowed to drive again even when they get out of prison. That's just my opinion. I wonder how that lawyer would feel if one of these drunks that he got off using whatever defense they use should cause an accident that wipes out his whole family. At least the drunk will be off the road for eight years while he is in prison and unable to kill anyone. The lawyer can be proud that he kept one more drunk on the road that much longer and next time we may not be lucky enough that they are caught before killing someone. The other thing I am hearing is about credit card companies. They are made out to be blood sucking monsters taking your hard earned money from you with interest and penalties for late payments. Don't you think that's terrible what the credit card companies are doing? Since it is so bad, maybe we should stop using them. Maybe we should pay cash for things and only buy what we can afford. That would really teach them a lesson. This advertising is so that this particular company can help you not have to repay the credit card company. When you use a credit card you are getting something that you want without having to pay cash. If you don't have to pay the credit card company then it means you are getting it for free. If the credit card company doesn't collect your debt, they have to get their money from the honest costomers who pay their debts. It is interesting how the credit card companies are depicted in these advertisements. The customers who do not spend their money wisely and go deep into dept they cannot pay are the victims here of the terrible practices by the credit card companies. I hope you don't believe that either. My credit card debt was too high because I didn't pay it down fast enough, but I stopped using them and paid it down. I pay my balance down to zero every month so it can be done if you try even without having the debt forgiven. That's just the latest of the screwy ads that are making the rounds. I'm making the rounds too, but with my update so check it out. Check: Big O, Blue Seed, Crest Of The Stars, Lupin III, and Ray Earth. Enjoy.

11/15/14-- Welcome back. So nice to see you again. Has it been a week already? How time flies when you're having fun or maybe even when you're just busy. This week I would like to talk about another movie that I just recently saw. Even good animated features can have major flaws and often that has to do with the science that they espouse in a science fiction type movie. The previews on this movie would have you believe that it is a comedy, but that is not the case. There is humor in the story, but it is more action and adventure. Even the title is a little misleading. The movie is Big Hero Six. The six has to do with six human super heros. The Big is a kind of robot within a plastic bag of some sort. The first flaw has to do with the fact that the young scientist puts an armor on the big plastic bag and suddently it is strong. That is not very convincing because the plastic bad has no muscles. It is now hard, but how would it be strong without the muscles to back it up? Oh well. The other illconsidered part of the science is the fact that the kid's creation that he presents to get him into a special college for geniuses is totally not even possible. The creation is stolen and used by the bad guy. The basic premiss is that the creation is composed of many very small pieces that come together to make something very big and very strong. Each of the pieces is about one inch long and about 1/8 inch wide. They are controlled by the user's brain and does whatever he thinks. The question that immediatly comes to mind is how each piece knows where to fit together? The user would think of the overall structure and all the little pieces come together to make that whole. Even if that were possible, which it would not be, what would give the whole any strength to accomplish anything? What would be the connection between the piece that is one foot from the front and the other piece that is six feet from the front? What moves the many little pieces. Is it some kind of magnetic attraction? They don't explain anything and simply assume that no one will notice the lack of explanation. If you can accept the glaring errors as somehow uninportant, the story is a very good one. We have the first Japanese American main characters in any movie that I can remember and they are good people with realistic flaws just like the rest of us. It is a fun ride if you can forgive the errors and flaws so if you havn't seen it, you should. It is that or another movie about the end of the world and the need to somehow get from here to some far away star system to save humanity. Our strongest telescopes could not tell us if there is a world where we could move and since there are so many, by the time we could find one, it would be too late. That is another question for another movie that I won't even bother to go see. If you want to, that is your choice. Another choice you have is to check out this week's titles. Check: Bakuretsu Hunter, Cowboy Bebop, Go Kaiser, Silent Mobius, and Vampire Hunter. Enjoy.

11/08/14-- I am extremely glad that the elections are finally over and that mail delivery has pretty much returned to the normal level of junk. While both sides were trying to convince me that their cause was just and correct, my mail tended to be full every day. Of course, this is a real boon to the Post Office because their income is not what it used to be since so many people now pay their bills online. I am probably one of the few people I know who still pays his bills the old fashion way by putting a stamp on the envelope and mailing it back. I've gotten off the point again. Now that the voting is over and we have had our say, it is up to the politicians to interpret the laws we just agreed to. That's what has always worried me about agreeing that the leaders receive a blank check to do something very worthwhile. It seems that the administrative portion of getting something done always costs more than the actual doing of the job. In California, because of the droubt, we approved spending money on fixing the water storage systems that have gotten out of date. The only probem is that the politicians will be able to figure out how to spend the money and I always worry about that. I would be willing to bet that the actual cost of the different jobs will be much higher due to administrative costs. Wait and see. Another problem that I see looming in the near future is that some people, including the president, think that since there are so many illegal aliens in this country that there must be something wrong with our immigration laws. My first reaction would be that there must be something wrong at our borders so that so many people can get accross without being stopped. One of the things that could have been done years ago would have been to change the law to limit citizenship to those who are born to citizens or to people legally in the country. That will probably never pass no matter how logical because those who are affected by such a rule would yell that it is racism. How can it be racism unless race is mentioned in the law and only legal status needs to be mentioned. Those who defend the practice of coming here illegally will try to tell us that only those of another race come here illegally. Considering the different races that are born here and have lived here many generations, what other race would they be talking about? I think that the problem is that any law that govens the hiring of illegal immigrants has no teeth in it. People who are here without permission do not have Social Security numbers so should not be working, but they do. How is that possible? I'm glad you asked. They all use valid numbers that belong to someone else. Wow, like we couldn't see that coming. The last time we had amnesty in this country, it cost hundreds of millions of dollars to fix the problems caused by the people who were working under some other person's number. The other problem with the last amnesty was that the evidence that we allowed to prove that someone was here long enough to qualify, was easily tainted. If the person did not have the paid utility bills, we would allow a statement from the landlord which said that they knew that these people had lived here since before the date required. It is funny that those landlords had ten families in each one bedroom apartment and they knew every person living there. Do you believe that? I don't either. We bent over backwards so much that we were able to touch the floor. If the government were to actually fine the employers who hire illegals then maybe they would stop the practice. If someone comes here without permission and cannot get a job, they will end up going back home unless they have a baby here first then they can stay because their baby is a citizen. The president wants to put into effect some kind of legislative order to make the changes that he wants without changing the law since the congress would need to agree to pass the law and that would seem even less likely now. My question is, in what way is the immegration law broken that allows people to come here by the millions without permission? They never explain that. Gee, I wonder why. Perhaps you wonder too, but I doubt it. What you do wonder is when I'm going to tell you about the update. Right now! Check: Giant Robo, Lodoss Wars, Nadesico, Outlaw Star, and Slayers. Enjoy.

11/01/14-- One of the items that is getting considerable coverage on the news is one of the great concerns of people these days. You might even be concerned about it too. The concern in this electronic age is the loss of privacy. Ring any bells for you? One of the recent disclosures of loss of privacy was when these starlets had their home computers hacked and lots of naked pictures of them were taken and posted some place on the internet. Did anyone else find anything curious about the set of circumstances involved in that caper? First, I have to wonder why people have naked pictures of themselves on their computers. I don't have naked pictures of anyone on my computer. These young and attractive people don't really need naked pictures of themselves on their home computers. If they want to see themselves naked all they have to do is look in the mirror. Is there something about having it in the form of a picture that I don't understand? If people don't have naked pictures of themselves then they cannot be stolen. Another question that comes to mind is how it was that these hackers discovered that these people had pictures of themselves on their home computers? Were they randomly checking every computer in the city looking for naked pictures? I am suspicious. Another of the things that are getting lots of coverage are the continuous use of drones. These aircraft are used to take pictures of lots of people in given areas. It is a tool of law enforcement to try to get clues to crimes. People are concerned that their privacy is being compromised by these drones. This is not their privacy behind closed doors. This is their privacy while out in their yards or while walking the street or driving their cars. Oh yeah, like that is really private and you wouldn't want the public to know what you were doing while out in you car or in your backyard. Someone might say that they have a right to sun bathe in their backyards. That is true, but isn't all that private when you think about it. Frankly, I don't think that is what these people are talking about. I think that the whole thing has to do with the privacy to do something illegal while no one is looking and since no on is looking, it is not illegal. In other words, it's alright to do anything as long as you don't get caught and being photographed by a drone just might get you caught so that is wrong. It isn't wrong to do the illegal thing; it is wrong for the police to catch you in the act. The last thing is something they have been bringing up and that has to do with the privacy of your DNA. Really! Your DNA could be on a cigarette butt, chewing gum, a glass you used in a bar for a drink and so on. This DNA has been used to convict murderers. I guess what these people are saying is that it is wrong to use this kind of evidence to convict someone of a crime like murder. Say what? It is an invasion of privacy to find a used chewing gum that someone left at the scene or a crime and use that against them to convict them of a serious crime. There is an inate right of privacy to kill someone as long as no one is watching? Are people fighting to protect their privacy to do something that no one cares about or are they worried that their right to do something illegal is being affected? There is some concern that someone who doesn't like you can plant your DNA at a crime scene so you will be suspected. They do admit that is highly unlikely since there would have to be a DNA record of you for comparison and you would have to be a suspect either way. Really, my question is what is it that these people are fighting to protect? Is it the right to do something that no one cares about or the right to do something illegal? Do you know? Do you have any phone conversations that you wouldn't want anyone to find out about? Me either. If they can find some terrorist before they can plant a bomb in a school by listening in on phone conversations then I say go for it. They can listen to my phone conversations as much as they want. They're pretty boring, but I never promised they would be interesting. Oh well! At least the updates are interesting. Check out: Ayashi No Ceres, Burn Up W, Devilman, DNA, and Eatman. Enjoy.

10/25/14-- I would like to talk about some of the mysteries that surround us. Some of these mysteries are really obvious like the great pyramid and the like, but many of the others are not nearly so obvious. You know about the pyramids because they are still there. One of the things they have discovered is that the tools used to cut the stones are no where to be found. Obviously they had to use tools to cut the blocks to a very specific size, but why did they hide the tools? It would seem obvious that they would need to keep the tools close to the work site. They cannot bring them in from a great distance to work every day. The engineers were extraordinary in what they did. In fact, what they did was beyond the ability of the best of the time. One of the things that most people do not know about the great pyramid is the fact that its location divides the land mass of the world into four exact sections. I'm not sure how they meassure such things, but the location can be used as the center point and four sections of the exact same size can be created. That takes into account all land everyplace and not simply the part on that side of the oceans. How did they know about all the land masses. Did they have access to flight so they could meassure land in every place on the planet? We don't know how they knew that. It is interesting and is a mystery. Another thing of possible interest is the fact that ancient Egyptians had the ability to harden (temper) copper which is something we cannot do today. Did any other civilization have the formula to harden copper? Yes, there was another culture. Was it in Africa or Europe or in Asia? No, it was in the Americas. Over ten thousand tools made of hardened copper have been found in Central America, Mexico and North America. They have also found these incredible tools in South America as well. The most significant find in South America have been the medical tools that they have discovered. These medical tools are still sharper than anything we can make today. They have tried to blunt the blade of some of these tools using the best tempered steel files and only managed to tear apart the files. I find it interesting that these native american doctors had knowledge of the human body that was unknown in Europe at the time. As an example, in Europe they treated almost everything by using leaches. In South America they had performed brain surgery and scientists know it was successful becuase the patient lived. How do they know that with the body of someone who died over one thousand years ago? That is easy. They know because the skull started to grow back together and close the hole that had been made. The exploreres considered the natives to be ignorant savages. Obviously many of these advances had been lost by the time they were exploring the Americas. Another mystery is why these secrets had been lost. When I was in elementary school they taught us that the Americas were populated by people who came accross from Asia by an ice bridge to Alaska. That is interesting, but not supported by the facts. How close are the native Americans to the peoples of Asia as far as genetics. Actually, not very close. They have facial hair in Asia, but not the native Americans. The other thing would be the Archiological discoveries. If the people came to the Americas through Alaska then the oldest discoveries would be in that area. Strangely the oldest discoveries are in Central and South America. How do they explain that? They don't. They sort of pretend that it doesn't count. It is fun to note these marvelous mysteries even if we don't know the answer. Can we call it food for thought? Go right ahead. While you are thinking about these fun things, think about this week's update. Check: Ah My Goddess, Escaflowne, Roujin Z, Sailor Moon, and Virus. Enjoy.

10/18/14-- I saw the movies that I mentioned last week. Between the two movies that I saw, I liked the documentary better because it didn't have a plot to mess up. The Bloodsucker was pretty much as I expected. There was good and bad and that isn't bad. I won't go into details, but let you discover these things if you care to go see. As usual, where the plot gets shakey is when things happen without clear understanding or background or explanation. That happens in too many movies as it is. Again, I'm not sure who to blame because I've never seen the original script. I learned something last night. If a high school football game is being televised, it adds about half hour to the running time. In addition to football season, it is election season and that can be very stressing. When you hear the adds supporting one side or the other, you get a little sick listening to the obvious lies and misrepresentations. It's most interesting to listen to the ads by the high muckymuck which tell of the problems in place when he got into power four years ago. He takes credit for making it better. One of the things he did was raise the sales tax around the state in order to fund the spending. It was the spending of his own party that has been in total control now for many years that had to be fixed. How did they fix it? By raising taxes. The economy improved to the point where more money was coming in than originally expected so, of course, they take the credit for that too. They need to bring movie production back to the state because their taxation drove it away and the state lost many jobs due to their greed. Now that the economey is stronger, are they saving the extra money they are bringing in? Of course not. Who would want to do such a stupid thing with the money they are soaking out of the workers? They find more ways to spend the money on things which the voters have no say about. If I said that I enjoy thinking about that, I would be lieing. I don't like to do that so I'll just say that I go to vote even though the people who gain from the stupidity of our leaders tend to out vote me so I vote the way my head tells me and hope for the best. If you are having an election anyplace close to you, get out to vote even if the other side wins. It does help eventually if your voice is heard now. The elections will be over in just over two weeks. Things can get back to abnormal until next time. You have a reason to be here and that is the update so I won't keep you any longer. Check: Dragon Ball, Eden's Boy, El Hazard, Orange Road, and Vampire Princess Miyu. Enjoy.

10/11/14-- I'm doing better; thank you for asking. Oh, you didn't ask. I should have known better. I'm doing better anyway. Apparently I was not totally past the point where I was totally better when I wrote the last update because I had to go see the doctor again and eventually went back late Saturday and was admitted to the hospital early Sunday morning. Needless to say, they did finally stop the bleeding, but this upset those in charge of my blood thinner. Their goal is to make sure that I don't have a stroke. That is a very laudable goal, but not to the point where I lose too much blood and become anemic. Of course, I became anemic and now I am back on blood thinner along with the types of things to cure my anemia. We had a jolly little ring around the poney or whatever, but slowly I am returning to my version of normal. My normal is not the same as yours which might be a good thing for all of us. Have you seen any good movies lately? Me either. Some started this weekend and I'm just not sure about the approach they take in telling a story. There is one about a really bad day that looks like it should be avoided at all possible costs. There is a documentary that appears to be very informative and which you should probably see just so you will understand the world a little better and why people do things the way they do. The last is an interesting approach on the story of Dracula where they tie in a great deal of history with fantasy to make the man into a hero for sacrificing his soul for the power to protect his family and his people from invaders. Vlad the impailer is historical fact, but that is as far as they go. It could be fun to see the blood sucker in a slightly different vein. Since I just spent several days bleeding all over everything, it might be fun watching someone else bleed for a change. Don't take the simple things in life for granted because you never know when things will become the opposite from what you think it should be. At least my web site didn't disappear on us. Since that could happen at the drop of a hat, you should check the update while you have a chance. Check: Gundam Wing, Macross 7, Orguss, Ranma 1/2, and Robot Carnival. Enjoy.

10/04/14-- These last few days were a real comedy of errors except for one thing, there was nothing funny about any of it. Let's start with the obvious, you might have noticed that my web site did not exist for about two days. My company that is web hosting for us is also the domain registration. Without prior notice, they canceled me because I didn't pay the bill they didn't send me. This would have been a minor inconvenience except that physically I was not at my best. I am taking blood thinner due to heart problems. I needed to go to the dentist, but I didn't take into account the blood thinner because I didn't think I would be bleeding all that much. My bad. Even though I told the dentist about my medication, he didn't take that into account. I was bleeding from Thursday morning until about an hour ago. Though I wasn't in much pain, it was terrible to be bleeding 24/7. I did go to the doctor and ER and so on but it was beyond them. I will be very careful about this combination of circumstances in the future. Learn from my disaster and have a safe life. Now to the update; check: Angel Links, Blue Seed, Corrector Yui, Crest Of The Stars, and eX-Driver. Enjoy.

09/27/14-- Are you still scratching your head after last week's update. Don't worry, you can go back and re-read it as many times as you like in the "What's New" section. I'm still scratching my head, but not about that. I went to see a movie and I'm still scratching my head about what they're trying to say and how they were able to talk someone into making the movie in the first place. The name of the movie is Maze Runner and I went to see it just in case there is a Science Fiction movie out there worth my time, but unfortunately that's still a negatory. Many times, you end up with more questions than there are answers and that applies here. After watching the movie for awhile and seeing the corn fields growing in their sanctum, I came to the conclusion that they may have misspelled the title and it should have been Maize Runner. Then again, that would have made too much sense. Human civilization was destroyed when the sun over-heated, but must have cooled down again because we are still here. There may have been an implication that humans caused that as well, but it is too vague. Next there was some kind of virus that destroyed brains and they decided that the way to fix it was to put a bunch of young men or old teenagers into this huge rat maze and leave them there with virtually no possibility of escape. Oh yeah, like that makes sense. Even if they are able to escape the maze, how does that make their brains able to cope with the virus? I don't know if I should blame the writer or the directer or the editer for cutting too much of the story. Perhaps our understanding was cut with the ten minutes of footage that ended up on the cutting room floor. Though things look terrible, they have the capacity to put many millions of dollars into construction this huge maze. The city beyond that is uninhabitable, but they still have helicopters and fuel and guns and all kinds of symbols of our society. They have the soldiers dress like terrorists and then try to make it seem like it is to protect them from the sun. Oh yeah, that makes perfect sense too. There is no explanation why they put the last guy in who was working at the facility or the girl for that matter or why the one guy wants to kill everyone else once they have shown that there is a way out. In other words, as usual there are more questions than answers yet they spent all this money on making the movie. One last question; what were those cyborg things? Were they being controled by the scientists or what? Had they one been human? The thing inside them with the number, it must have been a hint to the prisoners that this was a way out otherwise why was the number readable after you bust up the cyborg? Again questions, questions, questions. If you enjoyed the movie, I hope my insights make sense to you. If you haven't seen the movie yet, maybe you will make more out of it than I did and you can let me know. Until then, check out: Bakuretsu Hunter, Burn Up W, Cowboy Bebop, Fatal Fury, and Go Kaiser. Enjoy.

09/20/14-- I would like to give you a little perspective on things. Some of what I will say will be standard knowledge and certainly not secrets, but not often given consideration in many entertainment forms. We live on a planet and our position in our solar system is third from the sun. If we were much closer than we are then no life would be possible because the termperature would be too high, while if we were farther away then life would not be possible because it would be too cold. They sent a probe to Mars to test to see if there was anything about that world that would indicate that life might have been possible at some time in the distant past. Obviously, there is no evidence of intelligent life forms. The canals are not really canals. Our sun is what we call a star and is not anything special in the universe. If it were bigger then again it would be too hot for life to exist on the Earth, but then perhaps on Mars. There are many stars in the universe. Any number would simply be an estimate based on the numbers that can be seen through the strongest telescopes. When scientists estimate the distance from our sun to the nearest stars, they don't take into account the distance between the Earth and the sun. I'm sure you have noticed that most distances in dealing with space is computed in terms of light years. What that means is the distance that light travels in a year. You have to start with how far light travels in one second which is 186,000 miles. Working up from there we find that light travels 11,160,000 miles in a minute and 669,600,000 miles in an hour. Given those distances we then can figure that light travels 16,070,400,000 miles in a day and finally light travels 586,569,600,000 miles in one year. Now you understand why they list distances in light years. It is considered that the closest star to our sun is 4.24 light years. It would take light that long to get from here to there. The twenty closest stars average 10 light years from our sun. It is more than likely that there are 20 billion stars in our galaxy that we call the Milky Way. It is an estimate that there are 100 billions galaxies out there. The big wigs also estimate that there are 17 billion planets in our galaxy that are approximately the same size as the Earth. Just because the planet is the same size doesn't mean it could support life, only that it is the same size. it could be too close or too far away and since we cannot do anything except estimate then we have no idea how many could actually support life. If conditions that support life are a universal constant then the right size and temperature and availability of water should mean life. It is difficult enough for us to think in terms that I have been describing here, but now think about the size of all the universe. Even if you could travel at the speed of light, you could not live long enough to reach a star with a planet that could support life. They talk about putting people into cryogenic sleep during interstellar travel. What good would that do? If you started on Earth and were frozen ten thousand years to reach this other star at ten times the speed of light. The world you left would no longer exist by the time you returned. We think in terms of distances between points, but is there a beginning or end to space or time? Not really, but it may not be easy to wrap your mind around that idea. If we were able to travel a billion times faster than the speed of light, we might eventually reach the edge of the known universe and what would we find? You would stand on that distant world and look ahead and see as many stars as you just past on the way here. For each of those stars, the space is billions of times larger. Go ahead and think about it, but I doubt any of us has the capacity to fully understand infinity. That's why scientists like to try to estimate the numbers of galaxies. How would it sound if they said the number is infinite? If you lived forever, you would not be able to count all the stars because that number never ends either. Isn't that fun? When Science Fiction writers talks about space travel like using warp, they really do not consider what the distances really are. How fast is Warp? When they travel at Warp nine, what does that really mean? It doesn't mean anything. It is fun and games for our entertainment. Could you approach a sun traveling at Warp nine? You would not be able to approach anything at all. The best you could do based on your speed is estimate how long to travel and in what direction. But then again, if you gave those things serious consideration then what fun would Sci Fi be? Let me know what you think, but for now you don't need to travel at the speed of light to check the update so go ahead. Check: Big O, Card Captor Sakura, I Want To Be An Angel, Lupin III, and Tenchi Muyo. Enjoy.

09/13/14-- Some of you might be closer to the primry issue of this week even that I am, but again it's simply food for thought. It is not my intent to change your way of thinking with regard to people or circumstances. As a matter of fact, some of you might have been positively affected by some of the changes which I find disturbing. If you are looking for work, would you rather obtain a job working thirty hours or forty hours? I think most of us would rather work what we call full time, but that is extremely rare. You do understand the why of this? It is difficult to get full time work because the employer would have the additional cost of providing you with insurance that is mandated by the law. I am unsure how the law reads, but that is my understanding. If I were an employer, I would rather have six employees at thirty hours each that do not require insurance than five employees at forty hours that require the additional expense of insurance. It might be good to have six employees doing the work of five. Many circumstances make that determination. It makes it seem like more people are employed because you have six doing the work of five so the unemployment figures sound better. This way makes it seem like the government is getting the job done. The real problem is that the entire cost of insurance is now on the shoulders of the employees. If you were working forty hours rather than thirty, you might be able to afford to buy the insurance with the additional money you make, but that isn't even an option. You need to buy the insurance out of the thirty hours of work. The government, or should we say your fellow tax payers, will help you get the insurance. This is not something that I had been thinking about, it had been brought to my attention by the teacher at a workshop I attended last week. The point being made was how difficult it is to find full time employment these days. I would guess that many employers have to cut back on the number of employees and that contributed to the high unemployment rates. They hire back, but not full time. These people are now employed, but not insured. Of the three plans, the one that most people cannot afford is the one that actually pays the most toward your medical issues when the need arrises. Your premium is much higher so your expense, even while healthy, is much higher. Another thing that comes up, but not always mentioned is the fact that more and more employers are trying to claim employees as self-employed independant contractors so they do not have to pay the employer share of the Social Security tax. This is nothing new. Often it is found that two different people are doing the exact same job with the exact same control by the employer, yet one of them is an employee while the other is an independant contractor. The rule used by the government in those cases has to do with control. If you set your own schedule and go where it works best for you when you think it's best for you then you are self-employed. If you go where the employer says and at the time the employer says and you do what the employer says, then you are an employee. If you are self-employed, then you have to pay twice as much Social Security tax. If you have to agree that you are self-employeed to get the job in the first place, then you are self-employed. When the government catches the employers that are pulling this fraud, they stop them, but still they cannot make them hire full time. I believe that some people who were against this "affordable care act" said this would happen and it did. Are we surprised? Of course we are surprised. I hope you have insurance. I hope you have a job. Just food for thought. While you are chewing, why not check this weeks update? Check: 3x3 Eyes, Cutey Honey, Eden's Boy, Gatchaman, and Ray Earth. Enjoy.

09/06/14-- Today I would like to talk about something that you might have noticed, but may not have paid much attention to. It is called continuity. This is actually a movie term and you will, some times, see it mentioned in the credits. The word means something specific in common usage and something related as well with regard to movies. I think most of us have heard that scenes in a movie are not filmed in sequence. In other words, some scene that appears toward the end of a movie may have been filmed toward the beginning of the shoot. The sequence order might be determined by extraneous things like weather and availability of certain actors. Some big star may only be available for a few weeks so all the scenes with that actor might have to be filmed at the same time. What continuity does is make sure that everyone is dressed appropriatly for the scene. It has happened that the directer was not careful so two scenes that go together, but were shot separately, have the actors dressed slightly wrong. It isn't always about how the actors are dressed, but may concern the way a set is dressed which means the furniture is correct and the pictures on the walls match and so forth. You may have seen something in the past where the mistake was glaring or barely even noticable, but still you caught it. It can be fun to find where the directer and assistant directer and the script person and the continuity person all missed the same thing. In some movies with very small budgets, these things tend to be even more obvious. Some of the discrepancies are hard to spot in black and white movies because everything is in shades of grey. One of my favorites is "Earth versus The Flying Saucers" and it was filmed in black and white because of the very small budget. The movie opens with the scientist and his wife driving back to the base of operations. They conveniently don't mention where operation Skyhook is located so it might be California or Colorado. The car us a Mercury and in color is light green. It has a California license plate which is black with yellow letters which was typical for the 1950s. So far so good. The scientist is rushed off to Washington DC to testify about the flying saucers. He is still driving the light green Mercury that he had at the beginning of the movie. They flew him back to Washington so he should not have had the same car. With a small budget and black and white film, they probably didn't think it was a big deal. It might be something very small like a coffee cup left on a mantle in one shot and removed from another shot. It might be something very obvious like a lady wearing a totally different dress in connected scenes. Now you know why they had people who did nothing except try to watch out for that stuff. Now that you know too, you can watch and maybe even catch the movie moguls in a mistake. Good luck. When you actually find something, remember where you heard it. Before you start, check out this week's update. Check: Dragon Ball, Patlabor, Ranma 1/2, Silent Mobius, and Variable Geo. Enjoy.

08/30/14-- It is said, though often misquoted, that music has power to sooth the savage breast. What they usually say is that music has power to sooth the savage beast. That is not the same thing. Music can do many things and much more than simply sooth us when we are upset. Music can inspire us in many ways. There is music that helps us recall many different types of memories. Music can bring images of patriotism and love of country. Music can send us off to war. Music can bring us home from war. Music can bring us thoughts of love for someone. Music can inspire feelings. Walt Disney created the movie Fantasia around the idea of the many ways that music can move and inspire us. Music might help us see visions of dancing Ostriches or dancing Elephants or Hippos. Music can help us envision images of fairies or flowers or dinosaurs or demons. In all of this, I am talking about music alone with no lyrics. Still, music can tell a story and tell a much richer story when lyrics are added. On Broadway they have many different musicals and the common aspect of these is that the music and lyrics move you along the story. When words alone cannot convey the feelings, music and song come along to fill in the rest. I believe that they have discovered evidence of musical instruments in many ancient cultures. They refer to musical instruments in The Bible. One of the heros of old was named David and he was known for plying a ten stringed lute. A whole section of the Old Testament is poetry that would have been set to simple melodies and was called Psalms. Different types of harps were found in many places around the world. Singing and choirs were known. Certainly music is nothing new and has changed over the years. I would not want to live in a world that had none and fortunately we do not have to worry about that because we do. I wonder about some of the things that are called music these days, but at least they are trying. The next time you turn on the radio, be grateful for the music you find. You can also be grateful for the images of cels you can find here so enjoy the update. Check: G Gundam, Gundam Wing, Macross 7, Macross Plus, and Photon. Enjoy.

08/23/14-- One last point about the Tarzan movie from Walt Disney animation is the little scene where Tarzan and Jane are learning each other's names. That is from several of the earlier movie adaptations and did not appear in the book. I'm not sure why they put that in there, but they did. In the books, Tarzan learns French before he learns English. The misrepresentations of the relationship between Tarzan and Jane resulted in a misunderstanding by librarians throughout the country where they voted to stop carrying the Tarzan books because they feared that it was a poor example to young people. That was based on what they did in the movies. The writer was a very moral man of his era. A number of times, the story contained references to a fate worse than death for a woman. That term is no longer used in any form of fiction. Now that I have that off my chest, I can go on to other subjects. Several months ago, I pointed out that I had seen a movie preview where one of the protagonists espouses the concept that "if people are given a choice, the will always choose wrong." That movie is now out and it is called "The Giver" and is another story where the future society is totally controlling and claims that the masses don't have the right to chose anything for themselves and have to be controlled in every way possible. It is based on a world wide best seller. Imangine that. I chose not to see it, but you can if so disposed. As in years gone by, the seasons come and seasons go so we are ending the end of the summer season and kids are going back to school. You know what that means. You do by past experience. It is the beginning of Football Season. They are dancing in the streets. At least, it seems that way to me. I am hobbling around too much to dance anywhere, much less in the streets, but I would if I could. By my next undate, I will have attended my first game of the season. Life goes on. While waiting for that to happen, check out this week's undate. Check: Angel Links, Lodoss Wars, Orange Road, Vampire Hunter, and Vampire Princess Miyu. Enjoy.

08/16/14-- Welcome back. Has it only been a week? Gee whiz! Several movies were released by Disney this week and one was as visually stunning as anything they have ever done. That one is called Tarzan and includes many background done in computer that are essentially three dimensional. I would not even bring up this movie except in the special features they crow about how this is the closest adaptation to Edgar Rice Burrough's original story. I beg your pardon. I doubt these guys even read the book. In fact, the story arc would require them to read the first two books in the series because it is the end of the second book that he finally gets together with Jane. What are my complaints? Thanks for asking. Let's start with the first basic issue. The book is entitled "Tarzan of the Apes,' not "Tarzan of the Gorillas." In this version, the baby is raised by gorillas and not apes. In Burrough's story there is an undiscovered species that falls between chimpanzee and gorilla which he calls the great apes. In fact, Tarzan's parents are killed by a gorilla and not a leopard. Once they decide to deviate from Apes, they had to change that part as well. Another very obvious and important thing is the fact that Jane Porter and her father are American and not British. It is Tarzan that is British and his real name is John Graystoke and he is a British lord. Tarzan has estates and holdings that make him very wealthy back in Britain. Another thing they fail to mention, and I'm not sure why, but his name means white skin in the tongue of the Apes. Another thing where they variated was the fact that the parents did not build their house in a tree. Their house was on the ground. Perhaps the most important deviation from the original story is the fact that Jane and Tarzan were married before they started living together. Even in this one, they show them just living together and somehow it is made alright by the fact that her father lives with them. Either their relationship is purely platonic or they are living in sin. That would not be my choice of words, but how it would have been described back then. There were a total of twenty four books in the Tarzan series and cover two wars. Tarzan and Jane are living in England when they have their son after about five years of marriage. I understand why some things are often changed for pacing or to make the story more exciting or other different reasons, not all of which make any sense to me. They could have had the ship captain marry them before the boat left. It could have been a very short cerimony because the boat had to leave. The boat was going to be late in its rounds anyway because of the machinations of the bad guy and the members of the crew that supported him. What would ten minutes more be? They could have had a book on "The Graystoke Family Tree" in the little house that would have told the back story and would not have taken much time. They could have had Great Apes raise Tarzan and not gorillas and taken two lines of dialog to tell that bit. There are some parts that they could not have added that are interesting. First, young Tarzan learned to read from a dictionary with pictures and childrens books his parents had in the cabin. He could read English long before he could speak it. The first human language he could speak was French and not English. He was rescued out of Africa by a French soldier who taught him to speak. The reason why Tarzon wore a loin cloth was because he observed natives who lived in the area and since he looked more like them than the Apes he lived with, he copied the natives. They don't mention that in the movie, but think about it. None of the Gorillas wore clothes. One last thing, Tarzan was very strong. They do show him well built, but not as strong as he was. When he fought the sailors on the boat, he spent most of his time running away. Even when outnumbered, he would not have run. They might have defeated him by hitting him on the head from behind, but not by numbers alone. There might have been additional differences, but these are the most important. If you never read the book, you should. While waiting for the delivery, check out the update. Check: Bakuretsu Hunter, Crest Of The Stars, Devilman, El Hazard, and Nadia. Enjoy.

08/09/14-- This week, how about a little food for thought? I thought that would get you excited, so here we go. I'm sure you've all heard of Albert Einstein. He is well known as a Mathematician and Theoretical Physicist and his many contributions to science are well known. He used his understanding to reach a decision about the universe. It was his consclusion that it was not an accident. He believed there was an intelligence behind it all. All he could do was try to understand the many laws that are in place and that govern action and reaction. Yes, the man who's name is synonimous with the word genius, believed in a creator. An additional bit of trivia. There are seven text books used in the different universities in this country for the study of Astro-Physics. Of those seven text books, six were written by scholars who also believe in a creator. These are scientists who understand the workings of the universe about as well as anyone and even they see so much order there that they cannot accept that it was simply an accident. There was a recent movie with a famous Scarlett called "Lucy." I thought I would enjoy it more, but it espoused too many theories as established facts about too many things. One of those is the origin of life. I'm sorry, but that is something that science has played with for a very long time without proving a thing. They have a pretty good idea of the conditions that exhisted at the point when they believe life started. They chose to ignore one of their own tenants called cause and effect. If all life started with no real cause behind it, it started as a single cell organism. I can accept that as theory, but what would have caused the changes that brought not only multiple cell organisms, but complex organisms and such things as DNA that guide the growth of a cell into extremely complex organism? They say that happened, but don't explain why. Now, that is the real question here. They know what the final result was, but they don't seem to know how it got from point A to point Z. Even if you accept the concept of a creator, the real question is why is there a creation? What would be the point? Think about it. You might have some ideas or then again, maybe not. At least you will be thinking about it and would not be alone with all the great thinkers out there like Einstein who thought about it first. Don't think too hard. I don't want you to get a headache. Or perhaps you can just take a pill for the headache then dive right in. Careful not to hit the edge of the pool though. That could give you a real headache. Or, then againk you can just check this weeks' update. Check: Big O, Burn Up W, Nadesico, Pretty Sammy, and Tenchi Muyo. Enjoy.

