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07/19/14-- In this, my last update before I take off for Comic Con next weekend, I plan to stick my neck out again and make some recommendations based on why I see around me in society. This is great deal of trouble for our world and though you might think it is fun, it has a tremendous cost that someone has to pay. In a radio report, they talked about something recent in a city here in California. I think it was some kind of twitter thing, but I'm not sure. There were all these nude pictures of teenagers from the area. I don't believe they stated the number, but it was quite a few. Virtually all of these young people were under the age of eighteen. I'm not sure, but probably most of them took their own pictures for one reason or another. Whoever assembled these is guilty of child pornography. They also said that it is likely that most of these kids are returning to school in the fall and will have to face their peers who have seen them all naked, for better or worse. What is going on that these young people feel justified in taking these pictures of themselves? Is it to be able to get more dates? For the girls, since their dates have already seen them naked, what's next in the budding relationship? Obviously, the guys are going to expect something and will probably take it if not freely given. Since the girls have so readily given away everything there is to know about them, why would we expect anything less than sex? The boys will be lining up alright and if any of the girls don't come accross, all they need do is go on to the next one in line. We are not talking about a relationship, we're talking about first dates. Once these guys have tryed it with one girl, they still go on to the next one so they can try them all. Whatever happened to self respect? These type of habits are too prevalant in modern dating as it is and obviously only getting worse. Since sex is already expected and given on the first date, what's left to expect to have on the second date or even third date? With the guys it has become a goal to sleep with as many different girls as they can. I guess the girls are doing the same thing. I don't know. I do know that this libertine approach to life is not bringing these young people true happiness. Name a daytime talk show where they get on and tell us how happy they are with this kind of activity. On one of these shows, and this wasn't recent either, this one woman was trying to find her baby's daddy amongst all the men she slept with in the month the child was conceived. She had reached the total of sixteen and still had not found the father. They were bringing them in two and three at a time. The last time they had her on, she still didn't find the father. Who knows, she may have been drinking too much and did not remember who all she had sex with on the same night. Was she having fun? I don't think so. Are these girls here in California with their naked pictures on the internet having fun? I would be guessing, but I doubt it. Maybe they enjoy sex so much that they don't mind that the only reason these boys want to go out with them is to have sex with one more partner. When they get to be adults, what is left to them? Do you think any of these boys who have had carnal knowledge of these young things will want to settle down with one of these girls and get married and have a family? Frankly, I really doubt it. As a guy, I don't think I would have confidence to marry someone who has had that many partners. It would not be condusive to a happy marriage. Would the girls, who are not messing around, want to settle down with one of the guys that has had the goal of sleeping with as many different girls as they could? How could they trust them to stop just because they are married, have a wife and one or more kids. The answer is they could not trust them. The girls will become single mothers up the road and have to deal with the consequence of their choices for the rest of their lives. This is not sudden, but has been developing over some time now. I hope that the young people wake up and see what they're doing to themselves. This momentary pleasure will result in a lifetime of regret and pain. It is a rock slide heading to disaster and the only way to stop it is for the parents to become involved and try to show that it is wrong and tell them why. If a girl's mother is a single parent who lived the way she is, what is the mother going to tell her other than, see what happened to me. Is that what you want? Even though the young people see the disaster around them, they don't stop. They can only teach sex in school, not morality or chastity. Hope for the best. Maybe they can wake up and see they are making hell on Earth to live in. I hope I have not angered you because I have expressed my concern for what I see. It is a very real problem and I could go on much longer, but you have other things to do. Check the update and enjoy the day and think about it a little. Check: Card Captro Sakura, Crest Of The Stars, Gundam Wing, Lupin III, and Macross 7. Enjoy.

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