About Us

I think that it is about time that I told you a little more about me. I have been in the business/hobby of buying and selling animation cels for some time now. I first visited Japan in 1981. At that time, I was already a member of an early Anime Fan Club called C.F.O. or Cartoon Fantasy Organization. This was one of the first Anime Fan Clubs in the United States and I was very happy to be a member. On that trip I got my first cels. I had met Go Nagai, Monkey Punch, and Ippei Kuri at the San Diego Comic Convention in 1980. They had all encouraged me to visit Japan. I went to visit with some comic artist friends in the Philippines and took two weeks to visit Japan as well. It was an experience that I will never forget. I met an animator from Nippon Sunrise and a college student who was also a cel collector. I came back with cels for my collection and by San Diego of 1982 I was selling cels on consignment for my friends in Japan. There was no internet back then and the first Anime convention was still eight years away. I went to Japan for the sole purpose of buying cels for a growing American market in 1991 and later that same year attended the first Anime Con in San Jose. I would say that I am something of a pioneer. You may have seen my name under my first web site of Ed Noonchester-Artwork. This was the name for my first site because it was already the name I was using at conventions because of the artwork that I was selling for my friends, the artists in the Philippines. There is no more Ed Noonchester- Artwork. If you click on that site you will automatically be directed to a new site called D Noonchester-Artwork. I still sell the artwork for my friends in the Philippines, but I do it under this current business name. The art style and subject matter in Anime is wide and varied. The producers love the product as much as we do and that is one of the reasons that it has such a high quality. There is magic here and I feel it and I know that you do too. So as they say, "Feel The Magic" and watch it grow.

My purpose is to make this business a place where you can go to find Anime cels of good quality and at a reasonable price. I really try to keep the prices as low as I can, but even at that, I may end up charging more than I would like because of the rising prices in Japan. Often, I must make the decision of paying more or not even getting the cel because of the price. When I do that, it then becomes the decision of the customer as to whether or not they are willing to pay the new price. I love Anime and artwork in general. I have been very lucky to have had the chance to do this. I have a few pieces in my own collection as a direct result of my business efforts. What more can a collector hope for. I will try to make this site a place that I would enjoy visiting, if I were trying to buy for my collection. If you have suggestions, I am always ready to listen. As I have mentioned in my updates, I have remarried and my new wife is Helen. She is helping me with the site and in Japan and at conventions. She is getting her own business started and will have her own web site where she will be selling clothing following the style of China, and especially Hong Kong. I know this sounds a little strange since my wife is Korean, but she just fell in love with those fashions when she saw them and now is trying to bring them to other Americans as well. Her site was up for several years, but due to rising costs and other commitments has now gone byebye. Thank you for joining us and I will probably update this is the near future as well as soon as there is news to tell.

I am adding a new section to my listing of cels. I call it Pin Up. What we have are some special pieces done by one of my friends from the Philippines named Gerry Talaoc. For those of you who also enjoy comics you will find that he did considerable art for D.C Comics and for Marvel Comics as well. With D.C. he is most well known for a title which he did for several years called Unknown Soldier. For Marvel he did Hulk and Alpha Flight. He did a run for Alpha Flight which went for more than a year. The piece that I use for the Menu where you find the entry here is done by him. He has his own creations, Marvel Characters, the main character for Heavy Metal Movie II and Tarzan. After working many years in comics he got into animation and was art director for work done in the Philippines. Gerry has many fans amongst other comic artists and I think you will like what he has done as well. Please check out the Pin Up section and see what you think.