08/02/14-- Conventions are over for another year. They are for me though you might have some you plan to attend. There was so much going on at the Comic Con that there was no way that anyone could see it all. I think my son came as close as anyone. He was there to help me with the table, but I seldom saw him during the day and the same can be said of the night as well. With different after hour programing, I rode the Trolly back to the hotel all by myself. He did meet an old friend he had not seen for over fifteen years. You may have heard of him. His name is Matt Groening and he created the Simpsons. He got a picture that he posted on his Face Book page. Still, it was a blast. One of the big things that spilled over between the two conventions is the fact that Sailor Moon is celebrating the twenty year anniversary. They also brought out a new series called Sailor Moon Crystal. Probably I'm not telling you anything you didn't already know, but it was news to me. I think it is what they call a re-boot or something like that because they are re-telling the story from the beginning. I guess the only sad thing is that they won't have cels from this re-incarnation. Because of that, the cels from the earlier series are much more popular and was one of the big sellers at both conventions. It seemed like every other person who stopped by the table was looking for that title. That is the reason that I made that title one of the big parts of this week's update. I am giving you as many new images as possible. There was a day that we could buy as many cels of that show as we wanted. There was a lady who would sell on a street corner in Shinjuku, which as you know is in Tokyo, Japan. In fact, she would sell on Shinjuku Dori which is like saying Boulevard or something like that. She would have her table set up in front of an Anime Shop that had everything else, but not cels. I know because we checked. I even bought a cel of "Dark Lady" out of the boxes she had on the table. I hadn't seen that far in the series so I didn't know who it was other than she had pink hair. I had obtained a model of that character and liked it so much that I bought it because it matched the model. I guess that's what you might call Karma. I hope you had a good weekend and if no conventions, maybe next year. They are fun even if you sit at a table and just people watch. I think that it's easier to people watch if you are in one place and let the people pass you by. If you are walking around, you are trying to make your way through the crowds so can't really see very much. One that came my way was dressed like the character from Wreck it Ralph and she had made her candy car which she had to carry around with her. She stopped to rest near my table because we had room. She didn't get much rest because everyone wanted pictures. Now, that was fun. See what I mean. Still, check the update then see what you can find so you can enjoy. Check: Dragon Ball, Go Kaiser, Little Nemo in Slumberland, Sailor Moon, and Slayers. Enjoy.

07/19/14-- In this, my last update before I take off for Comic Con next weekend, I plan to stick my neck out again and make some recommendations based on why I see around me in society. This is great deal of trouble for our world and though you might think it is fun, it has a tremendous cost that someone has to pay. In a radio report, they talked about something recent in a city here in California. I think it was some kind of twitter thing, but I'm not sure. There were all these nude pictures of teenagers from the area. I don't believe they stated the number, but it was quite a few. Virtually all of these young people were under the age of eighteen. I'm not sure, but probably most of them took their own pictures for one reason or another. Whoever assembled these is guilty of child pornography. They also said that it is likely that most of these kids are returning to school in the fall and will have to face their peers who have seen them all naked, for better or worse. What is going on that these young people feel justified in taking these pictures of themselves? Is it to be able to get more dates? For the girls, since their dates have already seen them naked, what's next in the budding relationship? Obviously, the guys are going to expect something and will probably take it if not freely given. Since the girls have so readily given away everything there is to know about them, why would we expect anything less than sex? The boys will be lining up alright and if any of the girls don't come accross, all they need do is go on to the next one in line. We are not talking about a relationship, we're talking about first dates. Once these guys have tryed it with one girl, they still go on to the next one so they can try them all. Whatever happened to self respect? These type of habits are too prevalant in modern dating as it is and obviously only getting worse. Since sex is already expected and given on the first date, what's left to expect to have on the second date or even third date? With the guys it has become a goal to sleep with as many different girls as they can. I guess the girls are doing the same thing. I don't know. I do know that this libertine approach to life is not bringing these young people true happiness. Name a daytime talk show where they get on and tell us how happy they are with this kind of activity. On one of these shows, and this wasn't recent either, this one woman was trying to find her baby's daddy amongst all the men she slept with in the month the child was conceived. She had reached the total of sixteen and still had not found the father. They were bringing them in two and three at a time. The last time they had her on, she still didn't find the father. Who knows, she may have been drinking too much and did not remember who all she had sex with on the same night. Was she having fun? I don't think so. Are these girls here in California with their naked pictures on the internet having fun? I would be guessing, but I doubt it. Maybe they enjoy sex so much that they don't mind that the only reason these boys want to go out with them is to have sex with one more partner. When they get to be adults, what is left to them? Do you think any of these boys who have had carnal knowledge of these young things will want to settle down with one of these girls and get married and have a family? Frankly, I really doubt it. As a guy, I don't think I would have confidence to marry someone who has had that many partners. It would not be condusive to a happy marriage. Would the girls, who are not messing around, want to settle down with one of the guys that has had the goal of sleeping with as many different girls as they could? How could they trust them to stop just because they are married, have a wife and one or more kids. The answer is they could not trust them. The girls will become single mothers up the road and have to deal with the consequence of their choices for the rest of their lives. This is not sudden, but has been developing over some time now. I hope that the young people wake up and see what they're doing to themselves. This momentary pleasure will result in a lifetime of regret and pain. It is a rock slide heading to disaster and the only way to stop it is for the parents to become involved and try to show that it is wrong and tell them why. If a girl's mother is a single parent who lived the way she is, what is the mother going to tell her other than, see what happened to me. Is that what you want? Even though the young people see the disaster around them, they don't stop. They can only teach sex in school, not morality or chastity. Hope for the best. Maybe they can wake up and see they are making hell on Earth to live in. I hope I have not angered you because I have expressed my concern for what I see. It is a very real problem and I could go on much longer, but you have other things to do. Check the update and enjoy the day and think about it a little. Check: Card Captro Sakura, Crest Of The Stars, Gundam Wing, Lupin III, and Macross 7. Enjoy.

07/12/14-- Another Anime Expo finished for another year. It was very enjoyable except for one thing. It saddens me to say that individual greed overcame some people's sense of right and honor. One of my folders was stolen during the convention and it was with only about an hour left for the convention. The convention hall closed on Sunday at three in the afternoon. At about two, one person distracted me getting a cel off the curtain behind the table while a compatriot walked off with our "Big O" folder. I know how they did it and when they did it and I even know who it was, but I just can't figure out why. There were thirty seven cels still left in the folder. Some of the cels are on the site so check it out. If you see someone offering those items, please let us know. We contacted the Police Department so there is a report. We have contacted some of our friends who sell cels and let them know what happened in case someone should approach them offering things that belong to us. There are a number of places on the internet, but we know all about them and we will be watching them as well. It is possible that those people really like the title and plan on keeping everything in the folder, but that seems most unlikely. It also seems likely that these people will not stop with a folder from us, but will go on to other more lucrative items and will eventually be caught. It is too bad. Still, it would be boring to only talk about this bad thing so I would like to bring up something you may have noticed as well. There are several songs on the pop charts that I really have to wonder about. One of them is entitled "All of me loves all of you." I guess the the option would be for only part of me to love all of you or for all of me to love only part of you. An example of this might be where all of me loves you except for my right elbow and left knee cap. Another line from the song is that he loves her curves and all your edges and her perfect imperfections. First, where are a woman's edges? I'm curious. Also, what is a perfect imperfection? That would seem to be a contradiction. Another rather curious song is entitled "You only love her when you let her go." Is that something like letting a bird go that you nursed back to health after an injury? He also says you only miss the sun when it starts to snow. I beg your pardon, but you can miss the sun when it is twenty below and not snowing. Is he refering to only realizing that he loves her when he lets go of her at the end of a hug? If it's true that he only loves her when he lets her go then that guy is really dense. Obviously, he doesn't deserve her if it takes something like that to realize he loves her. Was he holding her prisoner and decided to let her go and only realized he loved her after the police came to haul him away. It just seems odd. Maybe you have an explanation. One last example is a song with the lines "please forgive me, I know not what I do. Please forgive me, I can't stop loving you." Again, you have a contradiction on the face of it. He says he doesn't know what he's doing, yet he says he loves her. I think he knows what he's doing. Another thing I wonder about is why he would have to beg forgiveness for loving her in the first place. Is it because she's married to someone else or is it because he's married to someone else? If either one is the case, then why bring it up in the first place? The writers of these songs were trying to say something, but they got lost along the way. These songs get lots of air time and I have to wonder about that as well. If you think about some song with strange lines like these, tell us about them. This week's update is special in that I have picked good titles with a few very inexpensive samples. It might meet your needs so check them out. Check: Bastard, Captain Harlock, Gall Force, Genocyber, I Want To Be An Angel, and Super Cat Girl. Enjoy.

06/28/14-- So, do you want to talk about SEX!!! again this week? I figure I must have done something wrong last time because not a single person wrote in to complain about it. Summer is here at last and school is out most everyplace to give kids a chance to recharge their batteries for the fall. The important thing about summer isn't so much the fact that kids are out of school, but that it's now convention season again. In fact, next weekend is the first convention in my world. Yes, it's Anime Expo here in Los Angeles. You know what that means. I'll be tied up with the convention so I won't have an update so you all get next weekend off. I don't get the weekend off because I will have a booth at Expo and will be busy, busy, busy. It's work that I enjoy because I have a chance to get together with other fans and talk about our favorite subject. SEX!!! Just kidding, we talk about Anime and cels, then SEX. Again, just kidding. I also really enjoy watching the people in their costumes. Perhaps I'll surprise you when I say that it's the girls in costume that I like the most. Then again, maybe that doesn't surprise you. What will surprise you is that it isn't the really skimpy ones, and there are plenty of those, but the really pretty ones and often full dresses. I guess you can see how really weird I am. Who ever heard of such a thing. That's outlandish. It's also true. There are young people who wear really dumb things like cardboard boxes and such and that's their costume. I can't say that moves me very much at all and I frankly think it's dumb. Still, they're there to have fun and if that's their idea of fun then so be it. I hope you find something really fun to do next weekend if you aren't at the convention. We sell more cels at the conventions than any other time of year so if you saw something you liked, it might not be there in two weeks. Just keep that in mind. Who knows, I might actually put up something this week that trips your trigger or floats your boat or whatever. Check: Bakuretsu Hunter, Cowboy Bebop, Dr Slump, Genocyber, Vampire Princess Miyu, and Violinist Of Hamlin. Enjoy.

06/21/14-- This weeks topic is one that is well known yet still something that we might have trouble putting our minds around. It is the subject of beauty. We are surrounded by it and often thrills us and makes life worth living. Think about it. It is something you recognize and appreciate, but might have difficulty to understand or explain. As an example, how would you describe a very high water fall into a large pool of water where a rainbow is a constant companion. It may not be that difficult, but now try to describe the scene to a blind person who has never seen one. What makes a sunset beautiful? Did you take a class while growing up that taught you how to destinguish something that is beautiful? I didn't either, yet we can recognize beauty when we see it. Some times complete opposites can both be beautiful. A tall green tree can be beautiful while an old dead tree can also be beautiful. Sometimes things like shadows and light versus dark and different factors can contribute, but still it comes down to our appreciation. A famous episode of the old Twilight Zone series was based on the idea that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It told us that we can learn to accept things as being beautiful even when they are not. As we grow up we heard our parents say, isn't that beautiful. Do they explain why it is beautiful? I'm not sure at what age I started to notice that some things are beautiful, but obviously I did. We have something we call a beauty pagent. There are a number of women (usually fairly young) who are judged and they reach a decision as to who is the best looking. This is common. None of the participants are anything except fair of face and form, yet they decide who is best. If I understand the procedure, the judges vote for those they think are the best and the one who gets the most votes is the winner. It's not an exact science and the exact same group of participants might have a totally different outcome if we have a different set of judges. I enjoy the fact that in the world, we are surrounded by beauty. To me it seems that especially when it comes to the female of the species that there are examples where she is both beautiful and sexy. There are very beautiful movie stars who are married and many of them have children. There are some very ordinary women out there who are married and have even more children. One final conclusion from my rather slanted perspective is that true beauty comes from the inside. If I were to see a really beautiful woman talking down to the people around her and being mean and selfish, her beauty would be greatly diminished in my eyes. The worse she acts, the less beautiful she becomes. That conclusion applies to people because that doesn't happen in nature. Who ever heard of a rainbow acting mean? You get my point. The beauty in the world around us is another thing for which we have great reason to be thankful. We are surrounded by beauty and some times we don't take the time to even notice. Check it out and enjoy while you can. That doesn't diminish your ability to enjoy this weeks update so check that out too. Check: Burn Up W, DNA, El Hazard, Macross 7, Ranma 1/2, and Virus. Enjoy.

06/14/14-- SEX!! Now that I have your attention, what should we really talk about this week? SEX!! Oh come now, get you mind back on the issues at hand. I'm sure all these people don't want to talk about the world's oldest contact sport. SEX!! Or do they? Alright, you win. But go gently. It is a very important subject, but still quite sensative. After all, where would we be without it. It's true, even our parents, who we love and appreciate greatly for all they did for us, practiced the craft or we wouldn't be here. For some reason, there are people who call this original sin. I don't agree which may alienate some people out there, but if you read the Bible, you will find that the very first commandment given to Adam and his wife was to multiply and replenish (fill) the Earth. How do you do that? Only one way that I know of so since the commandment was to have children and there is only one way to do that, how could it be a sin? If you doubt what I say, then look in Genesis. They call prostitution the world's oldest profession. It was not the world's oldest avocation, but the concept is working for another person for remuneration. A farmer or a sheep hearder or a hunter would have been considered self-employment. That is how you would make the differentiation. Did you know that Abraham remarried after his wife died and that wife was obviously a younger woman because he had a number of children with her. I admit that men can sometimes maintain their ability in the bedroom much longer than their spouses. At least they can get someone pregnant long past the point where their spouses can achieve that same goal. Abraham's grandson fathered a great nation. I'm not sure how they handled their nocturnal activities because he ended up with four wives and he had children with all of them which required certain exertions on his part. His father-in-law pulled a fast one on Jacob and substituted his older daughter, Leah on his wedding night. Since Jacob had already deflowerd Leah, he was stuck and had to work another seven years to get Rachel also. He was not wasting his time with Leah because he had four sons with her in the mean time. I guess that Jacob was a real go getter because Leah gave him her maid to wife as well. I guess that was to give him something to do when she was too pregnant to participate. Even Rachel, the beloved, gave her maid for him to marry as well. Like I say, I have no idea how they handled their nocturnal activities. Did they draw straws or something? I have no idea. To top it off, Jacob also had concubines because his oldest son got into trouble by sleeping with one of the concubines. What are concubines you ask? They are like second rate wives in that the man sleeps with them also, but if he has children with them, those children don't count as part of the blood line. If you look at what was going on way back in those days, sex was even more important back then than it is today and that's saying a lot. I'm not sure why they had polygamy back then. Perhaps good men were harder to find than good women despite that so many of the women were either practicing the oldest profession or were concubines. Have you reached any conclusions yet? Me neither. Oh well, think about it and get back to me later. In the mean time, check: Big O, Devilman, Mazinkaiser, Orange Road, Outlaw Star, and X. Enjoy.

06/07/14-- Several weeks ago I covered the story mistakes of one of my favorite Disney animated features. This week I'll share the wealth with another Disney favorite. The creators wanted to update a very old concept of the prince with a curse who is turned into a frog. To change back, that prince needed to be kissed by a princess. I still haven't figured out how the kiss would be any better if performed by a princess, but that's the story. when you think about it, if a frog is able to talk any lady into kissing him then he deserved to be changed back simply by that fact alone. The main girl character is very simpathetic and the viewer wants the best for her. You wonder how she managed to save enough tip money to buy property back in the 1920s. This had to take place before the great depression or she wouldn't have been able to pull it off at all. I understand this is a fantasy story where you have both bad and good magic and talking alligators that sing and play the trumpet. Still there should be a basis in reality. It makes me very sad to think how the African Americans were really treated back then. Some of the relationships as displayed probably would not have been a reality. I doubt that the wealthy southerner would have wanted his daughter to marry a black back then, even a black prince. Perhaps this took place in an alternate universe where justice and civil rights were common and didn't have to be fought for. If it did, they could have mentioned the fact, but it must have slipped their minds. The strong part of the story isn't involved with any of that, but shows how this really sweet soul changes the air head prince and turns him into a pretty good catch by the end of the story. I wasn't moved very much by the lightning bug or his problems with the star. I thought the female lead was a strong character and deserved all she got. In conclusion, it isn't so much the story as it is how it didn't match with reality at a time in this country where things were not how they should have been. I can't say we have reached that point yet, but they are better. Follow the golden rule and you won't be far off. While you are looking that up in the Encyclopedia, take some time to check out this week's update. Check: Dragon Ball, Giant Robo, Gundam Wing, Nadesico, Tenchi Muyo, and Urusei Yatsura. Enjoy.

05/31/14-- All I can say is that things seem to be going from rotten to worse. You cannot turn on the news without hearing about someone going on a rampage and killing a bunch of people and then, more than likely, kill themselves. We had that here in Southern California just last week. First there was this guy in Santa Barbara then this guy in Mission viejo. I have already expressed my thoughts about these types and I still think that if someone wants to kills others and themselves that they should start with themselves, but they just aren't listening to me. I want to give you food for thought this morning. It is not easy, but we need to figure this out. That guy in Santa Barbara had three guns and over four hundred rounds of amunition. He had no problem getting that to carry out his plans. I have two stories and will try to be as brief as I can. There was this young college student in this country going to school in New York. The only problem was that he would rather gamble than go to school so he was using the tuition money from his parents for that purpose. One time he gave money to a friend to place a bet and the guy forgot so he didn't have the winnings he was counting on. He had to cover his prior losses so came up with a scheme. He noticed the local real estate agents had money so he set a trap. I got the one agent out to a house and held her with a gun and wanted her to write him a check, but the checking account was a business account that required two signatures. he got the lady to call her partner to come out to co-sign. When he had both women covered, he realized that the check would be evidence to tie him to the crime so he didn't have them write a check, he just killed them. He was from Thailand where they don't have an extradition treaty and his parents came to take him home since he was wasting their money. Fortunately they had enough evidence that they were able to arrest and convict him before he could flee the country. The next example is this guy who had an arrest warrent for him, but wasn't in custody yet. He was able to get a gun very easily. It was a crime of opportunity. He followed this lady and teenage daughter into their house and shot them. He did not know these people. He did not steal anything. He did leave pleanty of evidence to prove he did it. Why did he kill the women? The warrent for his arrest was for the rape of his two month old daughter. Yes, you read that correct. What a sick SOB. In prison, he would not have lasted very long. They have no tolerance for child molesters in prison so chances are very good that he would have woken up with a knife in his back. There is no such feeling about murderers. In this state they don't have the death penalty so he had a much better chance of a nice long life as a murderer than as a child molester. That is the reason he killed the two women. He wanted to go to prison as a murderer where he would be accepted as one of the gang rather than a child molester where he wouldn't have lasted very long. When these guys get out of prison, and you know they will, how safe will we be? Again, food for thought. While thinking, think about this week's update. Check: Card Captor Sakura, Gall Force, Patlabor, Sailor Moon, Shadow Skill, and Silent Mobius. Enjoy.

05/24/14-- The latest X-Men movie is now showing in the theatures. Of course, I have seen it and enjoyed it very much. I don't intend to comment on the movie or the plot, but I think I would like to comment on the Science and attitudes as desplayed. Of course, in order to have a story, you have to have conflict. The concepts, as originally presented in the comics, are still part of the story line. Some things have changed over the years. I believe that the earliest concept for the comic was that X-Men were what we might call the children of the Atom in that radiation around us caused the variations that resulted in children born with unusual appearances and abilities. Now, the concept is that the X-Men or mutants in general are a natural progression of humanity and will eventually replace humans without powers. If that is true then why are the non-powered humans fighting so desperately to keep mutants from even existing? I believe that the basic premise is that in a few more generations, everyone will have powers of one kind or another. I'm sure that nature has a reason to do this, but I can't tell what it might be. There is something that science describes as natural selection which some might claim would apply here. What is that? Thanks for asking. It is not difficult. I learned about this in a class on anthropology a very long time ago. The example that I will use is moths. They observed moths in the forrest in England when they were going through the industrial revolution and factories were opening up all around the country without much thought to the amounts of smoke and ash that were polluting the atmosphere. The trees that were close to these blooming factories were light colored and the moths were a mixture of light and dark colored. This was natural to the moths. Over time, the color of the trees shifted to darker because of the soot and ash on the bark. The moths were both light and dark in color. The dark ones had a real advantage in that they blended with the dark colored trees better than the light colored moths so the birds spotted the light colored moths easier and ate them up. The darker colored moths lived longer so reproduced more often while the light colored ones did not because they were getting eaten more often. Eventually the dark colored moths became the predominant color because they lived longer and reproduced in greater numbers. To a sense, this describes evolution. Things change over time for a great many reasons. If humans are changing because of a future need that we can't see yet then why are the rest fighting so much to stop that from happening. They demonstrate such fear of the change that the government authorizes creation of weapons with the sole purpose of destroying any with the gene to create a mutation. They justify that by claiming that the mutants are stronger than regular humans so pose a threat. If you have children then you want your children to be smarter and stronger than you. That is natural. How could the government authorize creation of anything that could kill a human for being smarter or stronger than the ones that came before? In the movie, they refered back to when homo sapiens replaced homo erectus as the dominant human species. There was not a battle. There were just more of the new version being born and eventually, if you believe the science, that was all that was being born. If the government did not get involved then in a few hundred years, we would all be gifted with extra powers. Some mutants are bad and others no so much. We can say that about non-mutants as well. There is no reason to kill all humans because of the few bad ones. There would be no reason to kill all the mutants because of the few bad ones. People can be very foolish and reach extreme conclusions even under normal conditions. I hope that those with the power do not do the things that will destroy our world. Keep your fingers crossed, where prudent. If we all went around with our fingers crossed then we would look even stranger than we look now. In the mean time, check the update and perhaps you can get your minds off the potential wrongs of those with the power to screw things up. Check: Bakuretsu Hunter, Go Kaiser, I Want To Be An Angel, Key The Metal Idol, Orguss, and Ray Earth. Enjoy.

05/17/14-- It was the update of April 5 this year when I was commenting on the themes behind Divergent and the new Captain American movie. In that update, I mentioned that it seemed likely that theme would show up again this season. Well, I went to a movie and in the previews they showed a movie for later this year that is exactly what I predicted. I don't remember the title, but it is Science Fiction about some future world where that theme is presented. There is a quote by one of the protagonists that goes, "People, if given a choice, will inevitably chose wrong." That opinion gives these "people" the right to take choice away from others and make the choices themselves. Even the people who make these movies don't believe that concept is correct only that these people espouse the belief and justify their selfish actions on the basis of that belief. That would seem to be a common thread within government systems that are dictatorships so they can justify their attitudes and actions. The movie I went to see, where I saw the preview, is the new Godzilla movie. Not every Anime fan likes rubber suit shows like Godzilla, Ultra Man and so on. I do so I went to see this one. Like most of you, I wasn't a big fan of the last Godzilla movie made in the U.S. This one is a whole other matter. They keep you guessing for much of the movie and they have battles between Godzilla and other giant monsters. What more can we ask for? The character design is very good and he doesn't look like Dick Tracy. They didn't have any famous actors and it wasn't played for laughs. I don't want to say too much because I want you to see it so all I will say is go and see it. You will like it too. You should check the update to make sure you have ordered everything that gets you excited before you go to the movie. Then you need to look at 3x3 Eyes, Ayashi No Ceres, El Hazard, Fushigi Yuugi, Lodoss Wars, and Nadia. Enjoy.

05/10/14-- I wish there was some good to go with the bad this week, but we take things as they come along. Nothing really bad, but it can get you steamed up. To complete my thoughts from last week, California sales tax has some other rules that are also rather hard to deal with. I noticed that when I bought something with discount this last week that my sales tax was based on the full price. Doesn't that make you feel good? I can remember a day when we paid the tax on the discounted price. Oh well! I live in a small city where we have a "fee" we must pay as part of our monthly water bill that pays for emergency ambulance service in case we need to call 911. It's not too much, but since they have had the fee, I have not used that service nor do I believe that I ever will. The problem is that I think that they should use that stipend wisely. My neighbor had a fall last Tuesday and they called an ambulance so when I was trying to leave my house to go to a movie, there was an ambulance parked at the bottom of my driveway. Apparently when my neighbor fell, he cut himself so he bled a little so the police had to come and check the situation and make sure there was no crime. That is somewhat understandable, but there were three police cars. For the one fallen man they had the ambulance and Fire Rescue truck and a Fire Truck. In total there were six vehicles parked in front for the neighbor. Why send the Fire Truck as well as ambulance? Why send the Fire Rescue as well as the ambulance and the Fire Truck? Why three police cars to make sure that there was no crime? I guess they didn't have anything better to do so it gave them something to do. That does not seem good use of the money when there could be a real need somewhere up the road. Again, Oh well! The last was a statement made by someone in the Department of Education with the Federal Government. He was instructing school boards that they are to do nothing to discourage children from enrolling in school no matter what their legal status in this country. His statement to support the instructions was "All children have a right to an education." That is a very interesting statement and very broad. The implication is that the Federal Government and the States have the responsability to pay for the education of children within our boarders no matter their legal status because they have a right to an education. Actually his statement does not limit this to only children within our boarders. If we accept the statement at face value then it should not matter where the child lives, as the child has a right to that education. If we need to provide for the education of all children within our boarders, no matter what, then we need to provide for the education of all children no matter where they live. With the many countries (or should I rephrase that to too many countries) that we send financial aid, all we need to do is deduct a portion of that assistance from general purposes and limit the funds for education of their children. If there is a country out there someplace that is not receiving aid from us then we need to start sending them money to educate their children. Every country in the world has children and they all have a right to an education that we have to pay for. By the time we finish paying for this education, we won't have enough money to pay our own bills. I guess we will have to raise our taxes two or three times so we can pay for education of every child in the universe. When word gets out, UFOs will be lining up in Washington DC to take advantage. Who can blame them? If some country doesn't want to education the girls as well as the boys, and we know who they are, then that's reason for war. It would not be right for us to pay to educate the boys only so we would have to do something drastic. I am serious about this. The statement was stupid. We have to pay for the education of children from all over because the Federal Government doesn't want to take necessary steps to secure our boarders and keep out illegal aliens. It's so easy to get into this country that we may well have a small army of terrorists that came accross those lose boarders and are just waiting for the right time to strike. These illegal aliens get support from Governments that we consider our friends. Actually by the time the US pays the education for every child in the universe then we will no longer be able to pay for self defense or anything else. All the terrorists have to do is wait around for awhile and we will destroy ourselves without their help. See what I mean? Still, keep your head up and check out the updates. Check: Angel Links, Crest Of The Stars, Gatchaman, Lupin III, Slayers, and Utena. Enjoy.

05/03/14-- This week I would like to give you the good and the bad of things and especially things in California. I can only assume that Anime fans like animation from all over. The latest release from the Walt Disney company is called Frozen and is based on a story by Hans Christian Anderson. The original title was Snow Queen and Disney had tried to put it together for a long time and finally found a team that could make a solid story out of it. That was the case for many of their projects. I think the really cool thing about Frozen is that they are playing one of the songs on the radio these days. The song is "Let It Go" as performed by the actress who did it in the movie and she is Idina Menzel. They did a Pop version of the song for closing credits, but that isn't the song they are playing on the radio. I don't remember any other of their movie songs getting that much play. Perhaps "Under The Sea" from Little Mermaid, but I don't think so. It is a really good song and deserves the attention. I think that is a good thing. The bad thing is that those of us who live in California are getting the shaft and many of us don't even know that it is happening. Our Governor promised that there would not be more taxes unless the people approved it. Well that is not the case. As best I can tell these things are recent. First, we in California pay a recycling fee when we buy water or soda in a plastic bottle or aluminum can. If we recycle, we can get some of that back. I guess that the fee is to encourage us to recycle. That is probably a good idea yet they have it priced that when we do recycle, we don't get all of the money back. I don't think that is fair. As an example, we pay 5 cents recycle fee on an aluminum can. It takes 35 cans to make a pound. They pay us $1.56 per pound. We pay $1.75 for 35 cans and they keep the difference. Isn't that swell? The other thing I discovered is a deposit we pay when we buy some new parts for our cars. An example would be a new battery or water pump or similar item. If you take out your battery first and take it in when you buy the new one, there is no deposit, but that can be hard if you only have the one car. They charge you sales tax on the deposit for the old item. Give me a break. How is that even legal? It doesn't meet the definition of a purchase because you are not buying anything. When you take in the original item they give the deposit back, but not the sales tax. How do they do that? I guess they can do that because the are simply changing the way taxes are determined and not making a new tax. Actually sales tax on soda cans is a tax on top of another tax and all of these taxes would not be legal if they thought about it, but who do we have that will fight for us on this? Do you think the politicians will defend us? No way, they came up with this scheme to bleed us even more than before. That gets me ticked. Your state may not even have any of these things and if you don't, consider yourself lucky. If you live in California, at least you have my updates to cheer you up. Check: Bakuretsu Huner, Blue Seed, Card Captor Sakura, Eatman, Pretty Sammy, and Super Cat Girl. Enjoy.

04/26/14-- This week I wish to come to the defense of someone who is no longer around to defend herself. You may or may not recognize the name of Mary Magdalean. Her story comes from what is called the New Testment found in the Bible. Why defend her? It seems that many people and whole religions have some confused ideas about who she was. In the 8th chapter of John, they tell the story of the woman taken in adultery. She is brought before Jesus so he might judge her. The law at that time required that she be stoned to death. Some people think that woman was a harlot, but that being the case, they would have been bringing the man to be judged because he was the married one who was playing around outside of marriage. Undoubtedly the woman was married and was having an affair with a younger man who was unmarried thus only she was to be stoned. We find that harlots go way back in the good book and stoning was not mandated. Some people believe that Mary Magdalean was that woman taken in adultery and a harlot. Since we understand that the woman who was taken in adultery was married, we know that Mary Magdalean could not have been her because she was unmarried. How do we know she was not married? There are a number of ways. She was a desciple of Christ and followed him around to serve food and things like that. It seems unlikely that a married woman would have that much free time. Another reason is her name. The word Maglalean is not a second or family name, but is the town where she is from. It is a town near Tiberias on the western shore of the Sea of Galilee. Other women are known by such things as mother of so and so or wife of so and so. Who was Mary Magdalean then? We first read of her in Luke 8: 1-3 where they tell that she is a desiple because Jesus had cast seven devils out of her. She stayed pretty close after that. Later we know she was near the Cross from Matthew 27:56 and the burial 27:61. She was at the tomb when the angel appeared 28:1 and Jesus appeared to her before he appeared to the apostles, Mark 16:9. There is nothing in any of these passages that connects her to the woman taken in adultery. Why did they do that? I have no idea. That is why I came to her defense. She is getting a bum rap. If you believe that she was that woman then at least you have something to think about. If, after thinking about it, you still believe she is that woman, that is your choice. At least you have something to think about for another week. In the mean time, you have the update to think about so check it out. Check: Big O, Crimson Wolf, DNA, Dragon Ball, Ranma 1/2, and Vampire Princess Miyu. Enjoy.

04/19/14-- This week I'm going to take you back in time and revisit one of the Walt Disney Companies most acclaimed animated features. First of all you need to understand that just because a movie is acclaimed and really popular doesn't mean it doesn't have any mistakes because this one has a whole bunch. The movie is "Beauty and the Beast." Any of you remember that one? Let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start. The introduction tells us that this youth is a Prince and lives in a far away land which we come to know is France. We also learn that although the Prince has everything his heart desires that he is spoiled, selfish and unkind. I think that "although" should be changed to "because." When a youth is a Prince and has everything his heart desires and especially with no parents around to teach him then it's a sure bet that he will become those things. He is also kind of dense. Why you say. Because the old hag comes to him offering a blooming rose for a night's stay in the dead of winter. Who couldn't figure out that it must be an enchanted rose to be blooming in the dead of winter? He must fall in love and have someone fall in love with him before his twenty first year or the curse will be forever. Personally, I think that true love is hard enough to find when you are not terribly beastly before age twenty one so it's unfair to require it of this youth with no parents. Something that I'm not sure of is the age of the prince at the time this happens, but you get the impression from the song "Be Our Guest" that they have been waiting for ten years. That means that the youth was eleven at the time that the curse was put on him. That just doesn't sound right to me. What eleven year old boys are not spoiled, selfish and unkind whether a Prince or not? Also, that just enphasises the lack of parents even more. Even if we were not told in the song that this is France then all the French names would give it away. In story telling you know that the people are speaking another language but you read or hear it in English. That is story telling. Why then do a few of the people have strong French accents while everyone else speaks with no accent? The candle holder and the feather duster speak with French accents while everyone else doesn't. You know that Mrs. Potts and Cogsworth are English because they have British accents, but that's not difficult to understand because a Prince would probably have employees from several countries. I guess that the Beautiful Enchantress only tests Princes or the really wealthy because on the Princes' worst day, he doesn't come close to the evil of the handsome Gaston. Don't get me wrong because I like the movie, but it's a bit of a problem when you consider that animation is episodic and prepared from story boards. All of the inconcistancies and contradictions should have been worked out as they plotted the different scenes. Did anyone else wonder how the town's people found their way to the castle though none of them had ever been there before? Belle's father only found the place by accident and Belle found it only with the help of the horse. Actually there are other issues, like the weather changes, that I won't go into because you get my point. My feeling is you love the movie, hate the mistakes. Just giving you mental gist for your mental mill and now for the important stuff, this week's update. Check: Burn Up W, Devilman, Orange Road, Urusei Yatsura, Windaria, and Your Under Arrest. Enjoy.

04/12/14-- Some really strange things are happening in the world and I can't help but wonder what it's all about. These are big news items so you have heard them and I'm sure you have probably wondered what in heck is going on just as I have. The first one is this soldier in Ford Hood in Texas that decided that he needed to kill some of the other soldiers, shoot a few just for good meassure, then take his own life. My recomendation to people like this has always been, start with yourself, then you can go after as many others as you want. We don't know why people do things like this. If you are depressed and feel that you need to take your own life just so you can be happy, why kill other people too? What do they have to do with your unhappiness? If the other people are causing your unhappiness then just kill them and leave yourself alone. Once they are out of the way, then you know you will start feeling better. What does everybody say about this guy that went to such extreems to find happiness? Everyone says he was quiet and withdrawn. How do you know when someone who is just quiet and withdrawn needs help? I could be wrong, but it seems that half the people are quiet and withdrawn and the rest never shut up. Some times I am quiet and withdrawn and the rest of the time, I never shut up. The other case is this high school kid in this small town that decided that he needed to reduce the population explosion in his town of 20,000 people so took two knifes to school to thin the herd. It didn't work because nobody died and it seems like they will make it despite his best efforts. I come from California, so a town of 20,000 would be considered a bump in the highway. This guy's best efforts only brought people together to help each other and that was the reason lives were not lost. They must have been paying attention in health class when the teacher told them so put pressure on a bleeding wound. It worked, much to the disappointment of the guy with two knifes. So what did everyone say about the herd thinner? Obviously, they said that he is quiet and withdrawn. What are we going to do? We need to build a wall and have all the quiet and withdrawn on one side and the non-shutter uppers on the other. Apparently they seem to get on each others nerves so that is the way to save lives in the future. Perhaps another thing they can do is have all the ones that intend to go wild and kill a bunch of innocent neighbors register kind of like sex offenders or something like that. That way we can keep better track of them and give them the help they need in their efforts to find happiness and thin the herd. It's only a suggestion, but we are open to other suggestions so let your voice be heard. In the mean time you can check out this weeks update. Check: Cowboy Bebop, Giant Robo, Gundam Wing, Nadesico, Those That Hunt Elves, and Virus. Enjoy.

04/05/14-- Just like in song lyrics, there are themes that are making the rounds of the movies these days. Not plot lines, but more like the concept in back of the motivation that causes people's actions. The two that stand closest together right now are Divergent and the new Captain America movie. What is that theme you ask? I'll tell you if you give me half a chance. You are so impatient. The theme is that people, if given a choice, will not chose wisely. For that reason, people think that they need to take that right away from people otherwise they will screw things up. I would be willing to bet that there will probably be more movies this year that espouse the same concept. First of all, there is a flaw in the reasoning because the people who have reached that conclusion are humans also and they are making a decision that is affecting everyone else. If every human's choices are flawed, which is their conclusion, then their choices are flawed as well. What should they do then? They should do nothing, but when you think about it, that is a choice too. If they had not thought of that in the first place then it would not have been a choice. It only became a choice when it was their choice to do something about it or not. Yeah, I know, confusing at best. I wont go into detail about the Captain America movie only to say that the choices are being made. What bothers me about the society of Divergent is that about 20% of all inhabitants are involved in doing only five things to keep everything going. This is a small city in the middle on nothing. It might have been a big city once, but that was before the war. Yeah, what war? They don't say who fought who or why or even who won, only that there was a war and these were survivors, if you want to call them that. They have a big wall that will protect them. Protect them from what or who? A large percent of the population goes into law inforcement/ military. There has not been an invasion of their little town in recorded history. There is apparently no crime so why the large presence of law enforcement? Who knows. The big brains only seem to be able to do one thing and that is figure out how to control other people. All the residents of the town live in abject poverty except those who do not fall under the controls of the system and they live even worse. The law enforcement is not out directing traffic because there is no traffic. There is one train line that runs through the city and seldom stops. Why? Those that have already graduated from police academy are teaching the ones coming up. What happened to the ones who went through ten years ago? How about twenty years ago? What happened to the senior citizens? There is no explanation why they are required to live in this structured way. Why would there be chaos if they didn't? There is no one single act of crime depicted. This whole society is a total waste. Why does this one group want to take over and run it. How would the make it better. There is no luxury for anyone to live in. Why bother? Why don't they send out explorers to see what happened to the rest of the world? Why don't they send out explorers to see where that train takes them? The ones that want to take over and rule this mess are the smart ones. If they are so smart then why didn't they come up with a better plan? The smart ones didn't reinvent television. They don't go to movies or listen to music. They spend all day, every day trying to fit into their little assignment based society. Why? If I were one of the smart ones, I would build an RV and go for a very long drive and see if I could find something interesting in this dreary world. I guess the smart ones aren't very smart after all. You guys are smart because you are reading this. Since you are reading this, it means you want to see what's new. Check: Ah My Goddess, Crest Of The Stars, El Hazard, Macross 7, Toward The Terra, and Vampire Hunter. You have a choice so enjoy.

03/29/14-- I often find that song lyrics are an inspiration and moving. Sometimes they seem to reflect the consciousness of the world in general. Many of the current creations are themed very happy and, as always, love is an important aspect of all this. I can't say that I understand every line or even the idea behind them, but one of the things that I am seeing is reflected in many aspects of current society. There is a song called "Counting Stars" that is the one that raises the most questions for me. There is a line that goes "Take that money, watch it burn." I am afraid that does reflect much of society today. Young People spend money like they are burning it. There is no thought about tomorrow. I guess they do not take responsability and they assume that they will find a way out of the problems they get themselves into with your help and mine. It is they who spend the money, but they don't have to pay the debt. The other line in that song that is even more troublesome is "Everything that kills me, makes me feel alive." People want to live on the edge. People want to be thrilled constantly. They buy cars with the idea that they will be able to thrill themselves constatly. We lost an actor that was much celebrated for his work in the "Fast And Furious" movies by the name of Paul Walker. They have reconstructed the accident. He was driving within city limits in his sports car and traveling 90 MPH in a turn when he lost control and hit a light pole. Both he an his passenger were instantly killed. Do you wonder why? That was way too fast for the circumstances. Even under the very controlled circumstances of Sky Diving, people are sometimes killed. People don't admit it, but the reason that many people go to auto races is to see accidents. That is just sick. Life can be wonderful even if you are not constantly putting it at risk. Some of those same endorphens that make you feel so good are also released when you do a good deed like some kind of service to your fellow beings. It's true. Try it some time. Get involved in a service project and see if you don't feel good even if your life isn't on the line. My question about that one lyric is that poisen also kills you. Does that also give you a rush? When you grab a downed power line, that can kill you. Does that give you a thrill? I don't know. An act of caring service will not get you killed, but at least you will be here tomorrow to celebrate it with everyone you know. You can go the other way and your friends can attend your funeral and probably with a closed casket. Good luck with that one. If it were an issue only found in an occasional song, I wouldn't worry so much, but it is all over out there. At least when you check the update you will still be here tomorrow. Check out: 3x3 Eyes, I Want To Be An Angel, Key The Metal Idol, Little Nemo In Slumberland, Plastic Little, and Ray Earth. Enjoy.

03/22/14-- Two weeks ago I made reference to a line from a movie. The line was "There are no happy endings because nothing ends." That is a line from the much beloved "Last Unicorn." What exactly did the author mean by that? Almost everything ends sometime. What was his reference? Most fairy tales reach a point where they say "They lived happily ever after...The End. That may well have been the point he was making. The happily that is usually referred to is where the Prince and Princess get married and have a blissful married life with no problems whatsoever. Yeah, right! What's the chances of that? Anyone that's ever been there knows that marriage is not the end, but only the beginning. That is not a bad thing and can be a truly beautiful thing. They have had sequels where we have picked up with the married pair someplace in the future. They did that with Cinderella and Ariel. It is far enough in the future that Ariel and her prince have a daughter while Cinderella is having trouble adjusting to life as a Princess rather than a sculery maid. The general picture of reality would be that any story is a small piece of a continuous tale that just keeps going on. There is both good and bad. Things can reach a point where most of your energy is spent just trying to overcome your own preconceptions and prejudices. In life, things might be considered a story that takes you from point A to point B. Still, there was a whole world that existed with many stories before point A ever came around. Think about it, say a huge meteor hits the Earth tomorrow and wipes out all life here. Would the universe cease just because we would no longer be around to watch it? The universe would probably hardly notice our passing and certainly would not mourn us. Space is infinite as is time. There is no beginning nor ending to either. We have a small place in there someplace. In the infinity of time, our beginning and ending will hardly be noticed. That could well be what they mean when they say that nothing ends. This introduction ends when I tell you about this weeks update so check out: Angel Links, Escaflowne, Fatal Fury, Gatchaman, Lupin III, and Shadow Skill. Enjoy.

03/15/14-- If you have been paying attention, low these many years, then you have noticed that I am a hopeless romantic. You might even say that I am a helpless romantic because I can't help but believe that the Disney writes were only half wrong when they said that "Love Conquors All." There is one thing that love cannot conquor and is abject stupidity. There is too much of that in the world. What I am talking about is not generic stupidity, but stupidity with regard to things of the heart. There is way too much of that out there and it doesn't seem to want to go away. That brings me to the subject of my diatribe. There is a song title and lyric that goes "Love isn't love until you give it away." You may well have heard that someplace along the line. What they probably mean by that is that love comes alive when you share it with another person. The point that I wish to make is that it isn't love if there is a price tag. Now it may not be a monitary price tag, but more likely would be a behavioral requirement. As an example someone could say, "I never would have married you if I had known that you would not be able to lose that extra weight right away." The correct way to approach something like that would be to marry the person the way they are and accept that, but with encouragement, support, and love you can help them reach their goals. I'm not sure of the intent, but if someone says that, it sounds like they never really loved the other person. Love should be unconditional. That is usually the case with parents and children, but may not be the case. Some people don't show that kind of love unless the children behave exactly the way they want. It may not be that the children are misbehaving, but it might be something else like cleaning their room any time the parent says boo. Some parents can be very demanding and see nothing wronge with that. They don't seem to be able to show affection unless the children are meeting their requirements whether reasonable or not. Were you treated that way? If you have children, is that how you treat your children? It can take a great deal of self-awareness to know what you are doing wrong and fix it. Does your love have any kind of price tage? Is your love unconditional? Think about it, but you don't have to get back to me on this one. All you have to do is get back to me on this weeks update. Check: Big O, Go Kaiser, Orguss, Ranma 1/2, Super Cat Girl, and Yamato. Enjoy.

03/08/14-- I had a serious subject all picked out for this week then I saw the new "Mr Peabody and Sherman" movie and I figured I needed to give my report and save the other subject for next week. This movie is another spin off of the old Rocky and Bullwinkle TV show. As with most of the segments, this usually worked on two levels so the adults and kids all loved it. You could count on a dumb pun to finish each episode. I hope that nothing that I say keeps any of you from seeing the movie for that is not my intention. Even good movies can have parts that are weaker than others. Obviously any story requires conflict. Sherman is supposed to be seven in this story so must have been home taught up until this date because we find him at his first day of school. The writers do not mention this, but I made that assumption based on his age. The conflict starts in class because the teacher is talking about history subjects so obviously Sherman knows a great deal about this because of his travel in the time machine called the "Way Back." This gets a girl mad at him and you get the impression that she was the big brain until Sherman got there. The way she bullies him, it is clear that his history with Peabody is well known. During lunch she takes the bullying to a whole new level and is being physically abbusive and leaves Sherman no out other than to bight the arm that is choking him. Here is where it gets messy. Mr Peabody is called to school for a conference that includes this lady from Child Protective Services. She is not there because of the girl that was bullying Sherman, but because he had bit the girl to escape her grasp. That is just wrong. Now that may not be a plot flaw because some people can be way out there when it comes to handling these kinds of problems. This lady (Ms Grunion) must be a bully because she declares that bullying is a normal thing that requires no action. Say what? Actually, that is totally opposite what the world is dealing with these days. Still, she might have that opinion because she is a bully. She is investigating Mr Peabody as a parent because Sheman bit the girl. She claims she has the authority to take Sherman away from Peabody if she doesn't like anything about their home life. That is also very wrong, but she is not required to tell the truth. She would have to file reports and her superiors would have to take the action which would require taking them to court, but again she could be lying because she is a bully. I heard someone else criticize the movie based on the resolution of the Child Protective Services lady. There are many ways they could have resolved it. My suggestion would have been for Mr Peabody to warn the lady, when she arrives for the evaluation, not to go in a certain room so, of course, she goes into that room thinking he is trying to hide something from her and she ends up in great peril. We could have Mr Peabody save her with Sherman's help and that could change her attitude, but that's just my idea. See the movie and you decide. At the end of the movie, Sherman and the girl are close friends and it is a happy ending. I like the movie where the comment at the end is that there are no Happy Endings because nothing ever ends. That is cool. Something else that is cool is this weeks update. Check: Inu Yasha, Maizon Ikkoku, Maps, Maris The Chojo, Tenchi Muyo, Variable Geo, and Violinist Of Hamlin. Enjoy.

03/01/14-- In drought ridden California, we in Southern Cal we are having the most rain at one time that we have had in years. Even a rain storm could not keep me away from the general release of the new movie by Hayao Miyazaki. The movie is "The Wind Rises." Though it was written and directed by the master himself, it seems more like a studio piece than something that he held the reins on. I do not say that it's bad, only I like the fantasy stuff more myself. This is a historical presentation and covers about twenty years in the life of Jiro Horikoshi. It is not a name that is well know around the world, but the man was clearly a genius. There is depiction of triumph and love and sadness. I will not be the only one to say this, but it can be a little hard to follow. You go from actual events to his dreams without any clear division. Some try to say that the character did not know that his creations would be used for war. I believe that is a stretch. He knew the customers were military. His design became the fighter known very well during the war. He created the Zero and we never built better, and barely equaled the creation toward the end of the war. Many very creative people become totaly involved in overcoming the problems of the creation and don't give that much thought to what it would be used for. Do you think that all the scientists that came together to build the first atomic bomb were thinking of the lives that would be lost? Horikoshi was a thinker and planner and doer. He was also a good man. If the men in charge had been half as good as he, we probably wouldn't have had a war. He met a young girl while still in college and during an earth quake that devistated Tokyo with fire. They had an attraction, but didn't meet again for ten years then fell in love. At this time tuberculosis was rampant. The girl's mother had died from it and the girl also cought it. (Probably from taking care of her mother.) They married anyway and had a short but precious time together. The hero, I feel comfortable calling him that, buried himself in his work and was finally rewarded with world changing success. It is an interesting story and well worth seeing at least once. The reference to the Atomic bomb reminds me of something. Why do you think they dropped two bombs on Japan? It is my understanding that Japan had not capitulated after the first one so they had little choice. I understand that they dropped leafletts on both cities warning of the coming bomb. That is what I was told and I hope it's true. I was also told that they dropped the bomb because they felt that the Japanese would fight to the last man and use of the bomb would ultimately save lives in Japan. That is what I was taught in history class. I hope that was true also. I know that we were forgiven afterward because we did so much to help the people in the time after the war. I interviewed more than a dozen couples where American soldiers had married Japanese girls during the period after the war. If we were being total jerks, I doubt that girls would have been attracted. That was just in my office so I imagine that the total numbers ran into many thousands. I hope you see the movie too and that you enjoy it. This is Miyazaki's last so go see it. When you get back, check out this weeks update. Check: Crusher Joe, DNA, Mazinkaiser, Outlaw Star, Virus, and X. Enjoy.

02/22/14-- Today I would like to take you with me on a journey down memory lane. To give you an idea how far, it was back when they were still playing Elvis Presley songs on Pop radio stations. This was a very special presentation with a spoken introduction. Actually, Elvis did not sing the song but spoke the words while someone else sang the song in the background. Many artists have recorded this song with Michael Buble being one of the most recent. The song is entitled, "Softly, as I leave you." I was able to find the lyrics, which I will provide. If taken on its own merits, it's a rather wistful piece about a couple breaking up after years and the guy leaving while she is asleep. It is thematically similar to "By the time I get to Phoenix." The spoken intro changes everything because the context becomes one of someone dieing and wanting to do so while his love is asleep so he writes this poem which she finds when she wakes and discovers that he's died. In that context it becomes very poignant. The lyrics: Softly, I will leave you softly, for my heart would break if you should wake and see me go. So I leave you softly, long before you miss me, long before your arms beg me to stay for one more hour, for one more day. After all the years, I can't bear the tears to fall so softly I will leave you there." Do you see why I was moved when I heard it with the intro? I like that sort of thing. It reminds me of my favorite episode of Bakuretsu Hunter. It is episode five entitled "The dreamy girl at lakeside." If you've seen anything from that show then you know that the lead is depicted as a skirt chaser. It is all for comedic purposes because the two ladies are both in love with him and they are clearly the hottest chics in the whole show. In this episode they arrive at this lake where Carrot meets this little girl wandering alone at the edge of the water and becomes her friend. He is interested because she is a pretty little girl. Some hours later she disappears and he runs into a teenage girl that is very similar so he befriends her too. Soon this girl also disappears. He soon runs into a full grown woman and reaches the conclusion that they are one in the same. His friends get back from town and have heard the story of the girl in the lake. The lake is ancient and has been there long before humans. Once every hundred years, the spirit of the lake takes form and goes out and meets someone to judge if humanity is worthy to continue. That is the girl that Carrot has met. He finally meets her as an old lady and still treats her with love, honor, and respect because even old she's pretty. The lady of the lake judges his heart, not his actions or words and finds that he's worthy. Needless to say, Carrot's friends, who think of him as a terrible skirt chaser, are completely surprised. Maybe he's worthy of the love of the two ladies after all. If we were all judged by what is in our hearts, and we will be, will we be found wanting? Think about it. That's why I like this episode so much. While thinking about all this stuff, why not check out this weeks update. Check: Bakuretsu Hunter, Card Captor Sakura, Gundam Wing, Macross 7, Megazone 23, and Nadia. Enjoy.

02/15/14-- Recently on the radio I heard about an article that appeared in the Journel of Mental Health that was very concerned because so many young people would become depressed and have extremely low self esteem if they did not get enough likes based on posting some picture they took of themselves with their cell phones. This was not an article in some American publication although it surely could have been. It was an article in a magazine published in Thailand. Yes, that problem is a world wide problem. First, I have seen very few of these self portraits that people take of themselves with their cell phones that are very good. When the picture doesn't do you justice then you should not be surprised if it not impressing many others. Not every picture is a good picture. I was reading an article about this radio, stage, and movie actress named Margot Stevenson. There were thirteen pictures covering about twenty years of her life. If you judged her looks by this one picture then you would think she was average at best, but all the other pictures were more true to her reality and it was clear that she was actually very pretty. She was even auditioned for the part of Scarlett O'hara for Gone with the Wind and probably did not get the part because they wanted someone who was more famous though not necessarily prettier. The point is, you should not judge people by one picture posted on some web site. You should not judge yourself based on one picture on some web site. You are attracted to some people who might be average because of their behavior or personality. One picture cannot tell you that. If you are very friendly and helpful, no picture can tell that. If you have a good sense of humor, same situation. Don't allow your whole self image to depend on other people's opinions of you. Do things that make you proud of yourself no matter what other people think. Be the best that you can be, not what some other person thinks of you. Never stop trying to be that best person. You can, however, pause long enough to check out this weeks update. Check: Burn Up W, Corrector Yui, Dragon Ball, Nadesico, Sailor Moon, and Vampire Princess Miyu. Enjoy.

02/08/14-- Last weekend something was making the rounds of all the news. You might have noticed and then again, even if you noticed, it might not have affected you one way or the other. The author of the Harry Potter series came out in an interview and said that she had made a mistake when she paired Hermione with Ron. What's the big deal you ask. I'm glad you asked. Why does that mean anything to me? I feel vindicated because that was my opinion all along. I would not be surprised if many Anime fans were also fans of the Harry Potter books. It is kind of a surprise that there isn't an animated series based on the books. So why should it matter which of these fictional characters end up as a couple? Even in fiction, real world principles apply. In fiction people can be either caring and giving or selfish and conceited. It is probably more common for people to be a little bit of both. As I considered the three main characters of the series, I came to the conclusion that Ron and Hermione were not a good fit because of their intellectual differences. Ron is shown as having some good ideas toward the end of the stories, but he just is not up the standards that we could expect. What J.K. Rowling said was that he would not make her happy. She was the brightest in her class and got the best marks. Harry could not equal her in all things, but he had his strong points too. He would not have been an intellectual inferior. They would have been able to carry on a conversation where you might wonder what Hermione and Ron would be able to talk about. In real life, if a man or woman marries someone who is significantly less mentally capable than they are, there will be a failure to communicate when the physical starts becoming less new. What do you talk about with someone who has not read the same books or understands the same things you do? That is the problem with Ron and Hermione. It would be something like a college professor who marries a ditch digger. What do they talk about? Does he tell her aboout the latest ditch he just dug or does she tell him about the interesting writer that they talked about in her class? Frankly you marry someone you find attractive and with whom you have a great deal in common. The less you have in common, the more will come between you over time. I think that the point where Harry and Hermione might have come together would have been in the sixth book when Ron was heavily into Lavender and Ginny was still seeing Dean Thomas. As friends, Harry and Hermione would have been consoling each other and discovered that the other one was what they needed all along. That's just my idea; what's yours? Give it some thought then check out this weeks update. Check: Cobra, Devilman, Shadow Skill, Shamanic Princess, Those Who Hunt Elves, and Vampire Hunter. Enjoy.

02/01/14-- This morning I would like to explore some of the background truths about another old saying. You know how I am when it comes to old sayings. This one says, "Be careful what you wish for, you might actually get it." Is that silly or what? How could having a wish turn against you? Actually, it is quite easy. I would like to go over two aspects of this wish thing and you can see what you get. Many people wish they had a lot of money. That would be really nice, don't you think? What could be wrong with that? People who have lots of money because they inherited it from the ones who actually earned it can do just fine, but you will probably find that these people don't know how to use the money wisely and often end up losing it all. If you have lived through times where you didn't have much and then through your own efforts find that you are now well off, you are more likely to use the money wisely. The example that really stands out would be the people who win fortunes in the lottery or some place like that. The percentage of those people who end up back where they started after wasting huge sumes is so high you would find it difficult to believe or even understand. One thing for sure, you will find needy relatives that you didn't know you had showing up at your door. Have you carefully planned what you would do if you had a million dollars? Obviously not because you have no expectation of that ever happening. Money does not bring happyness in the same way that happiness does not bring money. The other thing that people might wish for is good looks so they can find an attractive significant other. I have and old friend who probably has wished that many times. His only problem is that he is not unattractive and the real problem is lack of self esteem. If he had good self esteem then he would act diffirently around people and would have found that significant other a long time time ago. He would not need to change the outside, only the way he sees himself and his world would totally change. There are many wishes we could have and many ways they come true or not, but the important thing really is happiness and that is found on the inside no matter you circumstances. Look for it and you will find it. While you are looking, you might want to take a moment to check this week's update. It might make you happy too. Check: Giant Robo, Lupin III, Ninja Mono, Orange Road, Trigun, and Utena. Enjoy.

01/25/14-- Did you hear that old story about the guy that was hitting himself in the head with a hammer? When he was asked why he was doing such a thing he answered, "because it feels so good when I stop." Yes, he did have brain dammage and that was before he started to hit himself with the hammer. There is an important truth here if you can find it. In this case, Spanky did not grasp that his head felt no better when he stopped than before he started, but only felt better in comparison to when he was hitting himself. That is the truth that we need to take out of this. Many things are only better when compared to something else. I mentioned the problems I was having with my left heel. Now I am also having problems with my right ankle at the same time and would love to only have the problems with the left heel. That seems good when compared to what I am going through right now. It is all frame of reference. Would we really appreciate the taste of sweet if we never knew the taste of sour? Would we appreciate the sun if we never had cold. I bet the people in the East of the US are appreciating the sun right now and would rather have that even at over one hundred than what they are experiencing. We go through illness and pain enough in our lives that we all appreciate when we are healthy and pain free. It is equally as interesting to think about the one thing we enjoy without needing the opposite so that we can appreciate it. Just think, we don't need to see the really ugly in order to appreciate the really beautiful. That is a fact. You don't have to see a really ugly water fall in order to appreciate a beautiful water fall. In fact, I don't think you could find an ugly water fall even if you tried. We automatically appreciate the beauty in the world without ever seeing the ugly. Maybe that's because the real ugly is often found inside each of us if we let it out. Evjoy the good days while you have them. Appreciate all the beauty you find around you every day. If your heel hurts, don't complain too much because your ankle could start up too. Thanks for the time now you can check the update. Check: Angle Links, Bakuretsu Hunter, Big O, Crest Of The Stars, El Hazard, and Photon. Enjoy.

01/18/14-- Have you ever helped someone who claimed to need it and then regretted having done so almost immediatly? Yeah, me too and it hurts. It has happened to me so many times that I don't help people or organizations any more unless I know the whole story. It even happened with organizations that are known to be helping those in need amd are what we call charities. They gave us the opportunity to sign up at work so that donations could be deducted from our checks and paid directly to the organizations we specified. I did that one year without checking the information given us regarding the charities because there was only one book and it was making the rounds of the office too slowly. I needed to get the designated organizations for the deductions. After I handed in my request I finally got the book and discovered that the organization I had chosen used over thirty five percent of what they receive for administrative costs and for advertising. That was one of the highest postings in the book and I was very upset. There were a few that had almost no administrative costs because most everyone donated their time. I hated that whole year until I could change the listing. I checked the book first thing the next year and found different organizations that did a better job. When you hear that the CEO of a big charity is driven around in a limousene, how would you feel? That's how I felt. It has happened on a one to one basis as well and hurts even more. At my work, we parked in the big lot in front because bad people were breaking into the cars that were parked in back. I took my car to go buy lunch and this guy stopped me to ask me for a little money so he could pay bus fare to get home. I thought that was worthwhile so I helped him. When I got back from lunch, there the guy was hanging around in the parking lot with his buddies drinking the beer that he bought with the money he got from me. Has anyone ever approached you about needing to buy gas for his car? Yeah, me too. I was suspicious so this last time I told the guy that I would buy him some gas in his container than wait for him while he brought his car to get some more gas. Needless to say, the guy didn't show up at the gas station. I went and finished my shopping then passed bye that corner and there he was again. He wanted the cash because he didn't even have a car. The last one is this old guy that can be found in the parking lot of the Costco near me. He is probably only a little older than me, but looks more the worse for the wear. He uses a walker and is sitting next to the drive that goes to the exit with a little sign about needing help. Almost every time I see him, someone is getting out of their car to take him some money. I guess it doesn't occure to anyone that this guy on a walker could not possibly reach this place in the lot without someone dropping him off. It's almost a mile from the main street to where he sits. Give me a break. It is a set up. Someone is driving him to his spot and picking him up at the end of his work day. If I were to guess, I would estimate that this guy rakes in about fifty to one hundred per day because the parking lot is always full. It makes me sad because people are wasting their money that could be used to help someone who really needs it. As an example, I need someone to buy something. Not really, but it would be nice. I do the updates so you have cool stuff to check out. Check out: Card Captor Sakura, Cowboy Bebop, DNA, Fatal Fury, Legend of Lemnear, and Spriggin. Enjoy.

01/11/14-- Do you ever have any doubts? It is only a guess, but I imagine that we all do at one time or another. I doubt that there is a day that goes by that I don't have doubts about something. Most of my doubts have to do with my abilities. I don't have any doubts about my looks because I'm sure that my looks are nothing to brag about. A doubt comes from being unsure about something. You might be smart enough or you might be talented enough, but it is in our nature to think that we are less than we really are. There is beauty all around us in the world and you are a part of that. You doubt that it is true, but it is. Even the least of these have more beauty than they themselves believe. Don't doubt that for a minute. Some people are shy because they doubt that anyone would be interested in them, but if they ever gave themselves a chance, they would find someone is waiting just for them too. I'm sure that you've seen it too where there is this really beautiful actress and her boyfriend, lover, or husband is just as plain as humanly possible. How do those men do that? One thing for sure, they have their doubts under control so that their self exteem carries them through. They probably know how to treat their significant other in a way that reinforces their bond. That also has to do with self esteem. If you doubt that you are good enough then it stands to reason that you will be. It is not wrong to have doubts because we all have them. What we need to do is put those doubts behind us and do our best. If you don't try then you cannot succeed. Don't doubt that you will have doubts because you will, but you need to doubt that you are unworthy or unable. When you come to my site, don't doubt that I will say something strange or stupid. It is bound to happen, but try to find a little truth there and use that to make you the person you could always be. While you're working on it, you can also check out this week's update. Check: eX-Driver, Giant Robo, Jube Chan, La Puta, Castle in the Sky, Nausica, and Orguss. Enjoy.

01/04/14-- When I look at cels from Japanese animation it often thrills me the effort and time that went into the making of that piece of artwork. Many of those cels from TV have a level of skill and detail that is absolutely incredible. Also, look at the subject matter that is being depicted in comparison to the things that were being made for TV other places in the world. People say that it is not full animation if you count the number of cels per second of the animation. Well so what. Was TV animation made in the States full animation? The only full animation made in this country was Disney feature animation and even they took many shortcuts in putting their product together. One of the standards for full animation of quality was what is called contact shadows. It got to the point where those were very limited in order to save money. Another of the big differences between Anime and what they did other places in the world was the subject matter. The stories made in Japan were for teenagers and mostly teenage boys. Have you ever wondered why the female heros often lose most or all of their clothes in the process of taking on their costumes. Well, it isn't for the girls in the audience. I can name a few like Sailor Moon and Ray Earth, but I bet you can name even more. Then again, how about all the shower scenes. You don't see all that much, but you see enough to keep you coming back for more. I can't even count all the espisode where Maetel took a shower in the Galaxy Express 999 series. Even more often she would be running around in her black underwear. You know it was underwear because Tetsuro was in his underwear. We are not talking about sexy or anything, but it is kind of cute. Did you ever see either of the girls in Scooby Doo taking a shower or running around in their underwear? The animation made for TV over here was for kids under the age of ten while animation in Japan was made for teenage boys above age fifteen. That is another reason that the stories are so much better. There were a number of hints about Maetel in that series that seemed to imply that she wasn't quite human yet at the same time when she was X-Rayed she was determined to be normal. She sure looked normal to me in those shower scenes. As an aside, none of the shots from any of the shower scenes ever showed up available in the cel market. Gee, I don't wonder why. I can't imagine anyone who had one ever letting go of it. All these differences are part of why we like Anime so much. Just look at the eyes if nothing else. We have shots where there are four different colors being used to animate just the eyes. You are lucky to get one in TV animation over here. I just thought I would point out some of the outstanding things about our hobby. You probably have observed these same things and that is why you are here. Let me give you the real reason you are here. Check: I Want To Be An Angel, Patlabor, Pretty Sammy, Silent Mobius, Slayers, Tenchi Muyo, and Vampire Princess Miyu. Enjoy because I sure do.

12/28/13-- This week I have a question that I wish to present to you. As you know, most of my questions have hidden meaning or something that makes them more than they seem and this one is no different. We are ending one year and beginning a new year. Next Saturday will be the first update in the new year. My question is which is the most important day in the year. It does not depend on what country you live in. It does not depend on what holiday you celebrate. I think some of you have got it. Yes, that's right. It is today. No, not December 28,2013, but it is the day in which you are living. Today was tomorrow when you were talking about it yesterday. Tomorrow never really comes because when it gets here, it is magically transformed into today. Let's have some examples. When you are in school and you are going to have a test in a month, when do you start to get ready for the test? Obviously you start to study today because if you wait until tomorrow then it will be too late. Also in school, if you have a term paper to hand in at the end of term, when do you start it? If you are like me then you start it two days before it is due and end up with a very poor final result. No, you start today and keep working on it every day until it is done. No matter how big or difficult an assignment, it can only be accomplished if you start today. For those of us that need to lose a little weight, when do we start? Either never or we start today. It all goes that way. Tomorrow never comes and is the result of what we have done to prepare for it today. Most tasks cannot be finished the same day. That movie that you enjoyed watching for two hours took many months to finish and many people worked very hard to finish their tasks every day until it was finished. Anything that is possible can only be done when we put our todays into it. When tomorrow gets here, I want you to look back on today and be proud of what you did to make tomorrow the today you wanted it to be. I hope that you make today worth remembering and tomorrow even better. Enjoy the update and welcome back any time. Check: Go Kaiser, Nadesico, Ray Earth, Urusei Yatsura, Vampire Hunter, and Violinist Of Hamlin. Enjoy.

12/21/13-- I want to tell you a story. It's not a holiday story, but it is about giving. This takes place in a small, rural, one-room school a long time ago. It's the start of a new school year and there is a new teacher. The kids are good kids from hard working, farming families. The class is unruly with the students testing the teacher's control. The teacher holds elections for class leaders and rules for the students. The president is a new student named Toby. The secretary is one of the better students in the class and about five inches and a hundred pounds smaller than Toby. His name is Johnny. The election and the rules turn the class around and the teacher, Miss Grant is happy with the results. It is nearly a month into the semester when Toby comes to Miss Grant during lunch, "Miss Grant, someone has stolen my lunch." Concerned, the teacher takes Toby's hand and together they search the school yard. At last they check behind the wood pile and find Johnny cramming down the last bit of the apple pie that Toby's mom had packed for him. Johnny's expression quickly changes from surprise to fear because he knows what is next. Johnny is dragged to the front of the class where his actions are exposed to his peers. They are not kind. They laugh when he is forced to remove his shirt. The punishment for stealing is ten lashes with the switch. The laughter is quickly replaced by gasps when the other students see the scars on top of scars on top of scars on Johnny's back from beatings he received from his father. If anyone had asked, Johnny could have told them that he had not eaten in three days because he only got a B+ on his last test. Before Johnny can take the kneeling position before the chair to receive his punishment, there comes a small voice from the back of the room, "Miss Grant." The teacher looks up to see that it is Toby and he has his hand raised. "Yes, Toby what is it?" Loud and clear, Toby asks, "Let me take Johnny's place." Miss Grant is puzzled, it was Toby who's lunch had been taken. "The rules do allow for that. Are you sure?" Johnny is allowed to take his seat. Toby removes his shirt and takes the position in front of the chair. The sound of the crack of the switch is loud. By the fifth lash, there is blood on the floor. Most of the children are crying. It is Johnny who crys the most because an innocent is paying the ultimate price for his weakness. With the tenth lash the switch breaks. Toby shows no expression as he puts on his shirt and returns to his chair. When he looks at Johnny there is compassion there. Before Toby takes his seat he turns to Johnny and with words only he can hear tells him, "I forgive you." It is not always possible for us to repay all of our debts, but we are better for having made the attempt. My wish is that you find something truly important this holday season and take it with you all the coming year. Oh yeah, there is an update. Check: 3x3 Eyes, Eden's Boy, Galaxy Express 999, Gundam Wing, Macross 7, and Nadia. Enjoy.

12/14/13-- I find it interesting that they managed to put these holidays all together in the same part of the year. Do you know how long they were celebrating Christmas in December before Jewish people discovered that they had a reason for a gift giving holiday during this time of year as well. All the way back when I was in High School some Jewish girls in our Social Studies presented a oral presentation the told the history of their holiday and basically they took something and created a holiday so their kids would not be Jealous. I think that is interesting but highly dubious. Then there is this more recent creation that comes on December 26. No they are not celebrating my son's birthday even though that is when he was born. They could have put it any place they wanted to since they just made it up so they put it the day after Christmas. The strangest part of this whole thing is the fact that the reason for the season did not happen on December 25. Yes, that's right and it is obvious when you think about the story. Angels appeared with the good news to shepards watching their flocks in the fields by night. Really, the sheep were in the hills surrounding the town during the dead of winter? No date was given in the good book and they used a different calendar back then so where did they get the date? The date did not come for quite some time and originated in Rome. The Christians in that city wanted to be able to celebrate the event so they had to pick a date that the Romans were already celebrating. Yes, they pcked this date to coordinate with a celebration for the Roman diety. I hope I didn't bust someone's bubble. It has always been there, but we just don't bother to look at it. Does that mean that I don't celebrate Christmas on December 25? Actually I do because it doesn't really matter when as long as we do. Really, it is how we live all the year through that really matters and not how many gifts we give at this time of year. That's another thing to think about. Did the wise men catch up with the baby and family in Bethlehem? Chances are that it was several years later, but it doesn't say that either. The big thing is that they told the King about the birth of the King of the Jews so he sent soldiers to kill the child up to a certain age and the age wasn't days or weeks. Just check and see. I think it is fun. So much of the way the celebration is carried on is based on custom that started as few as several hundred years ago or something like that. Go ahead and celebrate, but think about the reason for the season and less about the presents you give or receive. Thanks for listening. Now that I've bent your ear, let me bend your eyes with the new update. Check: Angel Links, Big O, Burn Up W, Escaflowne, Orange Road, and Ranma 1/2. Enjoy.

12/07/13-- A word to the wise during this special season of the year. You know that it is just as easy, if not easier, to have hurt feelings during the holidays as any other time of year. Statistically speaking, there are more suicides at this time of year than any other because expectations are so high that you should and are going to feel better. When you do not feel like you think you should, you might be even more depressed than you might be otherwise. Even if it is not true, you might feel that no one cares about you so why go on. You do not want to be someone who contributed to those feelings in another person. Often we say things without thinking them through so they come out wrong. You did not mean it that way, but that is how it sounds. Who do you blame when it comes out wrong? That's what I thought, you blame the milk man or the mail man or someone else, but you know inside that you should have thought twice or more before putting your mouth into motion. What I like to tell people is to "Say what you mean and mean what you say." I'm not sure where I heard that, but it is words to the wise. When you say something hurtful to someone you care about, you really can't excuse your self with the standard, "I can't help it if you take in wrong." How many times has that happened to you? Obviously the problem is that there is no other way to take it when it is intentionally hurtful so how can they say that you took it wrong? That's easy, you didn't and the other person didn't think. Don't be the one who speaks without thinking. Care about the people around you and try to let them know that you do. Say things to lift them up and make them feel better. It isn't hard, but it does take a little thought and some times that is more work than you are prepared to give. Just a thought and I hope you take it to heart. Just the way I hope you take the update to heart. Check: Bakuretsu Hunter, Crest Of The Stars, Gall Force, Macross 2, Slayers, and Vampire Hunter. Enjoy.

11/30/13-- Happy birthday to me. Yes, it is my birthday today and there is no one else to wish me the best for the day so I'll do it myself. Despite all my misgivings, I am a year older. It happens to the best of us and I never claimed to fall into that category. I did learn something working for the government all those years so I'll pass it along to all my dedicated readers. Your birthday is actually the anniversary of the day you were born and you legally reach your next age on the day before. As an example, someone who was born on January 1st is considered to reach their next age on December 31st of the year before. There are those people who are born in leap year on the 29th of February. Those people reach their next age on the 28th of February so they do age like the rest of, they only don't celebrate the anniversary of their birth as often as the rest of us. Do you think you could have survived happily without those little tidbits of information. Probably not, but I'm sure you were willing to try. You don't need to try to live without the weekly updates because I'm here to fulfill that truly overwhelming need. Check: Dragon Ball, Fatal Fury, Fushigi Yuugi, Galactic Hero, Lupin III, and Moldiver. Enjoy.

11/23/13-- It seems that some people actually do buy cels for family members as gifts for the holiday season. I was starting to say humbug because I wasn't seeing that happen. Yes, what's your name, there is a Santa Claus. I just wish they didn't have to sell the season earlier and earlier every year. I hear about stores putting up their decorations earlier and earlier every year. The stations on the radio that play that type of music used to start the day after Thanksgiving and then they switched to the Monday of Thanksgiving week. This year they moved in sooner to about the second week of November. I get the impression that it is to encourage shoppers to get into the spending mood that much sooner. I don't totally mind that because I have been trying to encourage people to start their shopping much earlier, like January. My thinking is that when people are out doing last minute shopping that they buy really stupid things because of the rush which is obvious when you see the people the day after who are in line to make returns. If the gift were more appropriate and better considered then people whouldn't have to do that. Actually, my wife makes very poor shopping decisions all year round and doesn't restrict to the holiday season only. There is almost always a bag of something on the clothes washer and when I ask, it is items to be returned. I don't bother to ask why because it is always the same thing. It doesn't fit right. What I ask myself, never her, is does it fit any different at home than it did in the store? It must because she is returning it. I am not complaining because I'm sure that the gasoline she spends to make her returns help keep the oil companies in the black where they might not be without her. You know what else I discovered about holiday shoppers? What you ask. Thanks for asking. At least in Southern California, the largest single item that they buy is gift cards. Talk about not wanting to put either time or thought into the gifts you buy. The last time I got a gift card, it took me nine months to find something that I wanted to buy with the card. The other thing I don't like about gift cards is that usually whatever you end up buying costs more than the value of the card. That is another nice thing about cels as gifts, you don't have to worry about returns or additional cost. Think about it. Here is a little more grist for your shopping mill. Check: Blue Seed, Corrector Yui, Eatman, Genocyber, Macross, and Neoranga. Enjoy and Ho, Ho, Ho.

11/16/13-- I guess that my subject today is going to upset a few people. I have no idea how many and more than one may say that I should not even bring this stuff up, but again it is food for thought and thought is always a good thing. I don't know how many times I have heard someone say that because something bad or unfortunate happened to them that it is the fault of diety. If it is a serious illness or a traffic accident that took the life of a family member or someone close to them then those people rant and rave and question how God could let that happen. Conversely, if the person has something good happen to them then they did it all themselves without any kind of outside influence. If a family member is killed in an accident because of a drunk driver, why was it God's fault for letting it happen and not the fault of the person who made a choice to drink and then get behind the wheel of a car? Apparently the conclusion is that God shouldn't have let that person get behind the wheel and drive drunk. There are people who blame God for wars or for really bad things that people do. When someone decides that they have the right to take another person's life, that is somehow Gods' fault. Many people, who claimed to believe in a higher power, say they stop believing because God would never let something happen that they didn't like. The only possible proof that there is diety would be an idealistic life for all of us where nothing bad ever happens. The people who would harm us by their lack of consideration or selfishness should be controled by God and not allowed to do those things because we would be wrongly affected by their actions. There is a purpose for this life. I do not believe that we can achieve anything if we are all being controled like puppets by diety. You would not have to be a good person because God will make you a good person so that your actions do not harm someone else. We must have the right to choose. If we cannot choose to do bad then we will not be able to choose to do good because all choice has been taken away from us. Perhaps it makes things easier for people to say they stopped believing because of the bad things that happened. I don't like bad things either, but I don't blame you when something bad happens nor do I blame God. Food for thought. Give thanks for the good things like I do. I give thanks for the updates every week because it gives me a chance to show everyone some really cool stuff. Check: Devilman, Giant Robo, Go Kaiser, Lodoss Wars, Nadesico, and Sailor Moon. Enjoy.

11/09/13-- Since I have going to Japan to buy cels for more than twenty years now, I have seen many changes in the little things in life. As an example, when was the first time that you saw someone walking around with a mini radio or tape player with head phones? I saw this in Japan before these things ever became available over here. On my second trip to Japan, I bought my own Walk Man tape player and I was not only the first one on my block to have one, but probably the first one in the whole country because they weren't released over here yet. Since they ran on batteries, there was no problem with the electric current. That is one example. When was the first time that you saw an ATM machine? They were available in banks and in the Post Office in Japan years before that. How about cell phones? Everyone in Japan had them before even one person over here had them. These were all very good items no matter where they started and it is totally understandable that they became extremely popular once they marketed them in this country. Now I am staring to wonder where our heads are at. People line up for days in order to be able to buy the latest version of whatever is coming their way. They already have virtually the same thing, but that new one is something they cannot live without. To a certain extent I could understand that attitude in Japan where they have a much smaller population so need to convince them to buy the new version in order the make any money. But, why us? They are advertising on television that companies will automatically provide you with the upgraded version of whatever without a bunch of fees. The buyer will pay something for the privledge. Then they have you under contract for years at an extremely high monthly fee. Just the idea that you have to have the latest item no matter how little the differences are between the new one and the one you already have is kind of strange to me. I think it must be an ego thing more than anything else. They can go around bragging and tell the world, or just themselves, that they have the newest and greatest whatever. I hope this doesn't apply to you. I hope it doesn't apply to me. When I do an update, it is informative and provides wider selection not offering you the newest version of something. Oh well. If people are happy that way. They are making these companies very wealthy far beyond what they produce. I myself produce updates so check it out. Check: Ghost Sweeper, Gundam Wing, Outlaw Star, Ray Earth, Tenchi Muyo, and Violinist Of Hamlin. Enjoy.

11/02/13-- There are many people out there that are organizing groups to accomplish very worthwhile goals. There is nothing wrong with trying to get people to work together to change something that they feel is important. One of the often used phrases is that they want people to work together to change the world. That sounds like a very difficult thing no matter how worthwhile the objective. You need to keep in mind that you have the power to change the world if you only change yourself. If you do manage to change yourself then you have changed the world because you are in and are part of the world. There are little ways that changing you might help on a larger scale. One of those that is really worthwhile is the idea of eleminating bullying. Actually it might be worse now than ever before in that it seems like many young people are driven to end their lives because of other people who think it is fun to bully them on the internet. I have a little trouble understanding both sides of that one. I was picked on back when I was in school and when I look back on it I wonder about the people that felt that they needed to show their sueriority by picking on me. It was not one on one, it was always a small group on one. Wow, were they brave or what. Because of these social media sites and people who depend almost completely on these sites to have any self esteem at all, one other person or even a small group of people can make life unbearable for someone else. Again, I have to wonder about the lack of self esteem by these bullys. Why do they need to put someone else down in order to feel better about themselves? Actually, you feel better about yourself when you have built someone else up and that's the truth. The fact that a person depends so completely on a web site to have any self esteem also seems totally wrong. Still, where are you in this. If you are bullied then look at yourself and say how special you are and that you do not need these people to like you. All you have to do is like yourself. If you feel a need to pick on someone else, look in the mirror and see why you are acting that way. There is an old saying that is very true. I'm not sure where I heard it and it doesn't matter. If you want a friend, then be a friend. Think about it and call me in the morning. While you are looking for my number, check out this weeks' update. Check: Angel Links, Big O, Bubblegum Crisis, DNA, El Hazard, and Saber Marionette R. Enjoy.

10/26/13-- I take my dogs for walks every day. It is essential for their well being and it is good exercise for me. When I am out walking, I often run into people who tell me how close they were to their pets that have passed away. I try to convince these people that they need to get another pet to replace the one that died. During the years that pet was with that person, it was loved and it gave love in return. Studies have shown that people who own pets like a dog or a cat, but mostly dogs, suffer much less from stress than people who do not have pets. It might be because of the love they feel from the animal or the love that they give, but that is a great part of it. People who live alone feel much more stress in their lives as well as lonliness and isolation. Often what these people have told me is that they don't want to get another pet because it hurt them too much when they lost their beloved pet. Actually, that is the reason to get the new one. These animals need someone to love them and these people need something for them to love. The feeling of loss will be greatly diminished due to the new pet while all they have is the feeling of loss when they sit around and morn the one they lost. I don't think my reasoning is getting through, but I try. So, if you have a beloved pet, honor the memory by finding one you can love now. You will be loved in return and that is priceless. Speaking of priceless, the new cels on the update are almost that, but they do have a very reasonable price and they need a new home desperately. Open your heart and home to a new cel today. Check: Bakuretsu Hunter, Bastard, Card Captor Sakura, Cobra, Dr slump, Orange Road, and Ranma 1/2. Enjoy.

10/19/13-- I have a section my my site called "about us" and many of you might not have visited that entry. It really isn't that essential when looking at cels for your collection, but it does contain some interesting information to help you understand where I am coming from. I first started as an Anime fan back when there were cels for every show. Now there are no cels for all the new shows and cels are for people with very long memories or who got hooked on some of the older shows. One of the real pleasures of my life has been the people that I have met over the years. I can say that I have friends that are well known in the U.S. and Asia and Europe. I find it most thrilling that I have been accepted as both a fan and as a friend. One of my friends in Asia is one of the men who made Anime what it is today. Any time you see a giant robot show, you can thank Go Nagai for his contribution to the Genre. Without the creative mind of that marvelous man the robots would still be controled by some young lad with a remote control device like Johnny Soko or Gigantor or something like that. He also introduced the idea of the beautiful girls who lost their clothes in the course of the episode. That has been done more times than you might think. How many super hero types change into their costume by loosing all of their regular clothes than having the special costume appear out of nowhere? There are many. I am lucky because over the years many of my friends in the business, like Go Nagai, have given me items that they have signed. I respect my friends and love their work too much to sell, but someone I used to do business with is not so impaired so you have the opportunity to obtain some of these. We are not updating the title for Monkey Punch this week, but if you are interested in his autograph or even a color sketch then let me know. We do have a Go Nagai this week so check it out. I think you can figure out which title to check so go for it. Check them all, you will enjoy. Check: Burn Up W, Devilman, Macross 7, Orguss, Urusei Yatsura, Vampire Hunter D, and Yamato. Enjoy.

10/12/13-- What kind of standards have you set for yourself? Are you always shooting for the moon and usually coming up short? Are your standards low so that you can always expect to live up to them? Someone that is very close to me told me that his standards are that it doesn't much matter what he does just as long as he isn't hurting anyone else and as long as he is having fun. Is that your point of view? Is that the perspective that you would teach a child? Is that the perspective that you would teach your own child? It is not the one that I follow nor is it the one that I taught my own children. I think that is selfish and not very enlightened. I think that we should try to be all that we can be. We can learn every day that we live and we can try to do better today than yesterday and we can hope to do better tomorrow than today. When you have no restrictions just as long as noone else is bothered then you are not moving forward. Doing drugs and drinking alchohol would fall into that category. Just not hurting someone else is not enough. Why can't we love our neighbor and not simply try not to hurt them. It is not the same thing. Be all that you can be. I can do better and I will try. I am not perfect, but I can do the best I can every day. We all have limitations. I am not as strong as someone else nor am I as smart as someone else, but that doen't stop me from try to do my best. Your best is probably better than my best so hang in there and you can do it too. While simply hanging, check out this weeks update. Lots of cool stuff. Check: Cowboy Bebop, Crest Of The Stars, Dragon Ball, Fushigi Yuugi, Gall Force, and Lupin II. Enjoy.

10/05/13-- When you get older you have more opportunities for things to go wrong with your body and I don't just mean when the parts wear out. This last week I have been suffering with pain in my left heal. I went to the doctor on Tuesday and found that I have a fairly common thing that they call tendonitis and since it affects the tendon in my heal or the achillis tendon then it is called achillis tendonitis and it is very painful to put weight on and walk. From what the doctor said, I should have been about over it by today, but apparently I did too much yesterday and had a little setback. I am about where I was three days ago when I was barely starting my medecine. I went to my football game last night and walked about a mile to get to the stands and then another mile to get back plus climbing the bleachers so there you have it. You might get this kind of thing in your elbow and they would call it Tennis elbow. This is Tennis elbow in your heal. It was kind of hard to do the scans for this week's update because that requires standing and a little moving around, but it was worth it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Check out this weeks additions and hope for the best. I hope you don't get what I got, but then again we all get it some time so be prepared. While preparing, check: Genocyber, Giant Robo, Gundam Wing, Inu Yasha, Lodoss Wars, Vampire Hunter, and Virus. Enjoy.

09/28/13-- I hope you have noticed the cels that I have posted as part of the updates that I have done over the last several months. There is something that I would to share with you about many of those cels. There is nothing wrong with the cels. You will probably have noticed that there are some blurs on the surface of the image. That is a combination of two things. First, most of the cels are in plastic bags that are showing their age. Most of them are older than eleven years and have been stretched and pulled over those years. I always keep the cels in plastic bags to protect them. The blurs are simply those places where the bags are stretched and pulled and are a little limp. The rest of the blur comes from the fact that my new scanner is very high resolution. That is a very good thing for getting a clear picture of the image on the cel, but does pick up the flaws in the plastic bags and shows them for all the world to see. No big deal as long as you know what is going on here. I hope to get some more new plastic bags on my next trip to Japan, but it would be too costly to buy enough to change out all of the older bags. Be patient and understand that there is nothing wrong with the cels. Keep those cards and letters coming. No, wait a minute I guess it would be emails wouldn't it. Oh well, you know what I mean. Now that you know the story behind the story, I hope you will be able to enjoy the update even more. Check: Ghost Sweeper, Go Kaiser, Kabuto, Key The Metal Idol, Legend Of Lemnear, Macross, and Moldiver. Enjoy.

09/21/13-- I have mentioned in the past that it really upsets me to hear the ads on the radio for the attornies that promise to get you off if you have been arrested for drunk driving. Yes, they know the defenses that work. Yes, there might well be a number of technicalities in the law that could allow you to keep your drivers license and things like that. Are we sure that we want drunk drivers, who get caught, to simply skate? If someone drinks and drives and doesn't get caught then it is a sure thing that they will do it again. If they drink and drive and get caught, but do not loose their license due to some quirk in the law, it is guaranteed that they will do it again. A news program had a crew at the local court and caught up with this guy that had just left the court where he had lost his license and he was driving away. That is how much these people respect the law and is it any wonder that eventually they are going to drive drunk and kill someone? The attornies that help these people keep their licenses justify their activities by saying that these people need to be able to drive to and from work. I don't know how many times I have heard of someone who caused a serious crash while driving drunk and had multiple prior convictions. These attornies do not seem to care about you or I and whether this drunk driver might kill us some night when driving back from a bar. Makes you feel good, doesn't it? The latest thing that I am hearing about that makes my hair stand on end are the different companies that work to help you not to have to pay the taxes you owe. Taxes are a pain in the posterior, but they are a fact of life and you deal with it whether you like it or not. People often don't file their income taxes and when IRS chases them, the are caught owing many thousands of dollars in back taxes. These people have already spent this money in maintaining an excessive life style that none of us, who pay our taxes, can afford. These companies promise to get these people off on pennies on the dollar as far as their tax debt. How right is that. We have to pay our taxes. The tax liability is based on how much you earned. If you pay an honest tax then you don't have anything to worry about. Why should you and I have to pay an honest tax on our earnings, yet these guys, with the help of these companies, get off without having to pay tax on what they make. Is that right or just? Oh well, I guess that these companies should get that money rather than the government. These people knew they needed to file tax returns and they knew that they had to pay tax on their earnings so why are they surprised when the IRS comes after them. It doesn't surprise me and it doesn't surprise these companies because that is how they make their living. Still, it ticks me off. Then I think about all these cool cels that I have on my site and I feel all better. I'm adding more cool stuff today so check it out. Check: Aika, Angel Links, Captain Harlock, Corrector Yui, Eden's Boy, and Escaflowne. Enjoy.

09/14/13-- I have a special treat for you this week. I had not intended it this way, but it just worked out that way. I have some titles that I have just added to my site. I have a total of eight new titles. All of these are older shows and, for the most part, are very rare. I will try to give you some information about each of these because some of these facts are very interesting. The first title is Gaiking which is one of the original giant robot shows. It is an interesting concept and the cel is one of the pilots of the support robots and is the only girl pilot. The next title is Getta Robo and is a Go Nagai creation and introduces the concept of planes coming together to form three different giant robots depending on the order that they come together. This is from the first season of this break through program. In the second season, they changed the look of the robots so this is obviously first season. The next show is God Mars and is from the time that robots ruled the air in Japan. It was a pretty good show and has stood the test of time. The next title is Heidi and is an early work of Hayao Miyazaki from the early seventies. He worked on a number of different projects back then and this is one of the better ones and is pretty rare. The next on is kind of odd. Everyone has heard of Astro Boy. It introduced the world to Japanese animation and is one of Osamu Tezuka's famous creations. Jetta Mars is a knock off of Astro Boy and very similar. You might ask how they got away with making something that is so obviously a copy of Astro Boy. Go ahead and ask. Well, the answer is that they got away with it by having Osamu Tezuka make the knock off. Yes, Jetta Mars is a little known creation of Tezuka as well. Some company paid him very good money to make a copy so he did. Very interesting and very rare. For those of you who are fans of the Tatsunoko animation studio then you are undoubtedly fans of the show we call Speed Racer. The title of Judo Boy came out the year before they introduced Mach Go Go and has very similar character designs for the hero as you can see. The next title is Locke The Superman and was a movie rather than a TV series. It has some following over here. Lots here for Science Fiction fans. The last of the new shows is one of the better of the giant robot genre. Thie title is Voltus V and one of the fun things they introduce is a weapon that is in fact a yoyo. A little info for you info fans is the fact that the yoyo was created first in the Philippine Islands and was used as a weapon for small game. A hunter could hide in a tree and bash some unsuspecting prey or an enemy from some other tribe with this rock impliment that would come back to him so he could use it again if he needed. The ones we know are toys, but think about one on a rope and made out of stone and up to ten times the size of the ones we know. Yes, it's a weapon. This weeks updates are all new titles and are: Gaiking, Getta Robo, God Mars, Heidi, Jetta Mars, Judo Boy, Locke The Superman, and Voltus V. Enjoy.

09/07/13-- There are times when I express my opinion on one subject or another that I am sure that you might not agree with me. I present these opinions as food for thought and not for the purpose of convincing anyone to adopt my particular point of view. In reaching any kind of conclusion you need all the facts and not simply the facts that agree with the opinion you have adopted. Many people do not want to hear the facts because they find that the opinion they hold is too important to be confused by such a mundane thing as facts. This week I am going to throw around a few facts about a substance that many people claim is not harmful in the least and should be legalized across the board. That, of course, is Marijuana. I had a health class back in college and had to prepare a term paper on the subject so the information that I present was common knowledge fourty five years ago. I accept as truth that Marijuana can be helpful in dealing with the severe effects of Chemo-Therapy. Some of the other beneficial effects, I'm not so sure of. One of the things in my report is that the drug causes exacerbation of a person's psychological tendencies. As example, if a person has a tendency to be withdrawn, the will become more so. If a person has limited self control and a tendency to bully, they will be worse. That is not to say that the drug will make a normal person into a psycho case, only make whatever was there worse. The thing about the drug that makes it bad for someone who is driving a car is that it has a sever effect on their time sense. You might start putting on the brake to stop at an intersection and end up stopped in the middle rather than the edge. You can see how this could lead to more traffic accidents. As far as I am concerned, any drug or substance that is used recreationally and that affects the brain, is not a good idea. I guarantee that this is a fact. You may be in favor of Marijuana, but at least you have an idea of what you might not have known about before and can perhaps research the subject more carefully. While you are thus involved, why not check out this weeks update. Check: Gundam Wing, Photon, Plastic Little, Queen Everaldas, Shamanic Princess. Silent Mobius, and Vampire Princess Miyu. Enjoy.

08/31/13-- The question of the day is why are we here? Not just, why are you here? Not even, why am I here? But, why are we all here? What is the purpose of life? As I look around I reach the conclusion that most of us think that they are here to have as much fun as they possibly can. Why so many people define fun as drinking as much alchohol as they possibly can to the point where they can barely walk and certainly cannot do anything that requires the least bit of coordination is totally beyond me. I am sure that most people who have reached the point where they are no longer able to drive their cars, still get behind the wheel because the alchohol deadens that part of the brain that makes logical decisions. They drive because their brains tell them to go ahead because they can do anything even though they can not see straight nor can they walk straight. Frankly, I do not believe that we are here to simply have fun. You will find at the end that the fun is quite hollow when compared to other things in life. I don't say that you should not have fun, only that it is not the end all of your existance. You can learn and create and work and hope and dream. Are you the best person you could ever be? If not, are you heading in that direction? If not, why not? Make choices that will make your life better. Make choices that will make other peoples lives better. Find joy in what you do and that doesn't mean the same thing as having fund. Think about it and you will know that it's true. While spending your days seeking for joy, seek truth because that is certainly something you cannot have too much of. Good luck in all that. If you think about it, you can find both joy and fun in the cels of your collection so lets give you something else to work on. Check: B'TX, Slayers, Variable Geo, Violinist Of Hamlin, Windaria, and Your Under Arrest. Enjoy.

08/24/13-- Well, here we go again. It's that season again. What season is that you might ask. Is it Rabbit season? Perhaps it is even Duck season? It is still Summer so it is not the Fall season. Have you guessed yet? It is football season. That's right. By next weeks update, I'll have attended the first game of the year. When you pass fifteen, the years really seem to zoom by. I passed fifteen so long ago that it doesn't even count any more. Heck, I can still remember standing on the playground at Elementary school and watching as the bus full of high school students drove by and thinking, boy are they old. I will never get that old. Guess what, I did. Wow, I can't believe it, but still I will enjoy while I still can. I hope you have something you can look forward to also. It helps give your life meaning. For a while it was the release of each to the "Lord Of The Rings" movies and then there were other new movies like Spiderman and Ironman and things like that. The coming of the convention in San Diego gave me something to look forward to each year and the time went by so fast that it seemed that we were hardly unpacked from one year when we were getting packed to go to the next one. This year made fourty four. Back when I was in school, it was summer vacations and things like that. Those things add up and the years add up and then you're an old man or, at least, I am. It could be worse. I could be an old man who never had anything to look forward to. There is another alternative, but I don't want to go there just yet. You know, when you stop having birthdays. That reminds me. You know that Anime cels make great birthday presents? Yes, they do so check out this weeks update just in case. Check: Ah My Goddess, Apple Seed, Eatman, Illusion Fighter Leda (something new here,) I Want To Be An Angel, and Trigun. Enjoy.

08/17/13-- Sometimes things seem to gang up on you. It happens to me and I'm sure it happens to you. Apparently we had some leaking pipes under our house and it was creating a flood and we never even knew it. We don't know how long it has been going on, but it seems likes that it is at least six to nine months and maybe longer. They will have to pump out the water before they can do the plumbing. So much for savings and things like that. We had plans and now there is no way of knowing if we will be able to do the things we planned. The money that I would have used to buy a new high def TV was going to be used to go to Japan to get more cels for you guys out there, but now we don't know. If you want to help make sure that I can go get some good stuff for all you guys, buy something. Still, I can't allow myself to stress over this. When I think about it, I know that there are many people out there in worse shape than I am no matter how bad things get sometimes. I think one of the worse things I ever saw was a couple of years ago on TV where they showed about this man who had been attacked by this strange bacteria that had eaten away his face. They showed him and it was hard to look at because it was real. You have seen horrible make up and special effects but this was much worse because it was real. His face ended just below his eyes and all the way down to his neck. Yes, he had no nose, no lips, no upper or lower jaw all the way to his neck. They put a mask on him most to the time so that people could be around him. He could not talk. They had to feed him by putting a tube into his neck. That was several years ago. I don't know if the bacteria kept going or stopped where it was. He is probably dead. Every time I think of that man, I think how well off I am and I give thanks. Maybe you know of something even worse, but I doubt it. Help out a poor cel dealer. Buy something cool. You'll never regret it. Check the stuff that is already there and check the new stuff. Check: Astro Boy, Devil Hunter Yohko, El Hazard, Galaxy Express 999, Pretty Sammy, and Robot Carnival. Enjoy.

08/10/13-- The more I think about the world of "Cars," like in the movie, the more I wonder about the whole concept. Add to that the additional aspects of that world with the new movie "Planes" and I really was wondering about the whole thing. There just doesn't seem to be any logic to the world at all. Everything that moves from the smallest plane to huge aircraft carriers are living things. How does something like a living aircraft carrier deal with the world in which it lives? It has living planes inside it with lots of small car like things which take care of all the details like stearing and such. The big ship is alive, why would it need these little things to stear it? All they have to do is tell it where they want to go and it can stear itself. The idea of small little things about the size of minnows swiming inside of me and telling me where to go just makes me sick. I was starting to think the idea of this world was very, very strange when it hit me. It doesn't matter. It is a story telling tool and fantasy. It does not matter if you are talking about talking Cars or Planes or Vegtables or Fruit or Bugs or even Toys, as it is all simply a way of telling a story. You can have the story be about people doing the same exact thing, but what fun is that? The new story about the world of Cars is about believing in yourself and working to make that dream come true. It isn't really about planes though planes are used to tell the story. The fantasy is a little shortcut to get you where you're going. The main character has a dream and hopes of being something more than he started out. He keeps at it and makes friends along the way. He has trouble keeping it going, but don't we all. Others are willing to do anything to achieve their goal and that includes cheat no matter how it hurts others or lowers the value of the victory. What good is a victory if you have to cheat to get there. You havn't really accomplished anything after all. That is what I learned yesterday. How about you? You did, wow how do you like that? Well, keep it up. While you're at it, why not check out this weeks update? Check: Blue Seed, Crest Of The Stars, Cobra, Fushigi Yuugi, Jube Chan, and Tenchi Muyo. Enjoy.

08/03/13-- At a recent movie, the Walt Disney company was advertising a movie that will be out later this year. The title of the movie is "Saving Mister Banks." This title might not be totally obvious to you when you first think about it, but it is very relavent when you think about it. It is the story of how the Disney Studio and especially Walt Disney obtained the rights to do a film based on the book "Mary Poppins." Yes, they have a whole movie about that and as well you might guess, it was not a very easy sale to get those rights. The cast should be very interesting with Tom Hanks playing the part of Walt Disney and Emma Thompson as the writer. What gives me additional respect for the writer is the title of this movie. When Disney first was talking about the story he thought that the story revolved around saving the children. Of course, he was wrong and thus the title of the movie. Mary Poppins true purpose was to save Mr. Banks and when you think about it, that is quite true. If you can save Mr. Banks, then everything else will simply fall into place. Actually, I think that Mrs. Banks needed a great deal of saving as well. She was so involved in the political issues of the day that she forgot the truly important thing which was her young family. You know something, I think that happens today and perhaps that is why they are making the movie. There is an old saying that goes, "No success in the world can compensate for failure in the home." How many times have we seen where some famous actor or politician has a child that dies from drug overdose or something like that? Do you think that person feels like it was alright because they are successful in their field of endeavor? Will this make everything alright? I really doubt it. When the writer explains to Walt Disney that he missed the point, my respect for her jumped because I already respect Disney for all that he did to make entertainment for the family. Watch for the movie. It should be pretty good. Speaking of pretty good, this week's update qualifies so you really should check it out. Check: Big O, Devilman Lady, Fatal Fury, Gall Force, Rouroni Kenshin, and Utena. Enjoy.

07/27/13-- We're back. Hey, don't look so disappointed. You knew it was coming so you had two weeks to get prepared. It seemed like everyone was down in San Diego last weekend yet that could not have been the case. Word is going around that they are planning to expand the convention center to allow for even more people. Frankly, that is not advisable, but I can see why they are talking that way. It is not so much the people being at the convention center, but more the fact that most people come in from out of town and fill the hotels. It is really good for the general economy of the area so they are thinking that more people would be a good thing. Unfortunately, it is so crowded now that it is hard to get around. When the show closes at Seven every day, we cross the street to go to the trolly and it is so difficult that it takes a long time. If you add even 25,000 more people by making the inside bigger, there is no room to move on the outside. The other problem is parking. They would need to add another parking structure to handle the crowd we have now and they seem unwilling to do that so if there are even more people, then what do they do? Oh well. Again, there were plenty of movie stars to advertise their movies but I never see them because I don't get away from my booth. I find out more of that by watching the news after the dust settles. This is not just the biggest event in San Diego, but the biggest event on the West coast so it gets lots of coverage now. That is kind of fun too. This was number fourty four so that means that I have attended fourty four of these conventions and have been a dealer at fourty three. I have a few new things for you this week as I am very anxious to do this update so check it out. Check: Cowboy Bebop (including one of Ed and Ein), Dragon Ball, Hyper Police, Nadesico, Porco Rosso, and Saber Marionette R. Enjoy.

07/13/13-- I am trying to do this update before it gets too hot around here. Wait a minute. My computer is inside my house and I have air conditioning so it doesn't matter. Strike that. Actually, I started doing chores around here before it got too hot. I did the important ones. There are still things to do, but I only try to do so much at any time in this weather. I hope you are having a good time wherever you are. Speaking of good times, good times had by all at last weekend's convention. It was the biggest one yet and that is saying something. At any one time they had up to sixty thousand in attendance. Total over the four days was one hundred and sixty thousand. It was hard to move once you were inside the dealer room. I hope you were there. I still havn't been able to organize enough to post the things that were sold on the site, but I hope to get most of that done this weekend or at least before heading out to San Diego for the next convention. Since this is all one of a kind artwork then my recommendation is always to order while I have it because it might not still be there after the convention. I tried to give you a real big update this week, but my scanner broke down half way through so I was only able to add one new title and update a total of nine. That isn't bad no matter how you look at it. Go ahead and check it out before it is too late. If I get an order before I leave then I don't take the cel with me so you are protected. Check: 8 Man After, Apple Seed, Bakuretsu Hunter, Bander's Book, Bastard, Card Captor Sakura, DNA, Lupin III, and Macross. Enjoy another weekend off.

06/29/13-- We're having a Heat Wave, a tropical Heat Wave. You might even say that we are having a topical, tropical Heat Wave because everyone is talking about it. The weather man said that any time you have three days or more of triple digit heat, you are having a Heat Wave, so we are having a Heat Wave. It is somewhat understandable because we are, after all, in full blown Summer so hot days are not entirely unexpected. You will not have me to kick around next weekend because we are heading into the first convention of our season with Anime Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center. I will be back in two weeks then I will be off again for the biggest event of the year in San Diego so you will have another weekend to yourselves. I would like to bring up something that is eating at me. If I offend you, I am sorry but I have have an opinion too. The congress of this country is working on what is being called immigration reform. I find that a very interesting title because it implies that the current system is somehow broken. The only thing that is broken is our ability to keep illegals from crossing our borders. Some of the politicians are pushing that effort be made to fix that part of the problem before doing anything else, but I get the impression that they are in the minority. I cannot understand why. What they seem to consider as fixing the problem is to make anyone who has been here illegally for over a certain period of time legal and put them on a fast track to citizenship in this country. It seems that they are making it easier and faster than for those that came here legally in the first place. I cannot imagine why that should be so. The people who came here to live without legal permission to do so have shown no regard for our laws or procedures. Once someone is living here, they need to support themselves. None of the politicians seem to notice that fact. In order to work in this country, you must have a Social Security number and the only way you can get a Social Security number if by showing proof that you have valid permission to be in this country legally. All of these people have had to obtain fake Social Security cards with someone elses number or use the name and number of someone who is here legally. It is not uncommon to have more than twenty different people all using the same Social Security number. The last time they provided amnesty for illegals, it cost the Government many millions of dollars out of the Social Security trust fund to fix the records of all the people who had been working illegally. It took a tremendous amount of work for this to be fixed. That amnesty did not fix anything because they kept coming accross the border anyway. If they really wanted to fix the problem then the first thing they need to do is put a little bight into the laws affecting employers that knowingly hire illegal workers. There are already procedures in place where a potential employer can contact Social Security on the internet and confirm if the person applying for work is the person that actually owns that Social Security number. They will also find that considerable fake proof of residency will be provided so that many illegals will qualify for amnesty. That is what happened last time. Since these people either did not have receipts from utility bills or the utilities were under some othe person's name then they were allowed to provided a statement from a landlord that the person had lived at their apartment complex for the required period of time. We found that managers for five unit apartments were providing proof for more than twenty different families. Most of these families did not live in that apartment complex. The manager would be paid to provide fake proof for these people. Why not? These people have not shown any interest in following the law so why should they start now? There are many things to fix but the politicians are working on only the things that interst them like getting the power to vote into these peoples hands so that they will vote them back into office. Don't think too long about this whole thing, it will just give you a headache like it did me. Since you are free to do so, why not check out this weeks update? Check: Macross 7, Maizon Ikkoku, Nazca, Orguss, Patlabor, and Vampire Hunter. Enjoy and see you in two.

06/22/13-- I saw the latest offering from Pixar yesterday and that was like taking your life into your hands. I went to the earlier showing and that was lucky. I got a pretty good seat and enjoyed the show. The short that they showed first was extremely interesting because the animators are showing how good they are getting in recreating reality. The least realistic were the main characters and even they looked great. The movie about Monster University reminded me how it was not for me while I went to college. I think that the only difference in behavior is that the monsters didn't drink alchohol nearly as much as the real students that I remember. The study of scaring is simply a different way to described what most of the students were involved in back then. They just had different terms to described the subjects but they were about as worthwhile. I know how that feels. I studied for years to become a teacher but found when I was getting ready to start the student teaching for a year that there were over ten thousand credentialed teachers out of work back then. My choice was to continue for another year with all that expense and make it ten thousand and one or get out and find something else to do. I chose the latter. When I see what goes on during Spring break I have to wonder if the parents, who are paying for this, are aware of what is going on. If they are, how can they think that the drinking and sex is going to help their young people make a better place in the world? Not every college student is spending all of their time drunk and disorderly, but too many are. I was married and had a son back then so I had to keep my head in the game, which wasn't a bad thing. If your head is in the game then you can check out this weeks update. Check: Gatchaman, Kiki's Delivery Service, La Puta, Castle In The Sky, Record Of Lodoss Wars, Macross 2, and X. Enjoy.

06/15/13-- Questions, questions, questions. So many questions and not a drop to drink. In reality it all comes down to the six basic things we need to know. You know what they are so just repeat along after me. The questions are: Who? What? Where? When? Why? and How? Yes, those questions. When you get down to the basics of reality as we know it, those are the universal questions. We have a general idea of who though most of us have a slightly different understanding because of what we were told or what we have heard or what we concluded on our own. We pretty much accept that there was a who, we just agree to disagree on the who. We know what the what was and there is little dispute on that. The where is obvious because it is right here. We also have a pretty good idea of when it was because it was a long time ago and we can't remember that far back. The why is probably ther real sticky question. I have an answer and you probably have an answer too that is probably connected to your ideas on who. Perhaps if we really understood the why then the who would become obvious. When we will understand the why is another question altogether. Even if someone told us how, I doubt we would understand the answer. Isn't that reassuring. Now that you know the questions and where the answers are or are not, you can go ahead and free up your time for other more fruitful pursuits. Speaking of fruitful pursuits, you should check out this weeks update as it is the biggest we have had in a long time. Check: Bubblegum Crisis, Devilman, Giant Robo, Gundam Wing, Macross, and Sailor Moon. Enjoy.

06/08/13-- It is my pleasure to bring up something else that is accepted without qualification, but which we seldom think about. We are all a part of an unbroken chain that goes all the way back to the beginning of the world, no matter which beginning of the world you espouse. If it were broken then we would not be here. Think about it. In Europe or Africa or Asia some place thousands of years ago, that Farmer or tailer or palace guard or highway robber is part of your chain. You may be in the middle of an ongoing chain yourself if your parents are alive and you have children and grandchildren. You did have grandparents and great grandparents that may no longer be with you at this time. Still, they are a part of you and contributed to your DNA. We usually don't know a great deal about our ancestors like we probably don't even know their names. I am lucky enough to have the journel of my great, great, great grandfather and have a pretty good idea what he was all about. As he wrote about the daily details of his life he likes to tell about the little details like how many buffalo were killed that day to provide meat for their wagon train and things like that. He worked as a farmer and a carpenter, but if he were around today, he would probably be an accoutant. He was not a big time leader of men, but in the military he was over one hundred which is better than being one of the hundred. I like to think of him as a good guy and proud to be in his family but he is only one of a number I can't even count. If we are, like the scientists say, descendants of fish that crawled out of the ocean, I hope my ancestor was a good fish. Get to know your family. Find your family tree as it will tell you a great deal about yourself. While you are at it, why not check out this weeks update? Check: B'TX, Burn Up W, Cutey Honey (including one autographed by Go Nagai,) and Lupin III. Enjoy.

06/01/13--This week I will continue to philosophize, but in an entirely different direction. This one is less depressing. What I would like to talk about is beauty. I told you it is less depressing. Probably we learn a part of our interpretation of beauty based on our environment. Still, much of what we consider beauty is truly universal. Who cannot look at a beautiful sunset and not say it is beautiful. Who cannot look at a flower and not say that it is beautiful. Much of how we define beauty in other humans is fairly common to all peoples no matter their race or culture. Take a look at the participants in the Miss Universe or Miss America competitions and you will find that they all qualify as beautiful. Once we reach that conclusion then comes the part of picking the most beautiful and that can really be subjective so is determined by a group rather than a single judge. You can find beauty in things that are really opposites. You can find beauty in a tall stately tree or a short stunted tree. You can find beauty in many kinds of trees. You can find beauty in much of what surrounds us. Look at the clouds and much of what you see is beautiful. When we grow up we hear people say that such and such a thing is truly beautiful. We see the beauty, but not because of what another person says. We know that beauty is there. We can and should enjoy it just the same as we need to stop and smell the roses. Even the things we do might be considered as beautiful and that is not simply in the area of art or literature. A good deed to help someone can bring a tear to your eyes and a lump to your throat. Do a little good every day and you will find that the world is a more beautiful place. While planning your good deeds, why not check this weeks update. Check: Angel Links, Big O, Blue Seed, and Nadesico. Enjoy.

05/25/13--I hope you enjoyed your week off. I had a great time. The shopping did not take nearly as much time as I thought so most of the time I spent visiting with my friend. I only bought a few things and even then it was related to my friend's work. I was able to see the other movie I was waiting for this last week and enjoyed it but something rather tempered the whole experience for me. At the end, the bad guy did not have to pay any penalty for the evil he had done. He was a mass murderer on an enormous scale. A statement was made that he and his followers seek to eleminate all cultures that they consider inferior to their own. Unfortunately, they consider all other cultures inferior to their own. They chose to put themselves in cryogenic sleep rather than face the retribution of the peoples they had wronged. The hero of the opus stood up to say that they do not seek revenge for the murder of innocednt people no matter how many might die. The bad guy killed thousands of people during the course of the story if not more and an unknown number of people in the distant past. These people are beyond the death penalty so the bad guy can be woken again at some future date and continue where he left off. This bad guy might have been the cause of the death of many billions of people but all we do is put him to sleep to get him out of the way. If some accident happens that results in the awakening of the bad guy and his followers then they will simply carry on where they left off. The one good thing about the death penalty is the fact that the bad guy will not be able to kill again. When you simply put them to sleep to get them out of the way, you cannot really say that. Oh, but you are too advanced to take a human life no matter what the provocation. The fact that the bad guy thinks that he is better than everyone else and for that reason has the right to kill anyone and everyone is in no way justification for the death penalty in the eyes of these people because they are beyond such primative thinking. Frankly, this attitude may result in the total destruction of all civilization does not bother them either. Someone who considers all other life as meaningless is not advanced. That is evidence of mental illness. A mad dog will never get any better. In fact, any kind of dog that kills humans is put down. When someone kills without remourse, why do we keep them around? Tbey will never get any better under any set of circumstances. There are people today that do not believe in the death penalty for any reason. I am not sure why. In California, the have the death penalty but the liberal courts and such have made it that the death penalty just provides guaranteed employment for attornies who defend the guilty year after year after year. Good luck with that one. They say that we should eliminate the death penalty as it would be cheaper. Perhaps so, but I think we should make the attornies who defend the murderers work for free. I think that the process would go much faster that way and we would actually have executions again. While we are waiting for that, why not check out this weeks update, it is less depressing. Check: Cowboy Bebop, Crest Of The Stars, Ranma 1/2, and Sakura Wars. Enjoy.

05/11/13--I am doing very well. Thank you for asking. Oh, you didn't ask. Well, thank you for listening. I still tire rather easily but getting stronger every day. Just in time to give everyone a day off next weekend. I will be going off to a comic convention in San Jose for the weekend. I have a friend coming in from Spain that I havn't seen for several years and he is bringing some artist friends that I am looking forward to meeting. I will have a blast. So, while I am blasting, you can all sleep in unless you go to Big Wow also. If so, I'll see you there. I could not see Iron Man 3 until last Tuesday and I enjoyed it greatly. I have one question that I would like to present for your consideration. Perhaps you caught something that I missed. The bad guys had a bunch of people who have received a DNA upgrade that allows them to blow themselves up or perhaps even be blown up. That is the question. Were those guys being blown up without their permission or were they allowing themselves to be blown up on purpose? They did not seem to act as if they were part of the deal. That is especially true of the guy at the Chinese Theature. If you received that upgrade and you heard about some of your confederates being blown up, would you not wonder about it? Also, the vice president was going to join with the bad guys and be a part of the assasination of the president and the killing of many people so that his daughter could have an upgrade and grow a foot. Once his daughter has the upgrade then they could blow her up any time the bad guys wanted so they would have the vice president but the huevos. He would have to do anything they would say or they would up his daughter. I just don't see that as being all that smart but then again, that's just me. Perhaps this issue was explained and I just missed it. Please let me know. Since you are here anyway, don't miss this week's update. Check: 3x3 Eyes, Dragon Ball, Dual, and El Hazard. Enjoy and see you in two.

05/04/13--I have been kind of dragging for the last several weeks and I didn't know why. I did not mention it but the reason was quite understandable. It was back in 2001 and I was having unexplained problems with weakness back then. One of the things that was really scarry was the fact that I would nearly faint or actually faint at the strangest times. I once was really faint while driving on the freeway going to work. If I would have fainted then there would have been an accident and I can't be sure what would have happened. Finally, we decided that this was enough so we went to see the doctor and he checked my heart and found it was very irregular and got down under thirty beats per minute which is not enough blood to your brain so that is why I was having those spells. I still don't know why I would be fine most of the time and then pass out another time. Apparently I had a heart attack and there had been some dammage that causes my heart to not function fully. The best thing for me is what they call a pacemaker so they put one in. About six years ago they had to change out the battery and they just did it again so I am running totally fine. I am a little sore in that area but other than that I am quite back to my old self. The inside should be fully recovered in less than a month, but at least I will not tire unexpectedly. There should be no problems come convention time so I look forward to seeing you all there. Now you know why I was dragging even if you didn't see me drag. No, not in drag. I don't swing that way. Speaking of swinging, why not swing bye these titles for the undate and see what's up? Check: Ah My Goddess, eX-Driver, Infinite Ryvius, and Inu Yasha. Enjoy.

04/27/13--Let me digress. Actually, I do that quite a bit. The week before last I mentioned my impressions of what they are calling immigration reform. Which is in actuality simply another term for rewarding the cheaters because we couldn't stop them from cheating when we had a chance. I mentioned that a very high percentage of people who come to this country illegaly are illiterate in their original language. I did not mean to imply that these people are incapable. I hope you did not interpret that description in that way. Let's face it, if you grow up in a family that cannot read and you can not stay in school past about the second or third grade then you will be illiterate as well. These immigrants come here having had to work in the fields since they were about age ten. That is just to help their parents put food on the table and pay the rent. The countries where these immigrants originate still are what might be called agrarian systems because their economy is based on agriculture. These home countries, who will remain blissfully unnamed, make almost no effort to change the lives of the majority of their people. They have the land owners who are in no rush to change anything because they are at the top of the food chain. The government is pretty much in bed with the land owners so they don't do anything to help either. They all simply maintain the status quo. I guess that as far as they are concerned "if it isn't broke, don't fix it." Well, it isn't broke for them. I believe that our government could put pressure on these governments to improve the situation down there. Oops, did I say that? Just ignore that. All of these countries have one thing in common and that is that government officials leave office with great wealth no matter how little they had when they started. It is part of the culture and I guess is no surprise that these people are robbing the till so to speak. As long as the conditions are so bad in so many of these countries then we will continue to have a large influx of immigrants who do not feel that they can wait to do it the right way so they come as soon as they are able. A greater form of reform would be if our government put pressure on these other governments to make things better. Since all of these countries need our backing in order to get the loans they need in order to be able to continue robbing the till, then we can force them to make changes in order to get those loans. So far, no one has seen that as a viable option amongst the political types. Oh well, maybe some day. For now, check out this weeks update. Check: Big O, Little Nemo In Slumberland, Outlaw Star, and Ray Earth. Enjoy.

04/20/13--SPOILER ALERT! I like to talk about what is good and bad about new movies that come out so if you are planning to see "Oblivion," but just havn't seen it yet, you may wish to skip to the update, do not pass go, do not collect any money whatsoever. First, let me say that there was both good and bad to the movie. I did not like it enough to buy it when it is released to own. They did catch some things and pick up some of the logic pieces, but still there are other things that are still hanging. One of the things that they did catch was the relationship between the two main characters. They are a man and a woman living on Earth to maintain the drones that go around blowing things up while huge machines suck the oceans dry. In the back story they did show how that started but then included something that still makes no sense. They are going to Titan, one of the moons of Saturn to relocate humanity. If they could remake Titan so we could live there then we could remake the Earth to live here. The temperature of this moon is two hundred and ninty below zero. We would have to heat the whole moon and would have virtually no heat from the sun. No plants could grow there because it is too far from the sun. Despite the stupid concept of relocating to this place is the fact that on the ship going there to determine the viability, most of the crew is in cryogenic sleep with only the pilots awake. Perhaps they should have showed these kinds of chambers for the pilots so they could go there as soon as the ship was in position or something like that. If the trip was long enough to need to keep the crew on ice then why not the pilots too? Apparently the world has so much radiation that life cannot be supported any longer. Still, they have the technology to turn all the sea water into energy to support life on Titan. The alien life form is shown as not even a living entity but some kind of intelligent floating cube. How did it build itself? It was able to make clones of the main characters so why didn't it clone the life form at the last stop and bring here to fight us? Why deal with the life form at all, why not go directly to the sun and drain that dry? In Science Fiction there has to be a level of logic and I found too much wanting here. Oh well, better luck next time. Maybe you liked it better than me, if so let me know your thoughts. In the mean time check out the update until you get a chance to find the movie times. Check: Arc The Lad, Corrector Yui, Devilman, and Dominion. Enjoy.

04/13/13--They have a new catch phrase in Washington DC and everyone is picking it up so I guess that I should too. What is sweaping our nation is called Immigration Reform. This makes it seem like there is something wrong with our current immigration laws. I guess what they are saying is that it is the law that is forcing so many people from other countries to come here illegally in order to improve their lot in lives. Frankly, that is something like saying that there is something wrong with the way that banks do business that makes people rob banks. Isn't that what they are saying? Or perhaps it is like saying that there is something wrong with our laws that force people to drive drunk. If we didn't have all those restrictive laws then people wouldn't have to drive drunk. I have heard that they are talking about some kind of special program that allows people to come here to work in certain fields like hotels without really having to have a permanent visa. Oh yes, that will fix the problem. Will those people be able to bring their minor children to this country so that they can be educated for free at our expense? If not, why would they want to take advantage of that program when they can come here illegally and get the free education and medical care. Personally, I think that they need to make some very big changes in the law having to do with citizenship. This recommendation is nothing new but has been around for a very long time. Right now, any child born in the United States no matter what status the mother, is a US citizen. There is a relatively new phenomenon where pregnant women from many countries are coming here on tourist visas and staying longer than the visa allows and having the babies in this country so that they will be citizens. There are business which are centered around that whole thing where the women stay in people's homes while they are waiting to deliver. There is nothing in the constitution that says that citizenship must automatically be granted to anyone born within our borders. The polititians do not want to take that stand because they want the votes of the illegal aliens after they become citizens. Some of the efforts that are being made to do something about the million or so that are here illegally is to make them legal and then rush them to become citizens. That is a big block of votes. Keep in mind that a very large portion of these people were illeterate in their home countries so when they come here, that makes them illeterate in two languages. One thing that seems very obvious to me is that these people do not care in the least for the laws of this country. When they come here without permission, they are flaunting our laws because their interests are not being met by the law. These are people that we need to rush into citizenship? Oh well. The decisions that will be made by the people in Washington will be based on all kinds of proper sounding retoric but it all comes down to votes. If they feel they can get more votes no matter what it costs the rest of us then that is what they will do. I do not make that much money but my tax liability more than doubled between last year and this. It is costing me an arm and a leg to help get the votes that the people in Washington want. Yes, I'm rather upset. They want to protect the middle class? That is a bunch of bull. Oh well. Still there is one good thing, we still have an update. Check: Crest Of The Stars, El Hazard, Pretty Sammy, and Virus. Enjoy.

04/06/13--I find it very interesting to see how people differ from one culture to the next. The thing that we all have in common is our like for the animation that was done in Japan. Since the animation is a reflection of many of the aspects of that culture, we have come to appreciate many of those other things like sense of humor. We in America find common ground with those in Great Britain on aspects of their humor. Tnere was a British comic who had a TV show and much of his humor was very understandable over here. Other things are not quite so common but still, the fact that we understood much of the language did help. We have come to appreciate much of what is found to be funny in Japan. There have been a few things of a certain commonality but not always at the same time. Many years ago there was a movie, I can't remember the name, where this married couple changed bodies for some reason. The husband had to learn all the things that the wife had to live with while she had to learn everything it took to earn a living. I think this was a black and white movie from the thirties, fourties or even fifties. Anyone see similarity with Ranma 1/2. I think the idea of a young man who becomes a young woman of the same age to be more than a little frightening. They may have touched on some of the things that freaks me out the most about that but I am not sure because I have not seen every episode. Ranma did not think of himself in the same terms regarding his appearance as a normal young woman would. I do not believe that he was nearly as embarrased about his female body as he would have been about his own body as a male. I believe that much of the humor in that is based on the Japanese culture. For years, young, teenage boys are shown as extremely shy around girls and a sourse of their humor. In one of the Ranma 1/2 movies, Ranma has to make himself out to be very beautiful as a female which is hard to get your head around since he is not transgender in the typical sense. He was extremely successful and was able to save his friends. There are very few men that could capture the idea of themselves as beautiful as it is against there normal thinking. I am speaking in terms of the normal guys and not those that like to cross dress and in some circumstances have a very good idea of how to look very beautiful. Many of the other things that go into our respective sense of humor is understandable if not totally appreciated. It is fun to think about those differences. While you are so absorbed, why not check out this weeks update. Check: Blue Seed, Escaflowne, Evangelion (this piece will be offered for about two months and if not sold, will disappear forever,) and Tenchi Muyo. Enjoy.

03/30/13--This week I would like to try out a little of what we might call Mental Gymnastics. This is not a test and you will not be graded so be honest with yourself. If you should try to describe in a limited amount of space some event in your life that was very significant do you think you would do it exactly the same way each time. Let me give an example and see if you catch what I am refering to. Say that there is an event that you want to write about for future generations and you write about it one year later, then five years later and finally ten years later. It is the same event and is very significant so you remember in pretty sharp detail. Let's choose something. Let us say your wedding day. Say you were married pretty young like age seventeen or something like that. I believe that your approach to writing about this very important event in your life would be very different and could be colored by events since the day of your marriage. This is an example again as things might have been very different for you but say you try to tell as much detail about the day and the clothes that everyone wore and things that were said and how you felt and so on. After a year you are still very much in love and everything is perfect so that special day still seems perfect to you. Things might not be the same in five years and probably would not be. Chances are you might have one or two children, but the time in the bedroom is still very exciting and enjoyable. The chance is that this time you would write as much about you feelings and important things about that wedding night that still stands out in your mind. You still look at your spouse through rose colored glasses. The ceremony and weather and everything was still the same but you are not quite the same person. When you get to ten years, things might have changed in your life and your marriage. You are only twenty seven so still relatively young, but now you see things a little more realistically and perhaps with an enphasis on the humorous things that happen. Things stand out very differently for you now so perhaps you describe things that you realized later were actually predictions of bad things that were yet to come. Perhaps on this day when you wrote the things you had a fight with your spouse and you are wondering why you ever married in the first place. You might emphasize doubts rather than positive feelings. After writing the description the third time you get a chance to go back over all three accounts and they seem like totally different events. That is the way things can go. Depending on feelings and circumstances, your story will probably be very different and that would be especially true if you were not allowed to go back and read what you put down the other times. What is reality? Perhaps it can be clouded or colored by things in our lives. You probably didn't think about this before you got here and you probably won't think about it again, but for these few minutes, I had you going. Before you go, check out this weeks update. Check: Dragon Ball, Dr Slump, Dual, and Nadia. Enjoy.

03/23/13--It is said that conflict is the core of all drama. That applies to books and even more to movies. Not all conflict is the head bashing kind and for that reason might be a little more difficult to follow. A conflict of ideas can be very difficult to grasp. There is a new movie where they try to mix in conflict of various kinds, but it is the conflict of ideas that is the real core of the story. It is the animated feature entitled The Croods. In many ways I think it was very well done. One of the real conflicts of our lives would not be that easy to put into books or movies is the conflict between our hearts and our brains. Many times we want to believe something is true despite all the proof to the contrary. That is an argument between the brain and the heart. We want to believe in that special person so much that we refuse to see the proof that keeps biting us on the shins. When we can no longer keep fooling ourselves about the truth that is finally breaking into our hearts, the pain can be the worst of all because it is the heart and not the brain that has been betrayed. The brain saw it coming but the heart was blind sided something awful. I have been there and you probably have been there too. We get over it, but I don't think that we are ever quite the same. You have to be able to trust of you have nothing, but perhaps we can include the brain in the process at least part of the time. Hope for the best. While you are hoping, why not check out this weeks update. Check: Bakuretsu Hunter, Eden's Boy, Nadesico, and Roujin Z. Enjoy.

03/16/13--I'm not sure if you look at the titles that I update on any given week but if you do then you will have noticed that I am rescanning all of the images so they will be much bigger so you can see the quality better. I will eventually do that with the titles where everything we have is already on the site. That way if someone new comes along and checks out a title then they will be the benefit of the bigger images as well. That is simply informational and not the subject for this week. I do not know how many of you are parents. Probably not a large percent but one thing that I know with complete assurance is that you are all children and you have parents. Whichever applies then you will have been touched by parenting style. Too large of a percent of parents employ what we might call an authoritarian parenting style. That is kind of a dictatorship. It is obvious that as parents that we are the leaders. We are the oldest and have the most information and the most experience. We should set the rules because we understand the consequences. Much of the time we have rules to protect our children from the consequence of doing something like playing with fire. When you play with fire then you could get burned or even burn down the house. That is a very good reason not to play with fire. I do not believe that when you give a rule like do not play with fire that you do not need to say why. Parents who employ an authoritarian style will simply say, "do what I say because I am the dad or I am the mom." It is their rule so you must do as they say or be punished. I believe my parents told me a reason not to do the wrong things and let it stand as the reason for that rule. They were not perfect, but then again, neither was I. I tended to give rules with a reason when I was raising my kids. I was not perfect but neither were they. When they got older, I felt the reason for things was even more important because the choices they made had graver consequences. I think that of all the things that I remember about growing up, it was when I was punished for doing something that I did not do that stayed with me the most. Of the two experiences, the easiest one to tell would be when I was punished for not being careful while playing catch with my younger brother. I believe that I was ten and he was nine at the time. We were about a year and a half apart. I threw the ball and he looked away after I had let go of the ball so I couldn't stop it. The ball hit him in the head and he cried so I got in trouble. I couldn't call the ball back and I didn't make him look away so why was it my fault. I guess that my parents assumed that it was my fault because my brother was crying. I hope you never made that mistake becuase that was something that I was very careful about with my kids. They are six years apart so that was much less likely to happen, but still, you get my drift. Good parenting takes patience and eyes in the back of your head. Stick with it and you will make it work. While you are sticking, why not check out this weeks update with nice, big pictures. Check: Big O, Outlaw Star, Slayers, and Tekkaman Blade. Enjoy.

03/09/13--Again the people in charge of making movies don't need to worry about coming up with original ideas because they simply go back to thw well one more time. Yesterday was the start of Disney's "Oz, the Great and Powerful." I have never read any of the books by L. Frank Baum so I don't know if this movie is in any way tied to the books or was created as a prequil to the original Wizard Of Oz movie. Which ever it was, it was pretty good. I liked how they tied many things to the original movie so you would be able to say, so that is where that came from. They implied some things that they never really said. The wizard is portrayed as a womanizer who goes from town to town as part of a traveling circus and romances the pretty women. They don't say exactly how far he takes things but you get a strong impression that he takes it as far as he can and that isn't very nice at all. Now they don't come out and say it but the father of one of the girls gets extremely upset and you wouldn't think that he would have been that upset if the Wizard was only stealing kisses. Later a good witch is upset totally when she finds that he is in the arms of her sister. If all they did was dance then it would not seem logical that she would have been that upset. No, he was not just stealing kisses. Disney doesn't want to say it but we can figure it out. There is news on another front. I have mentioned the accomplishments of my son who is trying to make his way in show biz. Tonight the show that he is directing has opening night and I am very anxious to go see it even though he will not be in it. I hope that it goes really well so that it opens more doors for him. Excitement, and more excitement. Hope you are having a good day too. Why not make it even better by checking out this weeks update. Check: Angel Links, Cowboy Bebop, eX-Driver, and Ranma 1/2. Enjoy.

03/02/13--I will start out this week with a riddle then go to some current events that are bugging me. First, why does a Humming Bird humm? Maybe you already know the answer, but if not, think about it. We in the state of California have very little defense from the machinations of the politicians. One of the few is a law that was passed long ago that limits how much they can tax you on your home. This applies to people who owned their home when the law was passed and those who have inherited their home from a family member who qualified. Now that the state legislature has enough majority in one party they are going to start chipping away at that protection. They will have really good reasons like the schools. They will not be able to eleminate it completely at one time but they will change a little here and a little more there all with some very worthwhile promises. You will note that the biggest supporter of these moves is the teachers union. Does anyone see a connection here besides me. They were the biggest single supporter of the increase in sales tax last year and against the bill that restricted how unions would be able to take money from members without permission. They poured enough money into this that they won on both counts. Frankly the teacher union is not doing the rest of us that many favors. Some teachers in Los Angeles were arrested and are going on trial for sexual abuse of their students. The reason that the school system could not act against those teachers was the teacher union who forced them into rules that protected these types of teachers. Now the parents of these children are suing the school system when they should be suing the teachers union. These things get swept under the rug each time we have a vote about anything. Oh joy! The other thing that I hear that the legislature is working on and that we will vote on will be a special tax on soft drinks. We are being bled already on sales tax and recycling fees on the cans and plastic bottles but they want even more. They are going to claim that the money will be used to fight juvenile obesity. That sounds like a really good cause but then why tax diet soda? Yes, they will tax the diet stuff also. They should only tax the stuff with sugar but that would not give the greedy SOBs all the money that they want. They should tax hamburgers and french fries as much or more but that is just my opinion. I just imagine that things are to go from bad to worse around here. You know if the state did not tax so much or if the unions did not control so much then we might get more businesses back in the state to hire more workers. Very few movies are actually made in Hollywood for that very reason. I know how I will vote but I don't have nearly as much money to put into these things as the union so I am sure that it will be too bad for me. It is good for you because you have an update to check out for no tax at all. Check: Crest Of The Stars, Ray Earth, Sailor Moon, and Sakura Wars. Oh yeah, the reason the Humming Bird humms is because he can't remember the words. Enjoy.

02/23/13--Tell me, what is a HERO? Good question isn't it. Go ahead and take some time and figure it out. OK, that's enough time so what have you concluded? Don't what to say, huh. Do you want me to tell you what I think a HERO is? Alright, since you insist. Well, the first thing that I discovered is the capital letters really seem to help. Still, capital letters do not a HERO make so we have to look more closely. In fiction, a HERO is one thing but in real life, it is something else. One thing for sure, there are more HEROS in the Police and Fire departments than almost anyplace else. There are also many that we can destiguish in our Military Service. One thing for sure it is a different world now. During the major wars, it was easy to tell who was on what side. Now you have people who dress alike that some salute you while others shoot you. I do not consider a person who plants a bomb on the side of the road as a hero. I do not consider someone who wears a bomb and goes into a crowded market and blows themselves up as heros. Those people are simply deluded. From what I understand, those people are promised a palace and seventy virgins. Apparently these women have no say in their fate whatsoever. This is their reward in heaven? I have heard about a woman who blew herself up in a marketplace. What about her? Is her reward to be one of those virgins or will she get seventy virgin males or is she perhaps a lesbian and so her reward would be seventy virgin lesbians? When you get down to it a HERO is not that all of the time. A HERO is one because of the decisions they make at a moment when it is critical. You think about others more than you think about yourself. Not all HEROS die in action. Not all bad guys die in whatever they are up to either. A bad guy gets to take their memories of the bad stuff they do with them all of their lives and sometime they regret it but most of the time they don't even think about it. If someone were as bad to them as they are to others, they would get very upset or if you try to even tell them how bad they are, they get upset. Such is life. Be a HERO. They pay isn't always good but the memories surely are so enjoy. Before you go off enjoying, why not check out this weeks update. Check: 3x3 Eyes, El Hazard, Little Nemo In Slumberland, and Outlaw Star. Enjoy.

02/16/13--It's not often that I can give you good news about the cost of shipping of orders, in fact this is the very first time. The Post Office has changed its billing methods for shipments of priority mail and delivery confirmation. From now on delivery confirmation is automatic and included. They have raised the price but it is slightly less than the price of the two separately. Not everyone wanted to ship priority mail and delivery confirmation so now these people are paying slightly more while those like me get to save a very small amount. I have passed that savings along to you my valued customers. I have lowered the price for the first item to only seven dollars. That's what kind of a person I am. I do not know how long this is going to last because the Post Office will probably be doing a rate increase some time later this year. I guess you all have figured out why the Post Office is losing so much money. Between email and paying your bills online the Post Office is not getting in enough to pay their bills. It costs them the same to keep their offices open and pay the staff and those that have retired with the really sweet benefits that the Post Office provides. I could save a few dollars by paying my bills online but I pay the old fashioned way and I tell those who provide my services to use paper billing. I know that I am not going to save the Post Office all by myself but I do what I can. You should do as your conscience dictates. From what I have seen, many people have drowned their consciences in liquor or drugs. Good luck on that one. We do have an update for those of you that want to take advantage of a great deal on shipping. Check: Ah My Goddess, Big O, Inu Yasha, and Tenchi Muyo. Enjoy.

02/09/13--On a number of occasions in the past I have mentioned the novel that I have been writing. No, I havn't sold it yet. I havn't submited to publishers yet. One of the publishers wants to be the only one you are submitting to at that time. I guess the idea is that if they decide to buy, they don't want to be in competition with another publisher to buy the story. I really don't mind that at all. It is suggested that I check to see what type of stories that each publisher is handling. Frankly, I think that would be a bit much. I do not believe that the titles really tell me much and it would be expensive to buy several titles by each publisher to see what they have. The other thing is the amount of time that it would take to even read one book by each publisher. One of the themes that is very popular right now, along with Gay and Lesbian, is Erotica. You have probably heard about the one that is really big in that area. The title has something to do with shades of grey. From what I hear, the writing is not very good at all. A friend of mine, who is a published writer, checked it out just to see how it was and see says that she could tell that it is crap after only four pages so stopped after that. Still, that author is making a fortune. Most good authors don't make a fortune unless they are also a movie producer or director and can work out a package deal. I don't know how many times I have seen that the director of a movie also wrote the story. Some times the movie is alright and other times the movie stinks. Still, that author made a killing because of the movie rights. To give you an idea about my novel it is twenty three chapters and an Epilogue. The total number of words is about two hundread and fourty thousand. I gather that is a pretty good sized book for the subject matter. Some of the titles of chapters include, "Secrets and Lies," "You can't go Home," "Decisions," and "Clash of the really big Things." My main character is known as Izzy and his best friend is Skip. No, they are not kids nor are they even teenagers. Despite the number of words, I believe that it is a story that can be read in just a few hours. There is action, humor and romance. It is not based on fairy tales or children's stories which makes it unusal in itself any more. We have had one such movie along those lines so far this year and another due out next month. It is not a spin on anything else which also makes it unusual these days. Who knows, perhaps the only way I can get it published would be for it to be one of the above. We should start finding out very soon now. Even if I find a publisher, it will probably take close to a year for it to see print. That gives me more than enough time to finish the second in the series. I will keep you informed. While you are waiting and if you aren't doing anything right now, why not check out the update? Check: Ayashi No Ceres, Bakuretsu Hunter, Lodoss Wars, and Mazinkaiser. Enjoy.

02/02/13--Today I would like to discuss a topic that is very important to all of us. Today I would like to talk about tomorrow. We all depend way too much on tomorrow. They even wrote a song about it. What I have found is that I am very disappointed because it seems like every time I get to tomorrow, all I find is today. It is so disappointing. When I get ready to go on a trip, if I wait until tomorrow to start getting ready then I never get ready in time because it comes up that I have to start the trip today rather than tomorrow. If you wait until tomorrow to start writing your novel or go on a diet then you will have the same problem because you will never get around to it. No matter how big the chore, if you start today, even if you are unable to finish, then you have a start and will eventually have a finish but you have to start today. I start my weekly update on Wednesday because if I wait until Saturday to start then I will not finish. There are many things in life that you can enjoy. One of them is something very important that a husband and wife do together in the bedroom besides sleep. If either one says, oh, we can do that tomorrow then you are giving up the chance of today and tomorrow and have a greater chance that you won't either day. You should pretend that tomorrow will not come and live for the moment and live in the moment. If the weather man says it will rain tomorrow, you will find that when it starts raining it will be today. Don't let today pass you bye because there is so much you can do today that you won't be able to do tomorrow. Today I have an update so why don't you check it out today before tomorrow runs you over. Check: Blue Seed, Crimson Wolf, Photon, and Roujin Z. Enjoy.

01/26/13--I would like to make one more point about Faith then bye pass hope and go on to Charity. In order to exercise Faith, your belief has to be in something true. If someone sells you magic beans and you do all these things that are required in order to make them grow and yet they do not, who is surprised? Not me. Remember when that self-styled biblical scholar predicted that the world was going to end and his group of believers collected over a million dollars to publicize their belief and the world did not end after all. I thought at the time that it was a terrible waste. They were exercising belief because it was not true. It makes all the difference in the world to put effort into something that is real versus something that is not. Now, on to charity. If you moan and groan about all that you give to charity then don't bother. If you give because your heart tells you that it is the right thing to do then go ahead. If you want to tell the world about how great you are because of your charity work then you are in it for the wrong reasons. When I hear about someone who donated and didn't want his name mentioned then I think that person has the right idea. When I heard about some of the salaries that the CEOs of these really big charities are making then I think that these people have no charity at all. If you live in a multi-million dollar home and drive around in a limosene and have huge bank accounts for running this charity then you need to change the name of the business to something other than charity. If you are collecting money to help people who need it then how many people will not be helped in order for you to continue with your excessive life style? True charity is where you love someone else more than you love yourself. If that is not there then it is not a charity. Look inside your heart and see what is there. You will know if it is right. Look inside this weeks update and you will know it is right. Check: Cowboy Bebop, Infinite Ryvius, Jojo's Bizarre Adventures, and Virus. Enjoy.

01/19/13--At the rate that days are flying bye, we will be celbrating Martin Luther King day before you know it. I can hardly wait. This week I would like to discuss another word. You know how I am when it comes to words. I like words and I try to use them whenever I can. This weeks word is usually used in a religous context but really is not exclusive to that area. The word is "faith." Yes, we use faith every day of our lives. Some use it more often than others. Take for example a farmer, he constantly employs faith. Every time he plants a crop he is using faith. There is a tremendous expenditure of both time and money to plant seeds. If the farmer did not believe that the seeds would grow and give him his crop then he would not spend the time, money and energy in planting the seeds. Every time you enter a dark room and turn on the light switch you are exercising faith because you believe the light will turn on and you make the effort by hitting the switch. Think about all the things you do as a reflection of your faith. Every button you hit, every switch you turn, every time you do something because you have expectations of a given result, you are exercising faith. Every time you wake up, roll over and put your foot on the floor it is because you have faith that the floor is still there. The examples are nearly endless but the morning is not. I just wanted to show you what the word really means and how we are using it every day of our lives. One more example is when you turn on your computer and hit the link to my site it is to see my update so you have faith that I will have done my part. Well I have so you can now check it out. Check: Angel Links, El Hazard, Nadia, and Sailor Moon. Enjoy.

01/12/13--If you think back you will find that I told everyone about the book I was writing. It is not longer a book that I am writing but a book that I finished. Right now I am doing one last edit before sending to publishers. I use the plural because it is a sure thing that I will need to send it to as many publishers as I can find before I can find someone who will be interested. I obtained a book last year that gives names and addresses of publishers and shows if they are willing to look at manuscripts from new authors. Even though I am not a young author, I am still a new author. As I went through the list of publishers, I was disappointed to find what small percentage were looking for Science Fiction. Yes, mine is Science Fiction which should not surprise anyone in consideration of my long term interest in Anime. I am not totally surprised to find that there is much more interest in non-fiction like history and animals and things. I am not surprised that there is strong interest in Juvenile subjects both non-fiction and fiction. What did surprise me was that the strongest leading subject of interest for publishers is Gay and Lesbian. Yes, that is true and that can be both non-fiction and fiction. I have no explanation as to this phenomenon. There are proabably a number of reasons, any one of which might be true. I would estimate it to be three or four times the number of publishers that are interested in Science Fiction. This is not a criticism but simply advising of my discovery. I guess I picked the wrong theme. Better luck next time. As for your luck with the update, all you have to do is check it out. Please do. Check: Crest Of The Stars, Eden's Boy, Outlaw Star, and Yamato. Enjoy.

01/05/13--I told you that we would be reaching 2013 and here we are. Wow, did you ever think it would happen? I guess all the doubters were wrong. Now that we are here, are you planning on making any resolutions so you will something to break this year? I did and I havn't broken any yet. Let me tell you my secret. First, you do not want to make the resolution either too big or too general to make it difficult to keep. If you are like me then you will need to lose a little weight so probably made a resulution to do that. The idea of losing weight is a good one but too general. Perhaps it might be easier if you start with something like cutting the number of desserts you have in any given day down to one and then cut the number you have each week. The ultimate goal might be to cut out desserts altogether but that might be a hard way to start. Once you have the number down to something more controlable then you might shoot for the whole thing but again give yourself some room to work with. Just say that you need to lose twenty pounds. To set your goal at the full twenty pounds might put too much pressure on you so you might want to start slower. Set your goal at five pounds and then once you reach that one you can set it an another five pounds. We are for the most part human so we will make mistakes and will eat something that breaks the diet but if the goal is reasonable then you still have a chance to recover and you will not get discouraged. Let me suggest a very doable goal for this coming year and remember it is just a suggestion. Set a goal for yourself to buy one cel from my web site this coming year. The goal is not too many nor is it difficult nor is it expensive. That way you will increase your collection by something worthwhile and keep me alive while you are doing it. Of all the things that I could think of to suggest, that is most worthwhile. Plan you year and save your change or whatever you need to do and it can come to pass. Just think of how happy you will make both of us. That leads us to a very good start for this new year. Check: 3x3 Eyes, Big O, Inu Yasha, and Nadesico. Enjoy.

12/29/12--Here we are. We made it all the way to the last update for the year. The next time you hear from me we will be in 2013. I hope it is a good year for all of us. We in the United States are facing what they are calling a Fiscal Cliff. Apparently this is considered important in other places as well because the economey is weak in many places in the world because not only people but governments have been spending money that they did not have nor did they have reasonable hope of ever having the money. I am not sure exactly what will happen here but I am not entirely sure that it is a bad thing. I understand that if they do not pass new legislation then automatically they will raise taxes and cut spending. Of course, I don't like to pay higher taxes either and especially on a fixed income but since my income isn't that much, they can't take that much more than the already are. One of the problems between the two parties is that one side wants to raise taxes for people who make over a certain amount and the other side wants to preserve their tax breaks because they feel that these are business owners who would have to cut back on employees in order the pay those taxes. They might have some basis for that opinion but they do not show any evidence to back it up. To a certain extent I agree with them but I would be easier to accept the premiss if you have some figures. As an example they could show that of those that make over this amount of money some 80% are business owners or whatever the percentage is and that of the money they make that 60% is going back into the business and 90% of that is wages. I just made up those figures and percentages but you get my point. The thing that I am wondering is that the income that is being referred to is net income and always is and that is after all expenses have been paid and that includes wages. If the person had to pay more tax on their net income then how would that affect their expenses? That little doubt that I am expressing is what I want tbem to explain rather than simply stand on their soap box and declair. Apparently both sides have already agreed to raising taxes on corporations. That is so nice of them. Do you know who pays the additional taxes on corporations? We do. Yes, they simply raise the price of whatever product we are buying. It is part of the cost of doing business so is passed along to the consumer and that is you and me. Oh well, that is how it always goes. Right now I think that I am welcoming that Cliff more and more. Whether you welcome the Cliff or not you can still check out the update so be my guest. Check: Dragon Ball, Noir, Tekkaman Blade, and Tenchi Muyo. Enjoy and see you next year.

12/22/12--It has been just over a week since those horrible events in that elementary school. In many ways I do not believe that the world will ever be the same. There is no way to undo what has been done. Those children cannot be brought back to life. That young man cannot be made to pay for his crime. If in his derainged mind he was killing those little children and the adults who were trying to protect them in order to relieve some pain that they were causing him then why kill himself too. Surely if you are justified in the action you must feel that you will not be punished for doing it. That would be logical. As I understand it, he locked himself in a school room and shot himself when he heard the police sirens as they arrived at the school. Apparently though justified in his actions, he did not want to have to explain himself so he took care of it himself. To add insult to injury, the guns all belongs to his mother. She was something of a survivalist and had all these guns and ammunition and so on. She never had to defend herself with those guns but they were used to take her life. Does anyone else see a problem with that whole system? Now we have the answer to the terrible issue of children killing children. What better sourse that the National Rifle Association who gave their statement last week. All we have to do is arm our teachers. Of course, we are so stupid. The problem isn't too many guns it's not enough guns. All teachers should be armed and that will take care of the problem. Once the teachers are all armed and taught how to use their guns then the teachers will have to learn quick draw. Teachers can no longer turn their backs on the classs while teaching. The doors must all be locked with access by a combination known only to the administrative staff. That will supposedly take care of school kids with guns but what about movie theatures like in Colorado or Malls like in Oregon? When you go to a mall to go shopping you will have to carry a gun or if you go to a movie then it will be the same thing. When you think about it then obviously we need to go back to everyone carrying a gun like in the old west. It is so obvious. We don't need to keep guns out of the hands of insane people, we only need to arm ourselves so we can defend ourselves from the crazy people. Since the crazy people are able to obtain semi-automatic weapons then we need to do the same thing. If the crazy people are wearing body armour then we need to do the same thing. It is so obvious that we should have thought of it before. I hope you have caught on that I am being sarcastic. I just hope that any steps taken will be more than simply cosmetic. This is a hell of a thing to be thinking about just before Christmas. Oh well. My best wishes to you all that you will find joy and happiness with your families this year and every year. If you have time, why not check out this weeks update? Check: Bakuretsu Hunter, Cowboy Bebop, Dual, and Ranma 1/2. Joy and enjoy.

12/15/12--There are many things that I could have used as a topic today but after the events in Connecticut yesterday, nothing else seems very important any more. For several hours I was out of communication with the world while watching the new Hobbit movie. When I got out of the movie, that is all there was. The news by then was all reaction to the events and they all assumed that everyone knew all the story, but I did not. The big question is how could we have prevented this terrible tragidy? I am not sure that we could. Right now it is the correct thing to ask that question and propose all kinds of changes, but I think that these people are more interested in personal press than really doing anything about the problem so I do not give their words much weight. Think about it. Obviously this person was mentally ill to an extreme degree. The killer did not have only one gun. It was determined that he had at least three. The killer could have bought the guns or could have bought one gun or stole one gun or three guns. What would you be trying to determine with a background check? Probably a background check would be to try to prevent criminals from obtaining guns too easily. The background checks in effect now are not having much of an effect on keeping criminals from obtaining guns as they all seem to have them. The background checks will have to include mental evaluations to determine if a person is capable of handling the weapons they are obtaining. Like that is going to happen. Like I said, it is all emptly talk. There is no way that we could prevent weapons from getting into the hands of people who would misuse them. This guy killed his mother and then went to the school where she worked and killed all of the children in her class and six other adults and then he killed himself. If he had not killed himself, he would have been deemed incapable of standing trial and we would have sent him to a mental institution where some shrink would have declared him cured in ten to twenty years. Once the man is cured they can let him out of the mental hospital or something like that. Personally, I think that anyone who kills themselves should have their head examined. Wait a minute, too late. Though it would be nice if we could keep guns out of the hands of those who would do wrong. That is nearly impossible so we need to be more vigilant as best we can. Watch everyone else's back. If we do that then we don't have to worry about our own backs because everyone else will be watching that for us. Good plan? Speaking of good plans, I have planned an update to get our minds of the sad things of the day. Check: Ah My Goddess, Crest Of The Stars, Jojo's Bizarre Adventures, and Outlaw Star. Enjoy.

12/08/12--Around my house we are celebrating the birth of a man who was born over two thousand years ago and whose life and teachings affect much of the world. No, its not Santa Claus though you might think that was the case when you see how it is celebrated. To me it seems strange the way that people celebrate the season. Yes, it is fun and yes we all enjoy the time well spent with our families, but is that what it is all about. How long ago were the teachings lost in the living for the day? Does it make sense to you that people who follow the teachings would reach the conclusion that they should go to war to convince someone to think the way they do. People were sent to prison or even killed because they did not think the same way. We had what we call the dark ages where knowledge and learning were deemed immoral or something to that effect. People who did not believe as the leaders thought they should were killed. It does not say in the Bible that the Earth is the center of the Universe but when people studied the stars and said that was not correct, they were kicked out of the church and executed. They described it as heresy for anyone to think thoughts that were not dictated by the leaders. It was even considered heresy for people to believe that the Bible should be in the language of the people. This was especially true with regard to English. The number of people who were executed because they tried to translate the Bible into English is terrible to consider. While these men were being killed, it is interesting to note that there were Bibles in both German and French and it was widly accepted. Good luck on explaining that one. I think that many people would prefer to forget that these terrible things happened. Why was it acceptable thinking that what was considered to be the word of God should not be available to the masses in their own language? Personally, I think it was a control issue and not a religious one. To think that these leaders believed that they should Love those who despitefully use them or at least that is found in the teachings. Maybe that is why they didn't want the masses to have the word. They don't have to explain their deeds to us, but if their beliefs are correct then they will have to explain them to someone, someday and I would not want to be in their shoes. Since I am not then I am free to write the update so check it out. Check: Angel Links, Blue Seed, El Hazard, and eX-Driver. Enjoy.

12/01/12--I think that it is about time for me to start asking the question, where did this year go? They all pass like greased lightning or at least it seems that way. I hope the year has been really good to you. As for myself, I am pretty pleased by the overall thing. Now I am going to reveal something more about myself. Usually I am not entirely loath to tell how old I am because there is little I can do about it. I judge mostly by how I feel and I don't feel as old as my years. I bring it up because yesterday was my birthday. Yes, I was born the 30th day of November in the year 1942 so I just turned age seventy. Big deal. I learned one thing and that is that wisdom does not come simply because you get older. I'm not sure that it comes at all. I'll have to get back to you on that one. The man who is generally considered the wisest of men from the Bible is Solomon and it surely seems that the older he got, the less wise. In his declining years, do you know how many wives he had? He had more than one during his youth, but he had hundreds when he got older. Now, how wise can that be. You know how hard it is to deal with one wife and make a success out of it? How do you get four happy like Jacob? I think he had a good plan by giving them all children to take care of then they were too busy to sit around and compare notes. Now think about how it would be to have hundreds. It is not a pretty picture and certainly would not be smart much less wise. When it comes to wisdom, I'll take what I can get. If you take what you can get then take a look at this weeks update. Check: Infinite Ryvius, Robot Carnimal, Sakura Wars, and Virus. Enjoy.

11/24/12--Much to no ones surprise, holiday music has started on the radio already. Yes, as of last Monday we have been treated to every toon that has something holiday in the title or lyrics. I think that I am tired of it alreay and we have barely passed Thanksgiving. Since I am forced to listen to this music, if I want to listen to the radio, then I find myself listening to the words. Of course, that is a big mistake. The quasi holiday things are bad enough but when I listened to the words of one of the standards, it occured to me that the thought, in order to made a ryme, did not make much sence. There is a song called "Do you see what I see" and generally it is a pretty good song. There is a line that goes, "a child, a child shivers in the cold, let us bring him silver and gold, let us bring him silver and gold." Have you ever thought about that concept. A child is in the cold someplace in the world, we know not where and what should we do about it? Should we take him a nice warm blanket? Of course not. What are you some kind of a nut case? What we should do is take him silver and gold and then his parents can go out and buy a blanket or maybe a flat screen television or something truely essential. It is good to help those in need and I do what I can. I do not wish to detract from that concept, but the idea that the only thing that we should take to a child the might die from the cold is cold metal money just leaves me cold. If we had enough paper money then we might make a blanket out of it but why not simply take a blanket? I guess I'm just too practical. How about you? While giving your full consideration to the topic, why not peruse this weeks update? Check: Big O, Inu Yasha, Nadesico, and Ray Earth. Enjoy.

11/17/12--We have many symbols that play an important part in our lives. You want an example? Alright, lets start with a simple one. What about the flag? The flag of your country is a simple demonstration to the world of everything that is your country. You see your flag and it reminds you of so many things. At any one moment you might be reminded of one thing and the next time you might be reminded of something else, but that is how it is with symbols. Symbols are used in advertising. That can be very handy for the seller because they can awaken many ideas with something simple that acts as a symbol. What kind of symbol would you chose to represent someone very close and dear to you. What symbol would you pick to remind you of someone that you lost. Would you carry around a picture of the year, make, and model of the car that struck and killed your child or spouse? If someone very important to you was wrongfully convicted of murder and executed, would you carry around a picture of the make and model of the electric chair that was used to execute your loved one? What if your loved one was killed in an armed robbery? Would you carry around a picture of the year, make and model of gun or knife that was used to kill your loved one? It sounds silly doesn't it? Yet, we do that right now under the flag of religion. Do you wear a symbol around your neck to remind you of how someone very dear to you was killed? Can you remember that person's teachings or life because of the symbol of that person's death? Which is more important for you to do? Is it better for you to study and consider or wear some kind of symbol that tells the world what you believe in? Should not your life tell the world what you believe in? If someone watches you during the day, what will be that person's impression of what you believe in? Will they say that your beliefs are good and strong because of what you do or will they say, that person's beliefs are good and strong because of what that person wears around their neck? Here you have food for thought. While you are digesting, which is something we do every time we eat, why not take a moment to check out this weeks update? Check: 3x3 Eyes, Dr Slump, Noir, and Virus. Enjoy.

11/10/12--It is a nice day. It is a very nice day to get married. No, not me. I am already married and many of you are acquainted with Helen. Today my son will be married. It is a very happy time for him and his bride. I think that they both searched for a very long time to find the right one. I think that we all search a very long time to find the right one. Sometimes the one we find is not the one we have been looking for. That is a common mistake. I do not believe that I was the one that my ex-wife was looking for. I am not completely sure that I am the one that anyone would be looking for, even my wife. I think that I might be the best that she found so far so might have stopped looking or at least I hope so. If she is still looking, I wish her luck because it is a very hard task. I hope you have found the one you were looking for or at least reasonably close. If you are looking for cels, you have come the the right place. I have an update for you so check it out. Check: Bakuretsu Hunter, Dragon Ball, Mazinkaiser, Sailor Moon. Enjoy.

11/03/12--Since the election will be next week, this will be the last time you will hear from me on the subject of the political unrest that we are going through right now. As I think about it, I feel that it is very unfortunate that we will probably have another four years of over spending and poor management but that is what you get when people vote without really thinking about what they are getting. I can understand that the forces in power have done things and made decisions with the only purpose to garner support from certain factions of the population. Is anyone surprised? I guess not. As an example, a decision was made by a leader that completely bypassed the legislature with regard to illegal aliens. If they put the same amount of money that is being spent to educate and provide medical services to people who do not belong here into enforcement then the problem would eventually take care of itself. There is another thing that bugs me. When someone runs for office they tell us how worthy they are of the position of trust that they are asking us to give them. They are as honest as the day is long. Why then is it that once they have the position that they asked for, we do not require them to be as honest as they said they were. We need to pass regulations to keep their hands out of the fiscal cookie jar. The political ads tell us the the politicians are being controled by the big donors. If they are then we need to get rid of them and not simply try to keep them out of the cookie jar. Why should we even have to worry about the cookie jar? It seems that applies to boths sides of the argument. We need to think before we vote and we need to get the crooks out as soon as we have a hint of their duplicity. That is what I think. How about you? While you are weighing your alternatives, why not check out this weeks update. Check: Shamanic Princess, Tekkaman Blade, Tenchi Muyo, and Urusei Yatsura. Enjoy.

10/27/12--All day yesterday I was concerned that I would not be able to do my update today. I was not able to access the internet. If I am unable to access the internet then I cannot do my update. I tried to get on today and what do you know, I got on. I have no idea what was wrong yesterday and I guess it doesn't really matter anymore. I am just worried that it could happen again. For now, I am just happy because I can do it. You are probably tired of hearing about the political garbage in my state, but it is rather interesting. There has been much said about political contributions and the amount of control that the contributors exert over the politicians. Does anyone else see anything wrong with this? Yes, it seems logical that politicians need to at least consider the point of views and needs of those who honestly contribute to their campaigns. For the politicians to be slaves to these contributors no matter who they might be is just wrong. When someone is elected to political office, do they automatically lose all self respect? It sure seems that way. I guess we can try to get the bad seeds out but which of them are not bad seeds? That is the really difficult question. One of the bills that we are being given will change the state law with regard to businesses that are in and also out of the state. A business might have offices in more than one state and do business in many states. Current law allows California to tax these businesses on all of their earnings if they only do ten percent of their business inside the state. As well you can understand, these businesses close their offices in California rather than deal with the unfare tax situation. This has hurt the State because jobs have been lost to out of state businesses. The change in the law would allow that the State would only tax on the portion of the business actually done within the State. Why do we even need to vote on this? It is because the special interests have muddied the waters again and added many additional caviots to this issue. There is no guarantee that businesses will automatically come running to the State because of the high rent and sales taxes. Despite this fact, they are estimating one billion additional revenue to the State. Why, I have no idea. If I have a business and I am tired with dealing with the abusive meassures that this state imposes then I would not come running back. Still the thing that blows my mind is that they are saying that all the additional money that they will get has to all go to some very specific needs. That is where they lose me. Get the businesses back and increase the revenue and if the politicians do the right thing then these needs will be met. This money is more important for use in schools than to be ear marked for special green projects. I think that the schools need the money more. I have a little problem with the state budget when I consider that part of the problem with the university budget is the fact that we are helping finance the education of students who are not in the country legally. If someone who lives in Idaho wants to go to school in California, we charge them several times what we charge California residents. If a person was born in a country south of the border and comes here without permission then we only charge them what we charge the ones who were born in the State. Where is that logical? There are dentists and doctors working in Mexico who got their degrees in California and who work out of the country and pay no tax to repay the State for our kindness. These are facts because I know some of these doctors. I am only trying to show the lack of logic used by the political types when they make decissions that help further their own agendas rather than deal with the issues as they are. It makes me sad. One thing that doesn't make me sad is the fact that we have an undate so check it out. Check: Ah My Goddess, Crest Of The Stars, El Hazard, and Ranma 1/2. Enjoy.

10/20/12--I try not to impose my political point of view on readers but despite that effort I think you have an idea of where I stand on many issues. At the bottom I believe that the money we make from our work is money for us and not for the Government. I strongly believe that the Government has a great responsability to see that our money that they do spend is spent wisely. I have been enraged by the companies that bid for a project for the Government and are awarded the project on the basis of the bid and then the company exceeds their proposed budget by several times. What is the penalty for a company that exceeds their bid? The government does not force them to live within their budget which is what I would do but the company simply cannot bid on new projects for two or three years. That doesn't sound nearly severe enough. I have a feeling that some of these companies make large contributions to different political parties and we already know what that is all about. I do wish to mention another proposition which will be on the ballot in November. Let me start by mentioning that it is required that you have insurance on your car. Every year when you register your car you have to provide proof of insurance to be able to register the car. If you register your car then cancel your insurance, the insurance company has to advise the State that your car is no longer insured. If you are stopped for a ticket and they find that your car is no longer insured then you are arrested on the spot and the car is impounded. You will probably never see your car again. If you do have insurance on the car then there is no problem. The insurance company has discounts for good drivers who are not in accidents that cost them money. If you have too many driving tickets then your insurance will go up as well. If you continue with the same insurance company for an number of years, they might give you some additional discount as a repeat customer. The discount that a company gives to a repeat customer is a courtesy for someone who has spent their money with the same business for an extended period of time. It is not a requirement of the law nor should it be since it is a courtesy. Now they want to make it that it will be mandatory and that you can take this discount to any other insurance company with whom you have not done business and get the same discount. Since it is a requirement of the law to have insurance then everyone should have some kind of duration discount. The good drivers who have been with the same company for ten or fifteen years will not be entitled to any better discount than the bad driver who has been forced to change companies every year. Why is the government trying to control something like this? If I were the insurance companies and this is forced on me then I would stop giving this discount to anyone no matter how long they have been with me and increase the discount to the drivers who have good records for no claims, accidents or tickets. I am not an insurance company nor do I know anyone in the insurance game. The thing that I dislike the most is the advertising in favor of this proposition that says that it will help that more cars are insured since they would have the discount. Wait a minute here. It is a requirement of the law to have insurance. If the person does not have insurance now and is trying to get away with something then they would have no discount if they did get insurance. Why would this help see that more cars are insured? Do they really think that the voters are that stupid? Perhaps they do. I have a feeling that this might pass even though it is not logical at all. Who knows? While we contemplate this I will give you an update to consider. Check: Big O, Little Nemo in Slumberland, Maris the Chojo, and Nadia. Enjoy.

10/13/12--Last Thursday was a very interesting date. I would be surprised if I were the only one to even notice it. Last Thursday was the 11th day of October of 1912. On simply put, last Thursday was 10/11/12. Not bad. We have had a day like that since 2003. We will have that for the next two years. We will have 11/12/13 and 12/13/14 but after that we are on our own. Since I live in California you get to hear all about the really crappy things going on in the State whether you want to or not so I will try to make it brief. One of the propositions on the balot for November has to do with limiting the control by certain special interest groups who contribute to political candidates, political parties and certain propositions that they support or which they are against. One of the problems is that these special interest groups contribute to a candidate and then the candidate owes them and will help protect their interests. The individual voter has no say other than their vote. If you contribute to a candidate then it is simply lost in the rush unless you are contributing a very large amount. Still, can you imagine if you have contibuted millions of dollars toward a candidate and then he looses. What do you do then? This proposition suggests that we can control the influence by certain groups by preventing them from contributing to political candidates or issues. The big problem with the proposition is that it does not go far enough and that their are contributors who are not blocked from donating. If we can only block some then it gives the ones that can more power than they have now because there is no opposition. Why is the proposition limited? It is because the ones that they cannot limit are controled by the state constitution. Does that not seem strange to you? How in heck did such things as the right of certain groups to contribute to the political process become part of the constitution? Do you think that the polititions put it there? Nah, they wouldn't do such an underhanded thing now would they? Of course they would and they did. Though I think that limiting to contributions is a good idea, I am not sure that limiting only certain contributors is a very good idea. Like I said, it simply gives the ones that cannot be limited because of the constitution even more power because they do not have oppositon. I would love to change the constitution but I really doubt that the polititians will allow that since that is how they get their money to run their campaigns. Oh well. Que sera, sera. Still we have some good in the world like the updates so why don't we go there and forget the sad stuff for a few minutes. Check: 3x3 Eyes, Inu Yasha, Nadesico, and Ray Earth. Enjoy.

10/06/12--I am sure that you have heard that when it rains it pours. That is an old saying that was adopted by a salt company as a phrase to show that their salt will pour even when it is humid due to rain. Orininally it was used to point out that when the bad things start they all hit you at the same time. Well, here we go again. I told you when our modum went bad that it was a real pain to go through all the steps to get things up and running again which included reconnecting the router so we could have access to the things that provided. Well, surprise, surprise our router went bad yesterday so now I have to go buy a new one and have everything reconfigured to go with that. As big a pain as that is, it could be worse. I could be President Obama after the recent debate. According to the experts, it seems like he was not well prepared for the debate. How do you explain that? It was not important to him? Perhaps it was not important because he feels it is in the bag and he didn't think he needed to do anything. Was it because he is too busy? Again, I doubt that is a very valid reason because he doesn't have to do anything that is more important than being re-elected. Is it because he is lazy? I doubt that because he isn't lazy about the things that are of high priority to him. I think it probably goes back to the first concept. He is comfortable thinking that he is going to win because of the polls. They interviewed people in the street in Southern California and from what they said, the President might be making a mistake because people that he thought were in his back pocket are starting to re-think their position and it might not be as automatic as he once thought. I am sure that his advisors will not let him make the same mistake twice but then much depends on what you make of the facts or presentation. There are so many people being affected by the poor econemy that you cannot simply claim that what you are doing is working if the person who lost his job several years ago still doesn't have a job. I never thought that the best way to fix the problem was government spending. The government takes from the worker and gives to the people who are not working and that doesn't help really when you think about it. Help business build so that they hire people and you collect taxes from everyone. When you only tax the person who owns the business then he can not hire and the business will not grow and perhaps will not even survive. It is my opinion that it is better to help build the business than tax more. The more taxes we pay then the less we can spend to buy things from the business and the spiral continues down. That is my opinion. What's yours? While you are giving it serious thought, why not check out this week's update? Check: Bakuretsu Hunter, Noir, Orguss, and Outlaw Star. Enjoy.

09/29/12--I understand that there is a proposal on the ballot for this November to eliminate the death penalty in the State of California. A number of years ago they had a ballot to confirm the use of the death penalty and it was passed by a very wide margin. What is the basis for this meassure to eliminate execution in the State? It is due to the cost. Yes, that is right. It is too expensive to enforce the death penalty. Is it too expensive to use rope or the electric chair or even the injections that they use. No, not even close. It is too expensive because of the automatic appeals that are a part of the process in the State. Was that part of the original ballot meassure to say use the death penalty? Not even close. I think that some of it comes from our extremely liberal courts and especially the top court in the State. The rest can be placed at the feet of the polititians. Every case where a person is convicted of a crime and the death penalty imposed, which is extremely difficult in the first place, has an automatic appeal and if that appeal is not successful there are additional automatic appeals that seem to go on forever. Why is this process so expensive? The State must pay for the defendant's attorney for each of these automatic appeals. I do not believe that any other State has this type of rediculous system that seems to only exist to enrich the attorneys. It does not matter how much evidence there is to convict or how awful the crime. The perpetrator goes on forever. I believe that one of the reasons that we approved the death penalty is so that the perpetrator could not kill again. A person in prison can kill again. That person might kill another prisoner or even a guard. A person who is granted parole despite his crime can kill again. If you think that such a thing cannot happen then you should know that it already has. Is it right that a person can be convicted of not only murder but torture and murder and walk away for the rest of his life? A drunk driver who kills another person or even a whole family gets away with a slap on the hand. That person might get a few years in prison at most but then is released to have a chance to drive and kill again. You think that will not happen? It already has. It seems we are more concerned with protecting the lives of the guilty than we are of protecting the inocent. What is right about that? You're right, there is nothing right about it so be prepared to do something when you have a chance so be sure to vote. While you are waiting for the polls to open, why not check out this week's update. Check: Angel Links, Dr Slump, Jojo's Bizarre Adventures, and Jube Chan. Enjoy.

09/22/12--They say that a little stress is good for you, but then again I think that how you handle the stress might have something to do with that. In this last week everything that I complained about two weeks ago finally hit the fan. The modum died so I had to replace it. Unfortunately when you replace a modum you have to reset everything for your internet service and then reset your router if you use a router. Of course, we use a router. Everything is now up and running. In the mean time, I had a question that deserves mentioning in this forum. The animation studios in Japan do not normally give a certificate of authenticity so how do you know that a cel is actually a real production cel and was used in the animation? The only company that did anything close to a certificate was DIC who put a raised seal at the top of many of their cels to show that they were actually used. They didn't do that for all their titles so the expensive ones were up to you to tell if it was real or not. In reality it is up to you to know the difference when you buy something. How can you tell? I myself have been burned in the past. I once bought a cel that was a printed cel that someone had painted in from the back to look like a real cel. I could only tell with very close inspection but it was too late by then. I got my first cels before many of you were even born. I got my first cels in 1981 and that was over thirty years ago. I can tell the difference based on things that I have learned over those years. One of the hard things to cope with would be special cels that were not used for animation. These special cels that were done up by the studio and sold by the studio are very nice to look at but hard to authenticate since it was not used in production of the animation. There is an old saying that goes "if it looks too good to be true, it probably is." That applies in this area as well because the people that make copies are not going to make a copy of a lower class cel because it costs as much to make a copy of a $50.00 cel as it does to make a $500.00 cel. A copy cel will not have eyes closed or anything else that might reduce value. Remember the copy cel is intended for collectors in Japan and make it over here after the first two or three owners. I have a cel on my site that is sequence "D" which is actually one of the ways to tell that it is real. There are three different characters in the shot and all three are moving so each is on a separate cel and the background is cel as well so you have four different cels in the shot so you have A, B, C, and D. When you think about it this would seem logical. I think that most cel sites are secure when it comes to copy cels so where you would be totally on your own would be when you go on eBay to buy. It really is buyer beware. Once you buy it you would have to be able to prove that the cel is a copy to be able to get your money back so please be very careful. You don't have to be careful with me, you only need to check the update so check Big O, Crest Of The Stars, Gatchaman, and Photon. Enjoy.

09/15/12--I live in Southern California though not specifically in the Los Angeles area. This last week we had events that tied to the area but were totally different yet somehow similar. The whole world knows about the anti-islamic movie that was released to the internet. At least a preview was. The preview was translated into Arabic so guess what the purpose of the movie is. Yes, it is to get Muslim people angry and to act out as only they know how. I do not have a lot of sympathy for a religion that sends a rape victim to prison while the attacker runs free, but this is rediculous. The only possible reason for making the movie and then translating it into Arabic is get cause riots against anything American though America didn't have anything to do with the movie. You just knew that this was going to happen based on the people involved but the makers of the movie are safely in hiding while Americans in other countries are being killed. The extremists on both sides love to throw rocks but it is the innocent people in the middle that are being hit. A few days ago there was an armed bank robbery and the culprits that did it were chased all over the place in their stolen vehicle. After two of their number were dropped off, the other two drove to South Central Los Angels where they apparently live. As they were pursued on city streets by the police, the men were throwing money they had stolen out the window of the car in order to cause people to run into the street and get in the way of the police. Clearly the perpetrators have no concern for the people in the street. One pedestrian claims he was hit by a police car. The last thing that I would do if I heard a police car with siren blaring coming up the street would be to run into the middle of the street but there you have it. Wait and see, he will probably sue the city for millions of dollars because of the lack of care of the police department. The last thing regarding this event is the girlfriend of one of the bank robbers brought their child down to the street to watch the show and she didn't like that the little child was upset when she saw her father being arrested by the police. Let me see now, whose idea was it to take the little kid to the street to watch the show? Gee, I wonder. Whose idea was it to drive into his own neighborhood and throw money out of the car that he had stolen at gun point from a bank. Gee, I wonder. People do strange and totally unthinking things without considering the consequences. I can't say that lady shows much class or taste in having a child with a bank robber, but there you have it. A very strange week. I hope your week is better. This update might help even things out so here we go. Check: Dragon Ball, Hokuto No Ken, Robot Carnival, and Sakura Wars. Enjoy.

09/08/12--For awhile there I was not sure that I would even be able to do an update today due to the fact that my computer had lost all connection with the internet. I tried everything I could think of short of going out to buy a new router and modem but that turned out to be unnecessary as the last thing I tried seemed to work so here I am. I hope you had a good week. Speaking of week. Some closed minded people who claim to believe in the Bible think that the Earth was made in six days like we have today with the rise and fall of the sun. This was reminded to me when I saw a movie about the Lost World like the one created by Arthur Conan Doyle of Sherlock Holmes fame. In this movie there was a preacher guy who attempted to murder the remaineder of the members of the group. As a preacher it seems strange that he had never heard of "Thou Shalt Not Kill." So in a discussion of the creation of the Earth he went on about how the world was made in six days. If you read it, you will find in Genesis that a number of creative efforts were called days but no designation of time was even intimated. Consider that some of those things were done before the Sun and Moon found their place in the firmament. How long did it take to do these things? We do not know because it does not say. Even after there was a Sun and Moon, we are talking about designated periods of time rather than days of a week. I do not dispute the fact that there were dinosaurs roaming the Earth long ago but we do not have enough information for any informed conclusions. One thing we know for sure is that the world was not all Eden because Adam and Eve were expelled from there so if the whole world was Eden then how can you leave the place? Still it is interesting to consider the fact that several million years could have gone bye and called the first day. Even if you do not accept that point of view, at least you can consider the ramifications. While considering, why not check out this week's update. Check: El Hazard, Gundam, Mazinkaiser, and Sailor Moon. Enjoy.

09/01/12--Did you have problems with bullies when you were young? I hate to ask the question, but were you the bully? I hope not. I had to deal with bullies back in High School. Yes, they had High Schools back then and they had bullies too. I know it's hard to believe, but it's true on both accounts. I really wonder about the people who feel that they need to act up that way and pick on others. One thing that I noticed is that bullies are not really brave. The guys that didn't like me never approached me on a one on one basis. I noticed that if I saw one of those guys coming and they were alone they would walk the other way or at least give me clearance as if they dared not face me without their backup. That doesn't seem very brave when you think about it. I had a chance for pay back. I loved Basketball but never was quite coordinated enough to actually play on the team though I think the coach would have gladly tried to talk me into it. One day I was playing around on the outside courts and was shooting from distance and was shooting from beyone the top of the key. They did not have a three point shot back then but they would have been in that range. I made three in a row just as the coach was walking bye and he saw me. He asked me if he couldn't convince me to try out for the team. I begged off because I felt my lack of coordination would have been a liability. I did have a chance to pay back the guys who were bullying me when we had five on five, half court games in the main gym. It was a very nice gym with three full courts side by side. The three guys that picked on me were on the other team and my team was made up of the guys that always got picked last for any competition. Yes, that included me. The game lasted a half hour and we shut them out and I scored all of the points for my team and we beat them twenty to zero. They liked me even less after that, but there was nothing they could do about it. I had bragging rights over them. They did not stop bullying me, but I didn't mind all that much any more. I had them and I had them bad and I could tell the world. It was one of the best days I spent in High School. As you can imagine, I remember that day as if it happened yesterday and it has been more than fifty years. If you were a bully, you need to figure out why and then fix it. If other people bullied you, join the club. While you are waiting for your membership kit why not check out this weeks update. Check: Ah My Goddess, Golden Boy, Inu Yasha, and Ranma 1/2. Enjoy.

08/25/12--This week I would like to have a little light discussion. That's right, let's talk about light. Where do I get these things? They just come to me like messangers in the night. Maybe it's my night light. Who knows? Do you know of anything that travels faster than the speed of light? Actually you do, but it is sort of a trick question because light actually travels faster than the speed of light. Actually we all knew that but it just hadn't occured to us. We already know that light travels in waves. Waves have a length. The length of the wave has something to do with color or something like that. Waves move up and down or back and forth or something like that. The particles that make up light move through the wave motion. The forward speed of the light is what is being judged so obviously as the light moves through the wave it is going faster than the judged forward motion. It is true when you think about it. The light we see from a distant star left there long before the Earth even began. We can see stars now that went nova a million years ago because the light takes so long to get here. When the light leaves a star and starts its journey through space, it can keep going forever unless acted upon. The gravity of a planet or another star can act on that ray of light and divert the course or intercept it completely. That ray of light will never slow down or stop of its own accord. I don't know about you, but I can't say that about me. What I can say about me is that I do have an update for you patient enough to get this far so here we go. Check: 3x3 Eyes, eX-Driver, Nadesico, and Outlaw Star. Enjoy.

08/18/12--I have good news and bad news. You can relax, the news is about me. It doesn't matter which goes first because they are unrelated. The bad new is rats. That's right, we have rats. Big rats and small rats, they are finding it too easy to get into my house. I think I may have mentioned in the past that I live in a mobile home so that is a contributing factor to the preoblem. We are working on it and we will have a good handle on it this coming week. The good news is that football season is starting again. By next Saturday I will have attended the first game of the new season. The things should all be getting better by next week so be sure to come back then. For now, we have an update so check it out. Check: Angel Links, Big O, Cowboy Bebop, and Crest Of The Stars. Enjoy. I know I will.

08/11/12--We have been suffering here with the worst heat wave in a number of years. It has been over one hundred for a whole week and boy have we been suffering. This suffering has brought to mind how relative everything is. We have been hot and that is sure. Our heat is nothing when compaired to other places like Texas where they have been suffering with the heat for months rather than days. It doesn't make it any less hot here, but it puts our suffering in perspective. Once we pass one hundred it all is hot but still one hundred and eight is better than one hundred and eighteen like they had in Phoenix, Arizona. Another thing that can be very relative would be prices on things you buy. There are some stores around me here that have sales where some product is half off which is pretty good, but what they usually do is give you one free if you buy one at full price. That is not a bad deal but then again it depends on the starting price. An example might be the store close buy that sells similar items under the arrangement of buy two and get the third one free. You might think that buy one and get one free is better and it might be but it depends on the starting point. If the price of the item is ninty nine cents then they would be the same as fifty cents each. If the buy two and get the third free also starts at ninty nine cents then obviously that price is not as good. If the starting price for the buy two and get one free is sixty nine cents then that is really a better deal when you work it out. If the starting point is sixty nine cents then the items would work out to be fourty three cents each. The one I don't like is a really good price on something but you have to buy a minimum of four or five to get them at that price. I never have that much room to buy that many of anything. It sounds good if you have lots of room. I hope you do. I hope you have the room for our next update so check it out. Check: Gatchaman, Nadia, Roujin Z, and Virus. Enjoy.

08/04/12--Another one of the big summer movie releases was yesterday. It is a remake of movie that came out about fifteen years ago or so. It might be more, but I'm not quite sure. The title is Total Recall. They changed a number of the basic premises for the remake. For some reason the initial concept of giving us memories of something that did not happen did not bother me much when the first one came out, but this time I just had to wonder where they were going. Yes, I accept that our understanding of the world is the result of our brain as it interprets sensory impulses. No matter how good the senses are in transmitting the information, if the brain screws it up then our impression of what surrounds us will be messed up. Still, think about it. Your memories of an event in your life are not nearly as clear as when you first experienced those events. Your memory will not have the sharp detail of everything when it first happened. Some of your experiences will be clearer than others while others will fade almost completely. The idea of the movie is that they can give us fake memories of something that never happened and we will not be able to tell the difference. Perhaps that is true but a memory of an event is not like actually living it. In the movie they portray these things as having equal value which is not possible. Also they show in the movie that they are able to superimpose a whole new set of memories on someone. You might find that possible, but I have my doubts. It is one thing to give a new memory of something that did not happen and another is to erase a whole life and replace it with something else. Perhaps I am being too analytical, but then again if something doesn't make sense then how do you build a story around it. The human brain is extremely complex and contains memories to an extent that computers cannot be made big enough to contain them all. They have a life time of a person's real memories that they saved. Give me a break. I guess the first movie was just so silly that it was easy to just ignore the lack of logical pregression. Also we are back at the old whipping post of man totally destroying the planet and forced to live like insects in a protected environment. That made more sense on Mars. In this one, they travel from England to Australia by going through the Earth's core. If they could build such a transportation system then they could have built a machine to clean the air and dirt. Can you imagine how long it would take to build a tunnel through the Earth's core? By the time they finished, all human kind would be dead. I think it was more of a visual concept for the movie and not well considered. When you consider the money they spend to make a movie like this, you would think they could spend another five dollars to make a better story. That is just me and perhaps you might have had a different impression. Speaking of impressions, it impresses me that we have an update this week. Check: 3x3 Eyes, Blue Seed, Giant Robo, and Ray Earth. Enjoy.

07/28/12--Alright, new subject. People say that beauty is only skin deep. I think it is more than that. True beauty comes from the inside out. If you see an attractive person acting like the world owes them because they are attractive then you quickly forget that they are attractive. If you see an attractive person who cares about others and treats others with kindness then they become even more attractive in our eyes. When I see people who I think stand out in the crowd and they do things that I cannot respect then my whole opinion of these people makes a complete dive into the sewer. One of my favorite action actors was filmed when he was caught drunk driving and he acted up and said many things that I find totally disgusting. I have not seen any of his movies since that and he was not talking about me or my people. Another person that I used to respect became governor of my state. He did some things that I cannot respect at all and for which I can grant no excuse. I will not see any of his future movies either. There are some actresses that have behaved similarly and I no longer find them attractive any more. Perhaps my standards are too high. Obviously their standards are not high enough. As I see it the true beauty in the world comes from the inside. I have to believe that because with me it is obvious that it did not start on the outside. Still, that is good enough for me. I have an update for you today and I hope that is good enough for you. Check: Bakuretsu Hunter, Dragon Ball, Inu Yasha, and Photon. Enjoy.

07/21/12--Comic-Con was what it always is. We enjoyed it greatly even if we did not get away from our table as much as we might have liked. There is so much going on. One thing that I would really like would be if the city could arrange with the trains so they will not be passing the convention center just as the convention is getting out at 7:00 PM every day. We lost fifteen to twenty minutes waiting at the corner for the train to go bye so we could cross the street. It isn't as if they don't know what is happening. The Comic-Con brings in about seventy million dollars to the local econemy every year and San Diego does everything in its power to make sure that the convention doesn't go anywhere. I would like to bring something up to throw out for discussion. I would like to talk about evil. There are some really bad people out there but how many of them think that they are truley evil? I doubt that any of them think in those terms. Some guy from Southern California just went on a killing spree at a Colorado theature during a midnight showing of the new Batman movie. He did not say to himself that tonight I am going to be evil. For some reason people think that bad people think in those terms. The person who we might consider the most evil in the history of our world led his country on a rampage of war and destruction and picked out a certain group of people to blame for all the troubles in the world. Did he say to himself, Adolph ol buddy, now you are really evil? No, he truely believed that what he was doing was for the benefit of his people. Was he right? No, but I am sure that he thought he was doing the right thing. The group that Magneto led in the X-Men called itself the brotherhood of evil Mutants. They might use those terms to be sarcastic but not because they believed that. All of our choices might be totally selfish and we might do things that hurt other people but those that do those things are thinking that it is justifiable in their own eyes no matter how awful the things are that they do. We might say that what they do is pure evil, but do they think that? I doubt it. Oh well, that is just my opinion. If we do bad things, we can make it better. If we try harder, we can do more good things as well. Do what you think is right and that is all that anyone can do. One thing you can do is check out this weeks update. Check: Ah My Goddess, Crest Of The Stars, Outlaw Star, and Ranma 1/2. Enjoy.

07/07/12--If we did not see you at Anime Expo, maybe next year. There were lots of people at the convention though I don't know the exact number. The hall was full and I do mean standing room only. From the upper floor where the exhibit hall was located you could see that the crowd spilled outside into the street. If anyone says that Anime Fandom is dieing out then I suggest that they check out the conventions. There are large conventions all over the United States. Yes, none of them is as large as Comic-Con but added together they are more. I am sure that this was more than thirty thousand people and that Fanime Con is over twenty thousand and that Sakura Con is about the same and that is only the West Coast. It is getting more expensive to put on conventions so it is possible that some smaller ones will not make it, but the big ones are flourishing. It is great fun to mingle with all the fans at the convention. It is fun to watch the people in costumes. It is fun to meet people from all over the world. This convention we met a fan all the way from Dubai. That was a kick. If you have not been to a convention yet, I suggest that you consider it as it will be fun for you too. Speaking of conventions, we will be in San Diego for Comic-Con next weekend so you will have another weekend off so make good use of it. We do have an update this week so do check it out as I will soon be updating the inventory to show the ones we sold last week and then again next week soon after. We leave next Wednesday for set up so think quick. Think about: Angel Links, Big O, Nadesico, and Pretty Sammy. Enjoy.

06/23/12--I think it is fun to use logic on many of the conclusions that have been reached by people who call themselves scientists. I did that a short while ago with their conclusions regarding the beginning of life on the Earth. Now, I would like to throw something out regarding one of the so called evidences that aliens visited the Earth long ago. There are places in America and Scotland and other places throughout the world where we can find creations that can only really be seen from the air. To the people who want to believe, these signs show that the aliens had the inhabitants build these things to act as guides to them as they flew around the world. I see some difficulties with the conclusions that have been made. In the early years of flight we had markers which the pilots used to keep on course. They used compasses and these landmarks to be sure that they were headed in the right direction. If these aliens were able to fly across the vastness of space to arrive at our little world then why would they need to communicate with the residents here and have them build these markers to help them get around on the Earth? We don't need that now and we are not able to travel between the stars. Does not that seem like a contradiction? Smart enough to build ships to travel between stars and lost once they get where they are going? You have native American burial grounds in the United States and similar things in Scotland and then you have the famous drawings on the coast of northern Peru in Nazca. All are different but similar in that they are meant to be seen from the air. I have another question. Where did they think that their gods lived? Were these things created to be seen by their gods? I know that that answer is yes. That is not to say that we were not visited by aliens only that I do not believe these things were for them. They didn't need them. A very interesting question that has not been answered is once these huge construction projects like in Egypt, Mexico, and Peru were finished, what happed to the tools that they used to make those things? Why would they hide or destroy them? They could have been used to do many other things, but the tools disappeared. Why? I don't know, but it is an interesting thought. I hope I got your thought maker going this morning. Now for something a little different. How about an update? Check: eX-Driver, Infinite Ryvius, NightWalker, and Photon. Enjoy and next week you will have the day off because we will be at Anime Expo and too busy for an update. See ya.

06/16/12--Here we go again. The politicians really have me climbing the walls again. I mentioned a few weeks ago that we were dealing with an issue having to do with additional tax on cigarettes and the flaws that I saw in the bill as written. Several years ago there was a bill we passed here in California that the political types had to pass a balanced budget by the due date or they would not be paid. Guess who determines if the budget is balanced or not. Yes, it is the politicians themselves. Needless to say they are claiming that the budget that they passed is balanced whether it is or not so that they will continued being paid. Part of the budget that they passed is based on the chance that the voters will approve additional taxes in November. My question is what happens if, as I hope, that we do not pass additional taxes in November? The budget that was passed is not balanced after all so do they go back and dock the pay of the politicians as of the date they passed the unbalanced budget? Probably not, but it shows that the way a bill is written, no matter how well intentioned, might not have the outcome as intended if not worded in such a way as to prevent these shinanigans. Oh well. I really do hope that we do not pass the additional taxes on ourselves. The major point that I make is that we had higher sales and other taxes up until last year and we were deep in the hole last year so increasing the taxes will not help. Adding additional taxes on business to support every politician's particular favorite thing is not going to help the budget. The Governor and his group have passed legislation to require changes in ciriculums in schools and to help provide higher education for illegal immigrants. Where are they getting the money to do these things? I guess I don't really want to know because it just gets me upset. Let me throw something out to you. Do you know how much money it costs to educate each child that goes to school in the different states in the United States? I will not give you an exact answer because it is different depending on the state, but I assure you that it is thousands of dollars in a given year. Where does the money come from to pay for the education of the students? It comes from the tax payers both Federal and State. If someone comes to this country illegally with small children and sends them to school here, are the taxes that they pay enough to pay for even one child? Remember that these people do not come here with skills so the taxes that they pay do not come close to paying for one child much less two, three or more. Since people who are not legally in this country are not allowed to work then how do they do it? The work under someone else's social security number and the politicians never mention the cost of straightening out the problems created by all the people working illegally here. Why do they give alien cards to legal aliens when noone bothers to check for them? Oh well! That's show biz. The one bright spot of the weekend is the update so check it out. Check: Fushigi Yuugi, Inu Yasha, Nadia, and Virus. Enjoy.

06/09/12--Some times there is more truth than fiction in some of our old sayings. You might say, "he is going to worry himself sick." We can actually do that. There are many disorders that we might refer to as psychosomatic. Chances are pretty good that I did not spell that correctly but I think you get my point. A pilot in the war that is so worried about a coming assignment might end up unable to fly the mission. That pilot is no more a coward than the ones that go ahead and make the mission successfully. There are many reasons why a person might be sick due to things going on in their heads. I know for sure that you have a better chance at success from your treatment for virtually any kind of illness if you believe that you will be cured. There used to be some ministers that had television programs where what they did was heal people. I believe that mental investment in the healing had a great deal to do with the outcome. One of the things that I noticed with the people that went on these shows is that they never had someone with a specific medical problems. I do not remember anyone going on with a specific spinal condition that made it so these people could not walk. The people that went on the shows were unable to walk and had not been able to walk for a certain amount of time. It might be that the person couldn't use their right hand or left hand or speak. Since there was no specific medical condition that was claimed then they certainly may have had a psychosomatic disorder and the fact that they believed that they could be cured had something significant to do with it when they were. Frankly I believe in miracles and in healing but I also believe that the brain has a great deal to do with getting better or maybe not. Have a positive outlook and believe that you will get better will greatly increase the chance of getting better. Perhaps we might call it the power of positive thinking. Then again, maybe not. Still thing positively about this week's update and I'm sure you will be cured. Check: 3x3 Eyes, Blue Seed, Gatchaman, and Ranma 1/2. Enjoy positively.

06/02/12--Next week, we in California will have our primary election and that includes a few other sundry things that we will be able to vote on. To make it clear where I am coming from let me say that I do not smoke nor have I ever indulged in that stupidity. On our ballot out here we have a proposition that will increase the tax on cigarettes. The purpose of this tax is to fund research on a cure for cancer. This is a very noble cause. It is also a very difficult goal. When you consider the time, energy and money that has already been spent on this goal, you wonder if such a thing is even possible. I am against the proposition and not because I am against research to cure cancer. I just do not like the way they are going about it. As usual, the promises are grand and glaringly flawed. They promise that this additional tax on cigarettes will prevent 200,000 new young people from starting from smoking. It is most interesting that they do not have to justify such statements. Where do they get that number. They promised the same thing when they passed all those other propositions to increase taxes on cigarettes. Apparently those old promises were not very accurate because they are still trying to get those same 200,000 young people from starting. I would be against the proposition on the basis of those lies if nothing else. Their idea is that increasing the cost of cigarettes will make them too expensive for young people to buy. The fact is that these young people have to go around left end to buy cigarettes in the first place. When you are stealing money out of your mother's purse and father's wallet then 25 cents won't make any difference. Keep in mind that these same political types are the ones that wrote the legislation that makes it legal for doctors to write a prescription for a person to be able to legally smoke pot for medical reasons and the doctor does not have to show any reason for the prescription. I understand that the contents of pot help people who are suffering the effects of chemotherapy and similar things. There are probably a million times more people out there with prescriptions for marijuana than who actually need it for legitimate reasons. I do not like the idea of taxes of any kind going to fund another burocracy established by the political types. Oh, they promise that a citizens oversite committee will make sure that the money is spent wisely. Who establishes the oversite committee? That's what I thought. The funds to fight the proposition come from big tobacco companies. I know that their purpose is self serving but that does not make the proposition right because of their self-serving opposition. Since I don't smoke, the tax will not affect me, but I just don't like putting another small fortune into the hands of politcal types. Why don't they offer legislation to increase the tax on alchohol to fight the effects of drunk driving. If they triple the tax on beer then they could have a little more money to pay for the courts that we need to trying the drunk drivers. Do they even suggest that? Not yet. Oh well, so what's new with you? What else we have new is this weeks' update. Check: Ah My Goddess, Crest Of The Stars, Dragon Ball, and Little Newo In Slumberland. Enjoy.

05/26/12--It is going to get a little deep this morning so you may wish to go straight to the end if you don't think you are up to any unnecessary thinking this morning. Here we go. Define LIFE. Yes, I know. I think that the best we can hope to do is describe characteristics. That covers a lot of territory. We are life and that includes many complicated, interdependant systems and so on and any single cell organism is alive as well. I think about what science has told ua about how life began. We have this premordial soup mixture of different types of chemicals that occur naturally because there was no life yet. There was soil and rock and lava and air and smoke and then what? There was a sun and a moon and stars just like now and then one day something with a single cell started moving on its own. The very first to live came with the ability to reproduce. That would be obvious or everything would have ended there. Was that first life animal or vegtable? Do they know? The fact that there was one life form does not automatically mean that there will be more and different life forms. By all rights it would seem that it should only mean one life form that should be all that we have now. What it the environment would cause that single cell to suddenly also have another life form with two cells and then multiple cells and so on? You get the picture. The environment causes change. All life started in water. The difference between the ability to live in water and to live on land is actually considerable. A fish that gives birth to little fish with lungs will mean that the next geneeration will drown right there and there will be no new generation. Perhaps that generation would be able to live in water and on land. Why? What in the environment would generate that change? I guess that my real point is that I am not sure that science can really explain how life started and then evolved. Yes, evolution means change over time. The changes that can be described and understood do not explain how this primordial soup suddently after millions of years, or whatever time it was, produced life when nothing really changed from one million years to the next. We are alive now so that means that everything happened they way they say? I don't think so. What do you think? Maybe a little too much thinking for you this early. Just relax then and check out this weeks update. Check: Bakuretsu Hunter, Outlaw Star, Ray Earth, and Tekkaman Blade. Enjoy.

05/19/12--Do you believe that the end justifies the means? Perhaps a better way to explain that might be to say that a goal is so valuable to you that whatever it takes to get there would be alright. I know that to most of us that just sounds like it could not be justified. Some people really do believe that and put it into practice. Let me give you an example. It has been awhile now because I was still working. Due to problems with the people who lived close to the parking in the back of our work we all parked in front. One day I was taking my car out to buy a quick lunch when this guy approached me for a little money so that he could get a bus home. The guy was alone and looked like he needed to go home so I gave him the money. I went and bought my lunch and came back. As I drove through the parking area to find a place to park, I saw the same guy standing around with a bunch of buddies drinking a beer. I rolled down my window and yelled, "so this is your bus ticket?" He yelled back, "if I had told you the truth you would not have given me the money." That was very true, I would not have given him the money if he said he wanted to buy a beer. It certainly shows that he believed that his goal was worth doing whatever it took including telling lies. I do not believe that the majority feel the same way, but too many seem to have that attitude. Apparently the acquiring of large sums of money is a very worthwhile goal so whatever they need to do to get there is justified. If you have a goal that seems altruistic and are willing to do whatever it takes, are you not really invalidating the goal by the means you are willing to take to achieve it? Think about it. I believe that and I believe it is logical as well. I believe it is worth the effort for you to read the update and you have already done that so obviously the end did justify the means in this case. You might want to check out this weeks titles. Check: Angel Links, Big O, Nadesico, and Roujin Z. Enjoy.

05/12/12--Over the years, I am sure that I have made my stand quite clear on the consumption of alchohol. I know it doesn't help to try to outlaw it, but there are things that we can do. As long as it is considered normal and appropriate then things will continue to get out of control. Once a long time ago I was doing my jury duty and we were being paneled to see who would be on the jury. The crime was that this man had beaten up another man that he had met in a bar and then stole his car. The defense of the attorney was that it was not the fault of the man who beat up the other and stole his car because he had been drinking. To me that is rather like saying that the drunk driver who caused an accident that killed people in the other car was not at fault because he had been drinking. Since I am retired I have to deal with more day time television than I would like and occasionally I watch some of the court programs. In each case I agree with the finding of the Judge because it is based on logic and law. The law is the law and sometimes it is not logical but when combined with logic you can't go too far wrong. Yesterday the one case was quite interesting. There was a party and there was lots of alchohol. This lady that was at the party did not have to go there because it was right next door. Still, she was there from the beginning and had been drinking the whole time. At one in the morning, according to her, she and her friend decided to go to different party across town. She didn't say why so perhaps they were serving better alchohol there. According to the lady she was not drunk even though she had no idea what she was doing. She was to be leaving with a friend in the friend's car. She never explained where the friend was. She climbed into a convenient car that did not belong to her or her friend. It was supposedly the friend who would be driving, but this lady was in the driver seat and the friend was no where to be found. Unfortunately the owner of this car had installed a remote ignition and had turned on the car so it would be warming up while they were saying their goodbyes. He had to forcably remove the lady from his car. Since he was still saying goodbye, she soon climbed back into the car, put it into gear and caused an accident. Remember this lady was not drunk. She was buzzed but not drunk. The lady had no explanation as to why she got back into the car that did not belong to her or her missing friend. Apparently she could not remember why she had the accident even though she was not drunk. According to her, he was at fault for having his car running where she could get to it. That is like the burglar blaming the owner of the house for having something valuable inside that made him want to steal it. I guess the bottom line is that I would request that you not drink and read my update. I don't want to be the person at fault for you ordering something that you did not mean to. I would feel terrible about that. Something that I don't feel terrible about is writing the udate so here we go again. Check: 3x3 Eyes, Fushigi Yuugi, Infinite Ryvius, and Inu Yasha. Enjoy.

05/05/12--There are styles to almost everything that you can think of. There are styles of music and clothing. There are styles of speaking and writing and so on. There are even styles of parenting. Not all of you are parents, but enough of you are that some of this might ring a bell. Even if you are not a parent, you had parents so again you have a frame of reference. I hope that you were never tempted to parent by saying, "do it because I say so since I am the father or the mother." If you were a child, how would you react to that type of parenting? That is what we would call authoritarian. You might even describe it like a dictatorship. I have no comprehension of this type of teaching or parenting. No matter how young a child you can give a reason for telling them something. A child could be tempted to hang around the stove while you are cooking and there is a chance that they might pull on a handle of a pot on the stove and bring boiling water down on themselves. First, as a parent it would be wise to arrange the pot in such a way that the handle is not in easy reach of small hands but you can also take a minute, like I did, for a teaching moment and show the child about what it means when you say hot. Just saying "don't touch it because I say so" is not going to get the job done. Another thing that some parents do is say "don't do as I do, do as I say." How many think that this will have the desired result? Children are much more likely to follow your example than your advise. Some parents are dealing with their own demons and have some totally screwed up things going on. I know of a case where a child of about eight got his older brother to help him rearrange his room in a way that he liked it but the mother had not given her approval. There was nothing wrong with the way that the child had arranged the room. The closet door was not blocked. The drawers could be pulled out to reach all the clothes. The only thing wrong was that the mother had not given her permission to rearrange the room. At this point it was not about the room or the child's wish to have a say, it was about the mother exerting control. The father could see no reason to change it back and the mother could show no reason to change it back, but as soon as no one was around she changed it back. Does anyone else see anything wrong with that picture? That mother is dictator in her home. The children have no say unless she gives her permission. How many think that this woman will be close to her children all their lives? I don't either. Another thing that parents do is push too hard. How many young people end up going the wrong direction in their lives because the parents pushed too hard. The kids ended up on the wrong road just because they wanted to push back and not because the parents were wrong. You do not have to be super smart to be a parent. Some really stupid people have become parents. Apply the golden rule. Parent like you would have wanted to be parented or, if you were really lucky like me, how you were parented. It really isn't that much harder. In fact, it isn't that much harder than checking this weeks update. Check: Nadia, Nightwalker, Orphen, and Patlabor. Enjoy.

04/28/12--I'm going to get on my soapbox again and I hope you will forgive me. Have you noticed the latest craze anongst young people? They were talking all about it on the news last week. Kids are getting high on hand sanitizer. When I was in the store yesterday, I looked at the contents of the sanitizer on the bottle and it is 62% alchohol which translates out at 124 proof. First the idea that a kid wants to get high really frosts me. Where do they learn that? If their parents drink then that, unfortunately, is one place. The other contributing factor is mass entertainment. They have been showing people getting drunk since the days before movies had sound. They seldom made it appear fun or glamerous until recently. A very popular movie tells about the adventures of some friends who go to Las Vegas and all get so drunk that none of them have any idea what they did or how they got into the situations they were in. That is considered great fun. If kids just want to have fun then what better thing to do than get fall down drunk so that they cannot remember what they did either. If kids are unable to buy alchohol then I guess that hand sanitizer is the next best thing. I am glad that they show the horrible effects of smoking on TV and they very seldom show people smoking in movies and they don't do anything to glamorize smoking like they used to. I remember a very famous baseball player getting a liver transplant and I was shocked that they gave it to him since he had liver failure due to a life time of heavy drinking. He may have been the next one on the list, but how can it ever be fare or right to give that liver to someone who did it to themselves when someone with cancer might die while waiting. The drinking of alchohol is not only accepted as a necessary part of having a good time, but it is honored as well. It really bothers me when I hear advertising where some lawyer promises to get a license back for someone who lost it because they were driving while drunk. Perhaps if that lawyer lost their family in an auto accident caused by a drunk driver then perhaps they would not be in such a rush to get these people back on the roads. If you have to drink in order to have a good time then you have a problem. Maybe it is not a good idea to make the consumption of alchohol illegal, but this isn't right either. I cannot see it getting better any time soon. If you drink, if you believe the advertising, then not only will you have a good time but you will be attractive, sexy, witty, and you will be able to do magic. There is no way that logic or reason can win against that so I guess that we are just going to have to get used to kids following our examples and lieing dead drunk in the gutter too. That is really something to look forward to. While waiting, why not check out this weeks update? Check: El Hazard, eX-Driver, Gatchaman, and Pretty Sammy. Enjoy.

04/21/12--Human behavior is almost beyond understanding. I know, for example, that many people who are abusing alchohol or drugs began this behavior when they were young. Young teenagers use these things to fit in or win approval from their peers. Why would an adult, who is having a tremendously successful life, feel that drugs are necessary for them to get bye? Somebody needs to explain this to me. Though beyond all reason, I can see how a teenager who has success early in their life, might end up hooked on drugs. I don't say it makes sense, yet it might be more understandable because the young person has no life experience by which they can deal with the temptations that come their way. Why would an adult, that had not used drugs previously, start using drugs when they become rich and famous? We recently lost a very good singer who was hoping for a comeback. She died drowning in a bath tub. She had stuff in her system that she had supposedly gotten past in order to try for her comeback. If she had not started doing the drugs then perhaps she would not have even needed to talk about a comeback. At the height of her fame she chose to start doing drugs. She was not doing drugs as a kid or even young teenager. If she had, no one has said so. Was she trying to fit in? Did she even need to try to do that? Like I said, it is beyond me, but then again many things that people do just leaves me wondering. Perhaps if we thought about these things, we wouldn't find any temptation. My big high in life is sugar. There is something of a problem with that. I understand, but I would rather deal with the problems that come from eating too much refined sugar than using illegal drugs. It is easier to control oneself and lose the extra weight than stop using the drugs. I may never know why people start doing drugs. Perhaps it might be better if I did not. It would be better if we all checked out this week's update so go ahead. Check: Ah My Goddess, Crest Of The Stars, Inu Yasha, and Photon. Enjoy.

04/14/12--One of the items that was in the front of the news here the week before last was the huge lottery that was on almost everyones mind. I was under the impression that it was California only, but apparently it did include other states back east like Maryland and Virginia. It garnered so much attention that people were driving hundreds of miles to cross into California so they could buy tickets. Do you know how many tickets I bought? Think about many of the things that I have discussed over the years and then take a guess. That's right, I didn't buy any. They were telling us on the news that based on statistical possibilities we would have a higher likelyhood of being hit by lightning than win that lottery. Considering my luck, if I bought a ticket I would have been hit by lightning and I sure didn't want that. Everything taken into account, I would have a better chance of being hit by lightning whether I bought a ticket or not. Most people did not buy just one ticket. Most people had to wait in line for several hours or longer just to buy fifty to two hundred tickets. To me it seemed strange that it went months without anyone getting the right number and that is why the winning amount got so high. When someone finally did get the right number after all that time, two different people in two different states got the number and neither one of them were in California. A conclusion that I made a long time ago is that we appreciate more what we earn. Most of those who have wone big lottery amounts did not find anything besides trouble and headaches. You would spend the rest of your life trying to defend yourself from people who want to take that money away from you. Frankly, I don't think it's worth it. I would rather have what I earned by my efforts at work or with the cels. There might be a thrill to win a big reward like that but it is soon gone and replaced by a whole new world of problems that they never saw coming. We need to earn what we have so that we will appreciate having it. You give a small child a nice toy and how long does it usually last. In some ways we are like small children so we will appreciate what we have more from having worked hard to earn it. You can take that to the bank. Hurry back from the bank and check out this weeks update. Check: Bakuretsu Hunter, Blue Seed, Dragon Ball, and Outlaw Star. Enjoy.

04/07/12--Is bad or evil really necessary? Would this not be a better world if we did not have those things?. Are we part good and part bad or is it simply a choice we make? I have one more question for you that might help answer the first questions. Would you know good if you never experienced the opposite. Without bad can there really be good? Is it not a matter of frame of reference or comparison? If you had never been sick, would you really appreciate being well? If you had never tasted bitter, would you appreciate the sweet? There need to be opposites in all things. That is the way of the world. Our experiences teach us what we need to know. I have a friend who up to two years ago had never been sick in his life. Over sixty years of complete health. Then summer before last while at his cabin up in the mountains he was bitten by a very dangerous spider. We know all about the Black Widow and she is very big and easy to spot, but did you know about the Brown Recluse? This is a spider that we hardly ever see. The Black Widow has a red diamond on her stomach while the Brown Recluse has a banjoe. He was bitten on the inside of his knee. He never even saw the spider. He was probably bitten in the middle of the night while he was asleep. He almost lost his leg. He almost lost his life. He appreciated his years of good health much more after these experiences. The venom of the Brown spider is much more dangerous that the Black one because it contains an enzime that breaks down tissue. I hope that our experiences are not so extreem but that we grow to appreciate the sweet with small taste of bitter over time. You still can enjoy the sweet of this week's update so check it out. Check: Cowboy Bebop, DNA, Eden's Boy, and Little Nemo In Slumberland. Enjoy.

03/31/12--Here we are one fourth of the way through another year. Go figure. It is a little easier for me to write the update because I have had the second cataract surgery so the world is a brighter, clearer place for me. The condition comes on you so slowly that you hardly notice it, but when they fix it then things change very quickly. It is a nice world. I saw my first movie yesterday with two good eyes and it was a great experience. It was my kind of movie and their were Greeks, and Greek Gods, and Titans and other stuff that have no explanation. The movie was "Wrath of the Titans" and it was pretty good, but I will point out some problems. Again, I am being a little picky, but these things are rather obvious so if I can see them then so should the people who made the movie. The basic premis of the story is that humans are no longer praying to the Gods so they are getting weak and might be dieing off. They don't say anything, but perhaps they are already dieing off because there is no mention of the Godesses nor do they appear in the movie. What happened to the Godesses? They don't say. It seems that the humans would have still prayed to the Godess of the home or beauty or the hunt or one of those even if they didn't like the guys any more. What were the Gods doing to keep the humans interested? They were killing off the believers. Isn't that the whole idea behind the first movie? They might have been Gods, but they sure weren't very smart. In the movies someone prays to Ares, the God of war, so he comes and kills her which isn't a very good way to keep believers coming back. A very glaring contradiction is the fact that the Gods are weaker because humans are not praying anymore and they were much stronger before there were even humans to pray or not to pray. How can that be? There are ways that they could have gotten to the same point without this concept. It also seems to me that historically the time of these events was not when Greeks were giving up on their Gods. They have yet to have contact with Italy and have their whole pantheon adopted by the Romans with simple name changes. It is a good action flick even if there are some plot weaknesses. Even if what they are doing seems stupid, it can still be fun to watch. Speaking of fun to watch, we have an update again for you this week. Check: 3x3 Eyes, Crest Of The Stars, Maris The Chojo, and Nazca. Enjoy.

03/24/12--I mentioned earlier that the cost of postage had changed and that I would advise what I determined. I have done my best to hold the line but have had to raise what I ask to help pay shipping. Something had not be made clear to me before but apparently priority mail charges according to the distance the package will travel so I pay more to ship to the east coast than I do to someone in California. Rather than try to adjust the cost according to where you live, I have just added 50 cents more to basic shipping. In some cases it will be slightly more than enough and in other cases barely cover the cost. It is the best I could do. I am going to take you another direction this week. One of the things that we have most in common is the fact that the vast majority of us need to sleep. If we sleep then we dream. That is my subject. I am sure that we have themes in common and that we are unable to remember the details of our dreams. What little I have read on the subject tells me that this is what usually happens. I gave consideration to several of my recent dreams where I could at least remember generalities even if I could not remember the details. I have a common thread that has run through my dreams for as long as I can remember. I guess you can call it "You can't get there from here." The details are different but the story goes that I start someplace like home or work and I leave to go someplace else. Whatever happens at the new place, I find it impossible to get back where I started. If I am driving then it might be traffic or street signs or my car wont work or some other combination of events. Anytime I start to get close to my goal and think I might make it after all, I wake up. That just isn't fare. Strangely I have very little problem getting lost when I go out in my car. I have a good sense of direction and seldom get lost. I have driven across the country twice and havn't got lost so I have no idea why I have those dreams. I suppose that it is some basic insecurity or something like that, but why isn't it a problem for me when I am awake? Any ideas? Perhaps your continuing theme is different. It would be interesting to know if anyone else has the same theme that I do or something else more interesting. Speaking of interesting, we have an update. Check: Angel Links, Big O, Roujin Z, and Shadow Skill. Enjoy.

03/17/12--I try to give you food for thought as well as a feast for your eyes. I shall do that again today. In a recent piano competition in New York City, there was no grand prize given out. I don't know exactly when this was, but I am sure that a little research will uncover the when. When the judges were asked why no grand prize was given their answer was totally unexpected and perhaps a little confusing to those who asked. They responded; "no award was given because a piano is not really played with your fingers, but with your heart." The participants were very able piano players. They could play very complicated pieces. Their technique was flawless. What did the judges mean? I understand and perhaps you do as well but I will give you an analogy that might help if you don't quite catch what they're saying. On the stage when an actor does his or her lines, if all they do is give the lines as written then that is not good enough. They have to put emotion and belief into what they say. If they give the lines in a monotone then it is not well done and would not work. I believe that this is what the judges were talking about. I am not a piano player, but even I could tell the difference between someone who simply plays the notes and someone who puts feeling into their presentation. That can be true with many instruments out there. The best singers do the same thing as do the really good actors. Virtually any kind of art requires expression not simply technique. If you want to do something really well, you have to put your heart into it. Go out there and make us proud. While were waiting, why no check out this weeks update. Check: Dr Slump, Hana Yori Dango, Mazinkaiser, and Urusei Yatsura. Enjoy.

03/10/12--At long last they have brought out the John Carter movie. I am a big fan of the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs and have read everything that has ever been published and I own several first editions. My collection is not worth that much to the rest of the world, but it worth much to me. There are ten books that Burroughs wrote in his Mars series. He wrote twenty four books based on Tarzan. The first Mars book, A Princess Of Mars, was published before any of the Tarzan books. Burroughs was so concerned that the readers would think of him as a nut case that he used a different name on the first Mars book. What is interesting is that he wrote the book as if it were all real and that John Carter was really his uncle. To show that Burroughs was not crazy he used the writer name of Normal Bean for the first book but the publisher made a mistake and misspelled the first name to Norman which totally defeated the purpose of the name. The movie producers made a few changes in the story to try to tie everything together but actually kept most of the best stuff so they can be forgiven. The movie reminds me that there are animals on the earth that scientists seem to believe started out on some other planet. Yes, it is true. It is quite obvious because they have included the name of the home planet in the tytle of the group. You have heard of these animals and probably know as much about them as I do. Perhaps the most famous of these would be the Kangaroo. These animals are mammals and many of them have pouches like the Kangaroos. I believe that the commonality of the animals would be that they give birth to relatively undeveloped offspring who crawl out and attach themselves to their mothers and continue to develop out of the body or in a pouch. Have you figured out what animal grouping I am talking about? I'll give you another hint, scientists apparently think they started life on Mars. Now you have it; it is Marsupials or Mars-upials. All that for a dumb pun. You should have seen it coming just as you see the update coming. Check: Gundam, G Gundam, Robot Carnival, and Sailor Moon. Enjoy.

03/03/12--Enough with the thought provoking stuff for a minute. I, for one, am getting a little depressed just thinking about it. How about a little information of the seldom considered type for your consideration. As you have noticed by now, we are in a leap year because February had twenty nine days. What does that really mean for leap year babies who are born on the 29th day of February. First let me point out a fact that you may not have considered. Our birthday is the anniversary of the date of our birth. We actually reach our next age on the day before our birth day because we have lived a full year since the last birthday. This is legal interpretation and is used by the Federal Government and Insurance companies. When we consider that then you will find that the leap year baby actually ages just the same as the rest of us even though they do not celebrate the anniversary of the date of their birth except every four years. They reach the new age on the twenty eighth of February even in the years that do not have twenty nine days in February. In legal terms, they age the same way as the rest of us. They just don't get to celebrate as many birthdays. All their talk about only being five when the rest of us are twenty is just not so and is just a little fun that they are having. That leap year baby may have only celbrated five birthdays, but they are still twenty for purposes of drinking alchohol or voting. Now you know something that you didn't know when you started the day. It was worthwhile to read this update after all. Now that you are aglow with all that new knowledge, why not check out the update and see what we have? Check: Ayashi No Ceres, Crimson Wolf, Dragon Ball, and Photon. Enjoy.

02/25/12--Here we are at the last weekend of February already. Wow! A little information came my way and made me start to think. I heard about a lady who is having trouble with her son stealing out of her purse. Most recently he stole twenty dollars out of her purse and despite the fact that he is only seven, this is not the first time. When he was only four he stole one hundred dollars out of her purse. I really feel that there is much more to the story than we have heard so far. A child of four has very little concept of the value of money. I doubt that he knew the difference between a one hundred dollar bill and a one. My guess is that there was someone else involved in that caper that was giving instructions to the little boy. I just cannot imagine that at that stage of development that he would have understood what he was doing and what it meant. If he did, then we are looking at a future crook. The question is how difficult is it to avoid going down the path that leads to a life of crime? I do not believe that you simply wake up one day and say that from then on you will start to cheat and steal wherever you can. You probably start with small things and work your way up. I made mistakes in my youth but I could see a big difference between the choices that I made. I believe that the big difference between a person who choses crime and one who choses the right way might be empathy. A few years ago there was a famous case of a well known wall street type who set out to defraud in a certain type of scheme. He was older and no matter what, he would not be spending that much time in prison. He defrauded many people out of their entire life savings and left these people destitute. He apparently knew that there was a chance that the scheme would be uncovered so he took great pains to hide all the ill gotten gains. He did not care what would happen to all the people he cheated. His greed was much more powerful than his feelings for his fellow man. In order to amass that huge sum of money he would gladly send as many people to the poor house as he possibly could. That is what I mean by empathy. When you set out to steal it does not matter to you what your efforts will do to the victim. When you see someone who cares nothing for others around them and this starts at an early age then there can be only two possible outcomes. This uncaring person will either become a crook or a politician. Actually not all that much difference there. If you truely care about others then you will not cheat or steal. I, for one, would rather care about others even if I never made a single pennie by means other than honestly. Speaking of honestly, I honestly have an update for you so check out: Crest Of The Stars, El Hazard, Inu Yasha, and Outlaw Star. Enjoy.

02/18/12--If I could sing, and I can't, then I still wouldn't be able to sing "I can see clearly now," but it is getting better. Last Tuesday I went under the knife for cataract surgery on my right eye. They still have to do my left eye and my right eye is still recovering from the procedure, but I am getting there. I had no idea how much my vision was being impacted until the first eye was done and they took the bandages off. Wow, what a difference. It is like the difference between regular TV and high definition TV and that is quite a big difference. The condition is progressive and really started to have an impact over the last year or so. I think I really noticed it last football season. It was much more difficult for me to follow the ball on long passes and kick offs so when they told me that it was time to have my eyes checked, I jumped at it. When they told me that I had cataracts, I jumped again but I thought it would be a good idea to have it done. Why buy new glasses to improve my vision and find that they only last for a short time? Based on what my doctor told me, my old glasses should work just right for my new eyes. Almost everyone has their eyes fixed so they can see better far away and need glasses for close up and reading, but not me. I enjoy reading and writing too much so I went with the oposite. Hey, that's me in spades. Oh well. Even if I can't sing I still look forward to when they finish the other eye and I will be able to say with finality that I can indeed see clearly now. That does give me something to look forward to. You, however, really have the update to look forward to. Here it is. Check: Ah My Goddess, Big O, Nadesico, and Ray Earth. Enjoy.

02/11/12--What one item of our ongoing purchases contributes most to what we experience as inflation? I'll give you a hint. It is not the beef we buy during a terrible drobt in Texas. I feel sorry for the farmers in Texas because their stock is too expensive to feed due to the lack of rain so is causing their costs to go up so they cannot raise the normal amount of stock so beef is more scarce which drives up the price. Yes, we pay more for beef, but that does not impact everything in our lives. It is the rising cost of fuel. I am sure that you have noticed that recently the cost of fuel has been going up. Is it because the cost of a barrel of oil is rising? Actually that is not the reason. I am sure that when you hear the reason, it will shock you as much as it shocked me. The cost of oil might be going down yet we have a scarcity of gasoline which causes the price to go up. If the production of oil is constant and the price of crude about the same then why? You know that oil must be refined in order to be turned into gasoline. We cannot do that at home. It takes huge refineries to process the oil and turn it into gasoline. What happens when they close down a refinery for maintenance? The other refineries cannot pick up the slack so there is less fuel. What do you think happens when the close down three refineries for maintenance? That is right, there are three refineries that are closed for maintenance. Do the oil companies have to give an accounting of exactly how long it takes them to do a maintenance on a refinery? Apparently not. Do the oil companies have to give an accounting as to why they do not stagger their maintenance so that they are not shutting down three at one time? Apparently they are not required to do that either. If these doubtful practices were our only problem then it would be bad, but not as bad as we are facing. Gasoline is now a commodity which is traded on the stock market rather like hogs which are generically known as pork bellies. Investors are buying billions of gallons of gasoline and holding on to the fuel and reselling at a higher rate to turn a profit. So that these wealthy people can turn a profit we all have to pay higher prices for our fuel for our cars and we also pay higher prices for everything else that we buy. Everything must be moved from point of manufacture to point of distribution and this requires fuel. If the fuel is up by five percent then we pay five percent more for everything that we buy. Yes, beef is costing more because of the droubt, but it is also costing more because it has to be moved from one place to another. Does it not give you a thrill to know that the higher prices you pay for everything is your lives is helping to line the pockets of wealthy investors who can hoard the gasoline and make it more scarce. It does me too. I guess we can look forward to this becoming even worse in the future. Since this situation is known to people in government, we can sit back and watch and see when, if ever, they do something about it. While we are waiting, why not check out this weeks update? It might keep your mind off the knife that is being inserted into your back by way of your pocket book. Check: Bakuretsu Hunter, eX-Driver, Nadia, and Ranma 1/2. Enjoy.

02/04/12--For many of us, if not most of us, it is easier to give help than to receive help. Why do you think that is? I will throw out some ideas and you can think about it. One of the reasons it is difficult to receive help is our pride and another reason would be our independance. It is difficult to accept that we are in the position to need help. As a child, we need help on most things and most of the time, but when we grow up, it is part of the process of growing up that we become self sufficient and independant. We would tend to think less of ourselves if we cannot manage on our own. It is not easy to think that we are still the same person we were yet at the same time, be in need of help. We feel that we should be able to take care of ourselves without the help of others. If we cannot take care of ourselves then that is a pretty big blow to our pride and self esteem. We are, after all, human. We will not be in a position to need help continually. We might need help on a temporary basis and then, shortly, be in a position to be independant and helpful to others. Be grateful that you are not one of the people who would rather be dependant on others than responsable for themselves and there are people out there who fall into that category. I think that is sad. Still, I believe that the tendancy to be that way is environmental and can be unlearned. Don't lose self respect if you need help. Work hard to see that it doesn't happen and, if it does, to make it as brief as possible and for as little as possible. There are probably people out there waiting to help you with open hearts just as you are ready to help someone else. What goes around, comes around would seem to apply here. Heck, even I need help on occasion. Fortunately it is not with the weekly update so go ahead and check it out. Check: 3x3 Eyes, Blue Seed, Cowboy Bebop, and Escaflowne. Enjoy.

01/28/12--Since I heard no response saying that I misjudged that lady that I told you about, I will assume that I was correct. That was last week; this is this week so let us press on. Here is a question that you might not have even considered. What good is pain? I do not like pain. You probably don't like pain either. It is something of the nature of the beast. We are not supposed to like pain. That is why it hurts so much. Would we not be better off without it? Actually we need it whether we like it or not. Yes, there are actually people out there who like pain. It is not a good thing and I think those people are sick. Pain is a way that your body warns you when something is not right. If you stuck your hand into a fire and did not feel pain then you might leave it in the flame until you have experienced sever dammage. Your body has an automatic system that tells you when you need to take action when faced with pain so you will react even faster. I can remember learning about this all the way back to middle school. Perhaps you remember what I am talking about. The message that you are hurting yourself doesn't need to go all the way to your brain in order for you to react. If you accidently stick your hand into a fire, you will pull it back out even before it starts to hurt. A tooth ache tells you that something is wrong. A stomach ache tells you that you have eaten something that you should not. It goes like that. We learn not to do things that hurt and that helps protect us from the consequences. There is another type of pain that is not physical, but that is a subject for another day, but do keep it in mind until we get back to it. I will not go quite so far as to say that pain is our friend, but it might just help more than it hurts. Ha! Bet you didn't see that one coming. Another thing you might not have seen coming is this weeks update so check it out. Check: Angel Links, Nightwalker, Noir, and Vampire Princess Miyu. Enjoy.

01/21/12--Tomorrow the price of stamps goes up. Are we not all thrilled to the core? I don't know if this will effect my shipping costs so I will have to let you know later. As I considered the theme for this week, I thought about doing the oposite of last week's theme, but then as I contemplated the consequences it came to me that we would be talking about either death or taxes and that is just too depressing. I decided to throw out there an experience that I had a long time ago when I was dating between marriages. I had dated this one lady for a while, but we had driften apart for whatever reason. An opportunity came up and we decided to give it a try again. I remember the movie that we saw. The movie was "Hunt For Red October." It was a good movie. Due to the available times of the movie, we decided to eat after the movie. I was hungry but didn't want to get over full that close to bed time. I chose a nice Salad and she chose the largest portion of prime rib that they offer at this restaurant that is rather known for their generous portions. She ordered with all the normal add ons like dinner salad, french fries and vegtable. Even though her meal was nearly four times the price of mine, I did not mind that. Gee if she is that hungry, go for it. What did bother me is that she hardly touched much more than the salad and proudly announced that she would be taking the rest home with her for dinner the next day. Let me ask the ladies, do you think that was appropriate? Let me ask the gentelmen, what do you think of that? All I know is how I felt at the time and I didn't like it very much. I thought it was rude. It was hard for me to understand why a lady would think that her date should be responsable for her meals over several days. Am I wrong? That was the last time that I saw this lady. It was a different time back then and not as accepted that ladies call men like they do now. I rather like the current social structure better than the old one. That is what happened and that is what I did. If I was wronge, I would like to know why. I am willing to learn. My wife must have thought that we had a chance to make a go of it when we started dating as she was really frugal any time we would eat out. She would order water with lemon and make her own lemonaid. I think that is a Korean thing. Women over there do not take their dates for granted and that is especially true if they think that they are good marriage material. Well, she must have thought that I was good marriage material considering how things turned out. Feed back on my experience, please. Life is full of many interesting and thought provoking experiences like this week's update so why not check it out? Check: Crest Of The Stars, El Hazard, Inu Yasha, and Jojo's Bizarre Adventures. Enjoy.

01/14/12--It is time for a rhetorical question. Don't act surprised, you knew it was coming. I guess this is the kind of question where there is probably more than one possible answer. The question is; what has been or will be the greatest or happiest day of your life. I think that many people can honestly and truely answer the question differently because of the type of people they are. Take the example of the person who is only happy when they are working and getting ahead in the world. That kind of person only defines themselves by the success they have in the world of business. If that person started at a point of zero then probably their crowning achievement would be when they have made their first million dollars. That person might later make much more money than that, but often that amount of money is a measureable goal. I know that for many teenage boys, their crowning achievement would be when they first have sex. The thrill of that will soon wear off and they will find that it was actually pretty hollow. For them it will eventually be the day when they have sex with three or four different girls on the same day. For me it was the day that I first felt that I was truely loved by another person other than my parents or my dog. Think about that and then compare it with the examples that I gave. It still might not be that for you. The things that motivate us can help define what is really important to us. I do not say that something other than my own crowning point is not valid. I am sure that other things are just as valid for other people. Now you know mine; what is yours? While you are thinking about it, why not check out this weeks update? Check: Big O, Gatchaman, Lodoss Wars, and Outlaw Star. Enjoy.

01/07/12--I don't know if you have seen the ads on TV or not, but I am moved when I see the ad by the SPCA about helping the poor animals that have been abused. Mostly it is about dogs and cats and that makes sense because they are house pets and we have them for companionship. It is hard for me to understand the thinking of people who abuse these animals that so depend on us. I do not know how many dogs and cats die each year because of neglect and abuse by the people who should be taking care of them. It has become common for people who have lost their homes to foreclosure to simply leave their animals behind as if it were the fault of the animals that the people could not handle their finances. Many times these animals will starve before they are discovered. What kind of person would do that? For me, it is even worse that the animals are mistreated and abused before they die. We are more humaine with the animals used in laboratories for experiments that help save countless lives. All this brings me to a point. My family has grown by one. We now have a little girl named Gracie. She is two years old. She, like Buster who I have told you about in the past, is a Yorkshire Terrier. She is kind of a rescue in that we got her from the breeders who didn't have enough room for her. They did not mistreat her, but they did not really love her. She is part of my family now and I don't know what I did without her. Strange that her disposition is much like the boy dog that we have had for ten years. She does not bark all the time. She does not bark at dogs that walk in front of our house. She is loving and friendly. It is my opinion that dogs often reflect the feelings of their families. She feels most confortable with me and will follow me around the house wherever I go. She has curled up in a bed about four feet from me while I write this. It is sad for me to think about the life she would have had if we had not come along. If you have room in your life for a pet or more importantly, if you have room in your heart, please keep that it mind. While keeping that in mind, why not keep the update in mind as well? Check: Dragon Ball, Dual, Sailor Moon, and Virus. Enjoy.

12/31/11--Gee, it seems like only a year ago that we were saying good bye to 2010 and welcoming in 2011. Here we go again. How will you remember 2011? Will you remember the year for getting a new job or perhaps for retiring? Will you remember the year for getting married or perhaps for getting a divorce? I will remember the year for finishing my novel. I know that I should have finished it much sooner, but never forced myself to work with a deadline. I am starting the sequil as soon as I finish my plot synopsis and will work with a deadline of my own creating. One point of view that you can take in dealing with the new year is borrowed from someone much more famous than myself. Ask not what 2012 can do for you, but rather ask what you can do for 2012. Not a bad idea when you think of it. One last suggestion as you deal with friends and family in the new year. It is much more important for you to understand than for others to understand you. You need to learn to be a listener and to try to understand the other person's point of view. Many times when you are having a conversation, all you are doing is waiting for your turn to talk. If you give no value to understanding what the other person is saying then you will never truely understand. If your priority is that they should understand you then you only give value to your point of view so there can never be a meeting of the minds. Even if the other person is wrong in their point of view, you still need to understand where they are coming from to truely understand them. If you think that it is not important to understand anyone else, then you will find yourself alone and lonely more often than not. I really tried to understand a person and soon discovered that I did understand that person, but found it difficult to believe that anyone could be so totally selfish. It was not easy to accept the truth, but once I did, I was able to move on. I believe that most of the time, you will find that the other person is not totally selfish, but if you are not trying to understand, then how will you know for sure. It isn't hard. It just takes a little effort. Speaking of effort, it wasn't much to prepare this weeks update so it will be even easier for you to check it out. Check: Bakuretsu Hunter, Cowboy Bebop, eX-Driver, and Robot Carnival. Enjoy the update and enjoy the new year.

12/24/11--Here I am. I received several requests to join you this day so there you have it. I hope you are all ready for tomorrow. It is a marvelous time of year. I love the time of year even though it has been terribly perverted for commercial purposes. Originally the gifts were simple things that we made for the children in similitude of the gifts given to a child many years ago. Now, if we are not spending ourselves into serious debt then there is something wrong with us. I have over spent on my gifts for years, but I have not gone into debt even once. I guess the problem is with me. All I can say is that I am not sorry and too bad if the people at the credit card companies don't like me any more. For me, the real meaning has more to do with how we treat each other and especially at this time of year. It is sad that we have built up the expectations of the children to the point that they have totally forgotten the real reason for the time of year. When my parents were growing up they suffered through the great depression and somehow managed to survive. There were not groups and organizations that spent the whole year collecting toys to give out to the poor children. Think about it. Who really is getting the benefit of this effort? It is the toy companies who get to sell all this extra stuff for the children who can not afford it on their own. One of the most touching stories of the time of the year is the one about the young couple who had so little that they had to sacrifice to do anything. They sacrificed everything except the really important thing which was their love. The husband's one pride was his old pocket watch that he had inherited from his grandfather. The wife's pride was her long beautiful hair. Since they did not have money to buy anything else, the husband pawned his watch to buy his wife some beautiful hair combs and his wife sold her hair in order to buy her husband a beautiful chain for his watch. On Christmas day they discovered that what they shared was far more important than the gifts. How about you? Do you know what is really important in your life? The children that get the gifts from charity are not getting the thing that they need more than the gifts. How many people are suffering hard times now because of the choices that they made in the past? I think that you will find that most of these people, if not all of them, fall into this category. It is sad that we can place the needs of people who depend on us so low on our priorities that they suffer the consequences more than we do. Give serious consideration to the decisions you make. Do not be selfish lest you lose everything. Have your priorities straight. It is not the things that are important, it is the love we share. I hope you find joy with your families and receive the truely important thing, their love. The most important gift that you will ever give cannot be bought in a store because it comes from your heart. Thank you for joining me, now go have fun. First check out this week's update then you are free to go. Check: Nadesico, Nadia, Ranma 1/2, and Ray Earth. Enjoy.

12/17/11--Now for the really hard question. The question is why. Why do I write the things that I do for my updates every week? Is it because I think that I will sell more cels that way? Actually, that is not the reason. I would be kidding myself if I thought that would work. Well, why do I do it? Why do I try to provoke thought along different paths? Frankly I think that most of you are at least as smart as I am, if not more so. It is not a bad thing to think about something that you perhaps hadn't considered before and just might be a good thing. Again, it comes around to the ripple effect. A good deed or kind word has a way of coming back around so if I have given you encouragement to do a little more or try a little harder then the world will be a better place for it. Most of the things we do are a little more self serving and that isn't necessarily a bad thing. If you do a little better and I do a little better than we have made the world a better place. I admit that is a strange purpose for an update for an Anime site, but there you have it. It is what it is or whatever they say. I am unsure about an update next week. I know that most of you will be very busy and probably not too inclined to be looking at my update anyway so should I take the time? I will leave that to you. If someone writes and says they would like an update then I will do it. If no one writes then I will give you next weekend off. This week, you are stuck with me so here you go. Check: Angel Links, Big O, Crest Of The Stars, and Noir. Enjoy.

12/10/11--Today I want to get on your case a little. That isn't necessarily a bad thing. Some times we need a little reminder. What bug do I want to put in your ear this time? It is the bug of validation. What in heck is this guy talking about? I'll try to make it simple. If you worked hard on making a really good dinner for friends, family or someone special in your life, would you like to hear that the other people liked the meal? Of course you would. The work that you did was because you care about the people you made the meal for. You might say that in one sense it was an act of love. If no one notices then you feel bad. If you work outside the home and come home tired after a hard day to find that your spouse or significant other has worked hard to clean the house to make it look nice for you, you can ignore it or take it for grantid or you can comment how nice it looks and how glad you are to be home. You might still be tired, but it didn't cost you that much to try to make the other person feel good because you noticed what they did. Put yourself in the other person's shoes; would you feel good if the one you care about never notice anything that you do? That is validation. Simple words of appreciation can make someone feel good and perhaps make them feel that it was worth it. I always thank my wife for every meal that she makes for me. Even a simple meal is work and I appreciate it. One of the hard ones is to show your appreciation for cleaning and that is usually the hardest work of all and not always obvious. Try to be observant and you can tell. If you make the other person feel good then you will also feel good. If your spouse has worked hard to look good to go out, you had better notice. That is validation too. It is not a big thing, but it can make a big difference. At least try to think about it and show that you care. If you don't care, fake it. While you are pretending that you care, you can take a few minutes and try to figure out why you don't care. Good luck with that one. Speaking of luck, you are in luck again today because I do have an update for you. Check: 3x3 Eyes, Ah My Goddess, Dragon Ball, and Macross Plus. Enjoy.

12/03/11--What if I told you that you have the power to change the world? Yes, it is true. Most of us don't think about it, but things we do have a ripple effect that goes much farther than we often think about. An act of kindness can motivate another person to do something similar and so it goes. Before you know it, people all over the world are treating each with more kindness. When you think about it, that is changing the world. Can you be sure that the person you are kind to will not pass it along all day or all week or even the rest of their lives. There have probably been times that you have been made to feel better by a smile or act of kindness by someone that you did not know. What did you do differently after that? Did you treat others a little better. What if we all tried a little harder? When I got to the Post Office yesterday, I held the door open to let a lady with packages go first even though she got in the line before me. I noticed that someone who saw me hold the door also held the door for an elderly lady who was on her way out the door. I didn't get a chance to watch all day and see how it went, but I bet at least a few more people also held the door. That wasn't a big change in the world, but it doesn't have to be big. Actually, we have changed the world even if the only person that we make feel better is ourselves. You have the power in your hands to make another person's day much brighter. All you have to do is order something. Just kidding. Actually, it would be nice, but it is not essential. I would be even more happy if you walked away from your computer with a smile and treated one person a little better than you might have otherwise. That would be so nice. It would be nice if you checked this weeks update too so here it is. Check: Bakuretsu Hunter, Cowboy Bebop, Golden Boy, and Mazinkaiser. Enjoy.

11/26/11--It is time again to get a little deep with the weekly discussions. Why not? This week I would like to define terms and give examples. We know what it is to believe in something. We talk about having faith in something. What is the difference between the two? You can have a strong belief in something that is not true, but I believe that when you believe in something strongly that is not true then that can never be faith no matter how strongly you believe in it. The people who believed the world was flat and that the universe revolved around our world really and truly believed that it was true. Their belief did not make it true. There was nothing that they could do to actively support their position. When someone came along who believed that the world was round was able to put that believe into action. That belief became faith because of the action and because it was true. If you believe that you are the smartest person in the world then you are probably a nut case. The truly smartest person doesn't even think in those terms, but applies their time and energy to try to do things that are worthwhile. I have faith that I can write and that I can be a published writer so I try my very best to create a worthwhile product, but I have limits to what I can do because I do not have the money that I can use to publish my own writing, but am dependant upon finding someone else to publish my work for me. That does not make my faith any less only my ability to back it very limited. If the person who believed the world was round could not find someone else who believed in them enough to give them ships then their faith would never have reached fruit. A truly famous writer who has had many books published over the years had a very difficult time getting the first book published and it took him years to find someone else who had faith in him. Finally he found someone else who had faith in Stephen King and the rest, as they say, is history. His belief was faith because he is a good writer. The work that he did helped prove that his belief was faith. The publisher who had faith in him was rewarded for his faith by selling all the books and earning the reward that comes with putting your faith into action. I hope you get the idea. I have faith that it is worth my time to do updates every week. I do not necessarily sell a cel every week, but I get noticed and sell a few things so it is all worthwhile. Speak of updates, here we go. Check: Dr Slump, Gatchaman, I Want To Be An Angel, and Maris The Chojo. Enjoy.

11/19/11--There are local radio stations that seem to be in a competition to see who can start playing "Holiday" music first each year. Two stations that usually play what they call "easy listening" started this last week. One started on Tuesday and the other started on Wednesday and the first station made a very big point to tell the whole world that they are the first to start playing the Holiday music. Neither station will go back to their regular format until after January 1 of next year. To tell you the truth, I am tired of listening to it already. Why is it that a song like Jingle Bells is considered a Holiday song? I hardly see anything "Holiday" about it. In fact, when you really listen to the music they play, there is a obvious lack of any music with any kind of religious message with the possible exception of Little Drummer Boy that is more about a kid that plays a drum than anything else, but it least it refers to him being a poor boy too. In actuality the little boy they were refering to was not a poor boy too, only too late to get to the Inn before it was full. I think that the fact that his mother was nine months expecting may have had something to do with the reason they were late. A carpenter would not have been a menial job and would have been, at minimum, middle class. Still it is the thought that counts even if you don't put much thought into it. Perhaps if they also included something that we might call a "carol" I might be more enthusiastic. Who can say? All I can say is it is time for another update. (Gotcha!) Check: Nadesico, Orguss, Roujin Z, and Tekkaman Blade. Enjoy.

11/12/11--If memory serves then I mentioned something about yesterday's date back on the first day of this year. Isn't that a hoot that we passed it already. These years are going so fast. You all know that too because I keep mentioning it. That, however, is not my subject. There is an old saying that "People who live in glass houses, should not throw stones." I really wish to understand what this is trying to tell me. The first thing that comes to mind is the question whether it is alright for people who live in brick, wood, or stucco homes to throw rocks? Is that what they are trying to tell us? Obviously not, but the question does come up. Are they trying to tell us that we just might hit our own home and boy who do we blame then? I really kind of think that they are trying to tell us not to be too quick to point out another person's faults because you just might have the same ones. I can see that. Just how do you get from a glass house to a person's faults? Is it what they call an analogy or something? I just can't imagine anyone even thinking about living in a glass house. You can't take a bath or shower or you would be arrested for indescent exposure. You would constantly be worried about a stray bird flying over and bombing your house. It would just be a terrible way to live. I wouldn't live in one if they gave it to me. Speaking of giving something, I'm going to give you this week's update. Check; Big O, Lodoss Wars, Outlaw Star, and Weiz Kruz. Enjoy.

11/05/11--In Greek legend they tell the story of a parent who had to make a choice whether they wanted their son to have a long life and be unknown in the world or have a short life and be famous. They chose that their son should be famous and he later was killed as the Greeks laid seige to Troy. I guess what we want to discuss today is what would your choice be if you could make that choice about yourself. Obviously we can't make that choice and probably it is a good thing too, but what if? When you think about it then you have to decide what is important to you. If you are only interested in personal fame no matter how short that fame might be then you would have your answer. If you look forward to passing on something worthwhile in the world wheather or not you ever achieve fame, then your answer would be different. Many people have lived short lives and contributed greatly to the world and others have lived very long lives and contrubuted nothing of any value. Since you don't know how long you will have, what choices will you make now? Make the right ones and your life will mean something no matter how long you live. As for me, I chose to give you another update. Check: Crest Of The Stars, Ray Earth, Sailor Moon, and Virus. Enjoy while you can.

10/29/11--I have a term here that you may or may not have heard of. It is a rather interesting concept. It is called the self fulfilling prophesy. Even though you probably don't want to know what this is, I'm going to tell you anyway because it might be useful. I guess the best way to do that is to show what it is by examples. When I person says; I will never find another boy friend as good as he is so why even look, that is what that is if they don't bother to look. If you don't look then you can never find that other person. Another person might say that they will never be able to lose those last ten pounds so why even try. Actually that person will not lose those ten pounds and are likely to gain back everything they had lost to that point. You are creating the actions that make the prediction come true. If you don't even try then there is no way you will ever succeed. If you don't look for a new boyfriend or girlfriend then you will not find. If you don't believe in yourself then you will fail. We have the ability to make the prediction come true when we believe in ourselves and work hard to make it come true. As an example; in the first football game of the season the back up quarterback came into the game with the team down by the score of twenty one to zero. In less than two minutes he lead the team eighty yards up the field to the first score. The defense started to play better and he lead the team to a total of twenty seven unanswered points and they took a lead. The other team scored and tied the game with less than a minute to play. Did the sophmore back up quit because he figured that there wasn't enough time left? No, he did not. He drove the team to a score in two plays and they won the game. He believed in himself and he did everything in his power to make it come true. He has been the starting quarterback the rest of the year up until now over a quarterback that had started every game last season and led the team to the semi-finals in the championship series. That is the power that comes when you believe in yourself and work at it. That is his self fulfilling prophesy. What is yours? Mine is that I have the power to put up some cool stuff each week and then I go out and do it. Check this week's update and you will see what I mean. Check: 3x3 Eyes, Dual, El Hazard, and Inu Yasha. Enjoy.

10/22/11--Let me talk today about the meaning of the word temptation. No, I don't mean the definition of the word because we would find that in the dictionary, but what it means to you. I find that temptation is a very personal thing. You are tempted by things that might not bother another person at all. As an example; I am tempted sorely by refined sugar and especially by chocolate while you might not have any leaning in that direction. Of course, many people are strongly drawn to the glories of chocolate and I know that I am not the only chocohalic out there, but it is not universal. Some people are severly tempted by coffee while that has no interest at all to me. Last night at the football game, the people around me were all complaining about what they go through if they don't have their coffee. I have no reference to that at all. Other people cannot make it through the day without alchohol or cigarettes or even some kind of drug. That is no temptation to me and probably not to you either. I am strongly tempted by beautiful anime cels. How about you? Same thing, right. Better that than booze or something like that. Since we are on the subject of beautiful anime cels, why not check out this week's update? Check: Ah My Goddess, Big O, Blue Seed, and Gundam Wing. Enjoy.

10/15/11--Over the course of the ages that I have been doing these update, you find that I like to talk about ideas. Some times I agree and other times I go in the opposite direction. I think that the brain is like a muscle and will get soft if you don't use it. In some ways I might be using my brain more than ever now because I am being more creative rather than simply following instructions. Still, in following instructions, I have to understand the instructions and apply them to totally different types of situations which was kind of creative in itself. It still rather surprises me that they gave me so little consideration at my job, but still found it necessary to replace me with two new workers which I was asked to help train as well as do my normal work load. Is anyone surprised that I wanted to retire. The whole point being that I wish to discuss a statement that I had often heard in the past. This is a form of explanation of the decisions that people make. You have probably heard it and it qualifies as someway psycological in nature. It says that a person makes a decision at a certain time based on their ability to do so at that specific time which takes into account all their past history and their environment and genetics and other drivil. Yes, I think that this explanation for decisions that we make is just an excuse for the dumb ones. It is like saying that the young person who decides to experiment with drugs as a teenager really could have made no other choice based on learning, environment and genetics. That is totalally an excuse and allows the person to claim no responsability for the choice. Often these scientific types will place greater blame on society than the individual. If that were true then everyone from the same area and similar genetics would make the exact same choices at all times and we know that is true. Here is where they put in the part about the exception that makes the rule. If that isn't scientific hog wash then what is? We always have the ability to make out own decisions and then deal with the consequences. The youth that chooses not to take drugs has consequences as well. That person's consequences are better health, more success in their efforts, more maturity and so on. I won't even bother with the consequences for taking the drugs, it is too obvious. I know that you are making the right decisions in your life because you have chosen to check the update. Good for you. You will never have reason to regret the decsion. Check: Bakuretsu Hunter, Noir, Tenchi Muyo, and Vampire Princess Miyu. Enjoy.

10/08/11--They say that money is the root of all evil. Here he goes again with the old sayings. Are you at all surprised? Actually that is a misquote because what it really says is that the love of money is the root of all evil. Actually, if you give it serious thought, you too will come to the conclusion that evil that we do never has its' origins in anything external. One of the running gags by a popular comic was "the devil made me do it." I am sure that this is a very common excuse for the people who do not wish to take responsability for their own actions. How many times have men tried to find an excuse for their actions on a date by claiming that "it was her fault because she was dressed too sexy." I am unsure, but there were probably some that got away with their actions because their lawyer was able to convince some jury that if the woman was dressed sexy that the man could do anything he wanted and it would be alright. It has happened. I only hope that it has not happened recently. Still, the point is we chose to do or not to do something and that choice comes from our inside and not an outside influence. I would love to be able to blame someone or something else for the wrong that I have done, but I know better. It can often be determined that the root of our evil deeds is in the weakness we demonstrate in the choices we make. All I can say is; chose the right. Since you are here this morning then it clearly shows that you have chosen the right so you want to see the update so check: Angel Links, Hana Yori Dango, Nadia, and Ranma 1/2. Enjoy.

10/01/11--Here we are. We have begun the last quarter of the year already. Can Christmas be far behind? Unfortunately no. We have come so for in such a short time. I know you are asking yourselves; "how does he do it?" Yes, it is rather hard to believe. Actually the answere is quite simple. It is the three "D"s. Yes, the three "D"s and I'm sure you know what they are. They are, Dedication, Determination, and Dumb luck. Yes, now you have it and you too can do the same thing if you really wanted to. Another thought has struck where you would least expect it. That's right, it struck in my brain. Talk about Dumb luck. Here we go; when you think about it you will admit that it is not too difficult to understan another person's logic, but just try to understand another person's emotions. I probably don't need to explain my conclusions because they are obvious, but I will anyway to show how I got there. In logic there are certain things that you might call commonalities. When you arrive at a conclusion you get there by a process of steps that can be followed by another person. When you know the steps then you can understand how they reached the conclusion. The final conclusion may not even be correct because the blocks that were used to get there might have been flawed, but you can see how they got there. When you are dealing with emotion, it is greatly dependant on past experience which is exclusive to each of us. Your life, fortunately, has not been the same as mine while mine is not the same as my neighbor. Even twins who are indenrical in every way have difference life experiences. They will react differently to the same stimulus. Since emotion is based on how we see the world, our emotions may be totally foreign to people we know very well. Is Love the same to every person who feels it? I doubt it. Gee, I'm so creative. Speaking of creative, I have an update that I have created for you. Check; Crest Of The Stars, Dragon Ball, Escaflownem, and Nadesico. Enjoy.

here we go. Check: Big O, Dragon Ball, Mazinkaiser, and Nadesico. Enjoy.